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Fall Guys Fun

(Daygon07) So Wildie you mentioned in last week’s episode that you were going to pick up Fall Guys, and I caved and got it for Playstation 4… Because it was free, but i wanted to hear what you thought about it versus my initial experience…

(WildTwinsFan). Well Day… Fall guys has been hugely popular and consistently topping the Twitch charts since it’s release… DrDisrespect, after bashing it on his comeback stream…

Doc’s first impressions of Fall Guys

Even DOC caved in and played it on stream. I actually caught the video replay on Doc’s channel, and I’ll have to admit I watched it all, Never really watched much PewDiePie, so I wasn’t quite sure how the dynamic was going to between the two, but it was great, no holds barred, he was giving it to Doc. (clip)

(Daygon07) Yeah, he partnered up with PewDiePie, since he can’t play with other Twitch streamers apparently, and between Doc and PewDiePie they had over 320K viewers while The entire game on Twitch had over 280K viewers… That’s powerful if you’re Twitch. 2 people had more viewers on the same game that’s topping your charts. The game itself is a hoot… To be honest, I thought it was going to be a STUPID game

(WildTwinsFan) I was intrigued by the Battle royale type setup, winner takes all when I first saw it. After watching a few streamers play it I thought it would be fun with our friends on Non-PUBG nights. Not as much skill based, but luck certainly plays a big factor in the game. To me it looked chill and mindless… something you can just hang out and play, talk, and bs with friends or the stream, without it consuming your full attention. It’s a nice change of pace from Pubg or matches in CoD with a bunch of sweaty tryhards.

(Daygon07) Admittedly the game was actually REALLY fun. The chaos that ensues and the different types of mini games keeps the game interesting, every life is never the same. Although, it is sometimes aggravating when you are on a crap team on the team based mini games. I guess my only gripe is that it’s not cross platform compatible but it’s not out of the scope for the developers according to Mediatonic’s statement: “At launch, we won’t have crossplay. It’s something we really want to do in the future, let us know on Discord if it’s something you are super excited about so we can prioritise what we work on next!”

(WildTwinsFan) Yeah crossplatform complaint is a solid gripe, but I think that’s a must in today’s vast multiplayer Battle Royale games. We haven’t got to play it with our core group of friends yet, but i can only imagine the amount of rage that would ensue between everyone. I do think the game needs a social piece to it, for me it’ll be a blast to play with friends, and grouping up in a discord will help, to a point, until someone dies. I think there needs to be a consolation round or some other chance to get back in, maybe a Gulag???  I feel like not having that social piece is hurting the in game experience. 

(Daygon07) Like playing basically “solo” right?

 (WildTwinsFan) Yeah, you’re missing something, a little of the special sauce that makes a game amazing. I think the potential is there for a great game, right now it’s a little feature poor, but still fun, for a while.

(Daygon07) I think if they had power ups or boosters on some levels… think Mario Party… I think that would greatly improve the dynamic of the game. But the levels are pretty darn good… not a game to play when you’ve had a few too many adult beverages… Man I tell you what though, there’s a level with some rising pepto bismol looking liquid that you have to avoid… that is my kryptonite… I have yet to make it to the end of that level sober or drunk yet. 

(WildTwinsFan) I know the level and it’s ridiculously difficult. The level that I despise the most right now is 

Hoarders, in team based Hoarders you have to be sure that you don’t have the fewest the balls in your zone when the time runs out. This game is a free-for-all and I’ve struggled to find a team or tactics that make it any more than random, there’s no chat or communications, so it’s just a toss up. I do have a favorite level, so far it’s Dizzy Heights, which is a simple race level with spinning platforms to leap onto. As you race for the finish line, Try and jump on the arrows going the direction you want, hit it just right, you’ll be way in front of the masses. 

(Daygon07) So far my favorite little game is Fall Ball… which is basically soccer or Rocket League… Is this a game that everyone should get? Depends on how you take challenging and aggravating situations. I think it’s a hell of a fun game, and everyone should at least give it a try. The game on Playstation can be a bit buggy when trying to get a game. Several times I received a network connection error but once you were in a game, everything worked fine. You just have to keep dismissing the error and restarting the search but other than that it’s solid. The best part of this game is it’s not too resource intensive so you won’t need Nvidia’s unconfirmed, but leaked, RTX-3090 to play it.

Nvidia RTX 3090 Leaked

(WildTwinsFan) Yeah Day, Micron, one of the companies that supplies chips to Nvidia inadvertently released a PDF file, that has since been taken down, with specs on it that basically confirmed the RTX 3090.

(Daygon07) I was able to catch a glimpse before it was taken down, here’s what we know…

 Unless Nvidia changes something between now and the unveiling, the GeForce RTX 3090 will have 12GB of GDDR6X memory clocked at somewhere between 19-21 Gbps per pin. More than likely it’s going to be 21Gbps… because they’re pushing the number 21 so hard… This is the 21st anniversary of the GeForce 256, the “world’s first GPU” according to Nvidia, who coined the GPU acronym for the occasion. There’s also a 21 day countdown going on site now. Add that to the specs from Micron and 21Gbps is effectively confirmed. But we’ll see what the actual specs and bench tests say and confirm.

(WildTwinsFan) This GPU is going to be a beast but at the projected launch price of $1500 – $2000… ouch…  

This is no “Consumer Grade” GPU, it will cost more than most people’s PCs.

(Daygon07) I know a lot of people who were waiting on the release of these graphics cards, now I’m not so sure they’re going to go with this new series or if they’ll go with the 20 series considering the current projected price point. Hopefully they also launch some more cost effective tiers similar to the 2060’s and 2070’s.

(WildTwinsFan) I know I am looking at building a new pc next year. I’ll be picking up a new gpu at some point, but not right away, even when I build my new pc, my 1070 will hold its own still quite well, so it’s not a big worry for me, I’m sure I’ll gain some FPS just from the computer upgrade alone.  AND Not to mention we still know even less about AMD’s new  “Big Navi RDNA 2”, cards coming in the near future. I’ve also got Nvidia’s RTX voice to work on my current 10 series card, and it’s pretty amazing, interesting to see if AMD tries to compete on that level too, but TBH I’m a bit of a Nvidia fan, so we’ll see what AMD can do.

(Daygon07) I want to upgrade too and this will affect my decision. I’m partial to Team Red myself but if they don’t offer a card with Ray Tracing and some sort of dedicated streaming chip similar to NVENC  I might have to go with Team Green on this one.

(Daygon07) So Wildie, what did you see this week?

Ryan Reynolds Promotes Mint Mobile

(WildTwinsFan) Well Day who doesn’t love those wacky Canadians?? Ryan Reynolds may be our Favorite Candian…

(Daygon07) You mean after Celien Dion!!! She’s a dang national treasure for crying out loud…

(WildTwinsFan) Oh ya oh ya of course der bud, I meant our favorite Candian actor. Anyways, Reynolds Started His Own Streaming Service “Apparently every tech company needs a streaming service so.. introducing the world’s most affordable streaming service! What we lack in selection, we definitely make up for in price. Ryan dropped a Mint Mobile Plus Video on his personal YouTube channel last week, hyping the service, 80 minutes of video in it’s in Full “2003 dvd quality”

(Daygon07) Man… I love Ryan Reynolds… Not gonna lie, I’d prolly go gay for him… (you can say that!  Billy made the rule) Now that we got that public confession out of the way, he and/or his PR firm are some of the most talented people in the world. Like he always drums up attention around himself and has an amazing social media presentation as well. Going back to Deadpool, those ads were some of the most creative and interesting ads… and now this… even as a troll I’m sure people were 100% convinced that this was an actual thing (which it is but it’s a farce too). Basically this is to generate more buzz around a wireless company he bought stake in and I’m sure it will work. And you can check out “the service” and enjoy an amazing 80 minutes of Ryan Reynolds. Ryan also has his own gin, if you’re into that type of alcohol… I’m not…  But it’s called Aviation Gin as well WHICH was cameoed in the Netflix original movie, 6 Underground… Go watch it, it’s amazing… Thankfully he doesn’t have a stake in Fornite right now though…

Epic Games Sues Apple

(WildTwinsFan) on the Fortnite tip – Apple AND GOOGLE removed Fortnite from their respective App Store, and now Epic is Suing Apple. 

Apple has removed Epic Games’ Battle Royale Fortnite from the App Store after the developer on Thursday implemented its own in-app payment system that bypassed Apple’s standard 30 percent fee.

The decision marks a significant escalation in the feud between Epic and one of the world’s most dominant mobile software marketplaces. It comes at a bad time for Apple as the iPhone maker navigates antitrust concerns over its operation of the App Store and the rules it imposes on certain developers. Epic implemented its own payment system in the Android version of Fortnite as well, no doubt prompting Google to also remove the app from their store.

Looks like the big dogs are starting to come out swinging for their share of the wealth.

(Daygon07) I mean as a developer myself, I get it, you’re trying to keep as much money in your pocket as possible. But I see it from the marketplaces side as well… Epic has to pay for their space within the respective marketplaces… it’s just the cost of doing business. It’s no different than a shop in the mall not wanting to pay the rent for their space. Epic needs to pay their rent… Shut up, deal with it and stop trying to be greedy because your game is dying…

(WildTwinsFan) lol ooooh, shots fired, but fair counter IMO day. 

(Daygon07) I also saw that Facebook is battling Apple’s App Store fee system as well for hurting small businesses during this pandemic by not reducing the standard fee for it’s new “events feature” which allows businesses the ability to charge users for live video streams, since most conferences are now moving to a digital format because of COVID-19. But Apple didn’t agree to waive its 30% fee for transaction processing, and won’t let Facebook process the payments on its own. Google didn’t waive its 30% fee either, but they are letting Facebook use its own payment product.

Facebook Helping Small Businesses, Apple Refuses

(WildTwinsFan)It’s nice of Facebook, to support small businesses and creators, by not collecting any fees from paid online events. For at least the time being, Small businesses will get to keep 100% of the revenue they generate from these paid online events.

(Daygon07) I’m not sure if this is Facebook trying to make itself look like a hero or something right now but what people have to realize is these are businesses and corporate conglomerates where their only mission is to find a way to get the money that’s in your pocket into theirs. If I’m a business owner and I’m not having to pay fees temporarily then yay. But here’s the issue that’s going to come up from this… When all of this COVID shit is over with, these people that started their business while Facebook was offering these free transactions are going to be outraged when they reinstitute a fee for using their services… Mark it down… I said it here… we’ll see it when the change happens. One thing that I’ve learned… nothing in business is free… if an item or service is worth anything, it’s worth paying for. I get what Facebook is trying to do and it’s noble but they’re setting themselves up for a fire storm imo.

(WildTwinsFan) I think it’s a good play on Facebook’s part to offer some help in the current times. Hopefully going forward they keep some increased benefits for small businesses helping them grow, while not charging full on corporate rates. A two tiered or even a multitiered system, fostering the growth potential of small businesses by reducing fees, could be a win for everyone as I see it.

(Daygon07) We get it… we’re technically a small business too, dealing with start up costs and fees and we’d like ours reduced as well. But we’re also cognizant that the services we use have to make money too. Again… fees are simply the cost of doing business. (clunky transition IMO)You know who else who knows about the cost of doing business? Razer.

Razer Naga: Left-Handed Edition

(WildTwinsFan) You mean like the new Razer Naga: Left-Handed Edition? It’s back, updated for 2020 and better than before! I’m sure it’s challenging making a LH mouse, that is a money-losing proposition – there’s always a huge upfront cost in the design and production for any consumer electronics product. 

Historically, the sales of a LH mouses mices meeces however you say it, hardly ever approach breakeven. But Razer isn’t  just any company – Razer says, “there are things more important than money to us.”

(Daygon07) This has been the struggle for lefty gamers… Not many companies want to invest in technologies for those whose dominant hand is not their right… Mainly because the R & D costs are far more than what the ROI is. But it’s good that Razer is at least appealing to the left handed community and that they should have the same advantages as right hand dominant players. It’s good to see that with some business decisions it’s not about the direct return, but the indirect return… I’ll explain it like this… You’re offering products to a community who, largely, does not have products aimed at them. Now you’re building that rapport and getting more people using and endorsing your product. Smart play by them and I love when businesses think past the direct returns.

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Follow up’s

(Daygon07) Hey Wildie… did you catch any of Shrouds streams this past week since coming back to Twitch?

(WildTwinsFan) I did see a pic of  him,  sporting the manliest of facial hair!

(Daygon07) Yeah it was great… Doc posted, at the time, what I thought was a random pic of Adam Sandler’s character in Uncut Gems… I had to dive into the comments a little bit to get the context… once I saw he was lowkey referencing shroud, that had me rolling on the ground… someone else posted a pic of shroud side by side with Ray Romano from “Everyone Loves Raymond” with the same goatee and titled it “Everyone Loves Shroud”. I had a good chuckle about it. If you haven’t seen it check out our twitter where we shared the post…

(WildTwinsFan) Another follow up from ep4 The US Army is back on Twitch, and it is not going well for them, The Twitch chat is once again being flooded with comments about war crimes, and this time it seems that no effort is being made to stop them, chat can be BRUTAL

(Daygon07)  We’ll see what Twitch is going to do about this, if they’re going to step in and help handle the moderation or if they’re going to just permaban the channel all together. TBH, I’m not opposed to the ban hammer option. I think having channels for branches of the military is just an overall bad idea because there’s so many people who feel so different about what they do and there’s not going to be a clean way to manage the comments there.

(WildTwinsFan) I mean overall You can’t just have people in chat constantly spamming unhelpful crap messages, it’s not like they are an official spokespersons, I’m not a fan of the trolls in this situation, you also cannot have an unmoderated chat. 

 And our final follow up the week

(WildTwinsFan) Microsoft confirmed the new Xbox will be released in November of this year.

 (Daygon07) I’m already saving my money for the release… I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to preorder or not… maybe surprise myself with an early Christmas gift???  Here’s what I do know… I’m getting the damn thing… end of story… Hate on me for not being PC master race all you want… There’s 12 year old kids playing on Xbox and Playstation that are destroying elite pc gamers on COD… I started off as a console gamer and I still love my console. Besides… I pay for xbox game pass ultimate and all of the benefits for that subscription are on the console… so don’t look down at me you PC elitists…

(WildTwinsFan) Hey now, PC Master Race isn’t about looking down on console gamers, it’s just about acknowledging that pc’s are superior. You can be a member without owning a pc.

(Daygon07)Sure, but with the new consoles on the verge of release, the statement that PC’s are superior to consoles might prove to be a more interesting argument for the first time in history, with the launch of the new Xbox and Playstation. We’re certainly not done debating this subject… I’m SUPER excited to see how they actually compare. It’s gonna be fun.

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Questions of the Week

 Well now that you mentioned it, there’s no better reason to hit us up on the social medias than the Top Questions of the week. 

What is your favorite type of Taco?

(Daygon07) I love… love love love love love LOVE Tacos de Trompo or some places call it Tacos al Pastor. Basically it’s marinated pork that turns the pork red, it’s either grilled on a flat top (this is al Pastor) or on a turning spindle like a Gyro (This is Trompo) and put in a tortilla with some onions and cilantro topped with some lime and a nice green salsa… That’s heaven.

(WildTwinsFan) Ohh yeah, I’ll skip the “American” Tacos aka Taco Bell Style (not hate on Taco Bell), but get me some real mexican style tacos, I don’t think there’s a meat I’ve tried I haven’t like, they can take a cheap cut and turn it into food perfection, Mystery meat tacos???, I’m down, love those Small Corn tortillas, meat, Onions, cilantro and a bit of some spicy salsa on top finish with a squeeze of lime, heaven. 

Would you rather give up gaming or give up carbs for a year?

(Daygon07)  Well my belly would tell you I need to give up carbs for a year so imma go with that because gaming for me is a mental health thing… It breaks up the routine of my day and how I socialize with people… As you know Wildie, I work from home, so during the week I’m pretty much stuck at home all day every day… Games are what keep me from going stir crazy…

(WildTwinsFan) We certainly are heading towards a low carb lifestyle now, we’ve done it before, and I’m fine with it. I may not really like it, But I can easily live without carbs. I mean overall you still get to eat really tasty things like Bacon, and ribeye steaks, and most importantly avocados. Honestly I’m waiting out our 12 days of the MN state fair at home on our foodie instagram, I mean I’m not cutting the carbs, and making a bunch of great fair foods, so after Labor day, less than 20g carbs a day here we come.  And like you day Gaming is an outlet a release for me, I’ll always be gaming in some fashion til my final days, to me it’s a part of my life, no question. 

What’s the one thing you’re missing from your streaming setup that you’ve put off buying for no reason?

(Daygon07) The dummy battery for my Canon M50… I feel my Razer Kiyo works well… you know… I use a greenscreen so I won’t get that super sexy boca effect in the background which is why people use these nice DSLRs as webcams in the first place….

Lol, well I’m actually thinking I need my “own” gaming cat, cat tower, and I’m somewhat of a new cat owner, never had a cat until 2 years ago, now we have 2. My kids have a cat tower that I had for sometime in the background of my stream, but the stole it from me and now my poor maddie, I think feels lost, she actually sleeps up there a bunch, when I’m gaming, she’s been coming up to me and rubbing up on my legs and staring and meowing at me, but I’m being picky, in all reality she probably won’t care which tower I pick, so I gotta just find one.

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