(Daygon07) What’s up game geeks and tech junkies, welcome to A Gaming Moment, a weekly 30 or so minute podcast about everything gaming and streaming related, including the news, tech, and software behind it. You can find new episodes released every Tuesday. I am Daygon07 and with me is WildTwinsFan. In this premier episode we’ll be introducing ourselves and our backgrounds and we want to find out from you, what makes you passionate about gaming and streaming. While we’re talking about you we would love it if you followed us across all of our social media channels @agamingmoment (all one word) on Facebook, Twitter, The Gram (that’s instagram for you non hip peeps), and YouTube. So we can get to know you better. We also live stream every episode so it’s important to follow us on those social channels to see when we’re streaming the podcast.

(Daygon07) OK Wild, the man, the myth the absolute legend, why don’t you start off by introducing yourself to the audience.

(WildTwinsFan) – Husband and Father of 2, gaming and electronics are a big part of our household. Gaming 30+ years, again both on Consoles and PC’s Day Job I’m a 20+ year Operator in the power industry.  I started pretty much full time PC gaming back in 2015 after Reddit convinced me I could build my own Gaming PC, Early with my new gaming PC I really wanted to run some Sim racing/flying game, but found nothing quite hooked me, until pubg, I first found videos on Youtube and PC was the only choice, I had the game within the week of release on Steam, between that and my Kids growing up and devouring more content I sought out how to stream, thinking I could learn the skills to help my kids learn to create content and stream, little did I know I’d be hooked myself. Raising 2 Gamer kids and in a house with a non gaming wife has some challenges.  I stream several times a week on Twitch and I’m currently working on the build of my YouTube Channel. I’m also a foodie and know how to find and cook great recipes, also love tracking down some of those best foods in my area. Also super competitive and sometimes a little whiny. Day why don’t you tell our listeners about yourself.

(Daygon07) I’m an avid gamer of 20+ years on both console and PC. Also a techie, day job as a web developer and night job as a content creator on both Twitch and YouTube. I have some companies that send me products to review and I also go out and test products on my own. Since I am a coder and creator, the technical world of bots intrigues me as well as my creative side drives me to do my own graphics and video editing… even though it might not be the best. As a gamer, I’m huge into team FPS and sports games and I’m super competitive and will have the occasional rage fit. I am a husband to a hobbyist gamer, and a father of 3 boys. One of which has gotten into live streaming and content creation. Wild let’s introduce the audience to out next segment, why don’t you tell them what it’s about…

(WildTwinsFan) This is our bread and butter, the real goals and motivations for us starting this podcast, the stuff you would’ve only heard us talking about in discord, in game, and on stream.  Our weekly general banter segment is where we talk about weekly news about anything going on in the world that’s not political ( because to hell with politics) and not religion (because that’s a slippery slope). Day, what did you see this week?

(Daygon07) I was looking into a game that sounded interesting,(https://store.steampowered.com/app/493520/GTFO/) GTFO, It’a Horror FPS game and I’ve been looking for something to play other than PUBG. What are your thoughts on a horror FPS game?

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Well now that you mentioned that no better reason to hit us up then the Top 5 Questions of the Week.

  1. Gaming Snack you Gotta have?
  2. Gaming Beverage of choice?
  3. Drinking and streaming, do you know your limit before you do something stupid?
  4. What food makes you get up mid-game to grab some?
  5. What messy food is so good, that if you SO dropped it on your desk or coffee table, it doesn’t matter your controller or Keyboard and mouse are getting messed up!

(Daygon07) That’s it for this premier episode. We’re super jacked to start this podcast and interact with a community of like minded gamers, streamers, and enthusiasts. Thank you guys for listening in and supporting us. Be sure to check every Tuesday for new episodes. Until next time keep grinding!