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(Daygon07)  At last Wildie, we finally finally FINALLY got to see the release of the new 30 series Nvidia cards, and boy oh boy did they not disappoint.

(WildTwinsFan) Yeah Day, Nivida on September 1st finally announced the 30 series cards that everyone has been anticipating for a while. These cards are a HUGE step up from the previous generation. So much so, that this generation’s current lowest card is better than the previous generation’s flagship. This hasn’t happened since 2004! That’s all the more reason for this hype.

(Daygon07) For one, I’m super stoked about this release. The fact that I can get a card that’s better than the 2080ti for less than half of the cost… That’s all the more reason to build a new machine. Which now with this release I have a great excuse to do a whole new build. I think with my current 2nd Gen Ryzen 5 processor and my B450 board, I won’t be able to get the max out of my machine just by upgrading my card. I don’t want my CPU and PCI-E lanes to be my bottle neck. What specs are you looking to build Wildie? (I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours)

(WildTwinsFan). Right now all I know is, I’m trying to hold out for DDR5, I got the last GEN of Intel’s 1150 chipset, and  with my 4790k I have the single best CPU offered in that chip set. To upgrade I would need to get a new MB, New RAM, to go with the new CPU, pretty much a new computer, SO I got that hanging over my head, for now, I’m confident I’ll be going forward with at minimum a 3070, depending on availability maybe a 3080, the rest will be decided when the day comes that either my 4790k can’t keep up or ddr5 drops. What are you looking to build?

(Daygon07) For the core of my build that I’m saving for… It will have the following specs:

(WildTwinsFan) Those sound like some pretty good specs but why not go for like the 3080?

(Daygon07) Well with this card being better than the Flagship 2080TI I don’t think it’s quite necessary for what I’m going to use it for. I don’t plan on gaming at 1440p or 4k. But I’m more interested in the ray tracing and RTX voice, and it’s going to be a HUGE step up over my current RX590.I do enjoy some video editing, if you guys have not seen our promo for the charity event we’re doing next month to support the American Association for Cancer Research you should check that out.

(WildTwinsFan) Yeah Day, you did a great job on that video! During the week of October 18th we’re going to be running a charity event to support the American Association for Cancer Research and their gaming branch, Players vs Cancer. You can learn more about our event at https://agamingmoment.com/charity and learn more about Players vs Cancer at https://playersvscancer.org. Help us play to end cancer. We’re already gained a lot of support for this campaign from our community and friends, it’s been exciting to see the interest building for this upcoming CHARITY EVENT. 

(Daygon07) For sure, the Nvidia cards was a really big story, but another huge story this week comes out of India.

Yeah, India is banning PUBG MOBILE and another 118 apps, that are said to be either based in or linked to China. India has banned TikTok, WeChat, and PUBG Mobile and almost 200 more since June, suggesting they were a security issue.

Country officials claim the action will “safeguard mobile and internet users.” News reports suggest the bans may be more related to escalating tensions between India and China over an ongoing border dispute, which is currently escalating between the two countries, due to poor definition of the actual border. 

PUBG Mobile, is released by Tencent a Chinese Gaming company, and PUBG mobile is one of India’s biggest mobile games, this is a huge hit to India’s gamers. 

(Daygon07) I didn’t think PUBG mobile was that big of a deal, but apparently it is. But now that I’m thinking about it, everyone owns a mobile device, and the game is free… so it makes sense that the game would be wildly popular. But apparently Wildie, just in the first half of this year, PUBG Mobile was downloaded over 54 million times and just last month alone generated over $2.2 million in revenue, earning the most among India’s top 20 mobile games.

(WildTwinsFan) Yeah pubg mobile is huge in India and I really feel for those players who have had their favorite game. To have the game yanked from their fingers, hopefully they can find a solution to play again soon. With the US GOV taking on TikTok, I worry about our future of gaming, Tencent is so huge with their fingers into so many games and companies, they are  force to be reckoned with in the gaming world.

(Daygon07) Wildie, what did you see this week?

(WildTwinsFan) Microsoft finally announced the specs and prices for the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X. The Series S is going to release  @$299 with roughly a third of the performance of the Series X 

(Daygon07) These are some really good specs from a console, definitely comparable to some very modern PC specs…  (Ryzen 7 2700X comparable Processor)

(Daygon07) The Series S looks like the Xbox one X with a giant black spot on the top, about the size of a disc, where the cooling fan sits. I do see some potential modding opportunities to turn that into maybe an RGB fan or something, but we’ll leave that to the case modders out there… Yeah we know you exist and would love for you to send us pics of your work. 

(WildTwinsFan) I do feel like Sony has a $300 console covered too, so I’d expect to see one announced, but I for one am a little shocked to see a new Gen console for $300! Though those days were gone with the Xbox one’s launch price of $499! But my gripe being 500GB of storage space 500GB isn’t enough. This year’s cod is over 200GB for Full game and Warzone, that is the majority of your drive space right there… SO I think buyers of this Series S can again expect there to be tradeoffs on storage space, or expect to cough up some more cash down the road to expand their available storage.

(Daygon07) I’m excited to see where this console is going to go. Yeah, I’ll fanboy and be one of the first to get it… I’m due for an upgrade. And the Series X being at  the $500 price point… SOLD! So yeah… the wife is already waiting to pre-order it. I’ll be sure to do a better job streaming off my console when I get it so you can enjoy it too, so you’ll have to follow me on Twitch to see it. But for the time being I’ll be working on my mouse skills with a new App Logitech just launched.

 (WildTwinsFan)This week Logitech launched a beta for  Logitech Gaming. Their new Playmaster software is here to help you get good at Counter-Strike, and the website is getting worked! I was able to get on and test things out earlier today, but last time I tried to get on, I got a message the server is overloaded and to try again later. There’s a series of like 8 tests and then it’ll give you score/rank and then it’ll set you up on a series of tests to help build up your skill level. I’m definitely going to put a little time into it and see what it can do for my skill. That being said haven’t played much csgo, and I’m not good, but I think it’s a higher skill level than pubg and I think it can help me be a better mouse and keyboard player, since I’m relatively new to mouse and keyboard with around 6 years experience, and a real 3 years pretty much dedicated now. 

(Daygon07) I think this is a SWEET thing logitech has done and we should see the effects of this pretty soon. I mean this should help across the board with any FPS . This will help flicks, reaction times, and just in general let you fine tune your mouse. You’re actually getting actionable data versus some of the other FPS training games. This is a good thing logitech did and a good way to market their mice as the most customizable… but I’m biased as I own a logitech mouse and love the thing. I’ll be putting probably too much time, but that’s what you gotta do to get good and stay in the game longer. Just as long as Super Mario has been in the game… 

(WildTwinsFan) Super Mario Bros. 35 turns classic Mario gameplay into a 35-person battle royale,  similar to  tetris 99.  This game will only be playable until March 31, 2021, Each player is given the same timed stage, but you must defeat enemies to earn extra time and attack your opponents. Looks to be a blast for the mario fanatics, As I mentioned I’ve loved me some tetris over the years, I remember the epic player vs player battles we had back in the day on our Gameboy’s. I just like this and think it’s really a neat game concept. I’m also a terrible Mario player, so I’ll probably just be rooting for my son to win, but I’ll enjoy watching!

(Daygon07) not knocking this, because I think this is a great idea, but wouldn’t this be Super Smash Bros BR… Nintendo, I’ll take 1% royalties… a thank ya very much. I think it would be a cool meta and draw more people back to the console and entice people to purchase Nintendo’s subscription. Bring back the GAME LINK!

(WildTwinsFan) A post on Reddit’s SUBREDDIT assholedesign had close to 100,000 upvotes this past week, which is A LOT! and it causes EA to apologize for putting full-screen ads in-game in UFC 4, An EA spokesperson wrote in the Reddit post that the team had turned on ad placements in the game during the “replay” moments, and that while “this type of advertising is not new to the UFC franchise”, They said the “integration of ads in the Replay and overlay experience will not be reappearing in the future.”  I  know it seems like we bag on EA all the time…. And it’s true we do, because they deserve it, especially after pulling stunts like this. So convenient they add in the ads to the full priced $60 game a month after release.

(Daygon07) This is a pretty shitty thing to do to their user base… If they’re going to put ads in their games then they should lower the cost… Advertisers pay for ads, so you’re gonna pay me to see your BS ads… This isn’t a free mobile game where ads support the developers… This is just a way of promoting your other games that some people don’t really care about. If I’ve spent $60 on the UFC game, I better not have to watch ads between fights or other screens… GET IT OUT!!! Fire the wack job that came up with the idea, fire the wack job that approved the idea, and fire the wack job developer for implementing it and not pushing back.

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Follow up’s

(Daygon07) DrDisrespect came out this week talking about his anxiety problems over his Twitch ban.

(Daygon07) This took a lot of guts to go on stream, in front of tens of thousands of people, and say this. I’ve said this before, love him or hate him, Doc is a real person with real people problems. I mean sure, his problems are “first world” problems but we’re talking about someone’s career… his main source of income. It’s like someone taking something you worked so hard for, your living out from under you leaving you with nothing.

(WildTwinsFan) I actually found this extremely impactful, for such a strong masculine athlete as Doc is, he’s showing that Anxiety and mental health are important, Seeking help and support are important, and anyone can and should do it. This isn’t weakness, this is the truest form of strength. Down right inspirational If you ask me. Man I’ve said I’m not a DOC fan for say, in the past, but I really do like and respect him the more you know the man behind the persona

(Daygon07) This just goes to show you, even the people that we think don’t or would never struggle with mental issues, they do. Anyone can succumb to it.  This might be Doc reaching out for help and we as a community should be listening to this and do whatever can to help. Not helping “Doc” but helping Guy, the man behind the wig and glasses.

(WildTwinsFan) Now you don’t have to go live and share your feelings with thousands of others to show the same strength, reaching out in private to your primary care doctor, or seeking support online, In the US, maybe starting with the National Institute of Mental Health, or your county’s Mental health agency.

(Daygon07) If you need help we’re here to help you too… reach out to us if not anyone else.

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 Well now that you mentioned it, there’s no better reason to hit us up on the social medias than the Top Questions of the week. 

With the launch of the new Xbox console, what game are you most excited to play on it?

(Daygon07) NBA 2K21. With the console supporting ray tracing, I think this game is going to look more realistic than ever and I want to see how the game loads. Because I know on my One S, that game loads so slow… I wanna see the “drastic improvements” in load times.

(WildTwinsFan) Well at this point I wouldn’t buy a Series S as my 1x seems to have more power than that, But the series x , maybe for ray tracing in games, Like Minecraft, and maybe flight 2020 Not sure if they’ll bring the ray traced versions to console, but It would be pretty sweet on my 4k TV. 

What’s one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you started streaming?

(Daygon07) This is something I learned from Harris Heller… Create content on other platforms when trying to build your streaming audience. I know that sounds like putting the cart before the horse because what are you going to create videos about? Why not create review videos of the stuff you own? If you’re a budget minded streamer like myself, maybe you built or bought your gaming computer for like $300… That’s something you could share as a YouTube video because people are always trying to find ways to build a cheap gaming rig. There’s tons of videos you can make… be creative.

(WildTwinsFan) I think for me overall is a few things, first off super nice to have a community of friends streaming and gaming, because gaming and streaming can be so social, it really helps with the stream interaction. Secondly and I still fail on this, have yourself a start of stream checklist, and check everything before and as you go live, I’m confident that every streamer has went live with audio issues, like not being able to hear their mic on stream or game audio, or probably one of the  more blatant “stream violations”, (to people’s ears) is not having a good audio mix for your stream, having your audio mixed and knowing how to adjust the balance is so key. Finally another huge piece I think it, the just do it attitude, don’t worry about every single detail being right or perfect, the biggest hurdle for me was just clicking the go live button. Seeing the  human side that maybe it isn’t perfect isn’t always bad, might actually get someone to speak up and tell you, “Hey your mic is muted” and now you make a connection, but sure some people will just leave too, and that’s a missed chance, but it’s a lesson learned too. 

How to choose the right mouse for gaming?

(Daygon07) For me it’s all personal preference. I like a good heavy mouse with a ton of buttons. I don’t like to move my WASDs too far away from WASD… So things like holding control or shift are uncomfortable for me so I program a couple of mouse buttons to handle that… Push to talk, a specific mouse button. So no matter what FPS I’m playing, I’m always ready and don’t have to fumble around to figure out where I’m at on my keyboard… So I went with a Logitech G502 mouse which I ended up getting on sale on Amazon for like $25 on a Prime Day special. The G502 series of mice is probably the #1 series of mice I can recommend. Super comfortable, super customizable, and very durable. Let us know on social your favorite mouse or how you chose the right mouse for gaming.

(WildTwinsFan) I think you need to spend a good amount on a decent mouse, You’re going to be in the $30 and up range for sure. And if your buying a big name brand, Logi, corsair, razer, generally you get what you pay for, but there are some deals out there too, I actually wore out my logitech g602 wireless, which I liked, but it didn’t get much praise in the competitive gaming world, SO I too got myself a highly praised wired g502, I felt comfortable instantly with a similar shape and feel, and I could connect with it right away and it just feels right to me. I also got a great deal on it, with a msrp of $80, I got mine under $30 at best buy getting a special edition arguably uglier looking, but still packing the same sensors as the $80 version, and it’s got rgb, it’s been totally solid and I really like it, and as much as I think I’d want a wireless again, there’s such a minimal trade off with the cord, it might not be worth the extra $100 to go wireless. Overall if you get a good sensor, it’s mostly what fits and feels good in my hand, a couple extra buttons make for a nice plus too, 

(Daygon07) That’s it for this episode. Let us know on social media if you’re getting a new Nvidia card when they drop or you’re gonna wait until Big Navi.  Thank you guys for listening in, Consider our Patreon to support the podcast and also by going to merch.agamingmoment.com and picking up some of that sweet sweet swag. Subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting platform and be sure to check back every Tuesday for new episodes. Until next time keep grinding!