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(Daygon07) OK Wild, we have a lot to get through in a short amount of time, so let’s dive right in. There were a ton MAJOR bombs that dropped this week in the gaming industry and I want to get your take on it. 

(WildTwinsFan) Well now which bombs are we talking about first, which one is a bigger story? DrDisrespect, Microsoft shutting down Mixer, or Multiple falling outs over sexual allegations?

(Daygon07) Let’s discuss doc first and move on to Mixer and then address the reaction to the Sexual Allegations.

(WildTwinsFan) OK Doc Being one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, Was banned Friday Afternoon, as of now no word on why, but it appears to be a Permanent ban, and there’s no obvious reason that anyone’s found as of yet. He seemed to know at the end of his last stream, he was visibly shaken and you could certainly hear it in his voice, EXTREMELY rare for Doc to break character, but you could see and hear the cracks on what has to be devastating news. 

Here’s the final words from his last stream.

(Daygon07) Let me be transparent… I am a fan of Doc. I follow him, I watch his streams regularly but I’m not going to let that excuse him if he did indeed do something seriously wrong like he did when he cheated on his wife a few years ago. (Now open discussion)

(WildTwinsFan) Well we did get a couple Tweets one from his wife saying

“The outpouring of love, support, strength and kindness has truly been overwhelming. You all have made my heart full and I can not thank you enough. No one better out there than the CC. You guys are amazing! Much love to you all.”

Mrs. Assassin Instagram

And finally a tweet from Doc saying

Twitch has not notified me on the specific reason behind their decision… 

DrDisrespect on Twitter

(Daygon07) That’s encouraging news that it’s hopefully just a legal battle between him, Twitch, and Discord and nothing serious like an infidelity that came out in December 2017.

(Daygon07) Well at this point there’s little info on Doc’s Ban, but it does appear to be rather serious with everyone so tight lipped, and his removal from thus far as we know Twitch and Discord Partnership and Twitch is refunding his subscribers, that lends a bit of credit to this being more than a simple issue, but we’ll have to see how this plays out, as of now we do not have much to go on. We do know, as of now, he has not lost all of his endorsements. Scuf, Turtle Beach,  & Mountain Dew Game Fuel still show him as a partner on their sites. As we know earlier this year Doc left Gfuel for Game Fuel… So that’s all we know for now we’ll keep monitoring the situation as it progresses so make sure you’re connected with us on all of our social media channels to stay up to date.

(Daygon07) Now for the other crazy news story of the week, as already mentioned by Wildie, Microsoft dropped a bomb and announced they are shutting Mixer down on July 22nd. Many in the streaming industry saw this coming, I even mentioned it in a video on my YouTube channel (shameless YT plug). From a streamer’s point of view, is this a blessing or a nightmare? And how is the fall of Mixer going to impact other streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

(WildTwinsFan) Tough subject to talk about, and there’s a lot of allegations against Individuals involved in the Gaming and streaming industry this week and instant fallout from the allegations. 

(WildTwinsFan) Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook have all commented on the accusations this week. Those companies have all confirmed they take allegations of misconduct seriously and will be investigated, and those violating or have violated any terms of service or their clear set of community standards, will be dealt with, no matter how prominent or not the offenders are.

(Daygon07) Touchy subject hopefully they are careful to get it right , get it right the first time.

(WildTwinsFan) Day, what did you see this week?

(Daygon07) Besides Mixer & Doc? Lol… Reddit was down for a short while this last week… I’m sure some people were losing their minds, others just went to YouTube…

(Daygon07) Apple is going to be replacing the processor in some of their desktops with this new ARM chip… Curious as to how this is going to affect Mac gamers…

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(WildTwinsFan) Well now that you mentioned that no better reason to hit us up than the Top 5 Questions of the week Mixer Crash Edition

  1. With Mixer crashing, does this open or close the doors on smaller streaming platforms?
  2. Where is Ninja and Shroud going to go?
  3. Xbox is natively integrated with Mixer, will they natively integrate it with Facebook considering the launch of the Xbox Series X?
  4. Mixer streamers that are flocking over to Twitch, do you see their audience growing, diminishing, or staying the same?
  5. What are the chances Facebook Gaming flops like Mixer?

(WildTwinsFan) That’s it for this episode. (Daygon07) It was a crazy week in the gaming world guys but we’re here to keep you up to date. Thank you guys for listening in and supporting us. Be sure to check every Tuesday for new episodes. Until next time keep grinding!