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[00:00:19] I’m Daygon07. And with me as always is WildTwinsFan. How are you doing this week Wildy?

[00:00:24] **WildTwinsFan:** Good, good. Yeah, a little bit of a crazy week. I’ve been off, but still busy this week. We do have a big topic. Modern Warfare 2 reveal came out and we’ve also seen some gameplay on top of that. Lots of changes, lots of new stuff, really too much to cover, but we’re gonna, we’re gonna hit some of the high points.

[00:00:46] I mean, it’s a new spin on the same thing.

[00:00:49] **Daygon07:** Fair enough. Fair enough.

[00:00:51] **WildTwinsFan:** I think it’ll still feel familiar. And then we also do have a little bit we’re going to talk a little bit about, Multiversus a new free to play game [00:01:00] and just kind of what that is. And Day will take the lead on that one. Also we got a bunch of Banter this week.

[00:01:05] We’re going to talk about Diablo immortal, how it’s getting kind of beat up. And the cost that it could actually cost you to fully gear up your players is insane. We’re gonna talk about Taco Bell Defy, right? Cause we’re all tech news gaming, all that stuff. And Taco Bell Defy is pretty cool. And it’s actually close by to me.

[00:01:27] So a little bit of that. And then we have a battlefield 20, 42 actually got their update and a little bit about impressions there. Apple go and type C. And then we’ll talk about Amazon fighting scalpers, NFTs, we’ve covered kind of,, hear bits and pieces and talking a little bit about that slumping and what that kind of means or could mean no story that I thought was pretty cool was YouTube starting to begin rolling out 5.1 surround sound. That’s always been a sticking point for me. I’m a big movie buff. I have [00:02:00] the surround sound. Nice big flat screen TV. So that’s kind of an important piece. Talk a little bit about my still non-existent Steam deck and how the dock from a non-existent Steam deck also might be delayed.

[00:02:15] **Daygon07:** Oh boy.

[00:02:16] **WildTwinsFan:** Talk about Apple iOS 16, just a little bit about that. Touch on that. And then a kind of a hot, hot rumor. Not, not terribly surprising. PS five pro X-Box series X console, like a pro edition and eight candidates. Just maybe a little, a little bit of rumor mill there.

[00:02:37] **Daygon07:** Yeah. So let’s go ahead and just jump right in with something that really hits home to me.

[00:02:43] Because I am such a Modern Warfare fan boy. Like I I’m on record a billion times on this podcast saying how much I love the Modern Warfare story, the storyline, the characters we saw the world reveal of the Modern Warfare [00:03:00] 2 trailer. Again, I’m on record saying the Modern Warfare franchise is my absolute favorite gaming franchise of all time.

[00:03:07] And I’m super excited to play the story mode of this game. And I’m excited to see some familiar faces that were killed off just way too soon in my opinion. But that’s where the excitement really ends for me on this. Like just watching the reveal video watching the trailer, there was a real, like Xbox 360 graphics vibe that I was getting.

[00:03:28] I don’t know if it was like, I dunno if people will like it for like nostalgia’s sake, but some of the graphics looked very Xbox 360 ish just in the trailer. I mean,, we’re on next gen consoles and RTX cards. Let’s get on the detailed graphics, especially showcasing the campaign where all the system resources should be used to create a super immersive world and bring the story to life.

[00:03:52] And I know, I know this is just the reveal trailer. This is just a hype builder, but at least show the prettiest parts of the game. Don’t give us these [00:04:00] shittily rendered characters, like the characters in my opinion off cut scene where we’re just, like I said, it was just X-Box 360 ish. Infinity Ward you’re better than Halo. This game is better than Halo Infinite, but, I say all that to say that I’m not deterred from buying the game, like I’m probably going to pre-order it to get the beta access so I can start getting used to the game. But Wild man, I expect more out of a AAA studio reveal.

[00:04:29] **WildTwinsFan:** Yeah. I think a little bit of that is just,, it is still pre-production yet pretty early. We’re not even seeing betas, although we’ve have gamers that have played it already. And so that’s kind of a interesting. Nope, no video details on that one yet. So I, I expect that the polish always comes last., the mechanics gotta come first.

[00:04:52] This is a new engine. I think they’re going to be fine tuning a lot of that stuff more so because it’s new engine [00:05:00] and. Maybe graphics will come last. And we’ve seen that. We’ve definitely seen that with CoD, that graphics a couple of games, they’ve launched a couple of games with some kind of subpar graphics, kind of stealth update them.

[00:05:12] And CoD does so many self updates, unreal as a search and destroy player. I can tell you right now. They are always changing maps they’re always changing sight lines. They’re adding trees and stuff like that. Cause somebody will get a cheeky vantage point and stuff like that. So I think it’s just coming, but now we did see the reveal on kind of that water.

[00:05:36] Where they’re going out to a oil rig, it looked like and that actually looked really good and the content looked good. And that was actual gameplay where this, they said that the one on the eighth was a gameplay reveal and I don’t really, it didn’t look like keen play to me. It looked like cut scenes and stuff like that, which is even weirder to me.

[00:05:55] Like how does that not look better than it does, but I don’t know. I mean, the gameplay looked [00:06:00] good. I liked it. I think there’s a lot to look forward to. The story looks like it’s going to be,, on par with everything. So,

[00:06:08] **Daygon07:** As well as he said, it is being, it is being developed on a new engine, the reason why they’re doing the new engine is they’re trying to build some cohesiveness between the different developers across the different games. So it’s being co-developed by Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games with the aim to ensure every studio is working with the same set of tools without losing the identity and unique charms of each CoD sub series.

[00:06:33] My question in this Wild is where’s Activision in this, right?

[00:06:38] **WildTwinsFan:** Yeah. Yeah.

[00:06:40] **Daygon07:** And they’ve already announced that there’s a Warzone, sequel Warzone 2 will not share any progress, content or inventories with the original Warzone, which that’s, that’s kind of a big thing, dude. That’s a huge thing.

[00:06:53] And on top of that, the original Warzone will still continue as a standalone [00:07:00] owned by Activision.

[00:07:01] **WildTwinsFan:** Yep, to me, that’s, who’s getting the money and we want to sell you new, new outfits and new cool stuff. And no, you can’t keep them forever.

[00:07:09] **Daygon07:** I made a note on this and I’m going to, I’m going to come back to the note at the very end, after we’ve gone through kind of some of these things, these next few points here,, there’s a, there’s a theme.

[00:07:19] There’s an underlying theme that I caught here that nobody has has caught this angle of, but before we go to that, let’s, let’s talk about, they’ve announced that they’ve come out with upgraded AI. And my first thought is it’s about damn time.

[00:07:34] **WildTwinsFan:** I wonder if they got the AI from PUBG cause we know that one stop them.

[00:07:40] **Daygon07:** Yeah, let me tell you,, they, there’s speculation that they might put AI in Warzone. For me, my thoughts on it are, leave it out of multiplayer games. Leave it out of Warzone, leave it out of anything multiplayer. With the exception of like survival mode or training mode, that’s the only place in my opinion, that AI players should [00:08:00] be present unless it’s done tastefully, like PUBG has kind of done AI tastefully on maps where,, they’re not bots filling in player spots, but like, if you think of a Haven. Haven, it was done tastefully, like where they have a boss area, if you will.

[00:08:17] **WildTwinsFan:** Yeah, I agree. I think that’s the, probably the best avenue to use AI. I think part of that too, is they want to up on player count,? So they’re talking about adding more AI into live player matches and stuff like that. So that always mixes stuff up because the thing I hate about bots and PUBG is they will see you from a country mile away and then they start shooting at you and, when you shooting, it sees someone and it’s given where your position it’s like, or it’s shooting at you and it’s like, you’re going to have to pop it, just going to keep shooting at you and walking towards you. And they don’t really hurt you, but they’re, they’re annoying. So I do agree if they can keep…

[00:08:58] **Daygon07:** if they can keep it [00:09:00] tasteful,

[00:09:00] **WildTwinsFan:** Go in and fight a boss to get some, some gear or a game mode. That’s got bots in it, maybe.

[00:09:07] **Daygon07:** Some tier three loot or something like that,?

[00:09:11] Another big announcement that comes with this is Call of Duty’s coming back to Steam. Like we’re not going to have to go through Blizzard or quote unquote Activision Blizzard to play the game anymore or download it.

[00:09:23] **WildTwinsFan:** Does that mean that I can verify my game files and it actually work because I bet re-install caught a couple of times now because it couldn’t verify my files and hopefully that’ll, that’ll be a plus.

[00:09:35] **Daygon07:** Yeah. And then they’ve also come out and said that,, obviously Ricochet anti-cheat cheat’s going to be in there. So yay. It’s built from the start, but will it actually work is, is the big question. The underlying theme to all this that I caught, like I said, that nobody nobody’s really mentioned yet is, is the CoD franchise slowly sunsetting its partnership with Activision completely?

[00:09:58] Are they trying to move away from looking like they’re [00:10:00] owned by Microsoft? I mean, Microsoft did purchase Activision Blizzard, right? I mean, if you think about it, Activision’s names not, not mentioned as being part of the co-developers for the new engine, Activision’s not part of the Warzone 2.

[00:10:14] The original Warzone is going to be its own standalone owned by Activision. And then you’re not required to download it off of the Blizzard app. Now it’s still going to be available on the Blizzard app. It’s not exclusive to the Blizzard app. Like it has been it’s going to be both on the Blizzard app and on Steam, but, we’re where I’m sitting at is, is this where CoD is going?

[00:10:36] They’re trying to separate themselves from, Microsoft Activision Blizzard thing. I mean, what are your thoughts on that Wild?

[00:10:43] **WildTwinsFan:** I don’t know. Microsoft has always had a, kind of a working relationship with Steam. So I think that’s just a stepping stone. Like not to keep it so exclusive.

[00:10:54] I mean, you could buy Flight 2020 on Steam,, and that, that works just fine. I think it’s just a [00:11:00] logical step to make it more available to people. And,, people are used to Steam and a lot of people don’t like to have another launcher play the game. What about day? Because we talked about this, but what about if the whole move to Steam has to do with the marketplace and the ability to buy or sell goods?

[00:11:20] You know, we’ve talked a little bit about that.

[00:11:22] Think about that angle

[00:11:25] right there that, that only Steam can do right now that might be Microsoft or Steam or whatever, trying to get a little bit more piece of that, those micro-transactions again. So yeah, we don’t know if that will really happen. I don’t really think it will.

[00:11:40] That is one thing,, opens the door to being able to put things on a Steam market that already exist and,, Activision doesn’t have no other place has that. So you never know. So, yeah.

[00:11:53] **Daygon07:** Yeah. So after the day after the reveal, so the reveal came out June 8th. On June 9th, they came [00:12:00] out with a gameplay, a gameplay video, and JackFrags did kind of a really in depth detail video.

[00:12:09] If you check out his YouTube channel, we’ll have a, we’ll have a link or in the description of the podcast of this episode that you guys can, can click on. He, he went super into detail for me. The like, like I said, the campaign is really the only reason why I’m buying this. After watching the game video, I was more impressed with it than I was with the reveal trailer, like completely.

[00:12:29] And honestly, like they have the, they have some new movements. They have like ledge hanging and stuff from ladders. They have repelling, which seems very rainbow six-ish. They have diving to the ground, which is bringing back motions from like black ops and black ops to. Swimming’s now been added, which there was swimming to begin with.

[00:12:49] I think in Modern Warfare, quote unquote, Modern Warfare. What was it? 2020 I think is what it, when, when that Modern Warfare came out,

[00:12:56] **WildTwinsFan:** Cold war had some swimming too.

[00:12:59] **Daygon07:** Yeah, no, it [00:13:00] was cold war because it was on the, it was on the multiplayer maps and stuff. So yeah,

[00:13:04] **WildTwinsFan:** there’s been some swimming levels.

[00:13:06] So.

[00:13:08] **Daygon07:** Like, like wild said that the water simulation and the reflections looks a million times better in this in this. And especially if you have like a really good graphics card, you’re going to be able to render out like those, those awesome clean waves and reflections off of that water. And, and I’m going to have RTX turned on for the campaign.

[00:13:27] Like there’s no way I’m not running the campaign mode without RTX turned on.

[00:13:31] **WildTwinsFan:** Yeah, for sure.

[00:13:32] **Daygon07:** They’ve went ahead and stuck with like the 10 weapons slots. Like there are like, there are in Vanguard. I’m okay. With having more attachments just don’t make me don’t I don’t want, I don’t need 21 different optics that that’s, that’s annoying by the grind, just for the sake of the grind.

[00:13:49] I hate that

[00:13:50] **WildTwinsFan:** Vanguard’s really bad at that. I’m just gonna cover some other, the other topics here real quick to new vehicle mechanics you’ll be able to lean and shoot out of. You can, now you can have vehicle damage. [00:14:00] That’ll, you’ll blow tires off some of that stuff. You can fix vehicles, some new boats, some new ground stuff, some new helicopters, more maps.

[00:14:09] Obviously we’re going to have maps. They are trying to base it a little bit more than smaller maps.

[00:14:14] **Daygon07:** And I’m cool with that.

[00:14:15] **WildTwinsFan:** Yep. Some new gear, which is always good. We’re gonna have tech cameras, cluster charge. Is that the cluster, is that look a nine bang. Can we do that, that thing? How to defeat the nine bang?

[00:14:28] Yeah, you escaping now exit the game until you beat the nine bang., equipment in the water will react differently, which is always kind of been one of those things that never, it’s

[00:14:39] **Daygon07:** It’s not realistic enough. Wild. It’s not realistic enough Wild.

[00:14:42] **WildTwinsFan:** So maybe the,, maybe the AI stuff we’ll talk about.

[00:14:45] Maybe there’s a new knockout multiplayer mode gunfight. Prison rescue is, was kind of very rainbow, rainbow, six siege. So maybe we’ll see some of the, some of the AI and some of those matches or something like that,? So [00:15:00] it just kind of that, but I mean, really guys, JackFrags does an mind-bending job kind of going through this stuff.

[00:15:08] It’s a good way. Again, we’ll link the video. I think I already have it up on Facebook. We can not put in a description and that’ll really give you the in depth kind of experience. If you kind of go through.

[00:15:20] **Daygon07:** Yeah, absolutely. And then a new game that’s kind of taking social media in the, in the gaming world right now that that’s, that’s kind of it’s, it’s starting to pop off there, there it open beta begins in July in really just a few short weeks, three to four weeks from the time of this podcast, what it’s called is it called Multiversus?

[00:15:40] And it’s a cross platform to 2v2 co-op or it can be one V one or four player free for all, but it’s basically a fighting game it’s done in collaboration with Warner Brothers, featuring many classic cartoon characters, including Superman, Batman, Bugs Bunny. So much more there’s there’s like Scooby-Doo cause you see [00:16:00] Shaggy.

[00:16:00] And if you’re if you’re a Cartoon Network fan, it has characters from like Steven Universe and things like that. It’s, it’s really a big gaggle of characters from a whole bunch of this is why they call it Multiversus from a different, from multiple universes, really cartoon universes. So I’m super stoked to kind of try it out.

[00:16:21] Like I said, it is going to be free to play. It’s cross-platform. I’m going to be breaking out my controller because I can’t play fighting games on a keyboard and mouse. I don’t know who can it I’d like, I’d like to see that

[00:16:34] **WildTwinsFan:** Let’s be real. You look at this game. What is the one game that comes to mind?

[00:16:38] There’s one game. It is a clear attempt to take over that market. Super Smash Brothers, a hundred percent.

[00:16:47] It’s a Super Smash Brothers for PC cross-platform. That’s what it is to me. It fights the same way as the level. They’re stage like, like Super Smash Brothers. And I haven’t played a lot of Super Smash Brothers, mostly, which cause that’s the one [00:17:00] game my son can actually, you can actually put dad down pretty fast.

[00:17:03] So if you can be a fan of that and there’s, there’s actually a, a pretty good competitive Super Smash Brothers league. It’s I think this game is going to be pretty, pretty popular.

[00:17:15] **Daygon07:** It’s going to be that game for the younger generation, right? Like, like these teenagers. And stuff that, that are relevant, but they’re trying, they’re trying to get like the, like the people, our age, the demographic, our age, because of the other characters, like, I mean, like I said, there’s, Scooby-Doo, there’s, there’s Looney Toons in there.

[00:17:32] There’s,, they have your Batman Superman. So you have your DC lovers that are in there. It’s gonna attract a lot of, a lot of people. And then like, Wildy you said it’s, it’s very, very Smash Brothers esk and didn’t didn’t they come out and say, they’re not making any more Smash Brothers games.

[00:17:48] **WildTwinsFan:** I think I always say that, but I think there’s always been, I think there’s already been rumored to leaks that there’s something in progress.

[00:17:56] So we’ll add, I dunno, if not, they’re always [00:18:00] DLC or something. They always got to find something that three month is it for money too. So,

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[00:18:21] **WildTwinsFan:** And so let’s get into the weekly banter. We have a lot of topics this week, so we’re not going to beat ya’ll up with those. And we’ll just of, kind of cover them a little bit. Big topic this week. Diablo immortal. They’ve had a streamer content creator on YouTube I believe that calculated the costs, the fully gearing up your characters. In Diablo immortal, that cost figure is $110,000. Like you are talking half a house. Insane, insane.

[00:18:55] **Daygon07:** That’s the cost of my house.

[00:18:56] **WildTwinsFan:** The level of money grab on this [00:19:00] game is, is unreal. People are actually outraged on this game and there’s a couple of streamers that are going pretty hard out to kind of attack them on this. It’s I won’t say it’s necessarily paid a win, but it is it’s almost pay to play because they make it so grindy that they just you’re going to want to like, all right. $5 here, $5 here, $5 here, just so you don’t have to grind it out for a week.

[00:19:29] And just the way that you earn materials as a free to play player. It’s not looking well for you. So it’s rough. We talk about this all the time. This is part of, this is maybe the price you pay to have that free to play game, but are they really free to play if you can’t play competitively free?

[00:19:48] **Daygon07:** Yeah, like Wild it said, as of right now free to play, payers can not earn top rated legendary gems, which are only available via some of the games monetization [00:20:00] options.

[00:20:00] And fully maxing out that character effectively costs $110,000 in the games, current economy. So if you’re a WoW player that,, there’s a lot of money, you can sink into WoW to buy gold and things like that and buy materials and whatnot. This is very, very similar to that. And it’s, it’s insane.

[00:20:21] Like, I, I financed my house for less than $110,000. We’ll put it that way. So, so to max out a video game characters stats, or their equipment, their gear and everything literally cost more than my house. Like that’s, that’s insane.

[00:20:37] **WildTwinsFan:** Yeah. So just be aware that, and maybe that’s not the game for the kids to play, so absolutely.

[00:20:45] Then I just wanted to touch on Taco Bell Defy. So have you seen this one Day? It’s a new Taco Bell concept they have. It’s got four drive-through lanes. It’s also got an indoor inside window. You can go in and kind of a little [00:21:00] lobby and a window and you still are your food, but really what they’re trying to achieve is like kind of like a hands-free multi-lane deal.

[00:21:07] It looks like you pulled up the bank. There’s like pillars that come down and they drop your food down to you. And I know pretty interesting concept. I like it. The line that my local Taco Bell can get off a long at night. I’m not, and never really Jones in that much for Taco Bell that I’m going to wait in line for 15, 20 half an hour.

[00:21:24] But their goal is to get people through there in two minutes. So that’s pretty good, but you have four lanes there, but I want you guys to watch, cause I I’m going to work on getting a TikTok up of this. I’ll share it up to AGM. It will be interesting. I’m excited cause it’s not so far away from me.

[00:21:42] So I’m able to check it out for sure.

[00:21:43] **Daygon07:** I think it’s okay. I think it takes the human element out of it a little bit,, the, the. The face-to-face like, I’m, I’m still, I’m old school in the fact that,, I still like to do face-to-face business, but, they’re, they’re really trying [00:22:00] to make this so that it’s easy for like Uber drivers, Uber eats drivers and door dash, or,, whatever your food delivery thing is getting that set up.

[00:22:10] So these guys don’t have to wait a long time to get the food because, when you’re, when you’re running deliveries and my wife and I do it for. On Uber eats and I know Wilde’s wife and him, they do it for fun, like on a date night or something to,, make a little extra money and then go spend that money on, on a, on a nice meal for that night time is money.

[00:22:28] You know, three minutes, three minutes for me is, is the difference between taking an extra order and not taking an extra order. So, I mean, you don’t want to be sitting in line, especially since COVID has been around a lot. A lot of restaurants don’t want you going into the lobby or their lobby is still, might be.

[00:22:46] So you have to sit in the drive-through right. And then you’re sitting in that 20 minute line, like, like wild was saying, and again, time is money when it comes to that. And then people are just hungry. So,, that having that two minute experience is cool. I don’t think, [00:23:00] I think if I was in a hurry, that’s the, that’s the, the Taco Bell that I would go to.

[00:23:05] But if I, if,, if, if time’s not of the essence,, I I’d still like to do face to face commerce.

[00:23:11] **WildTwinsFan:** So that’s, that is the one thing. There is one lane that is just your treated. Drive up. So a traditional drive up and then they got a window inside that,, more or less your traditional counter.

[00:23:23] So, I mean, if you’re a fuddy-duddy and when you want to pay in cash, you can be with dig on inside.

[00:23:29] Yeah Wild I expect you to I expect a, a TikTok and a, a YouTube short for it, please. Yup.

[00:23:37] Moving on Battlefield 2042 Season 1’s dropped the impressions that I’ve seen so far. I’ve come from cold to lukewarm to great.

[00:23:46] And overall, not a lot of content. We got a new map. Everyone seems to agree. The new map is fantastic. It plays well. It’s balanced. Well, it does all the battlefield things that it should do. Right. And [00:24:00] there’s a lot of people saying that this is how map designs should have been from day one. We’re still waiting on the.

[00:24:06] Redesigns that they talked about and that being so slow, not a lot of content here, not a lot of, materials, and there’s also a lot of rumors flying around that. They’re down to a skeleton staff and they’re not really supporting the game. They’re just making it survive. Yeah. Keeping the lights on.

[00:24:27] But a couple of the YouTubers I’ve seen Jack frags being one of them again. He’s real favorable that in his squad tomographic and some of the other big streamers were real favorable of it. So it looks good. The player counts way up where they were averaging under 2000 players a day at max. And I think we were around 14 ish peaked today. 1400. So, so that the average player count is up just this week. So word’s getting out, people are playing [00:25:00] it. We’ll see if they can sustain it..

[00:25:02] **Daygon07:** Yeah, the, the big thing is, is,, have they fixed the things that the community wanted them to fix,, with the, just the quality of life things, right?

[00:25:10] That, that was the reason why their player counts were down around the 2000 ish players per day was because of just things with your map and marking things on a map. They’ve also come out with a battle pass, just like every other year. So it’s a 12 week battle battle pass, and you can get the premium tier of the battle pass for $10 in their currency, which is consistent with everybody else in the market.

[00:25:38] So they’re just, they’re really just kind of doing what everybody else is doing. Are they doing it better? That’s debatable. It depends on who you talk to because, a lot of battlefield players are anti-God players and a lot of Cod players are anti anti battlefield players. So it just, it really depends on who you talk to.

[00:25:56] I like the game style. I think, I think the game still has potential. I think, [00:26:00] I haven’t, I haven’t played it since the update. I haven’t bought it, so it might be something that I buy. Again, my, my upcoming investments gaming investments is going to be call of duty, Modern Warfare too. So that’s, that’s where I’m at with it, but that’s not to say that I won’t play it.

[00:26:18] If I, if I have the opportunity to

[00:26:20] **WildTwinsFan:** Yeah, so overall, it’s, it’s probably worth a revisit of,, Or if you have like we have some game time left on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, go check it out and see if it’s, if it’s better for you, the

[00:26:32] **Daygon07:** Wild Apple, Apple is going to be changing from the lightning cable to USB-C with the, with the rest of the fucking world.

[00:26:42] Yeah. They’ve already done their tablets. I don’t understand why they haven’t done it with their phones yet, but now USB-C is going to be mandatory for phones sold in the EU is starting by autumn, 2024.

[00:26:54] **WildTwinsFan:** Yeah. And actually it’s most electronic devices too. So, but big, the big one, I was being Apple [00:27:00] because Apple’s,, really stuck.

[00:27:02] It’s going to be proprietary. Yeah. Th th to limit you to their, their marketplace and their, their providers and stuff like that. So that that’s a big win. That’s a big win for consumers. It’s a big win for environmental friendly people that care about the environment that don’t want to be using different cables or different chargers.

[00:27:20] It also forces some like a, I think Logitech is one, that’s kind of a big abuser of using like the micro USB and, and there’s a lot of,, there’s still,, every now and then I buy a product and it comes with like a micro USB light we use as this, my dash cam. My, one of my dad’s scan says a mini USB,, the little goodness.

[00:27:41] Oh my, yeah. That was like where,, but it’s just powered. It’s not so much,, so it doesn’t really matter, but it’s like, that’s going to force a lot of those devices to USB-C. Now you’re going to be able to charge everything in the car with one cable and you can all fight over the one cable in the car to charge your stuff.

[00:27:58] **Daygon07:** I don’t have to worry about that. I got [00:28:00] wireless charging in my car. Fancy.

[00:28:02] **WildTwinsFan:** So another win that we’re going to have here too, is Amazon fighting scalpers kind of anyways, it looks, and now you have to, you, it looks like you can enter yourself into a lottery of sorts to buy yourself a PS4 and Xbox series X, giving you a little bit, maybe an up on the scalpers.

[00:28:22] You really seeing the availability of those console’s increasing massively. GameStop had a big push this last week. Walmart had a big push that you could,, you could go and get a PS five or X-Box. I, I logged on to the windows store and it would let me, pre-order an X-Box out about two weeks out, but two weeks I could have my series X if I,, if I wanted one.

[00:28:46] And so the availability is coming, coming up, but I don’t think they’re quite limiting the scalpers from reselling on., on their platform. So how much do they really, [00:29:00] how much are they really doing? They could, they could probably be doing more.

[00:29:03] **Daygon07:** It is what it is that the, the main goal is it’s not just with PlayStation fives and an Xbox series X it’s really anything that has a limited quantity.

[00:29:15] Cause the, the supply and demand the supply is so low and the demand is so high., the PS and the Series X are like basically two of the main culprits, right? Like it’s the, that in graphics cards have been the biggest things with, with people on, in the marketplaces lately in the last eight to 12 months really. And it’s good to see that Amazon is trying to at least alleviate it and make things better for us. But like Wilde said, they’re not going to stop the third-parties th these people that are quote unquote, legit people from turning around and reselling it for double the price. On the same exact platform.

[00:29:51] Like I think this is only going to work if you’re getting it from the Sony store on Amazon or the Microsoft store on Amazon, things like that. [00:30:00] Yeah.

[00:30:00] **WildTwinsFan:** And then moving on, we’ve talked a little about NFTs, the non fungible tokens and like weekly sales have declined by 70% from nearly a hundred. Of a million units,, at a time, the third week of 2022.

[00:30:16] So they’re already way down. Are they going to be worth any money? I don’t really know. It doesn’t book well for me,

[00:30:25] **Daygon07:** Fucking crypto crypto’s tanked. So it doesn’t matter. I had basically $200 in. Mind money, if you will, that I did through nice hash and it’s, it’s now only worth like 40 bucks because crypto’s crashed so hard and,, NFT NFTs.

[00:30:46] Are there they’re there they’re different, but they’re the same right there. There’s gotta be a market,, we’re, we’re going in and not to talk political stuff or politics or economics or anything like that. But the fact of the matter is, [00:31:00] is we’re as a nation. If you’re here in the U S and you’re, and you’re listening to.

[00:31:04] One of our listeners from the US here. And I think it’s, I think it’s affecting the world anyway, but,, we’re, we’re in a bad spot,, we’re in a recession and people are wanting to spend their money a little bit more wisely than trying to buy digital art products and, and stuff, stuff that they can’t just hang on their wall or,, something that they know is going to increase in value over time versus., not so we could, could we see digital currency already starting to fade off? Or are we just going through a slump with digital currency and when it’s gonna, it’s gonna pick back up. Nobody knows yet. Yeah.

[00:31:45] **WildTwinsFan:** So bottom line, like we’ve always said, invest wisely. Another topic I wanted to hit on this.

[00:31:51] YouTube rolling out 5.1 surround sound. I don’t know why it’s taking so long, but for me, if you want your platform to be one of [00:32:00] the platforms, how could you not have surround some, like I had, the first time I plugged in surround sound was,, I was in high school and it was, it was amazing to have that at home and I wanted that at home.

[00:32:11] So I have it at home. Now this makes us a little more alluring for me to actually maybe buy or rent videos on. So I can watch them in full surround sound now. So that’s that’s a big thing to me and watch for that.

[00:32:24] **Daygon07:** Yeah. Just note that, like, it’s not going to be through your computer right now, prior to this, it was only available across like Samsung, LG and Vizio devices running a specific OSTP version to be able to take advantage of that 5.1 and then you’d need a compatible device with the YouTube TV app installed along with compatible speaker system.

[00:32:45] Now they’re rolling it out to Google TV, Android TV, and Roku devices. So just know it’s not going to be across all devices, it’s across specific devices. So make sure you do your research in that. I believe what I just listed out Samsung, [00:33:00] LG Vizio, all running, what they call cobalt version 20 or high.

[00:33:05] And then of course, Google TV, Android TV, and Roku devices. So if you have any of those yeah. With Apple TV and fire TV coming here, they say in the near future, so, right.

[00:33:16] Yeah. So super stoked about that. Wild. Everybody’s starting to cut the cable. Now everybody’s trying to transition away from like your ex affinities, your direct TV and your traditional cable providers and moving more towards,, subscription-based services that are a little bit.

[00:33:33] At the end of the day and you still get the same, you still get the same content and crap. And sometimes like with YouTube TV, you get even more, like, I think you get YouTube premium with YouTube TV wild. Do?

[00:33:43] **WildTwinsFan:** I don’t know. I’m not sure that I don’t have you to deviate send the agreement. So let

[00:33:47] **Daygon07:** Let us know on social media if that is the case

[00:33:51] **WildTwinsFan:** And then let’s hit another topic theme deck. So you want to be able to dock your Steam deck, like you doctor your. They have that coming, but [00:34:00] now they just came out and said, June 1st, Hey, not really going to happen with COVID closures. And the manufacturing facilities deemed deck dock is being delayed.

[00:34:10] So that’s an official amount announcement from Steam. It is what it is. I know that they actually have made a couple of changes to based on user feedback. So I think that might maybe have played into it. Some of the late changes on the less, I don’t know that many people that have Steamed ex. I see Choco taco just got one recently.

[00:34:31] He loves it. I’m still waiting on mine, supposed to be July on. So I got to start watching my emails here every Monday.

[00:34:40] **Daygon07:** I’m sure you’ll get it eventually. If not, if not, you’ll end up with a, a nice little check in the bank in your bank account. As they, as they deposit it back. But something cool that that Apple is doing is they’re.

[00:34:53] They’re adding native support for Nintendo switch pro controllers and joy cons. [00:35:00] So now you can use joy cons and controllers for your Apple device to play games. I think that’s kind of cool, dude.

[00:35:06] **WildTwinsFan:** I think that’s the first I’ve seen. I mean, I could be wrong, but that’s the first I’ve seen the Nintendo controllers go outside of their environment.

[00:35:17] **Daygon07:** They’re super, super tight vested with all that stuff too. Right?

[00:35:21] **WildTwinsFan:** I mean, you can’t use them on PC, right? You can’t, you can’t, I don’t think you could plug them in and use them on VC, even though they have some of them have a USB plugs on them and everything too. But, so I don’t know, kind of interesting that, that, that was an interesting story to see Nindendo actually breaking out of their environment for one.

[00:35:39] **Daygon07:** And joining with Apple of all people. I guess Apple is really trying to push their their Apple arcade stuff. But this is a, this is only going to be available on iOS 16 and up. So just know that in order to make it work, you’ll have to have be running iOS 16 on your mobile.

[00:35:56] **WildTwinsFan:** Another great story of this week is a huge one [00:36:00] leaking classified documents on a game forum, because worth under doesn’t want any part of that too. So it was it was talking about a particular shell that’s classified still in. And so it’s like, I, China’s probably not the one you want to piss off when it comes to the military.

[00:36:18] So it’s like, they, they saw it right away. They knew the post, they banned the user and, like this, this has always been prohibited that they can post any of this stuff. And,, they want their games to be as real as possible, but they’re kindly asking people to not do anything illegal, jeopardize the safety.

[00:36:39] Of their team and their community, their developers. So they, they do a good job at trying to find publicly available information, kind of,, speculate on the capacities and, and whatever of their equipment, but just blows my mind that this has happened three times,, like people are so overzealous about [00:37:00] things.

[00:37:00] So it’s just watch what you post., watch.

[00:37:04] **Daygon07:** Watch the communities you’re a part of, because, what is it? What is it? Ignorance of the law is no excuse, guilty by association. All that you end up with the Chinese government at your door is your name is your name, blah, blah, blah.

[00:37:18] And you’re a member of the war. Thunder, the war thunder forum. All right, we’re going to have to shoot you in the head cause you’ve seen classified information. Oh, and then we’re going to charge your family for the fucking bullet to, oh my God.

[00:37:31] **WildTwinsFan:** Yep. It’s crazy stuff. And another crazy story. We saved this one for kind of, for last rumors and we don’t really know, and that there’s already been speculations, but have a PS5 Pro in a new Xbox Series S/X console or whatever that is going to be rated for up to 8K resolution. So this actually came out of a presentation by TCL, which is a big panel maker, TV maker, and [00:38:00] stuff like that. So kind of the way they presented it could just be speculation based on, on time. Right? Well, we know every so often we’re going to get a new counsel, a new, a new, whatever, right.

[00:38:11] So every four years, we’re going to get something new, but, they’re saying it’s eight. 60 to 120 out talking about that kind of crazy. And so we don’t know if it’s a full on leak, but there’s, that’s the first that anyone’s actually put it up on the screen. We don’t know. They might have, they might have some privileged information there too.

[00:38:32] Again, you’re part of a company. Maybe you shouldn’t put privileged information out to the public.

[00:38:38] **Daygon07:** I think, I think there, there’s probably a breach of an NDA. They’re a nondisclosure agreement. They’re potentially, I mean, like Wilde said, they’re putting dates on this. They’re talking 20, 23, 20, 24.

[00:38:52] Again, they’re their speculation on it, but I mean, they’ve, they’ve gone game console generations, [00:39:00] 2022 product introduction. And they’re talking about Xbox series X box series XPS five pro 2160 P. So that’s, that’s two K at 60 to one 20 PR 60 to one 20 Hertz or FPS rendered. And they have ultra HD eight K 60 to 123 output running an R 7,700 XT GPU by the way, which has not come out yet either.

[00:39:26] Right. So is, is, is that an, is that another leak?

[00:39:30] **WildTwinsFan:** Yeah. I mean, we can be it’s, it’s a logical progression on the, on the name, but, there, there is actual, like we have patents on this patent filings for PlayStation five, that, that show that there could be making the leap to Ray tracing,, alleged date tip by YouTube offers.

[00:39:49] AMD chips at job listings are discovered from Sony. So, I mean, Again, it’s not really a big secret. They always kind of hold their cards tight to their [00:40:00] chest there. It does say there’s going to be yet another PlayStation and same, same kind of with a X-Box is,, they’re pretty out there and just say, Hey, this won’t be the last X-Box console, but the series accident series S they’re going to keep investing on stuff like that.

[00:40:16] So pretty neat. We know what’s common, but that’s kind of the first we’ve seen it kind of in writing. Definitely we’re going to stay on top of that. We’ll let, not all the rumors, but the ones that seem really good and credible and worth our time to extra talk about. So…

[00:40:32] **Daygon07:** Yeah absolutely.

[00:40:35] So guys, if you’ve been enjoying some of the audio that we play on the, on the podcast, our intro and our outro and then if, if you’re, if you’re catching the live streams, when we do this and we have the music prior to us actually coming on screen and stuff, you can actually get free access. It’s DMC free. It’s on, available on Apple. It’s available on Spotify and it’s by our good buddy Rivver. And he creates some [00:41:00] really great audio. Hi-Fi lo-fi stuff with vocals in it. It’s super good. It’s super, just chill, listening to like I’ll, I’ll listen to it in the car and it’s, it’s no knock on,, Harris, Heller and stream beats or anything. It’s great. But th the, the quality of this music is amazing.

[00:41:20] **WildTwinsFan:** So much better. The second I heard just even a couple tracks, man, I was like, I feel like I can look, I would choose to listen to this music.

[00:41:28] You know, that that’s the kind of music I want to be able to have the stream. So if you notice, yeah, we’ve just changed our intro outro music to what we always had on the, on the podcast. And it’s it’s, I don’t know. I think it’s that much better than even before, so great stuff worth. Checking it out. If.

[00:41:46] And you’re concerned about DMCs, cause it should be, but still want to listen to good music on stream.

[00:41:50] **Daygon07:** Yeah, absolutely. And you can check out his profile and everything. You can go to a river. So it’s going to be R I V V E R dot a gaming [00:42:00] moment.com. That’s going to send you right to his bio page where you can find all of his rhythms and stuff.

[00:42:05] They’ll ability to download, find it on Amazon, find it on Apple music, SoundCloud, everything. You’ll be able to find all the information there. You can download, use it in your streams. I use it on mine. I’ve created a playlist that has all of his music that I run on my streams and here on the gaming moment channel as well.

[00:42:23] So check it out, give it a listen, give it a, like follow him on Twitch. Follow him on Twitter. Joined his discord for access to the MP3. And just show them your support guys. We’d really appreciate that. I know. He’d, he’d appreciate it as well.

[00:42:37] **WildTwinsFan:** On top of that, he’s a super cool dude. He’s totally the dude you want support? So I’m just throwing that out there, guys. Check it out.

[00:42:44] **Daygon07:** Wild, don’t we have some some follow-ups this week.

[00:42:47] **WildTwinsFan:** Yep. So we do have a big, big story and we’ve touched on right through. But New York has actually passed a right to repair that actually readies electronics repair, [00:43:00] so phones and a lot of electronics and stuff like that.

[00:43:03] They’re gonna, they’re going to force the manufacturers hands to make proprietary tools and parts available. To repair shops. It should work out good. I don’t know if it’s fully been signed yet. I have to double check on that, but it looks like it’ll pass. No problem.

[00:43:20] **Daygon07:** Yeah. This is super cool to know that,, we’re starting to see that traction.

[00:43:25] We’re starting to see that motion coming in that the, the states, the government is backing what we’re trying, what we, as a community, the people that like the tinker, the people that like to just fix their own shit that don’t want to have to rely on other people or give these, give these small mom and pop shops, the, the support that they need to provide services to people.

[00:43:49] Just all of that. It’s really cool to see that this is starting to come to fruition. And I know we’ve been talking about it for well over a year now, and that this is the first kind of the first or [00:44:00] technically second step. If you count Apple, selling their repair kits and stuff. Now,, we’re, we’re starting to see the government, the government transition into, Hey, you guys can’t dictate who and how people fix their own right. So again, I’m really excited about this. This is a big step in the right direction.

[00:44:20] **WildTwinsFan:** So it is a step, but it’s not a complete step. And that’s, that’s kind of the one thing that’s a little bit unfortunate, but we’ll take a step forward either way. And the bill doesn’t really cover automobiles. So that’s kind of our recovered by some national laws.

[00:44:36] That’s all right. Doesn’t cover medical devices. And we saw a lot of. During COVID times that people want to like engineer stuff. And it was, they were kind of hands tied with some of that stuff or fixed stuff,, they say, oh, we don’t have the part. And then people would be like, I have the ability to make a part,, they have their hands tied and then it doesn’t cover home appliances either.

[00:44:58] So there’s [00:45:00] some, and that could be a good thing. Could be a bad thing. I think when you’re going to repair something yourself, I think you take the good with the bad,, step in the forward direction. And And then also we do have another one that Epic’s game store is running up for its first and Ft foray into gaming.

[00:45:16] So I’m, I don’t know if you’ve have you played grit day. So there’s a battle, Royal grit. And this blew my mind. I didn’t even know this, right, because I’ve actually played this and it’s a battle Royale. It’s it’s fortnight ish and game play and plays,, where you have a zone, you gotta run. You can get horses to kind of move you through the zone.

[00:45:35] It’s got gunplay again, it feels more fortnight than it does PUBG ish. Overall, I played it early. The game play was decent Nish servers. Weren’t great. Community was super small, but apparently it’s going to be an MFP game. Now we talked a little bit about that and Epic’s going to step in and, and we’ll see what that actually does mean for, for NFTs and games whatever. Cause we talked [00:46:00] about Steam, banning NFT games. Epic is probably your biggest chance to get an NFP game. And maybe this game, that’s not really making money in a launch in make a little bit money and approve and own. Interesting. So just follow up on that.

[00:46:17] **Daygon07:** I haven’t played. Yet, but I’ve heard some good, decent things about it.

[00:46:22] I haven’t had it. Like I said, I haven’t had an opportunity to play it yet, but the fact that they’re turning it into like an NFT game, I’m not surprised, honestly,, the, the whole NFT movement, as we just said, it NFTs kind of going down. But this, this was obviously in the works before digital currency crash.

[00:46:39] That’s going on. And I think the digital currency stuff’s gonna rebound, and this is gonna kind of be in a prime position to be one of the first one of the first bigger name NFT games.

[00:46:50] **WildTwinsFan:** Yeah. Actually WackyJacky did a little, a bit of content on this game too. So if you, if you’re really curious about the game and the game play, I think wacky, Jackie has some wacky Jackie [00:47:00] one-on-one on YouTube as some gameplay and some kind of in depth.

[00:47:05] **Daygon07:** Hey, and if you haven’t already be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. So you can engage with us as well as find out when we’re streaming the podcast and get a first listen before it goes out across all podcasting platforms. So do it.

[00:47:20] **WildTwinsFan:** So this week we have we have an Instagram post civet Twitter.

[00:47:24] We have a TikTok post. So Instagram posts this week from a hundred thieves, which we all know big, huge gaming company. You could have three choices. Perfect coms. Perfect game. Perfect ping. Perfect rotations. Perfect game sense. Perfect strategy. Perfect teamwork. Inhuman reactions.

[00:47:45] Strong. Be mentally tough.

[00:47:48] **Daygon07:** You don’t get, you. Don’t get discouraged.

[00:47:49] **WildTwinsFan:** Yeah. Yeah, that’s kind of an interesting topic. Well, we’re going to revisit that one. Actually question of the week, a 100 Theives puts out lots of, really kind of good [00:48:00] tweets, good post Instagrams worth a fall Twitter. This week, we’re going to talk a little there’s our buddy wacky, Jackie one-on-one PUBG adding a new anti-cheat it seems to be a Tencent anti-cheat there you go. And they’re they’re getting a better lockdown. There’s somehow getting the way to banned people. And I don’t know if it’s, if they’re banning based on multiple pieces of information, like Scott said, he said his router changed the Mac address, cleaned up files and registry, and didn’t have the hack on the computer.

[00:48:30] And he was banned within 10 minutes of downloading the games. So they they, they got the. The cheaters scrambling right now. So that’s good. Mate. Looks like PUBG may have a one-up again on the cheaters. So yeah,

[00:48:45] **Daygon07:** I’m, I’m all for this hope. Hopefully of they’ll find a way around it. They always do. But, in the short term it’s going to be nice.

[00:48:54] **WildTwinsFan:** And then I wanted to cover this just blazingly awesome TikTok this week. And it’s from a [00:49:00] friend of mine, the FiveEven on TikTok. And they’re a fellow PUBG player streamer. I met them actually in like in Supdemor’s chat. Just, she’s just super chill, super funny. She calls herself a potato gamer. And so this week we thought, Hey, we just feature one of our friends and she’s got this amazing TikTok day.

[00:49:19] Have you seen this? I know I’m watching it right now. She goes to the sink to grab a sponge, to do some dishes. And as she’s grabbing the sponge, it morphs into a mouse and all of a sudden she’s at a gaming desk and she’s gaming away. And it’s like, I think this has happened to me. I think this is that I actually started to do dishes and end up on the computer.

[00:49:42] So it’s was just a brilliant, funny, funny a tick talk and totally the concept that I love. So, and, and she’s got not too many views and not too many likes on it, man. She puts out good tick docks, like small streamer just amazing sense of humor and, and really a sweetheart. [00:50:00]

[00:50:01] **Daygon07:** She just needs, she just needs the right exposure, man. Just the right exposure.

[00:50:04] **WildTwinsFan:** Yeah. So here she is on the Gaming Moment podcast.

[00:50:08] **Daygon07:** So, and then it looks like we’ve got some questions for the week. So from that Instagram posts that you posted from a 100 Thieves, what three skills or am I going to take? I’m going to be greedy and I’m going to say perfect game, perfect game sense, and then the human reactions, because I think I can overcome perfect ping, perfect strategy, perfect teamwork, perfect rotation and perfect coms. I think I can, I think with, with perfect aim, perfect game sense in, in human reactions. If you have perfect a game sense, then you’ll have perfect rotations and perfect strategy and perfect coms, but perfect game and perfect and then in human reactions that helps that helps you kill people quickly and move on to the next one. So I think I think having those covers four of the other six things. Like, obviously it’s not gonna affect ping [00:51:00] and your mental wellness, if you will.

[00:51:03] But I think, I think it can be good enough to cover the comms, rotations, teamwork, and strategy.

[00:51:08] **WildTwinsFan:** The, yeah. See, I’m going to go perfect game. And inhuman reactions so I can hit those shots. And then I’m also going to go perfect comms because I hope it comes across in real life to my wife. There’ll be ever be another argument and she’ll have to admit I’m always right.

[00:51:30] **Daygon07:** Okay, fair enough. And then one more question. Since we had that,, that Taco Bell topic above talking about the Taco Bell Defy with what what’s coming with the future, let’s, let’s go back to the past a little bit. And since Taco Bell has brought back the Mexican pizza, what’s another menu item you wish they would bring back or that they would have.

[00:51:52] **WildTwinsFan:** So I got two that I can think of, and I did do a little, little memory story. And then, then I had to verify it. Cause I was like, wait.[00:52:00]

[00:52:00] **Daygon07:** You’re older than me. So, so you have more to go off of?

[00:52:03] **WildTwinsFan:** Well, well, my first one is actually pretty recent that they had the caramel, Apple empanada. And for me, I really liked that.

[00:52:10] And that reminds me of the old school McDonald’s Apple pies. And I don’t know if you remember those that had the baked Apple pies and they’re there, they’re not fried Apple pie. It’s like the other ones and they’re not, let’s be honest. Almost always better. So they’re basically like a caramel, Apple old-school McDonald’s pie, and those were, they were bomb and they don’t have those anymore.

[00:52:36] Maybe they’ll make it a guest appearance. I don’t know. But the other weird thing they don’t have anymore is they don’t have tostadas. And I, I remember I used to order tostadas all the time and I was like, at some point I stopped ordering tostadas and I love to start.

[00:52:51] I don’t know.

[00:52:52] **Daygon07:** It’s because you it’s because you stopped it’s because you stopped ordering tostadas that they took away the tostadas.

[00:52:58] **WildTwinsFan:** I mean, we did go [00:53:00] probably about four years without even that Taco Bell. I was like, Hey, we should eat at Taco Bell. Again, we ate there. My wife was like gross. I was like, no, actually it was really good. You should eat the Taco Bell. So I dragged her to Taco Bell and she had the mint was pretty good. We’re not gonna eat there often, but.

[00:53:18] He wants to know once a day. What about your day? What are you missing?

[00:53:22] **Daygon07:** So for me, I’m a spicy food eater dude. And the thing that they took away, and this is it’s fairly recent, like it’s within the last, I don’t know, five or six years, but they had the volcano menu where they had this volcano sauce. It was like their spiciest sauce that they had at the time they had a burrito, they had a taco, they had a Chalupa.

[00:53:42] So good. So flavor. And then I’m going to take it way back. I think this was early nineties.

[00:53:52] There there’s some nostalgia for this. If you guys, if you guys can’t if you guys can’t see this stream, go, go to the YouTube channel, watch the [00:54:00] rebar, watch, watch the broadcast of this stream up to this point. They used to have these things called taco burgers and basically what it was, it was kind of like a Steamed hamburger button.

[00:54:08] That’s how they warmed up the hamburger bun with their meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, a little bit of sour cream. To die for. And the only reason why I want them to bring that back. Cause there’s a place in my hometown in Odessa, Texas called taco Villa. And they still serve taco burgers to this day.

[00:54:28] Nobody, nobody makes it better. There’s a place close to me called Oh, Taco Casa, that they sell a version of it, but it’s on like a wheat bun and they put black olives, which I think black olives are the worst thing on earth. My wife loves him but that’s, that’s about the closest thing that I can get to them nowadays.

[00:54:49] Man, bring them back, bring them back.

[00:54:51] **WildTwinsFan:** We do have a place called tender made here in Minnesota, Austin, Minnesota. And they make like a loose [00:55:00] meat burger. That’s I, I don’t know if I classified it like a sloppy Joe minus like the seasoning and those are pretty legit. Like, so maybe the taco burger is not nearly as bad as I, I think in my head, but it doesn’t sound, it doesn’t sound great, but I give her a go at least, at least twice.

[00:55:22] **Daygon07:** Oh yeah.

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[00:56:18] And until next time, keep grinding.