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G4TV Coming Back in 2021

(Daygon07) Wildie, do you remember G4TV, the very first mainstream gaming based TV channel back in the early 2000’s?

(WildTwinsFan) Well I kind of remember some of it, To be honest at that point in my life I wasn’t watching a lot of TV, Still don’t in fact, I did watch a fair bit of ZDTV and TechTV back in the back that but really I missed a lot of G4 TV, though I was always aware of it.

(Daygon07) They just came out with a teaser on July 24th, that the channel is making a comeback in 2021. Now you have to watch it carefully and multiple times as there’s a ton of easter eggs in the short clip. This is exciting for me because one of my favorite shows was “Attack of the Show” where they gave previews of upcoming games, movies, general news, and I vividly remember when Olvia Munn was one of the hosts… She’s the only reason I enjoyed the last Ride Along movie… What I’m really hoping is they bring back some of those core shows like Attack of the Show and X-Play. This just goes to show you how mainstream gaming was back in the early 2000’s and how even more mainstream it is now that they’re wanting to bring back an entire gaming channel… And it’s funny you mention TechTV because TechTV was actually G4’s successor after it was bought and rebranded.

(WildTwinsFan). Sounds exciting, I’m glad to see more mainstream gaming content available to the masses 

Halo Infinite Video Misses the Mark on Graphics

(Daygon07) Bungie released some images and videos of Halo Infinite recently, and for a console and game that’s supposed to be cutting edge, it’s rather underwhelming. Many memes and critiques have come out criticizing the lack of quality and to be honest, it does look a little Halo 2ish with their graphics. Now I have seen clips and images of NBA 2K21 on Xbox Series X and I’ll tell you, it’s pretty hard to distinguish between a real NBA game on TV and the video game. I’m not deterred from buying the console just because Halo looks like crap, I just wont play Halo, and realistically I haven’t played Halo since Halo 2 anyway. How does this affect your perception of the console Wildie? Do you look at Halo as a stain on a console that hasn’t released yet & will it affect your buying decision?

(WildTwinsFan) Well I think this is kind of on par with a new title that’s still in development, it’s not going to look great at this point, so I’ll give them a bit of a pass on that for the moment, you can see the render distance isn’t great in the intro video, I think they were really shooting to show off the game play and concept, and not the polish and glamor you get with a finished game, Even Cyberpunk 2077 has pulled similar tactics, where you can see a noticeable improvement in the graphics as the game gets closer to launch. Overall I think there’s a fine line of being too realistic to what the game is actually going to look like versus making it look good so people buy it. When M$ came out back in May with the “series x” “gameplay” First look video they got slayed on social media for having almost no actual gameplay and only and bunch of cut scenes, which never really represent the in game footage, so I think Halo was treading this same line, they’ll make it look nice, but I don’t think Halo’s intent has ever been to be the most visually stunning game of it’s time, People are being too hard, give them time, they’ll get it right, Halo is too big of a franchise to mess this up. Overall I’m still jazzed for the new xbox?

(Daygon07) Yeah, we’ll have to see, only time will tell. I’m still excited about the Series X and what changes it’s going to bring to the console gaming market.

(Daygon07) With all of that being said Wildie, what did you see this week?

Logitech & Herman Miller Releast $1500 Gaming Chair

(WildTwinsFan) A $1500 Gamer Chair? Herman Miller, an award winning, well known and respected furniture maker, has teamed up with Logitech’s Gaming division on the release of this $1500 gaming Chair.

(Daygon07) IDK man… That’s more than my entire gaming setup put together… computer, monitors, desk chair, everything… That’s a steep price… I think if they wanted to reach more gamers, and I know this chair might not be for the “casual gamer” but 95% of gamers are not going to be able to afford this chair… I’d be curious to see what their projected sales of the chair are considering the price point and the demographic they’re going after.

(WildTwinsFan) I know this sounds crazy to a lot of people, but I’ll argue those who haven’t experienced a top tier chair, won’t understand.

Herman Miller makes several different types of Chairs already, and this Gaming Chair is actually a Herman Miller “embody”, which is a chair that’s earned a lot of praise since release in 2008. The chair has been given a few tweaks for gamers with Logitech’s input. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years sitting various chairs in my day job working on computer’s and I’ll tell you that you’ll notice really quick when you spend a lot of time on a chair that isn’t rated for 24/7 use. 

These chairs are meant to support your body for long periods of sitting and do an amazing job keeping you comfortable in long sessions. It’s very clear to me that they are well worth their money. A desk worker generally only spends more time in a sleeping position than a seated position, so quality seating is important. Now that being said Do you need to spend $1500 to get a quality chair?

(Daygon07) (For me, no I bought a pretty good quality chair for about $190 on Amazon called the Blue Whale Gaming chair. You can check out my unboxing and review videos on my YouTube channel at youtube.com/daygon07) I will say this though… It looks pretty slick, but for $1500 I would hope it’s not only functional but looks great too… Some people who have color themed setups might be turned off by the lack of colors, currently only blue and black. Additionally, there’s no specifications of dimensions and weight limit. Let me be real here… I’m a big dude, so if I’m gonna drop that kind of cash on a chair, I need assurances it’s going to be able to take my weight for those extended periods of time. I would consider this because not only do I game, but I work from home so I spend more time at my desk than anywhere else in my house so I’m willing to pay a premium for my comfort but I know some chair companies who will void their warranty if the user exceeds the weight limits of their product. 

(Daygon07) Well I for one am a Huge Herman Miller Fan, I happen to own a Herman Miller Aeron Chair for my home office, and I got it used for about $400, still spendy, but I’ve used them (And still do) daily at work and I really like them, Finding one used and saved myself something like $800 or so. I don’t foresee changing chairs for a long time, making it well worth the investment to me.

Fun fact Daygon, Did you know that Herman Miller is Credited with the invention of the ubiquitous office cubicle? Back in 1968!

(Daygon07) So they are credited for so many nightmares too lol. No, they revolutionized how offices and space is utilized within buildings being able to maximize space while keeping cost lower than building offices. Now everyone is moving to these “open offices” where you’re basically sitting at a table… Thanks Facebook… 

Microsoft & NBA Create Together Mode for Teams

(WildTwinsFan) Speaking of innovative seating arrangements… There’s something interesting coming out of this current pandemic situation. The NBA is reimagining how fans and teams experience the game of basketball. The NBA has partnered up with Microsoft and created Together Mode on Microsoft Teams… Together mode uses AI technology to bring people together into a shared background like a conference room, coffee shop, or an arena. Together mode is more than a virtual background, it makes being together virtually, feel like you’re actually together in-person. Starting July 30, the NBA will outfit each game court with 17-foot-tall screens that wrap three sides of the arena. These “stands” will be populated with more than 300 cheering fans who will join the game using Together mode in Teams. Alongside a view of their fellow fans, participants can watch a live feed of the game right within Teams.

This new experience is the first to go live as a result of the NBA/Microsoft partnership. It gives participating fans the feeling of sitting next to one another at a live game without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes. Players, meanwhile, will experience their energy and support as they dribble down the court and see fans’ real-time reaction. And viewers tuning in to the game from home will feel the crowd’s energy as well as they see the virtual stands filled with fans.

(Daygon07) This is a fun concept by the NBA. I would have liked to see what ESPN has been doing with VR “courtside” instead of this, but you would need VR equipment to fully enjoy it but given what’s available to most people this is a fantastic alternative. As a fan I was thinking, how are the teams going to have their “home field” advantage if there are no fans at the game and playing in an empty arena. I think this is a step forward, it’s obviously not the same. There’s the whole noise thing… 300 people on an LED screen is not the same as over 15,000 people getting drunk, yelling, screaming, and cheering. But it’s a step forward, and I credit Adam Silver and the entire NBA for being progressive and finding modern solutions for modern problems until we can get back to some sense of normality until all of this COVID crap ends.

(WildTwinsFan) Yeah, well I’m not really a Follower of the NBA, TBH the MN Timberwolves have failed in recent times, to capture my interest in their season. That being said this sounds awesome, and I can’t wait to see how this plays out. It sounds like a fun experience and I can only imagine the Shenanigans that will come out of this! Someone’s in the crowd is going figure some way to mess with this.

(Daygon07) Yeah, someone’s gonna find a way to advertise something, much like this advertisement here!!!

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Psyonix Annouces Rocket League Free To Play

(WildTwinsFan)Last big topic of the week, Developer Psyonix, announced that their smash hit game, Rocket League is going to be a free-to-play game starting later this summer. 

The core gameplay will remain the same, but they are refining the main menus to make exploring the game easier. Plus revamping and improving major features like Tournaments and Challenges, and introducing cross-platform progression! 

Rocket League will release on the Epic Games Store for PC at the same time it goes free to play.

Anyone who has played Rocket League online before the launch of free to play will be rewarded with Legacy status and Legacy rewards, which will be granted once the free to play version launches later this summer.

(Daygon07) Is this a sign that they’re not going to be doing anymore major updates? Perhaps… Or maybe something more likely is they have something new in the works. But I do enjoy the game and I’m glad more people will be able to enjoy it. Fun fact, Rocket League is one of the first modern games that was cross platform compatible between PC and console.

(WildTwinsFan) Yeah crossplay was a great step forward for the gaming industry, We’ll see what’s to come, but I can only imagine how many people are happy about this news.

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Questions of the week 

What is your favorite FPS you’ve ever played

(WildTwinsFan) BO2, 

(Daygon07) MW2

Tell me about a piece of technology that changed or impacted your life. (this might actually be a recurring question each week, Lot of options to talk about)

(WildTwinsFan) The OG Nintendo Gameboy

(Daygon07) – My buddy’s camcorder back in my skateboarding days…

What is your favorite “Video Game Themed” TV Show?

(WildTwinsFan) Imma cheat, Jackfrag’s YouTube channel

(Daygon07) – Video Game High School: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JqR3GVqib4&list=PLsMtUWKCmBPRFzqglpk4YQlNFy8wzSXBN

(WildTwinsFan) Be sure to keep an up on our social media, we would love to hear and engage with your answers to our top questions of the week.  

(Daygon07) That’s it for this episode. It’s great to see a familiare gaming channel making a comeback and a great game making itself available for free. We’d like to thank our producer Billy. Thank you guys for listening in and supporting us. Subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting platform and be sure to check back every Tuesday for new episodes. Until next time keep grinding!