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I’m doing good doing good. Been a little while and been pretty busy, but we’re going to get that cracking here.  We do have a couple topics this week. We’re going to talk about a topic that went viral pretty quick and a lot of people who got all worked up on it and we’re going to talk about whether you should really get worked up about the US states banning gaming PCs and what that really means, then, we’re also going to talk about a scary, scary subject to me. And that’s a little bit about machine, learning hacks, for first person, shooters, and gaming, and stuff. And what exactly that could mean for the future of gaming for us?  We also have some banter items. So we’re going to talk about Twitch, the entirety of Twitch being banned in Slovakia because one streamer played online poker.  We’re also going to talk about ddr5 with a crucial and Samsung stepping up to the plate on that one and pretty much been ready for retail.  Also, talked about Nintendo’s new OLED coming up and then the probably the Nintendo Pro we all hope to have which is really the stream deck. Excuse me, I’m going to mess that up every time guys. I’m going to tell you that right now, it’s the steam deck because of course Elgato’s already got the StreamDeck but now we’re going to talk about Valve’s, new Steam Deck handheld PC and what that’s going to bring to the market a little bit. So…

Yeah, horrible naming on them. Just, you know, we’re one letter one letter off from a stream deck and a steam deck, and it’s something predominant in the in the industry that we’re him. But now let’s crack on into it.

So, like while he said there was a huge topic that kind of went viral recently with US states banning gaming PCs specifically, California, but it doesn’t just affect California. It’s also Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Vermont, is it really band? I don’t think it is. The bill that’s out called Title 20, and it originally went into effect in 2016 and there are different tiers to it. The thing that’s It’s causing the big fuss now is that it’s affecting higher-end PCs and what brought it into the conversation was Dell showing certain computers. Can’t be shipped to the aforementioned States when trying to purchase online as they do, not correspond with the new regulations that went into effect on July 21st, the tier that went into effect and Dell doesn’t really have an explanation as to why these machines can’t be shipped. They just say not in compliance with this that particular state, so it’s a slight oversight on their part and not giving out the information that they that they actually need to give out to inform people. Title 20 is just a name, so a lot of people don’t really understand what it means but the their definition is a cost-effective technically feasible and limit the amount of like electricity computers and monitors are allowed to consume. This is the important bit right here, when not in active mode. So, what that means is when it’s in hibernation mode or when it’s in sleep mode, that’s what really when it’s in effect. And fortunately, it’s not like a one-size-fits-all build, they are taking into account, the expandability of systems. So basically, the less powerful the system, you have the more stringent the rules. So, if like you have a Micro ATX board that has like one NVMe drive one PCI Express Port to Ram slots things like that. It’s a little harder to comply with the regulations that are put into place because you have to meet certain criteria, but if you have a bigger board, like a full ATX board or like a thread Ripper board, that has all of these ports on it, like, you know, 7 PCI ports, 8 Ram slots, but you’re only using like a few of those ports. You’re still well within compliance because they’re taking into account, the, the expandability of the system, a lot of things, there’s a lot of misconceptions out there about this bill, that’s been out. People were like, oh, no, we’re not allowed to have high-end PCS in California or we’re not allowed to have, you know, that’s simply not the case guys. JayzTwoCents did a really great video which is where we got a lot of this information, but I really highly encourage you to go check out JayzTwoCents since video, he kind of covered it really, really well, we’re just kind of hitting the the high points on here to kind of keep it bite-size. But you can get into a pretty in-depth conversation about this, but we do want to make this clear. This does not affect custom built machines. So, if you’re building your machine yourself, you’re going out, you’re buying the parts. There’s no way that the state’s going to be able to limit you on your machine. What it does affect is pre-built from system, integrators such as Dell, Alienware CyberPower PC, origin iBuyPower, any place where you’re going to buy a prebuilt machine. Which means that they can’t sell you these types of machines that don’t fit within the program. But if you find a machine that you like, see if you can price it out like on Wildie, what’s the website? PC part picker. Yeah, go to PC part picker and just price out a computer that that you’d like to buy, and you can buy the parts individually and build it yourself, or take it to a local computer shop and have them build it for you if you’re not comfortable building it. So, you’re technically not limited and if you are buying a prebuilt machine. All you need to do to be a be exempt from the from the bill is you need a GPU similar to a 2080TI or greater. So that’s like I think that’s pretty close to, like a 3070, 3080, or 3090. In some instances, you can have eight gigs of RAM and a discrete GPU. So, it really doesn’t affect gaming computers or high-end computers at the end of the day. Anyway, so I think a lot of people are making a big fuss about this. But what it about is when people are leaving their computers on overnight and stuff, they want to be able to limit the amount of power consumption when the computer is not being used. And that’s really what it boils down to. It’s not that they’re trying to take away your gaming computers or say that you can’t have a powerful gaming computer, it’s actually quite the opposite. The more powerful your computer is the less rules you have on it, which is kind of crazy in my opinion. What do you think Wildie?

Yeah, I mean, I think that’s kind of where the heat came out of this is, there’s people talking about it was a system. I was like, I-5 in it and had like a 1650 TI or something like that, in the system. And it’s just because those components don’t have like high demand. So, they don’t meet some of the exceptions that that make them be able to ship. To those. It’s kind of some weird things, I mean inherently it’s a good law, right? We you know, let’s not waste needlessly waste electricity. I’m sure we’re a lot of us are guilty of walking away from the computer and leave it or not and I do it a fair bit myself. It’s like do you have, can you have an efficient computer do that, you know, and I got a pretty high in power supply. So, mines pretty efficient and it doesn’t burn a ton of electricity just sitting and idling but that’s the effectively they’re trying to get at is kind of some of those line losses that people just they get from people just leaving stuff on and make things shut down automatically within a certain period of time when they’re not being used, it’s just good for the environment, a good practice, and environmentally friendly. No surprise that California is kind of spearheading that along with the it’s just a coalition of States, it’s not really California. It’s a coalition of states, that agree. Need to kind of these rules and for good or for Worse at least it’s a starting point and if it’s not working, I mean, maybe they can steer things differently to make it, so they’re better for everybody involved. So, I think that’s a little bit what it was into but building your own PC Is Not a Bad Thing guys. If you’re a little scared of it don’t be. You gotta know what you’re doing…

There’s plenty of guys out there. That the to walk you through on how to build a PC and how to set it up from scratch. I highly encourage everybody to at least understand what’s in their system and the changes that you can make to the hardware in the system. To be quite honest building, your own PC is actually a better way to go because you’re going to have a better warranty at the end of the day because each part that you buy has its own specific warranty timeline. Like a lot of ram has like a 2-to-5-year warranty. A lot of power supplies can have a two-to-five-year, warranty CPUs can have a three-year warranty. Three-year warranty, gpus can have a two-year warranty, whereas if you’re buying a prebuilt machine, a lot of times, they’re only going to have a 1-year manufacturer warranty and you don’t know the exact parts that are in that machine. So, you could have lower and lower in Parts in that machine but you’re overpaying for it.

I’ll argue you might you’ll get a better computer for less money and just about every case. There’s Is a few circumstances with the market and depending, you know, supply and demand a little bit depending on where we’re at. Where we actually did by two computers for the kids and they were $500 at the time with I5, 1060, and I quite simply could not build it for myself at that price point. Time, you know, so it, there’s a little, Ebbs and flows and some of that stuff that some of those big manufacturers can get some parts and some discounts that we can’t quite always get as a consumer, but you can build a really nice computer yourself. It’s just something to be aware of and everyone got all pissy about it but not that big of a deal. I mean, worst case scenario, you can have it drop ship to someone out of state in the ship to you, not the greatest solution but I’ll still argue that building your own PCS a better solution. So, something to think about, if you fall into one of these categories here.

Yeah. We basically just wanted to kind of give our listeners a public service announcement that it’s not as bad as what everybody the media is putting it out to be your what, all these blog writers and stuff are putting it out to be. And it actually doesn’t affect you that much, unless you’re looking to buy from, like one of those vendors that I mentioned, Dell/Alienware cyberpower, origin iBuyPower, you know, any of those system integrators that you can order pre-built machines from

And to be fair, the information is hard to get, it’s convoluted, it’s hard to read. So just the gist of it is it’s probably not that bad and that. Eventually the big names should figure it out and be able to send you the appropriate…

Machines or give you the options. Yeah…

But yeah, to give you the options and if you’re affected by these rules.

So, one thing that is horrible though Wildie, is these new machine learning hacks for first-person shooters, man. They are undetectable, because, you know, it could potentially use multiple ship multiple machines and using a capture card, where one machine basically acts like a controller, like a like a like, an Xbox controller, pretty much, and it takes the video that it’s ingesting from the main machine, that’s actually running the game and kind of takes over the movements during the during the fight. It’s completely undetectable it. Mimics natural movements like this is, this is kind of crazy, dude.

Yeah, it’s pretty amazing to see the lengths that hackers are going to go to the cheat. Not so surprisingly There’s a lot of big tournaments on the line. There are online tournaments and especially with covid and all the ramifications of that there’s a lot of this this you know where you used to have controlled environment you come in and these are the PCS you’re going to use. You know you can use maybe your own peripherals but with that now you got these people running these tournaments from home and then and then submitting the results and stuff. It’s going to get harder and harder to detect cheaters and stuff like this. And now these are so Advanced we’ll call them Advanced that these can work on consoles and that that’s a scary thing. Like consoles have always been kind of the least at the Modern generation consoles. Our kind of lockdown, you know, they haven’t been jailbroken yet and that that’s been a plus for The Gaming Community of the competitive communities, that because they’re not broken, they can’t get cheats on to them. And now they don’t even need to break into it because this just captures the screen. And basically, it’s like a super crazy cracked out set of eyes on your screen and it will learn what a character looks like on your screen, and it will identify that character and it will snap your aim point to that point on the screen and shoot for you and then it will control your recoil that it’s insane. It’s like a supercomputer operating your mouse now and it’s that’s crazy. And the thing that’s scary is they pulled it down, they found this hack, they pulled it down, but basically any decent person could probably recreate this. Fairly easily. Now it takes some equipment to do this and so I don’t know what they’re going to have to do to get around. I don’t know how they can.

Activation was a big was big into getting that getting that script removed from online and trying to get it scrubbed as much as possible because it’s detrimental to their entire their entire like business model. If they’re running tournaments and people that are on Console. Like for instance, you can have somebody running on console and I have a couple on my YouTube channel. I have a couple of tutorials on how to, how to play your Xbox or PlayStation, on your PC, stream it through your PC, and play it on your PC and let your people. You know, you can plug in an Xbox controller into your PC and play your Play Station through an app called PS4 Remote Play. Think about people that can do that are doing that and basically Now have this AI program running that seeing the game and then taking control where it needs to take control. And there’s no way to detect that because the game is running on the, on the console, but the application is running on the PC. And there’s no way for them to detect that the program is running on the PC, or even that you’re playing the game through the PC on the console. So, it’s pretty bad guys. Is like this could change the way that, like Wildie said, change the way that these fully online, tournaments that aren’t regulated by via LAN or anything like that. It changes the game and you’re going to have these random people that you’ve never heard before. Just going God mode in these tournaments just to win the Thousand, the thousands of dollars that these tournaments can put out

 thousands of dollars. Day, I think we have experience of tournaments under $100 that just that little bit….

Is enough to entice them? Yeah, it’s really crazy. They’ll people go to lengths to win a penny and it’s completely crazy.

Yeah, I mean, we’ve had, we’ve had tournaments, little tournaments and I’ve said it anymore, I’m done. I won’t play any tournaments that’s for any stake because there’s going to be cheaters there. Unless it’s with my closest of friends I wouldn’t in which case I need to play Steak anyways, but

right, we like to play for bragging rights

you know, so it’s just but, yeah, and I’ve, but I’ve said it and it’s been proven that every time someone comes up with one and I say, no, I won’t play it and then they come back and they’re like, yeah, it was pretty sus.

Yeah. And even for stuff is stupid is like oh, you know the prize is a season pass, it’s not even cash. It’s like, okay, we’re gonna gift you the season pass of PUBG. or we’re going to give you the season pass of CoD or something like that the various people are just rampant at that point, and I don’t understand it because it’s like really   is getting your account banned potentially band and reported and just getting all this bad you know just bad stuff on you. Is it really worth it for that that $10 that $10 gifted back battle pass or what have you?

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So Wildie, something that’s you’ve been super excited for has been the new Nintendo switch. Now, now, they haven’t released the pro model, but it looks like they’re moving in that direction with this new OLED model.

Yeah, they came out and said they’re going to have an OLED model. It’s not really what everyone was really hoping for. A couple little tweaks and minor changes to it, but overall, pretty disappointing that it’s not more Hardware or power that that everyone kind of wants. Granted the Nintendo games don’t really need it, they’ve been built around not having. It may be kind of cool to see, you know, some increased performance and iability to place some of the AAA titles, you know, CoD’s not in the Cards. And, but then you came out with what will argue is, will argue is maybe the switch Pro that valves dropped on us. That came kind of out of the blue. I wasn’t really expecting this, but sure. Anyone was really expecting it, but valve came out with again the steam deck. So, we’ll trip over that because of the stream deck but the steam deck is a handheld. We’re going to call it Nintendo switch like device that’s built with AMD APU a quad cores CPU. It’s basically a rise in 2000 series. It’s basically, real similar to the technology already used in the PS5 and the Xbox series X. Also comes with 16 gigs of RAM, which is real respectable, and then there’s three different models in. The, basically, the models are, how much storage do on available? So, there’s a 64 gig at 256 gig and a 512 gig. But according to valve, you can also use a high-speed MicroSD, and you can also swap out those SSDs. So that was the big piece for me. I want ahead and pre ordered myself a steam deck because I just want in on that. It sounds like something I’d do and whatever and it doesn’t sound to be like it’s going to be a super powerhouse, but it’s only 720p if I remember correctly. So, you’re not going to need the highest end of graphics card too. Run a 720p game but you know it’ll be it’ll be interesting to see how it works out and I just want for the cheapest one because it’s 400 bucks and I’m psyched to learn that. I can indeed swap out the storage device, which I will do to something bigger at some point. Just to kind of get your hands on some portable gaming device, and I think it’ll be pretty good

That’s not a giant laptop.

Yeah. That’s not a giant laptop and self-contained. It’ll be pretty cool. I think so looking forward to that.

I think the differentiator on that for me, the thing that I liked about it, and you hit on it was the ability to swap out the storage, right? The 64 gig is what’s called an EMMC storage which is if you’ve ever seen like some of those DSLRs, they have a big square flash storage card, that’s basically what that is and then the 256 and 512. Rules are running NVMe storage, so the fact that you can buy a 256 gig for $529 and then like storage, right? Like, NVMe drives are actually pretty cheap right now. Like you can get a terabyte NVMe drive for a hundred bucks or less right now and be able to throw that NVMe SSD in there. At that point, if you’re spending a hundred bucks on that one terabyte and you got the 256, you’re spending less than the 512 NVMe storage for the NVMe storage. So, you’re actually getting more bang for your buck on it. So I think I think that was a smart decision by Valve to be able to make it upgradable and to be able to expand the storage using micro SD because, you know, some SSD, some NVMe drives are expensive and you know, you can find as a MicroSD cards for Fairly cheap to that, go up. Up to a terabyte or you can store specific, you can have specific games stored on that MicroSD, kind of kind of switch, like, you know, with the switch has their games are look like SD cards as well. So, it’s kind of the same concept which I think is really, really cool. I don’t know how the Gaming Community is gonna do it, how they’re going to adopt it. Especially running like 720p 30 frames a second but I know if I was buying Seven or eight-year-old self. That had my big old and Nintendo Game Boy, I would love to have this instead.

Yeah, I think if you consider what you have in your hands, I’m fine playing in 720p in all 30 FPS, that would be fine just to be able keep on playing the game.

That’s PUBG everywhere man… PUBG everywhere.

Yeah. I mean, there you go. But yeah, but like if you play the game like online like you, you really kind of kept in two leagues and stuff like that. I have a friend who’s really into Elder Scrolls online and they get together and do stuff online all the time. At certain hours a day and maybe you’re on a trip, but you could take an hour out and just chill out with your friends and you can still get it done with your hand held or if you whip out a mouse and keyboard plug that in and go it’d pretty nice. Heck of a lot more portable than a laptop. I mean, my laptop’s a brick, it’s heavy. It’s the Like eight pounds…

I get my new one tomorrow so we’ll see how big mine is tomorrow. I know the power brick for it Freaking huge.

The power brick weighs probably nearly as much as probably half as much as actual PC itself, which is pretty insane.

yeah, so in streamer news, Twitch bands with no reason could be made unlawful by Court, which I think is a huge win for us streamers Wildie, what do you think?

Yeah, this is actually coming out of a ruling with the streamer that I got banned on Twitch, this James, “PhantomL0rd” Vargas, he filed a lawsuit against Twitch in dominated them in court, one all his claims. And now he’s got a list of requests that he is requesting. The judge rule on for Twitch on how to go forward on how to Conduct its business. Moving forward.

Yeah, pay attention to these guys because these are, these are kind of really huge there. Some that pertain strictly to PhantomLord’s demands. But for the most part, this is a huge win. IF these go through, this is going to be a huge win for streamers and it’s basically just seven requests from Phantoml0rd’s team. Twitch must lift his suspension. They must develop and make available to Partners a written policy regulating its discipline of Partners. The policy must include rules governing when and how account managers notify partners of rule violations. And what criteria are context Twitch uses to determine when to permanently or indefinitely suspend Partners, including mitigating factors. Twitch cannot send notices of permanent or indefinite, suspensions to Partners that list the reason for the suspension as other terms of service violation. Which they are notoriously known for they just say you violated TOS. Okay, which TOS they can’t list that as the reason or similar language that does not adequately convey the reason that Twitch suspended the partner, and they must include the text of the applicable Rule and or strike guide entry for each such notice. Twitch cannot permanently, or indefinitely suspend Partners without providing notice of the reason for the suspension and give Them an opportunity to cure the alleged wrongdoing. Twitch cannot permanently indefinitely, suspend partners for any reason, not listed in the partners partnership agreement. They must cease enforcing the $50,000 limitation on liability. So basically, like they have a $50,000 litigation limit because of this court case it went well over $50,000 and he’s trying to make the court make Twitch pay for the entire court fees and everything. He’s trying to protect streamers at the end of the day when it comes to litigation. And then the final one is Twitch must require that Partners scroll through any amendments or modifications to its terms of service and click a button, affirming that they have read the Amendments or modifications and agree to them before they use the Twitch service. So basically, before they’re able to stream again, they have to read through or Scroll through the terms of service every time that there’s a modification to the terms of service, they have to acknowledge that, there’s been a change to it and say that they’ve read it. Now like most of us, we usually just scroll through to the bottom to the button become is activated for us to click but if you guys ever make Twitch partner, I highly recommend reading the terms of service getting very familiar with them because Twitch is very snaky. That’s why Doc in one of the resist dreams that he did will go through that later. Why he called them purple snakes because they find every way possible to screw the streamer at the end of the day and Varga PhantomL0rd is really just trying to remediate a lot of Twitch’s backhanded, nefarious stuff and this is going to be a huge win for all streamers. If the courts rule on this.

Yeah, I think he’s got’em in a bad place or at least for Twitch, you know, where they want their cake and eat it too. I think he’s got them in the bad place, and this will be a good, this will be good because we’ve talked about this before, it’s bullshit, the way, which operates, and the way they ban people in the way some people get treatment and some people don’t get treatment special treatment and they’re flaky, they’re inconsistent, it’s not fair. It’s not right people’s liabilities their livelihoods depend on their Job streaming on Twitch. And their income and all the other sources that come with that you know, agreements that they may have with sponsors that if they get banned off Twitch that may affect their other agreements with their other sponsorships and stuff like that. Now if they did something that deserves it then. Yeah. But just arbitrarily canceling contracts was still a little bit questionable about what did Doc really do to get his Racked canceled or they just they want to just save a bunch of money because, Bezos needs some more money in his pocket. I don’t know if he needed to fund the spaceship.

They need to build another penis rocket.

Yeah, another penis rocket go space. So, you know and it’s like I think all his commands. It demands are very reasonable. Yeah, if you fire someone to has to be within reason, I mean, Like any other job in the state. If you fire someone from a job and that’s what he’s going after. He’s in California and he’s using California law to battle Twitch.

Twitch, who’s in California.

Yeah, so it’s It looks interesting. So, we’re going to wait on the ruling on this yet because it’s not been ruled on even though it’s been a little over a month, month and a week or so, five weeks or so. Obviously a big, big ruling and has Big, big widespread implications on these companies and think, you know, probably be on Twitch to so we can see what they come up with and I would do whatever the ruling Twitch isn’t going to take it lying down and this is going to keep going and courts. I mean we’re already several years in the courts on this one but that’s a that’s a big, big step in the right direction in my opinion that he won.

Yeah. And to put a bow on this it’s going to open up a Huge can of worms for them if the courts agree on all those stipulations. Because now you’re looking at people like, high-profile streamers, like Doc, who’s going to go out there and go after his money because they signed a contract with them. Twitch has one of those exclusive partnership agreements where he signs for a set amount of money for a set amount of years, And if they let him go Go, He’s technically still owed that money and he’s gonna get that. Like, if PhantomL0rd’s request go through, he’s gonna get his money and there’s going to be a lot of other streamers out there, A lot of banned Twitch streamers out there that are gonna go after Twitch and get their money because there wasn’t clear judgment or as they say other TOS violations, they got banned for other TOS violations. Well, now, Twitch is either a. They’re going to be the purple snakes that they are and come up with bullshit Reasons to not pay these people and keep them banned off of the platform or they’re going to end up owing A lot of streamers, a lot of money.

Yeah. And so let’s talk a little bit more of some flakiness on Twitch here. Zlaner, who is a popular Twitch, excuse me, a popular streamer was banned off of at which Rivals tourney because he dressed up like Doc. Yeah, it wasn’t playing with Doc. Wasn’t anything like that, I mean maybe he had some impressions, but I don’t, I don’t believe…

He Cosplayed as him.

What, you can’t cosplay now. You can’t cosplay as banned streamers I guess it didn’t read that in the TOS but…

mmmhmmm “Other TOS violations”

Yeah. So, then we had another streamer that stepped up that something to say about that.

Yeah. Viss who doc used to scream a lot with playing PUBG and stuff, Viss cosplayed as him too and then you had recently TimTheTatMan did too, and all these high-profile streamers are in support of Doc. They want Doc back on the platform. They want to be able to game with Doc, because Doc is a dynamic entertaining, whether you like him or not, he is the biggest Entertainment streamer out there period, there’s nobody else. Everybody else Just plays video games, everybody else just talks to their chat. This guy is a character who has a Persona who just has a lot of just video game depth of knowledge. You know, the guy behind doc, Guy Beahm worked for Activision for a little bit on the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Game to get the maps in the movement. So, he has this industry, this wealth of Industry knowledge. So, there’s a lot about doc, again whether you like them or not, whether you like his Persona or not, he is the biggest entertaining streamer out there. There’s nobody else, these other streamers, want a game with him, Viss wants to game with them courage, wants the game with him Zlaner, obviously wants the game with him. Zlaner was the first to cosplay, as Doc on Twitch during this Twitch Rivals, or this tournament that was being streamed specifically on Twitch. And Zlaner’s A free agent right now, guys. Zlaner is not associated with any streaming platform. He was previously a Facebook streamer. He had a contract with Facebook, but right now he’s a free agent streamer. The fact that they’re banning him just because he cosplayed as Doc. He didn’t have Doc’s voice on stream. He didn’t have Doc’s face on stream. He just had a bad mullet; a bad Hitler Stash is what it looked like and had really bad looking sunglasses. But you know sang, one of  Doc’s songs in homage paying homage to Doc and there and Zlaner has come out saying that he’s not gonna go behind Doc’s back and sign a contract with Twitch Even though Twitch has reached out to him and and offered him a substantial amount of money to come onto the platform because if you look at Zlaner’s following on Facebook and on YouTube he’s got a huge following because of Doc and he says he’s not going to stab Doc in the back and go to Twitch and not be able to stream with them. Doc made Zlaner’s career to where it is today. Doc made Zlaner, what he is as far as getting sponsorship opportunities with like scuff in G Fuel and stuff like that, and he said he’s not going to do that. So, there’s a community of people out there that are behind this… Nobody knows why Twitch banned Doc but everybody’s behind Doc Getting back on. Either a getting back on the platform or be getting what Doc is due from Twitch. And again, Twitch being the purple snakes that they are, are starting to ban people from the tournaments because they’re in support of Doc, I didn’t know supporting another streamer was a violation of anybody’s terms of service.


I’m sorry I got on my soapbox there guys I got on my soapbox I apologize.

Another soapbox, I did get a big kick out of the DrVissRespect. So anyways just another twist and turn on the Doc Saga. We Like to keep up on that a little bit to see where it’s going. So, couple of stories coming in that.

In further news, we’re going to keep right on just a little Thumb in Twitches back right now because they can do better and Twitch actually got banned in the entire country of Slovakia because of one streamer, because 1 streamer was playing poker on stream and poker is not allowed, online Poker is not allowed in Slovakia. So, they did what, any reasonable company would do and, or country would do, and they actually had the internet service provider ban Twitch in their country. That brings up the topic is it time for Twitch to ban gambling on stream? Is it time to for them to ban hot tub streamers? Mic licking? Where is Twitches morality? Where is The Meta of Twitch right now? We’re talking a little bit about that, and it’s a tough situation because there’s obviously people that like the stuff, they want to watch the stuff and I actually enjoy watching poker play, but I don’t know that it’s the right thing. I don’t know if it’s the right thing to be streaming. I have brand would you want your brand associated with a bunch of Poker Degens because that’s not even a harsh term, that’s just, that’s a term they give themselves. I don’t know. Where is that line and it’s starting to hurt Twitch.

For me, it’s kind of one of those you know chop the handoff to save the body kind of deal. There are so many countries and so many states that gambling is illegal, whether it’s online or physical, right. There’s an addiction to it, which, people need to be able to manage on their own. That’s Twitches fault. Gambling’s in every basically, in every form of life right now, there’s their Sports gambling, there’s gambling on, who’s going to draft who in each sport, or there’s gambling to who’s gonna be the next head coach of a team, or what have you. But the fact is, I don’t think gambling streams belong on Twitch. Because it doesn’t fit into the worldwide aspect of things like again, the rules and regulations of different countries, what happened in Slovakia. I’d rather Twitch not have gambling streams to be able to say for those states and countries that it’s illegal, whether it’s for play money or not just cut the hand off to save the body. As far as these hot tub streams and these now with Amouranth and other people, these ASMR streams, are they really ASMR or are they women Licking ear-shaped microphones in a thong bikini doing sexually provocative poses and shit to show a little cleavage to make a thousand bucks a day. I honestly think Twitch has turned into just a smut hole to begin with…

They’re allowing that and there’s people that eat that content up, but I think there’s a point where Twitch has to put their foot down. It’s their platform. Their banning people not telling them why. Why can’t they just say you know what, I don’t care you want to fucking try to follow all these Shades of Grey, we don’t want this. We don’t want this content on our platform. It’s affecting us. It’s affecting our Revenue. They’ve already said it’s affecting the revenue Amaranth we talked about it, Allinity we’ve talked about them. They know that their content is affecting the monetization of Twitch. It’s affecting their bottom line, the stunts they’re pulling. Devin Nash, who we’ve spoke of before and he’s an amazing guy to listen to. If you want to learn more about What streaming and the business and what’s right and what’s wrong, And just to really challenge your brain and he’s a lot of what caused me to drop my Twitch affiliation which I still stream on Twitch all time and I still love it and I do that, I don’t love the company but you know, whatever. It is the best game in town at the moment. But he’s just talking about how he part of what he does, is he Monetizes… I’m not exactly sure what it is. He works with streaming and providing like sponsorships to streamers and such and he’s already saying that just the negativity of these other streamers toting, these Shades of Grey that Twitch continually won’t make a statement on, it’s affecting everyone’s bottom line, and it’s like, so, Are you selling your more morality? If you are you’re losing money, doing it. So I don’t even get what you’re, what are you actually getting out of this Twitch? Because I don’t know.

Yeah, and it’s sad because Twitch has the potential to be great. And I think, unfortunately, now with Amazon owning Twitch, and again, Twitch being the biggest live streaming platform out there, It’s too big to fail right now. And when wild he says, it’s affecting their bottom line it’s there it’s not affecting it as much as you possibly think. Because I mean if you think about like amaranth, you know, she has tens of Thousands of subscribers, portions of those subscriptions go to Twitch. Then you have the thousands of ASMR streamers and the thousands of hot tub streamers that are running ads on that are running ads on their on their streams. Again, that’s Revenue that that Twitch is making. So, they’re still making money hand over fist on this. It’s the Brand’s being affiliated with these types of streams. So essentially, what Twitch is actually working on, kind of in the background is okay, for, for these categories, we’re just not going to show ads for them, but they’re, you know, they’re still making again, they’re still making money hand over fist.

They’re still losing money, you’re wrong. Because what’s happening is, it’s like the turning this into a kid down version of PornHub and you got companies that are not going to associate themselves with PornHub in their content like with the cancel culture we live in dude. Every company is going to drop you at a snap of a finger if you think that you’re going to hurt how the public perceives them and we don’t think that it’s going to be lost on people that McDonald’s is advertising on Twitch where girls are licking microphones in thong bikinis and That’s okay. It’s like it’s going to go right down the same road, so whether the Direct Hit hasn’t really hit or has hit people have already seen that, you know. Devin Nash says, he’s already personally seen the personal effects financially of these streams. And you can’t tell me that which isn’t themselves.

Yeah, Devon not also goes into he talks about a specific reoccurring. sponsor a reoccurring, ad partner on Twitch, you know, kind of loyalty they go on, they go onto some small streamers and they’ll gift subs and stuff like that, you know, Twitches losing some of those dedicated ad partners and they’re just getting like the one time, people like these crypto companies that are popping up that are trying to do as they’ll do ads for you know six months, three to six months and then you know The get the kind of the kind of site generation or site visitor generation and stuff that they’re looking to get and then just bounce off the platform. There’s no Advertiser loyalty or anything set up with it because these companies don’t want to be associated with this different type of content for very long.

They’re losing the brand Partnerships that you would want to build as a company to say, “these are my core brands, that support us, that support our company and support our vision”, going forward and stuff like that. And now they’re just it’s just to the lowest bidder. It’s like you ever listen to online radio, like I heart radio online. It’s embarrassing, dude. The ads they run on that thing. They will take any AD that anyone will give them money. It’s disgusting.

Let’s go on to some more positive news. Wild, why don’t you take this one away because you’ve been you’ve been the one that’s been more excited. You almost held off building your new machine just for this.

Yep. And I probably will build a new machine for this, but let’s talk about ddr5. DDR 5 is ready for retail. Crucial stepped up and said they’re ready. They expected to be released with a Zen Four. We don’t, I don’t think we have any confirmations on this yet. Expected to be out for next gen Intel 12th Gen. Maybe they do a ddr4/ddr5 kind of, I don’t know if they could do that backwards compatibility, but ddr5 is coming. It’d be exciting to see because that’s going to give you faster memory rates and should be pretty life changing, I think to step up to the newer stuff. Samsung’s, come out with a new DDR chip theoretically, they could put out a single stick capacity of a 768 gigabyte stick a single stick, right? I’m rocking 32 and I think I’m badass, right? So, 768, I mean, obviously that’s not a consumer thing, right? You know, like right now, but think about it, if you could load your entire game up into RAM, Be pretty fast pretty fast. So, I mean that that you know, Optane was essentially that so, but now you’re going to leave it into the Rams. So

yeah, it’s going to it’s going to change, definitely change the speeds of systems moving forward. It’s obviously progress. I expect it to be super expensive coming out. I think you’re correct. I don’t think they’re going to have backwards compatibility. In previous generations, we haven’t seen backwards compatibility, you know, being able to use DDR3 RAM on the latest motherboard running that should be running ddr4. Just because the slots and the chips are the slotting is different and the contacts are a little different. So, I don’t I don’t think we’re going to see backwards compatibility with that. We don’t know when Zen Four is going to release. We don’t know when the 12th Gen Intel Adler Lake is going to release.

Reasonably, they should be the next processors coming out.

They’ll be the next processors coming out. It’s just we don’t know when they’re going to be released because, you know, we’re still in this microchip shortage, right? There’s a microprocessor shortage which is causing graphics cards to be redonkulously expensive. But it’s good to see the the technology improving and you know I’m looking forward to seeing how this is going to affect gaming and streaming in the near future?

Yep. So just a little touch on that too. You’re talking about graphics cards again and actually China Banning Bitcoin, mining is actually had a big effect on Gamers and cards and availability and they’re shutting down all the Bitcoin miners in China. So now those cards are going to probably be come up and up on the gray market and stuff. So, you might want to be careful buying a used card. Unless you know from a known source and stuff like that quite possibly you got a card from China that’s been run to its hundred and tenth percent for its entire life. It’s going to work for a while…

No Ali, Baba or wish.com cards for me.

Yeah, you got to be real careful about what your cards coming up here, but thankfully, that should soften the market for the actual real Gamers out there. There. And so, hopefully, hopefully we’ll see a little reprieve on availability in such of the new cards. Some rumors of the new cards coming up the 40 series, Nvidia cards. I’m hearing rumors. I’m not gonna not really mention them right now, but they sound pretty amazing, so we’ll see if they substantiate those at some point. But I’m always excited to see that new technology coming and a little bit heartbroken. See my 38. He’s going to get there. Replaced your brother 4080 but you know, it

It is what it is.

I could come with the DDR5 Rig, you know, you never know.

We got some follow-ups to report on the Whole Net Neutrality, net neutrality, excuse me, the FCC net neutrality. They found that a report found that 82% of the comments about the new Net neutrality were fake. So, basically 82% of the reports to the FCC were fake.

And I could leave those 82% were against it and the other 18%, we’re all real reports for it.

I don’t know. We don’t need net neutrality. Guys, we don’t, we don’t need our ISPs, limiting our ability to do research. 

It is neutral. So, do need net neutrality,

Right right, I’m sorry. I missed phrase that what I mean is we need we need the net neutrality. So, our ISPs can’t block us from doing research on their competitors and potentially moving away or them limiting. our bandwidth to something like Netflix or something like that. No, we need internet is meant to be free and open. And what I mean by free is not necessarily cost wise, but the ability to access the information, uninhibited. That’s what the internet was initially made for. We have this wealth of knowledge at our fingers. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to access it unfiltered like wild said

so yeah, there’s some things moving forward on that. The FF seems to actually be making some progress on that and hopefully we’ll go forward in the right direction. Speaking on another Federal group, the FTC is now pledged to fight unlawful right to repair restrictions. So, we’ve talked about this before, and the ability to repair your devices that you already own, should be a right, should be something you are able to do. A lot of the big manufacturers, Apple Samsung a lot of these big proprietors are really fighting people on this stuff, John Deere’s, another really big one. Fighting the farmers to fix your own tractor. I mean, what kind of up to this world do you live in to think that Farmers can’t fix their own tractors? To me, that’s hand in hand. I mean that’s what farmers do they fix their own stuff to get it done. They provide the food for our nation, you know, and tell them, they have to take it in to run a computer check with their local dealer every time it breaks down is stupid.

Yeah, it’s just a way for these big, these large corporations to make more money off of the stuff that they’ve already sold.  They don’t want people going in and tinkering or, God forbid, make it better at the end of the day. One of the biggest, people that are violators of this or I guess that are in favor of their right to repair laws, not the unlawful right to repair, but people that like, the ability that they have to come to repair, is Apple. Like, if you want to get your phone fixed, you have to go to Apple. If you want to get your MacBook fixed or your tablet fixed, you got to go to Apple. Not necessarily for a screen, but yeah, then they play, “Oh well this this is a two year old model. The iOS or the OS updates are going to make this obsolete in about six months, you might as well just buy a new one for $17,000” because we all know how expensive Apple products are.

Yeah. But they also do the thing, like, the parts are so expensive that they make it almost. Like why you won’t just buy the new one because the parts are so expensive but they’re not, they’re not that expensive. They’re artificially inflated. To get you to buy a new product instead and that’s wrong. It’s wrong for so many reasons. So, Biden stepped up and said this, this has to come to an end. We have to be able to repair the stuff we own in this country and then glad you know thankfully a couple days later the FTC came out and said that they’re going to fight this so it’s a good step forward. If you want to learn more about it again, great resource on YouTube Louis Rossman and does a Apple repair downtown, New York City, is a heck of a well-spoken, Interesting guy that’s got that the best spin on it. iFixIt’s got great resources as well.

Yeah, iFixIt is a huge one that I’ve grown up with. Yeah.

Yeah. And all these people are just, you know, it makes sense and it’s stupid. And if the companies don’t want to abide by this, and maybe they shouldn’t be able to sell their stuff here in America or wherever.

Screw em. If I want to, if I want to fix my own computer, if I want to change out the ram in my computer or the hard drive on my computer, I shouldn’t have to have a apple specific hard drive because they’ve got stupid shit lockdown or hp’s another one you if you want to upgrade the RAM for an HP computer, you have to have HP Ram because there’s a certain encoding in the RAM for those computers, which like I said is, is stupid. But in gaming news more specifically PUBG, Teago is a new map, an 8×8 map. That was released recently with some interesting updates to the whole game meta with self-revives. They call them AEDs, which is what they’re called in real life. They’re kind of like, they’re defibrillators, basically, and a gulag, which is very similar to war zone. What are your thoughts on it initially here? Now since we’ve been playing it for a number of weeks now, and kind of gotten used to the meta. What do you think about it?

First off, Taego’s a great map. Possibly… Well, I don’t know if I said the best map, they’ve made but certainly on par with the best. Erangle is great. There’s few flaws I find in Taego. They have good terrain; pretty good structure is to map. The loot distributions next level, right. This is what we’ve been saying from day one, stop making the game about RnG, right? I mean, I get RNG should be a little bit of the game, but the reality is people want to play the Battle Royale. They don’t want to play looting simulator, right? And COD has doubled down on that and showing us that people want to use their guns. They want to use their loadouts. They want to use their equipment and stuff like that. And so now they up the loot, so much on Taego that you virtually cannot not leave a town with The Load Out you want. I mean, I feel like I’m leaving the town with either my first pick of load out or my second of Pick a load out. No problem. I got everything I need. I got meds so I can get into fights and survive the fights and get into more fights and survive the fights and loot more stuff. It’s game changing its what the game was meant to be in my opinion.

Yeah, for the loot you get about 90% of what you need right? Or 90% of your kit. Like, if you leave a town, you’re leaving a town, maybe without an extended magazine or a compensator or something to that extent. But you have a super viable kit that you can use in any fight, DMR is an SRS have gone up. They’re Releasing an update right now as we speak to basically Nerf dmr’s and buff SRS as well as some other things with the game. So, we’re looking forward to seeing those changes probably tomorrow or so. But you know, my thoughts on it like, Wild, I’m in the same camp as Wild. It’s where Pub G should be And I think, you know, if they apply this same, the same kind of loot to the rest of the maps, then I think the community is going to come back. If they, if they continue working on their anti-cheat, we all know that there’s no 100% foolproof way of stopping cheaters and hackers and stuff. You know, war zone that has some of the best developers, err Call of Duty, has some of the best developers out there and, you know, it cheating and hacking is rampant in War Zone, and their multiplayer, Wildy has had some experience with that earlier this week trying to play some Search and Destroy. The self-revive thing is better than we thought Is going to be because it’s kind of rare to find on the map. The gulag is good because it’s limited to if you die before the first Circle closes. I do enjoy that because it’s not something like okay, there’s 30 there’s 30 people left alive on the map. The game has been going for 20 minutes and you get your first death and now you’re in the gulag. It’s good for those people that are doing hot drops and getting in. And if your whole team Sighs, you’re not going to the gulag which I think is something that COD might think about implementing. So, you know, if you’re a team of four and one person survives and they’re just kind of hiding out until the end of the first round, so that the three teammates can get into the gulag, then that’s fine too. It helps those people that have been waiting in a Lobby for a minute, minute and a half to load into a game and then they do a hot Drop in their dead within 15 seconds. Because somebody got lucky and landed on a gun and reloaded before they were able to. I think it’s good.

I mean I think the gulag needs a lot of, honestly, I think it’s the worst element to the new changes. It needs some changes for me. Like, if you die within the first minute, right? Which is what happens, right? You drop hot or again, you know, the other guy drops on a gun you drop on a pan. You know you’re done but it’s like now you’re waiting is like

It’s damn near 10 minutes.

10 minutes. It’s like come on. It’s like I like that war zone. The drops in the gulag you 1 v 1. Someone you win you’re in you lose you’re out.

I do wish it was 1 v 1 because the gulag in PUBG is basically a little mini Battle Royale. So it randomly places you somewhere.

I just don’t. Why can’t it just get four people and throw them in the gulag and the winner gets to come back or something, you know, or I mean right now, let’s be honest, the gulag meta for the most part is get some gear and hide for four minutes or five minutes, whatever it is, and it’s boring. It’s like even if there’s no incentive to kill anyone because if you kill someone yeah, they don’t come back in the game, but you don’t get to go back, right? Unlike COD gulag you kill someone yo go back in, right? All right, fix that you go back in your sitting in the plane. You’re waiting to go back into the match or something, you know, it’s just I don’t know

There’s no there’s no benefit to being aggressive in the gulag, right? I mean if you’re aggressive you can go kill four or five people in the gulag but then there’s that one dickhead that, you know, that that’s coming in after you’ve had those three or four fights and you’re in the middle of trying to heal and he just one taps you with, with something from across the, across the gulag map. Then he’s going back in, like, there’s no benefit. There’s no benefit to it again. Like wild said it’s boring. They need to they need to make it more interesting whether it’s 1 V 1 or, you know, four people from different squads going at it and the last survivor wins, you know, there’s a minute timeline there to make things happen, and if you don’t get it done within that 60 seconds, then everybody doesn’t make it, you know, you know, that kind of deal kind of like how COD’s Gulag does. If you don’t Capture the Flag or kill the person within that certain amount of time. Neither one of you get to go back.

COD’s gulag is built based on skill. Right? A battle royale was built on skill, right? The most skillful players where going to be the guys winning the most and you know, obviously That’s not entirely true and skill doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the best person shooting. But like, there’s no skilled to gulag right now. And it’s just disappointing because of that, I hope to see some changes coming forward on that or I hope to see them try things, right. Maybe it’s not right, but maybe it’s wrong and I don’t know. It just like I said when they first rolled this out “I hope they have the courage to admit that this isn’t working and to make changes for the better”. So, we’ll see. But I mean, it’s okay, we can do it. It’s not the biggest in the world. So overall. Yeah, but if you haven’t been into PUBG for a while or whatever, it’s definitely bits brought people back to the game. A lot of new players in the game. A lot of people coming back to check it out and I hope they’re liking it. Because we sure are. We’re sure playing a heck of a lot of it. I had a stream earlier today; we had a nice win on stream today is so good times…

Don’t read some of the reports that are out there. Wildy, what was it? There was a guy on game rant, right? Who has 55 total hours in the game. And wrote this entire article, based on playing the game playing, what was it for four matches and based his entire opinion and entire article of the game on those four matches and just saying that the game was still complete trash. That the movement was clunky, well, if you’ve only got 55 hours, you’ve never played the game. I’m sorry. 55 hours is not enough time in the any game and especially battle royal game to get used to it.

He came back and played like four or five games and that, that wasn’t 55 hours. That was about two hours.

Yeah. Well, I’m saying 55 hours total.

We certainly have days where we have bad times teams, not clicking and no one’s going the right direction. No one’s working together. And you saying go left and everyone goes right and ahhh you know, but that’s gaming.

Hey guys, if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. So you can engage with us as well as find out when we’re streaming the podcast and get a first listen before it goes out, across all of your favorite podcasting platforms. So do it.

So talking on that, we have a Twitter post out and Twitter. A tweet from Elgato talking about all their new devices.

They released a whole bunch of new stuff.

They released a bunch of new stuff. So talk a little bit about that. A bunch of new devices really stepping up their game supporting streamers and starting to really make stream related accessories that actually things people want.

So, what the picture is, it’s they basically tweeted a picture and it says, pick one from each row. There are five rows. The first row is a camera. The second row is a wave or a mic or sound. I should say. It’s for audio. The third row is lighting. The fourth row is capture cards and the fifth row is their their various stream decks. So basically, on the camera row they have their Epoch cam app which can be ran on. Mobile devices to turn your mobile device into a webcam. Number two is their brand new webcam, which there’s been a ton of reviews on it looks real, it’s the best webcam. It’s between like a webcam and a DSLR like it’s actually a legit, really good webcam. Their CamLink to use a webcam and then their CamLink Pro to use like a the 4K features of a webcam or what have you. The second one is the two wave mics their wave XLR. Which I am stoked. I’m actually stoked about their Wave XLR. I might forego getting a goXLR now, and get the wave XLR and then they’re, their sound panels. The third row, is there different lighting options? The fourth row is there capture cards? So like the HD 60s, the hd60 has Plus HD 60 Pro and they 4K 60 Pro. So basically, what they want you to do is pick your optimal set up with all these. Wild, what would you go with?

So, I’m looking at this like I would probably forego the webcam because I have webcams and even though it’s probably the best webcam on the market right now, according to those, in the know, I’ve probably get myself a one of the CamLinks either the CamLink to the CamLink Pro and hook up a real camera to it. Like you run, I like that. The video, the picture quality of having, you know, a nice DSLR or mirrorless camera into your stream is so far superior to webcam. It’s nice. I mean, I’d argue the epoch cam is maybe even better quality than even the webcam. So, I’d go there. As far as the microphone options, if I didn’t already have, the goXLR, The Wave 3 mic would be an excellent choice just to have the software to be able to balance all your channels on your thing. And that’s where I love my go XLR and the ability to turn up and turn down each individual channels or mute individual channels, or I have a cough button or a beep button which the beep button, I don’t really beep myself much but it’s there. The Wave 3 would be one killer thing. The lights that they have are exceptional, I’d love to run their lights, but realistically they’re too expensive for me…

$200 per light for the for the key light. The Elgato key light, they have the key light many, which I think is a hundred dollars and they have the ring light.

They work with the software and all that stuff. They’re amazing. They work good. I’m going to argue that. If you go to Daygon07 on YouTube and check out his lighting video on lights that, these, these $25 lights, 20 to 30dollar lights, depending on the day. They’re gonna pack every bang for the buck that you rather have. Instead of spending $400, you’ll get two of those lights for I think it may be sort on $30 this right now.

Yeah, it’s 30 or 40, I think right now.

I love them, but the key lights are nice. They’re just a little too expensive for me I’d love to have a set, if they want to send me a set to check out. Capture cards. I mean, you’d always want the 4K 60 Pro. The big big daddy there to get the highest Fidelity off your camera on your DSLR or mirrorless camera. And on my short list of things to add to my stream setup is I have, I have the 15 key stream deck and I love it, but I need the Big Daddy and I think I think everyone that gets a stream deck really realizes that pretty fast that. It’s a Snowball Effect. Like I started off with the 15 key and it was like I still don’t use every 15 key and every screen, but I have lots of folders especially like for my sound boards and stuff like that, you know. I don’t try to play a lot of sounds but every now and then a soundboard effect is the appropriate thing. Or my favorite that Almost always gets a laugh as when we’re driving in PUBG and hit an invisible rock in the middle of a field. And then you get the amazing Brendan Green song clip talking about they’re very proud of their vehicle physics, you know. And that always, it’s a chuckle. So, yeah, that’s the ones I go with. How about you Day?

I think the CamLink Pro would be mine? I already have the already have the epoch cam Pro and I have if you guys check out my, if you guys check out my YouTube channel, I’ve done a couple reviews on a different, a couple of different CamLink Alternatives. So, I don’t really need a CamLink nor do I need a webcam because I use a mirrorless camera for my webcam. So, I think the CamLink Pro would be the best thing for me off of that row. And then as far as audio devices I definitely go with the wave XLR, basically turn any XLR microphone into one of their wave, one of their wave microphones. I think that’s huge, and it comes with the same software that Wildy was talking about with the Wave 3 mic. Except I want to Shure SM7B mic. That’s, that’s my next big investment into my stream setup or podcast set up as well. Is the Shure SM7B, mic as far as lighting goes, I would go with their, they’re LED strips to kind of just enhance the lighting around my desk. Probably wouldn’t be able to see it on stream but, you know, you come to my house, you come to my stream setup, you’ll be able to see it. I look make it look really cool and the really good thing about their LED strips is. There’s no real notice that there’s no flicker with shutter speed and stuff like that if you’re actually using them in your stream there’s no there’s no noticeable flicker whereas if you go with some of the cheaper ones like some of the Philips hue LED strips and stuff like that due to shutter speed and stuff you might see a flicker and it just looks it looks bad on video. As far as capture cards go, again I have a range of Affordable budget options of capture cards that I’ve been reviewing recently that I have sitting here so I don’t really think I need a capture card, but if I had to get one, it would be the 4K 60 Pro. If I got the CamLink Pro, I would not get the 4K 60p. Probably get the just the hd60 s+ because I don’t think I have another spot on my motherboard, to be able to put another card in a PCI slot. So, it would have to be external at that point because I’d want the internal capacity to go towards my camera, which it actually makes were it actually makes sense and the and then just to be able to have the portability with like the hd60 s+ to use on my new laptop that I have coming in. That I’ll be getting in tomorrow. So excited, I’ll be able to take that with me and be able to put play my consoles and stuff in my living room, or my bedroom or what have you. And as far as stream decks, I’m a huge proponent of touch portal, but if I had to get a stream deck, I’d probably use the mobile version because I think it’s a little bit more flexible. Yeah, Having the physical buttons is nice but I’d rather be able to take my stream Deck with me wherever I go. So if I’m traveling for work, I can use that same, I can use that same setup on my laptop and take it with me, wherever I go. And I don’t have to worry about toting, the physical device because it’s already on a mobile device that I’m taking with me anyway, so that’s the way that I look at it.

Yep. And guys I retweeted that tweet. If you guys want to check it out yourself and just see what new products they have out. You can check out our tweet on…

Twitter, check out and check outA Gaming Moment on Twitter guys. We retweeted it there.

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