If you’re a gaming content creator on YouTube, you know how important it is to expand your audience reach. With the recent rollout of podcast-specific discovery and recommendation features on YouTube Studio, content creators can now easily create and market their podcast content to reach a wider audience. In this article, we’ll explore how YouTube Studio’s podcast feature can benefit gaming content creators.

Podcasts on YouTube Studio:

YouTube Studio has made it easy for creators to create and manage podcasts. By setting up a podcast, your content will be appropriately badged and appear with a show card in search results, which was rolled out last year. You can also set an existing playlist as a podcast, which will have a new “Podcasts” tab in the Content page.

YouTube Studio’s podcast feature offers creators the option to be featured on youtube.com/podcasts in the US, with availability in YouTube Music coming soon. This opens up a new avenue for gaming content creators to reach a broader audience.

Analytics for Podcasts:

YouTube Studio’s podcast feature provides dedicated analytics for content marked as podcasts. This includes traffic sources, audience demographics, audience retention metrics, and revenue data. These analytics can help content creators better understand their audience and create content that resonates with them.

Best Practices for Creating a Podcast:

YouTube has provided content creators with various best practices for creating a successful podcast. These include creating a public podcast playlist for each podcast on your channel, organizing your podcast episodes in the order they should be consumed, and giving your podcast a descriptive title during set up.

Additionally, you should avoid generic podcast titles and add a square podcast thumbnail, as well as a comprehensive description of your podcast. If your show is episodic, order your videos from newest to oldest, and if it’s serial, order your playlist from oldest to newest.


With the introduction of podcast-specific discovery and recommendation features on YouTube Studio, content creators can now take advantage of this new avenue to reach a wider audience. By creating a podcast, gaming content creators can provide their audience with a new way to engage with their content. By following YouTube’s best practices for creating a successful podcast, content creators can ensure that their content is effectively marketed and easily discoverable by their audience.