Yep, you read it correctly, Doc has finally made it public he knows why he was banned and DrDisRespect is suing Twitch. Although Doc didn’t disclose any information about the reasoning, more than likely for legal reasons, he did say “we’re suing the fuck out of them”. This leads us to believe Doc is confident he can win his case. I’m curious as to how much Doc really wants to get out of them.

DrDisRespect Suing Twitch

Doc made mention on his stream that the original deal between him and Twitch was worth 8 figures… That’s a lot of figures. But what else did the ban cost Doc other than his contract with Twitch? Let’s review, he lost sponsorships day 1. He went on hiatus for like 5 months. Activision and EA dropped him as an exclusive content creator to get creator codes and make appearances at special events. For over a year, there’s been a giant question mark around Doc because Twitch hasn’t publicly given a reason for his ban. He’s not able to participate in Twitch sponsored tournaments such as Twitch Rivals. So with all of that, how much money did Doc lose? My guess, the 8 figures from Twitch, plus another 8 figures between those sponsorships, subs, donations, ad revenue, and tournaments.

What Should Twitch Do?

I would think Twitch should try to settle this out of court. They’re already going through a litigation process with another streamer by the name of PhantomL0rd and Twitch is just getting owned in this as we mentioned in our latest podcast. I think once all of this litigation is complete with PhantomL0rd’s case, we’re going to see a slew of cases against Twitch, and I figured Doc would be the most prominent streamer taking action against them. So Twitch should be swift in settling these cases.

Will DrDisRespect Be Back on Twitch?

If you’re asking me, based on what Doc said in his stream (see below) he might actually go back to Twitch. He stated because of the ecosystem, integrations, community, and other factors it’s where he should be streaming. But only time will tell after all of this process is complete to see if DrDisRespect will return to Twitch and once again, be the face of the company.