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(WildTwinsFan). What’d I do this time? 

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Issues

(Daygon07) You were able to install and play Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 flawlessly and I wasn’t and I’m pissed about it. The only consolation that I have is I’m not the only one who had issues and you’re actually in the minority.

(WildTwinsFan) Well I’m not sure about “Flawless” I had issues downloading and the frame rate @1440p isn’t great, but has been playable for me. What’s going on with your game Day?

(Daygon07) Well, there’s a list of things, but let’s start with my issue in particular which was my audio pausing and playing every second… So before I even loaded the whole game I could tell it was borked… Speaking of loading the whole game, 125 GIGS… for real… i get it… it’s a ton of data to load… but if i’m going to sit through 125 gigs of download… damnit the game better run flawlessly.

(WildTwinsFan) I actually love this, people claiming it’s the new crysis 3, just don’t know this history, Flight has always crushed current gen computers, I remember hearing the stories back in the day about it, dedicated fans are adamant that this 2020 version runs far superior to flight x when it released back in 2006. It’s not finished, nor is it optimized much, no real dx12 support atm, no ray tracing, but those are coming. The first game to date that people are calling 32gb of Ram ideal.

(Daygon07) All I’m saying is, we should not be having this many problems just getting the game installed or running. I meet the recommended requirements and I know this game has been well optimized. I just want to be able to play the game without the audio cutting in and out every second. I mean I can play it if I turn off all of the audio, but the audio is half of the experience. I just think it’s a poor look for a game that has so much potential. I REALLY want to play this but in its current state… I can’t.

(WildTwinsFan) Hardware Unboxed, has a great video showing off Benchmarks of 28 today’s most popular GPU’s, running Flight 2020 its a good video to check out, it’ll give you a good idea how your system will handle the game currently. They also cover issues like Only using 4 cores, top tier processors like the ryzen 9s which suffer from only running on 4 cores. The game has a ways to go, either way, I’m happy to have my hands on it, I’ll gladly struggle with the bugs, meanwhile, just for the ability to play it.

(Daygon07) Well… at least you get to play it… I’m going to figure out how I can make it work.

Burger King’s Marketing On Twitch Streams

(WildTwinsFan) I had a good laugh about a tweet I came across… Burger King’s advertiser abuses twitch’s donation system… It has been done before, but Burger King has come under fire this week for using this controversial tactic . Rather than gaining the permission of popular personalities, they pushed forward with a marketing scheme, that rubs a lot of streamers the wrong way. They created new Twitch accounts in order to sneakily donate with one clear intention. These donations would come with messages that promote Bk’s latest deals. 


From popular variety streamers to competitive veterans, Burger King targeted some of the biggest streams. Naturally, it didn’t take long before most caught on and fired back at the fast-food franchise.

(Daygon07) Well… working in marketing myself this actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea. As a regular streamer it’s not too bad… you’re getting paid for that spot but from a prominent streamer standpoint they’re trying to bypass the streamers representation and taking away a potential revenue stream. I think it would have been a better pay to run these ads on channels that have 10 or fewer viewers. But still the ethics of it… I don’t know… would I care if someone left me a $5 donation and left a message saying BK has the best burgers? No but that’s me. 

Shroud Tired of Clout Chasers

(WildTwinsFan) Previously, we’ve talked about Shroud back on Twitch and how he’s gained an incredible number of viewers. This seems to have drawn the attention of other streamers, as now everyone wants to invite Shroud to play Valorant on stream with them. 


(WildTwinsFan) This response comes after “Subroza” invited Shroud to play a match of Valorant. For those who don’t know, Subroza and Shroud used to be CS:GO teammates on Cloud9. Subroza is now a pro-player for TSM, and a Twitch streamer. 

(WildTwinsFan) Even though Shroud was previously on Mixer, this didn’t mean other streamers couldn’t invite him to play Valorant with them. More and more streamers now seem to be inviting him, as Shroud is receiving more Valorant invites than ever before. Clearly, Shroud noticed this change from certain streamers since his return to Twitch. 

(WildTwinsFan) There’s been a lot of speculation on whether or not Shroud was going to go pro with Valorant before his return to Twitch. So for me it would make sense, if this was the case, for Subroza to try to get on stream with Shroud on Twitch. Maybe Subroza and Shroud have good chemistry and TSM is trying to lure Shroud back to the professional scene. But I wouldn’t put it past people to try to ride Shrouds coattails and try to gain some of his followership. Bad look for those people, but I think he’s got people or teams that are trying to recruit him.

(WildTwinsFan) I just don’t see Shroud going pro again, there’s just no reason for him, He’s got time, money and the freedom to do whatever he wants, I don’ t think he feels like he’s working while streaming now, and has passed on other potential offers because he didn’t want to put in the effort to be at the level it required. He passed on a deal with 100 Thieves and Nadeshot, and claims to have no regerts, long before they became the name and org that they are now. That to me says he doesn’t want or need anything going pro offers.

(Daygon07) I can agree with that, but for some people… competitors… it’s not about the money, clout, or fame… for some it’s just about the competition aspect and the endorphin rush of getting the victory in a meaningful game.

(Daygon07) So Wildie, what did you see this week?

(WildTwinsFan) Tech News A new 5G BlackBerry phone with Android and a physical keyboard will arrive in 2021

(Daygon07) I thought Blackberry went out of business to be honest… I know earlier this year its one of it’s top partners, TCL Communications, who was responsible for the design of the keyboarded models of the once popular mobile device, lost its rights to design the iconic phone. So it looks like they’re trying to get rid of their own proprietary OS and just use android to make it a more viable solution for businesses.

(WildTwinsFan) Something to watch for, I like new competition, hopefully it brings better prices and some innovation.

(WildTwinsFan) Apple News. WordPress founding developer is accusing Apple of cutting off the ability to update that app — until or unless he adds in-app purchases so Apple (now a 2 trillion dollar company) can extract a 30 percent cut.

(Daygon07) Is this a case of Apple just getting greedy? I know for a fact to even have your app on the app store you have to pay a yearly $99 for the Apple Developer Program and that’s just to have your app listed on the market place… The WordPress app does not have transactions and therefore should not be forced to add in-app purchases… The wordpress app is simply an app to be able to maintain their websites… This is a STUPID move by Apple. I get it… get your 30% from those that are making money from ad revenue and selling stuff… but DO NOT punish those that are offering free apps… this is going WAY too far and I think it’s total BS!

(WildTwinsFan) I agree

(WildTwinsFan) Gaming News Ambient soldier sounds are coming to Hell Let Loose… And they’re going to be voiced by YOU, the community!

They want your best Wilhelm scream, become part of HLL history. 

Day, I’ve Already tweeted we’re in! Lol too much fun not to!

(Daygon07) Oh boy… I already get odd looks from my family when I’m doing stuff for the podcast or for my YouTube channel… I guess I just kick them out of the house for like 15 minutes while I shoot my submission footage.

(WildTwinsFan) tell ‘em uncle Wild says they need some ice cream!

(WildTwinsFan) In other tech news RAM and SSD prices will soon plummet due to oversupply and weak demand. Are you looking to upgrade your SSD and memory? We could soon see their prices drop to a record low, primarily due to an oversupply of ram products. According to a new report, prices will fall by about 10 percent throughout 2020 and will continue to decline during Q1 2021. 

There’s too much memory around and manufacturers aren’t buying it—both Western Digital and Micron are just two firms that have slowed their purchasing.

(Daygon07) It’s funny… I remember it wasn’t that long ago that a 16GB kit of DDR4 was almost $200 now you can get it for $100 or less. But this makes it a bit easier for those of us wanting to upgrade or build a new machine. A possible reason for the over supply could be attributed to the COVID pandemic where people, gamers mostly, are not willing to spend the extra cash right now… Most of their key demographic are the ones being affected the most which slowed sales to a crawl… When things start to go back to some sort of normalcy, I’m sure we’ll see the prices go back up… I just wish it would affect the graphics card prices so I can upgrade that…. Graphics cards are still, in some instances, the most expensive piece of hardware in a lot of people’s builds.

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(WildTwinsFan) And a quick follow up from last week with More information about The RTX 3090 It’s been leaked that it’s going to be a colossal triple slot graphics card!

(Daygon07) Break out your full ATX towers because this thing not only empties the wallet but takes up a huge amount of real estate within the system. I wouldn’t doubt some people are going to have to modify their case in order to fit this in their machine… or worse… it’s gonna need a support bracket due to the weight.  

(WildTwinsFan) That’s crazy it’s Not going into my current Mini ITX Case that for darn sure, it’s probably close to ⅓ the size of my current case, that being said, my next build will not be a mini itx build. I would really like more pci slots. When I built my pc it was a gaming only machine, now it needs to do so much more with streaming, and Content creation.

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(WildTwinsFan) Well now that you mentioned it, there’s no better reason to hit us up on the social medias than the Top Questions of the week. 

Questions of the Week

(Daygon07) What was the first video game you beat?

(Daygon07) The Ren & Stempys Show on Sega Genisis or ToeJam & Earl… I cant remember which one I beat first.

(WildTwinsFan) SuperMario world Nintendo Gameboy.

How has the current pandemic situation affect your gaming? Metal health?

(Daygon07) For me… I think I’ve actually been gaming less. I’ve really been focusing on being more of a content creator between the podcast and my Youtube channel. And I’m thinking, maybe it’s because I’m getting burnt out on playing the same game  or what. I’ve started playing Rogue Company and that’s been a TON of fun so I’m probably going to spend more time on that game for a bit.

(Daygon07) I’ve been doing decent, I find I’ve been focusing more on my friends that maintain more of an online profile, and a lot of friends online have become better friends, and it’s really given me time to focus on other projects we just haven’t got to, A little painting and housework, and it’s actually been a lot of fun working with my wife on our instagram, I think it’s been a great experience working on it together.    

(Daygon07) If AMD and Intel both approached you to sponsor you for life… same amount of money… all things being equal with the exception of the technology… which company are you going with?

(Daygon07) AMD all the way baby… I personally think AMD is the superior company today and moving forward… and I can get graphics cards from them too… 2 birds one stone…

(WildTwinsFan) I’m going intel… fuck it

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(Daygon07) That’s it for this episode. I’m gonna say avoid MS Flight Sim 2020, Wildie might say otherwise, give it a try if it works for you great… if not… welcome to my world! It might be time to boycott Apple so give that a thought. And besure to randomly invite Shroud to a game of Valorant while we promote our podcast through other streamers donation systems. Help us fund that marketing campaign by going to merch.agamingmoment.com and picking up some of that sweet sweet swag. Thank you guys for listening in and supporting us. Subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting platform and be sure to check back every Tuesday for new episodes. Until next time keep grinding!