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The Passing of Chadwick Boseman

(Daygon07) We’re gonna start off this week away from our normal genres and jump over to cinema and pop culture. We lost an icon this week… A symbol in the community… In some people’s eyes a hero… Someone to aspire to. As many of you know we lost Chadwick Boseman this week. And I wanted to start off this week with a segment celebrating his life.

(WildTwinsFan) This truly is a tragic loss. He’s well known for his on-screen roles such as the infamous King T’chala from Black Panther, Jackie Robinson from 43, and James Brown in the biopic movie James Brown. But it’s his work off of the silver screen that made the world a better place.

(Daygon07) Losing Chadwick really hits hard for me on multiple fronts. He was one of the most articulate speakers of our time as shown by his tribute to Denzel Washington.

(Daygon07) He was a man of faith. He was a man of the community. And he was a hero that transcended the stereotypes of modern day America. And to find out he was fighting cancer… absolutely broke my heart. As you know Wildie, I lost my mom a little less than 2 years ago to cancer. So this really sank to the bottom of my heart.

(WildTwinsFan). It’s crazy that in this day of modern medicine that we are losing so many people to this disease.

(Daygon07) That’s why Wildie and I are going to be running a charity stream campaign for the American Association for Cancer Research (Visit their website), where we will be raising money over the course of a week from October 18th to the 24th to do what we can to eliminate this plague. For me, this is a legacy to my mom and is a reason why we’re doing this in October, which is breast cancer awareness month-. She underwent experimental procedures and clinical medicine trials and my prayer that I pray every night is that in some way, shape, or form, her contributions and sacrifice will help save someone else’s life with the information and data collected by what she went through. So during this campaign, our goal is to raise at least $1000, your contribution can go a long way in saving someone’s life or aid in the prevention of someone getting cancer. So let’s play to end cancer. You can find more information about this campaign on our website https://agamingmoment.com/charity 

(WildTwinsFan) If you want to contribute sooner, you can visit our website and find links for the contributions page. The campaign is hosted through Tiltify and donations can be made via PayPal. A Gaming Moment does not see a single cent of your generosity so you can be sure 100% of your contribution goes to support the cause. You can receive a receipt to use for tax purposes if you use the PayPal donation option. The receipt will be sent through PayPal. It is the most reliable way.

(Daygon07) My personal goal for this, is to find a better alternative to chemotherapy… which is basically pumping your body full of toxins to kill excess amounts of white blood cells in the body. Help us find a safer way to save lives.

(Daygon07) Someone is going to have to save someone’s life at CenturyLink, an internet service provider here in the US.

Largest Internet Outage on Record

(Daygon07) As many may have witnessed Sunday, August 30th, there was a major internet outage due to a misconfiguration that originated from one of CenturyLink’s data centers near Ontario, Canada. This caused a 3.5% drop in global internet traffic, which makes this one of the biggest internet outages ever recorded. All in all, CenturyLink had to reset all equipment and start with clean routing tables, a process that took almost seven hours to complete.

(WildTwinsFan) The list of tech giants who had services go down because of the CenturyLink’s outage includes big names like Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft (Xbox Live), EA, Blizzard, Steam, Discord, Reddit, Hulu, and many more. So if you were trying to get some early morning games or Discord chats going and you weren’t able to, now you know why.

(Daygon07) Wildie, what did you see this week?

Microsoft Surface Duo 

(WildTwinsFan) Microsoft releases the Android powered Surface Duo on September 10th. I dunno it seems to be lacking a bunch of things “standard” on most phones today. Microsoft showed us the design concept, in October. It’ll have two 5.6-inch OLED displays, together to form a 8.1-inch overall workspace with a 3:2 aspect ratio. The displays are designed to work in a similar way to multiple monitors on a Windows PC.

(Daygon07) I like that mobile devices are slowly starting to go this route. I know personally, trying to work on one screen with a computer is a giant pain in the butt. On my iPhone, it’s been a problem when I’m trying to multi-task across apps and one of the features I’m looking for in a new phone is a better way to multi-task.

(WildTwinsFan) The Surface Duo will only work with 4G networks. Microsoft said 4g wireless allows for better battery life and a thinner device. It does support 18-watt Fast Charging, but no wireless charging.

(Daygon07) What’s the point of trying to make something that’s better for productivity if you’re still using older generation technology? 5G has proven to be more efficient. I dont care about the thickness of my device, especially if it’s a “multi-screen” device. Make it a little thicker, give it a little bit bigger battery, and support 5G so I can maximize my productivity… If phone thickness is such a deal breaker for a consumer, then they should get the Moto Razr at that point instead. This phone should target the demographic of people who need to get shit done, not appease the people who want a paper thin phone. As far as the wireless charging goes… is it really that big of a deal? You still have a cable going to your wireless charging pad anyways… the fast charging is more important imo and I’m glad M$ at least acknowledged that.

(WildTwinsFan) Microsoft mostly talked about how the Surface Duo is built for productivity and better interaction, with it’s Two screen multitasking between apps. Which basically means amenities like a killer camera or multi speaker surround sound are not going to be present on this device. 

(Daygon07) As these features should come secondary on a device like this. The way I look at the Surface Duo is how many people look or looked at Blackberry’s back in the day. They weren’t the thinnest, prettiest phones on the market, but they were built for productivity and getting shit done. They were built to keep businesses moving forward. To me, this is how M$ should be marketing these devices, especially now since Blackberry announced their new device.

(WildTwinsFan) There’s No NFC and no sd expansion card slot, you’ll be stuck with either a 128GB or 256GB of memory. All for $1400 or $1500. Sounds to me, overpriced with a lack of features found on most phones today, that can be bought for less money. ON the plus side The Duo comes with a lot of first-party Microsoft apps made and optimized specifically for the dual-screen setup. As a pc user, I think I’ve come to the point I want at least 2 screens, at minimum for my desktop, so in that line this might be a game changer

(WildTwinsFan) Ultimately a weak camera and small battery might be the real deal breakers for me. My wife however may actually be a perfect candidate, so we’ve going to look into it once it actually launches.

(Daygon07) For me, it’s the $1400 price point and the lack of 5G that’s the deal breaker for me. If I’m paying that much, I better get the fastest speeds available for my network. That’s why I’m looking at the OnePlus 8 Pro (not a sponsor) which starts at $899 and has much better performance specs than this, but lacks the secondary display.

(WildTwinsFan) Well Day, if you do decide to give the Surface Duo a try, the Microsoft Store does offer a fairly lenient return policy at 60 days. No questions asked, no restocking fee. The phone must be in its original packaging and “like new” condition.

(Daygon07) Yeah… Nah hard pass unless it uses one of Nvidia’s new MX series chips…

Nvidia Launched a New MX Series GPU

It uses the same chip as the GTX 1650, but with a reduced memory bus of 64 Bit. Furthermore, the MX450 is the first mobile GPU with PCIe Gen 4 support. The MX450’s performance is around 1050ti and that’s pretty impressive. 

(Daygon07) Yeah, being built on the new Turing technology lends to this little baby’s power. Now this GPU  is not meant to be a gaming GPU but in a pinch, would get you by on many games on low settings. So, if you’re looking for a mobile GPU for gaming, don’t go with a machine that has this chip. Go with one that has like a GTX or RTX GPU.

Nintendo is now Japan’s richest company.

(WildTwinsFan) The Japanese console manufacturer was listed to have approx. 8.3 billion USD in cash, making it the richest company in Japan. It is worth noting that this report focuses on net cash, “means it includes any debts/liabilities in calculation,” which is likely why Sony isn’t on top of that list. In terms of total assets, Sony is worth about 218 Billion while Nintendo lags far behind with ‘only’ 18.3 Billion in assets. Of course, Sony has a much more diversified portfolio of products and services when compared to Nintendo. Still, impressive that in such a difficult year as this, Nintendo has managed to reign supreme above all other Japanese companies when it comes to net cash on hand.

(Daygon07) There are Nintendo purists out there, your Zelda, Mario, die hard players that will keep the company going. But to be honest I’m shocked as I don’t really see the Switch as a top-tier console, or even the sales of DS handheld systems increasing. Maybe I’m just not seeing it, I own one, and we usually play it when friends are over so we can battle on Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart but that’s it. I can’t see the Switch being a great FPS console or a Racing Sim console, or sports console… I just can’t see it personally but I guess there are those, who are not in any of my circles, that keep investing into nintendo… 

(WildTwinsFan) Nintendo’s Profits Are Up 428% this year, I think that’s enough proof people still love their Nintendos

Samsung Launches 980 Pro SSD Line

(Daygon07) Without an official announcement to the media, Samsung quietly made the new line of 980 PRO SSD storage device info available on their site.

(WildTwinsFan) Samsung 980 Pro magically appeared on its website. There will be 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB versions. Listed are some blazing performances, sequential read and write speeds are listed at 7000 MB/s and 5000 MB/s, respectively. The NAND storage methodology for the 980 Pro is TLC based, and not the MLC used in older versions. That also means that the endurance of this drive is less than that of the 970 Pro series. Few people should have worries about that, these drives will still last a long time.

(Daygon07) Samsung is one of my favorite SSD manufacturers, I have a 970 Evo in my machine right now. They make a solid reliable product with one of, if not, the lowest failure rates on the market. It’s good to see that they are still continuing innovation in an area they’re, in my opinion, dominating.

Samsung looking to expand more in Gaming Space

 (WildTwinsFan) Sony has said in a 2020 corporate report that it plans to bring more first-party games to the PC in the future. 

“We will explore expanding our 1st party titles to the PC platform,” the report says, “in order to promote further growth and profitability.” The decision to bring more of the Sony in-house catalog to the PC is cited as a key strategic point to the coming direction of its Game & Network services division.

 The reason for the change is partially given in the report: “Competition from online PC games and players from other industries is expected to continue to intensify.”

(Daygon07) Is this really where they want to head? I mean maybe bringing PS exclusive titles to PC would be ok, but then that wouldn’t make them exclusive titles any more. I know some people who would love to play games such as God of War or the Last of Us series on PC. If they do decide to go this route, I hope they don’t develop their own launcher, but rather partner up with a more solid launcher… Not Epic though… they’re bad… like REALLY bad. Hey, maybe this means I can play Spiderman on PC now!

Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu

(WildTwinsFan) Well there IS some iconic content coming to PC. The Sims 4 is getting a Star Wars pack As covered on Pcgamer.com

The Sims 4’s stream of new expansion packs and add-ons just keeps on flowing, and the latest is a sci-fi crossover that feels like it should have happened years ago. Star Wars is coming to The Sims 4 This month,

The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu Game Pack is filled to the brim with Star Wars stuff for your Sims. There are spaceships like the X-Wing and Millennium Falcon, lightsaber and blaster battles, lots of aliens, stormtroopers and rebels, R2D2, and plenty of home customization options to turn your house into a Star Wars cantina.

According to the official site, you’ll get to side with The Resistance, First Order, or the “scoundrels” and your choices will determine who will control the planet of Batuu. As you progress through the story, you’ll unlock new rewards like “starfighter access, new outfits, and critical missions on Batuu.”

(Daygon07) Not gonna lie here, never touched The Sims. My first reaction to this is… “Finally” or “What took them so long?” But again, I’ve never touched any game of theirs so I’m not sure of their target demographic… But good we’re getting another star wars title out on the market… More money for Disney! I’m not gonna pick it up because it’s just not my style of game, that and between my wife and kids, Disney already gets too much of my money.

Asus Launches New 360Hz Gaming Monitor

(WildTwinsFan) Ohhh it Hertz so good! Asus is launching the ROG Swift 360Hz 24.5″ 1080p “Fast IPS” panel. This offers a 1ms response time to support the very fast 360Hz refresh rate. That is also supported through a Native G-sync hardware module for variable refresh rates” It’s gonna hertz ya wallet and set you back a solid $700, but that seems to be about the going rate for the top tier monitors, and this is a first in it’s class. pcmag.com Has a great review and write up on their site! 

(Daygon07) – Is there REALLY a need for a 360Hz monitor? Are you really playing any games that are running at 360 fps? I mean really… think about that for a sec… For the average PC gamer is this a wise investment? No… On some tests run by the Linus Media Group on YouTube, most of your average gamers won’t be able to tell the difference between a 240Hz monitor and the 360Hz monitor. For a competitive gamer… MAYBE… and that’s a big maybe.  

(WildTwinsFan) Lets not forget it’s a real g-sync monitor too, so you’ll get frames as fast as possible, maybe not all 360, but you’ll get some future proofing, and still get smooth and fast frames as your gpu can push it, without any tearing. G-sync will make this great for any computer.

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Black Ops Cold War In-Game Reveal

(WildTwinsFan)Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, was revealed  in an in-game event, Pretty cool way to launch new games and content. I’m hyped, looks great in the trailer, I love the event to drop new content, I am a little disappointed it was such a short time event, and I didnt get a chance to see it myself in person. Obviously COD isn’t not the first to do such events, Fortnite, Probably gets the credit for the success of these types of events by gaining the huge hype around their Blackhole Event live. 

 (Daygon07)Yeah the trailer for the game looks good. I was actually watching DrDisrespect’s stream live when he was going through the in-game event. I thought it was a genius marketing tactic by Cod and Infinity war to integrate that into the current game. But like you said, Fortnite had the biggest turn out with “The End” event. 4.5M+ on YouTube 1.5M+ on Twitch 1M+ on Twitter and a whopping 22 people on Mixer which probably brought down their servers with that amount of traffic.

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 Well now that you mentioned it, there’s no better reason to hit us up on the social medias than the Top Questions of the week. 

Twitch Streamer, Banned for cheating in COD, Generally speaking it’s only a 7 day ban for cheating on twitch. How do you feel about this?

(Daygon07) Good… This is a well deserved ban. This ban comes shortly before Activision filed a federal lawsuit against CXCheats, a prominent manufacturer of Call of Duty cheats. Some of us play games to have fun and blow off steam, some play for the competition, some play to troll… You can troll without cheat… just git g00d son and talk that shit. But don’t talk shit and claim to be good while you’re cheating. The way I think about it, if you’re cheating, that means you’re worse than the bad players because you’re getting killed by them.

(WildTwinsFan) Honestly this guy is a total douche bag, as you heard he was on stream bragging about how great he was, Love the defeat in his voice when he realizes he just showed everyone his cheat program running on the computer. He had just timed out a user for calling him a cheater, when he accidently revealed the cheats on stream… REALLY? This trashcan should be banned from streaming, on all platforms, forever. It’s misleading and those profiting from cheating, make me sick, They should never chance to ever do it again. 

(Daygon07) Eh, he’ll be welcome on Brime Live wherever they launch That’s where all of the trashcan players will probably go to make a name for themselves. I hope he get’s permabanned from the franchise tbh. Cheating and hacks are the lowest form of scum players on the internet and they deserve every punishment they get. I mean buddy had like 1800 people watching him doing this… the arrogance.

(Daygon07) How to pick the right Controller or what controller do you prefer?

(WildTwinsFan) The reality is a controller works great for a lot of things even on pc, I’ve definitely used one for driving in games like Battlefield 1 many times, I think fall guys just plays better on a controller too! I remember going to xbox for the first time, and with a new xbox controller, I was a little apprehensive, but I found the size and fitment to be perfect for me, and I ended up picking a Sony controller again years later and I really just couldn’t do it anymore, xbox for me, and now with the bluetooth update there’s no reason for me to look elsewhere.

(Daygon07) So I’ll answer this 2 part question pretty easily. I love the ergonomics of the Xbox controller… Always have… I literally have 0 complaints about the controller’s layout. I also love a controller that has a nice weight and is customizable. So yes, I made the $170 investment in a Xbox Elite Series 2 controller and I love the thing. I use it on my computer to play games like Rocket League, or when I’m streaming my Xbox or Playstation to my computer so I can use one controller. It’s amazing and well worth the money. But when it comes down to it, it’s really what’s more comfortable in your hands, I know plenty of people who swear by the Playstation controller design. That one is just not for me… The hand rests unnaturally to me.

Community Comments So be sure to hit us back with your take on cheating streamers and your controller preference  as we love to engage with our community.  

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