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I’m Daygon07. And with me as always as WildTwinsFan, how are you doing this week Wildie?

[00:00:24] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, I’ve been a little bit crushed had a hard time kind of squeezing this podcast and this week, but we got her in and we got her prepped and ready to go. In fact, back to where we got a strong prep on the next podcast come up and that’s looking pretty good too.

So a

This week though, we have a Twitch, adjusting partners split allegedly this, these changes could becoming, so we’ll talk a little bit about that and what that can mean for partners and for you a viewer, I also got to talk about Nvidia getting fined 5.5 million for hiding how many gaming GPS were sold, the crypto miners surprising.

We also have banter items this week. Talk a [00:01:00] little bit about China, banning miners dipping, live streamers and watching after 10:00 PM. So again, big, big brother, China. Watch it. Also going to talk about why Activision thinks that Vanguard didn’t sell as well as cold war did at least according to activists. So we’ll see. I mean, we’ve talked about that. We’ve talked about that before Vanguard dropped. So yeah also talking a little bit about just some of the meta streaming right now and just, chatting a lot of people talking about the top streamers watching the Depp and Heard trial talking about the trauma and the drama there and just kind of capitalizing on all the, all the juiciness there.

We’re also talked about, talk about a loss day. I know you’re a Razer streamer. And that we lost a Razer co-founder and kind of the grandfather or whatever of a pioneer of the gaming mouse Robert crack office died. So I talked a little bit about that, but if you want, what’s a drop into this first topic then right away.[00:02:00]

[00:02:01] Daygon07: Yeah. So this came up, this came across, I saw it come across with Devin Nash and Harris Heller from alpha gaming slash Simpy gaming. They did videos on these. You guys can find the links to these videos in the description of the podcast, but, Twitch may reduce the revenue split for its partnered streamers and basically they’re going to go from a 70% revenue share to a 50% revenue share. And again, these are just reports, but Wildie man, where there’s smoke, there’s usually some fire.

[00:02:34] WildTwinsFan: I mean, yeah. We already know the smoke coming out of the leadership of Twitch Twitch as is. This is kind of scary on this is, this is a big number.

Now we’ve got to remember, these are partnered streamers. These are the top tier streamers. These are streamers that are averaging, generally speaking over a hundred viewers per, per stream. And some of them much higher than that, , I’m just talking a little bit about like NickMercs, and a number of [00:03:00] subscribers he had , they’re talking about it’s 700 to a 750 to nearly a million dollars a year cut. He would be taken just on just on subscriptions and I don’t know, pretty rough. They also talk a little bit rumors, so it’s all rumors about removing some exclusivity restrictions and stuff like that that could maybe. Yeah, for a streamer that kind of, that’s a, that’s a plus for a platform on Twitch that’s not, that’s not a good sign to say what now we’re going to allow our big partners to go elsewhere. What is that bringing them? I’m not sure other than giving them the leap board to when shuts down. I don’t know.

[00:03:51] Daygon07: I don’t know what I’m, what I’m thinking is, there’s a lot of creators jumping ship from Twitch, , we’ve, we’ve seen Valkyrae, we’ve seen Dr. Lupo, [00:04:00] and these are like TimTheTatMan. These are huge prominent streamers. Like Tim, the tap man is an OG from Twitch. Like he’s one of the original, original, original, like top streamers from Twitch since it was Justin TV. And these guys are jumping ship because of the exclusivity restrictions, like, being, and hopefully they remove it from affiliates as well, not just partnered, streamers, but affiliates because, honestly, the, the exclusivities restrictions stunts the growth of a lot of streamers, in my opinion.

[00:04:33] WildTwinsFan: For me again, that was one of the two, one of the two reasons I dropped my affiliate agreement, right? Because I wanted no ads or less ads.

And I wanted the ability to multistream to help increase my community and my membership and my reach. And if I’m limited on time that I can reach three to five times more people by streaming on more platforms at the same time, and yet being able to engage them all at the same time. But [00:05:00] that’s a no brainer for a small guy.

Like. So, yeah,

[00:05:03] Daygon07: absolutely. And the other thing that they’re thinking about doing is considering adding more ads to the platform as if the platform isn’t bad enough with ads, we, we already get pre-roll ads with, with almost all of the, the affiliated streamers. And again, I think that is stunting the growth of a lot of affiliates, because you have to watch 30 seconds to a minute worth of ads before you even get, get to watch the person streamed.

I don’t even like watching ads on TV. I don’t like watching ads on YouTube. I wait for the skip ad button. Maybe they’ll come out with a skip ad button that I think that would save a lot of, a lot of small streamers, some, some heartache in their growth, but wild. How many, how many times have you clicked off of a stream?

Because you got a pre you, you got 30 seconds or a minute worth of pre-roll ad and you said, I don’t have time for this.

[00:05:56] WildTwinsFan: None. And you want to know why, because I have [00:06:00] Twitch Turbo. And so I do not have ads. That’s how much I hate ads. I give them $10 a month just to not watch ads used to be free under Twitch Prime –, which was great.

They took that away. It’s, it’s just slowly eroding everything. Every benefit to being a watcher, a viewer, a subscriber on this platform. Why, why are people going to stay? I mean, the views are there now, but , we you can go to YouTube and I got YouTube Premium, and I don’t have to watch ads on YouTube either.

So I I’d rather just watch the streamer. If they’re going to be exclusive, I’m just going to watch them on YouTube. Well, I’m not going to go to Twitch. I’m not going to deal with Twitch. There’s no reason for me to go to Twitch anymore.

[00:06:46] Daygon07: I honestly think after our discussion last week about the, the executive leadership turmoil going on at, at Twitch.

I honestly think that with these decisions and these, these [00:07:00] possible changes like Twitch, might’ve peaked. And I think we’re on the downside of it now. I think it’s possible. I, man, I think that they’re, I don’t know if they’re trying to get greedy, but. Twitch has never been a profitable company. It’s not set up to be a profitable company is set up losing money.

Yeah. Losing a lot of money. It’s it costs a lot of money to process the amount of data that, that Twitch processes with the transcoding and everything. They that’s a lot of money plus all of the R and D all of the development time that it takes the developers. The, I mean, TwitchCon is, is a huge deal. We haven’t had that in a couple of years, but yeah, there’s no one this year, but , that, that costs a ton of money to. The whole thing is just completely muffed, man. And I think, I don’t know. I [00:08:00] think we’re starting to see the holes in the ship, and I think we’re starting to see the ship

[00:08:04] WildTwinsFan: sink.

I agree. And again, guys, this is just a speculation at this point leaked by people that probably shouldn’t leak stuff like this, but obviously if leaks are coming out like this and if we find them to be true there’s a, there’s a lot of smoke coming of this ship, and there’s probably a lot of fire underneath it.

So we’ll keep you updated as we find out going forward, how this is going to go. The vast majority of this again, it doesn’t really affect the small streamers, but it it’s gonna, it’s gonna kill a lot of, a lot of things on Twitch. So pretty interesting.

Moving on though. We speculated this in the early stages with Nvidia and the GPU shortage and, and stuff like that.

And man, you’d see these, you’d see these pictures of these crypto miners, man, and they’d have flipping rooms and racks and racks and racks of flipping brand, new 3080s, 3090s just racks of them. And [00:09:00] they’re all Bitcoin mining. They’re Etherium in mining and all this stuff. And you’re like, how are these people able to get these GPUs if we can’t get them as a, as a, how do they get a thousand of them when I can’t get one of them? We were talking a little bit about there had to be some backdoor dealings there and, and stuff like that. And it turns out Nvidia gets fined for failing to mention crypto miners where some of its biggest gaming GPU customers, so that they’re playing, they’re playing some shady ass game.

So it just shitty.

[00:09:33] Daygon07: Yeah. The SEC holds that Nvidia failed to disclose that cryptocurrency mining was a significant element of its revenue growth during 2017. And it hid the fact that this growth did not come directly from its gaming GPU business as the company claimed. So just to note that, you’ll see the SEC referred to Nvidia’s fiscal year 2018 and the SEC filings, but that roughly correlates to human earth year 2017.[00:10:00] Whatever companies have weird fiscal years, like the company I worked for the fiscal year starts in February. It’s really weird. But that’s an important detail. As 2017, 2018 was the peak of the major cryptocurrency mining boom, prior to the more recent one in 20, 2020 and 2021.

And it was difficult. It’s been difficult to buy graphics cards, especially during 2017 as the profitability of cryptocurrency, like namely Ethereum was sky high and the company responded to the high demand of GPU’s by making more of them. And they made too many of them, which is weird because we had such a hard time trying to find our 3080s and 3090s. And

[00:10:45] WildTwinsFan: I had a hell of a time even getting my 1070 , they weren’t plentiful and abundant on the shelf. And I didn’t, I had, I believe two models at the time when I walked in to actually buy one choose from, but I ended up with a really expensive [00:11:00] 1070, , which was fine. It was a good card, but those are the ones leftover.

So yeah, there’s, there’s been some shadiness there and they’re getting called out. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s more that comes of this, this last time, crypto boom. And some of the shenanigans that may have went on the background.

[00:11:20] Daygon07: Well, maybe that’s why we’re seeing, , I’m not going to say an abundance of, of cards right now, but is in the toilet, man.

I took my 30, my 3080, and when I wasn’t gaming while I was working, I was, I was running nice hash and doing some mining, trying to, just to get some, some, some Bitcoin, if you will lined up, , trying to. Prepare myself for the future. Maybe take a hundred bucks and hopefully watch it grow to, , maybe it’ll double the $200 or, , 150 bucks, , see that, that nice little increase when actually my, , I, I ported it over my, my funds that I, that I had in mined to to a crypto wallet where I [00:12:00] can then kind of spread it out and trade across different cryptocurrencies.

So I basically took that a hundred dollars now, now it’s all my cryptocurrency is worth about 30, $35. So it’s dropped, it’s dropped like 60, 65% just since December and

[00:12:17] WildTwinsFan: Nothing to say, it’s going to hold its value. So it’s a bit of a gamble and it’s, it’s kind of one, it seems to me, it’s always like you mine now for the future.

Yeah. , it’s not always profitable. It’s not really profitable necessarily. And never really has been super profitable in, in its current time. But unless you go with, , crazy setups, , there’s Bitcoin miners there, they’re 50 grand, , to, to mine Bitcoin, and that’s all they do.

And you’ll take the, still take several, several months to pay those off. Yeah, it’s a crazy, it’s a crazy thing.

[00:12:57] Daygon07: But ultimately it’s to put a bow on this topic to [00:13:00] ultimately Nvidia was buying a fined $5.5 million, which is pretty much just a slap on the wrist for them. I mean, they made $26.91 billion in 2021, which is up 61% over the previous year. So in 2020, they, , they made 61% more in 2021 over 2020. And it does appear that they have learned the lesson from the mining gold rush of 2017, 2018. They seem to have played it a lot safer with this last boom launching specialty produced cryptocurrency cards and keeping the inventory a lot leaner again.

That’s why, , we had a hard time trying to find those cards. Maybe that’s why we saw 1050s and 1050ti’s come out. When, when , 30 series weren’t being produced, they still had an overstock of, of 10 series cards out. So they’re, they’re trying not to get popped again by the, the, the SEC.

[00:13:57] WildTwinsFan: The bright and the bright side of everything I’m [00:14:00] talking now, current, like you want to, you want a GPU, you can go out and get a GPU from a store Microcenter, by me, they’ve got, they’ve got pretty much everything in stock. I’m looking at 25 plus stock. The other telling factor is the prices are coming down their closer and closer to MSRP.

I paid $729 for my 3080, $729 for a overclock TUF 3080. , there’s right now, the cheapest 3080, it’s a for the wind, which is an expensive card nine 20. I think that was what, what eight 50.

[00:14:37] Daygon07: Yeah, it was about eight 50 when I bought

[00:14:38] WildTwinsFan: mine. So I mean, we’re getting really close cards are available.

The prices are, are they’re close. They’re close enough. I mean, now that if you, if you really you’ve been waiting, you can get your cards now and you can get out, get the frame rates and FPS wins games, right India.

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So sign up today.

[00:15:18] WildTwinsFan: So then drop it into a weekly banter. We got China banning miners from tipping, live streamers and watching after temporary. Okay. Probably a good thing. But I don’t, I don’t know if the government needs to step in and, and do this, but this is China, so pretty pretty interesting.

[00:15:38] Daygon07: Yeah. China runs a pretty tight ship. They have, I’ve mentioned this before. They have this thing called the great firewall, so they can pretty much put in whatever restrictions they want to put in like to outbound going site to outbound sites. So basically the way it works is the computer reaches, , the, the Chinese firewall, the [00:16:00] great firewall, if you will.

And it says, okay, this purse, this is the demographic of this person. Yes or no. Can we let it should we let it go to. , we’ll say Twitch. Yes or no. Do we want to let it go to Twitch? If it’s after 10:00 PM? No, we’re not going to let it go to Twitch 4 0 4 error. Send them, send them to a page that says, no, no, no.

Or something like that. I don’t know how they’re going to stop the tipping or, , are they gonna, are they gonna prevent them from going to like a Streamlabs tipping page? Are they going to prevent them from going to a PayPal donation page? How that that’s the interesting part to me. But they, they, they stayed that, , buying live streamers virtual gifts that can be redeemed for cash is causing their physical and mental health to be seriously damaged.

I don’t know how giving somebody a gift is damaging their, their mental health and their physical health or receiving a gift is damaging their mental or physical health. I mean, [00:17:00] the propaganda that they spill,

[00:17:02] WildTwinsFan: I mean, we don’t really know the whole. , the whole thing or is there people I never watched Chinese Twitch of any sort, I don’t know, are they, are they’re screaming and crying for money?

I, I don’t, I don’t believe they’re all that different than your average, ah, streamer here in in the us or Europe or anywhere else that I’ve ever seen. , there’s, , rarely are they ever shaming you for not, , subscribing or whatever we’ve covered. Some, some that have and how that doesn’t generally work out well for them.

But I, I don’t know. I don’t see this being a, it’d be interesting. I, I wonder what their data says, how big of an issue this is, or if this is just some high mighty bugs that crawled up some Chinese government ass and planning.

[00:17:49] Daygon07: What it could be. And this, this just came off the top of the dome.

So while it’s going to hear this for the first time, cause usually we have a pre discussion before the podcast goes out. So we know what we’re saying, but [00:18:00] maybe they don’t have a way of tracking the Chinese government. Doesn’t have a way of tracking the quote unquote gifts nor the funds coming in

[00:18:11] WildTwinsFan: as a way to track everything you think Facebook tracks you, they, they, they’re probably not even close to on par with what the Chinese government.

I mean, my understanding is you have like a social score, like a, like a, like a, instead of like a credit score, like you’d have in the United States for years. It’s such like that you have like a, a social score and it’s like how probably how loyal you are to, , the motherland and China and how good of a of a citizen you are and stuff like that.

And then, and I bet that this all rates into all this stuff, and I would be, you’d probably be mind boggled by the statistics that China holds on its own citizens. Again, we talked about this in a previous episode, like saying you should bring burner phones to [00:19:00] Olympics because China’s going to install shit on your, your, your device that you’re never gonna be able to get off and they’re going to track it forever.

Right? Like the government doesn’t make these like statements because, , they think it’s funny or whatever they make them cause they’re legitimate concerns. So I don’t know. It just, I don’t know. I just, it’s just, just a funny little aside to , the stream of world, China’s got to step in and stop it.

Watching after 10:00 PM, , their schoolwork.

[00:19:28] Daygon07: Yeah. So let’s go ahead and dive into why Activision says Vanguard or why they think Vanguard didn’t sell as well as black ops cold war. So activation put out Activision put out puts out an annual report every year. And for 2021, the company said it failed to execute it.

It failed to execute the proper way of doing, of, of launching the game and the world war II setting. Didn’t particularly grab grab. [00:20:00] And it was your response to that.

[00:20:03] WildTwinsFan: What was that day?

[00:20:04] Daygon07: Well, no fucking shit. No one asked no one wanted or asked for another world war II style game.

[00:20:11] WildTwinsFan: Do you remember when I stepped in and like a marksman, I am marksman call duty streamer, Fortnite streamer, a long time as search and destroy a streamer, a fucking amazing guy.

Cool shit too. Also named Nick. So I liked that also in the Midwest here with so, , cool fucking guy, but like he said, like what, even if it’s a world war II game, why do we have to keep it authentic? The world war do right. Give us cool guns, give us laser gun, , whatever, , it’s like, we don’t have no one goes to call of duty for authenticity period.

Right. They go for gameplay and, and, and, and whatever. And, and the call of duty formula or, or whatever. It’s like, Hey, they don’t, it’s like no one wants shitty guns from the 1940s.

[00:20:57] Daygon07: Yeah. Activision came out and said, while call of duty [00:21:00] remains one of the most successful entertainment franchises of all time.

Our 2021 premium release didn’t meet our expectations. We believe primarily due to our own execution, the games, world war II setting didn’t resonate with some of our community and we didn’t deliver as much innovation in the premium game as we would’ve liked. And like I said, my immediate thoughts were world war II has played out.

Cod 1, 2, 3 world war, world war two, Vanguard are all world war one and two based games. That is a lot of their content advanced, advanced warfare, black ops three, and infinite warfare stretches the imagination for future warfare games. Black ops black ops, two cold war are across from the world war II weapons and the more modern weapons we’re talking, , that’s that whole cold war area era.

When, , there was, there was more innovation in, in weapon technology and stuff. And then we have modern warfare, one, two, and three ghost, and then [00:22:00] the, the, the latest, the latest modern warfare. And then we have the new upcoming, modern warfare, two coming out and. I would say, I would say these are, I would say all of these, but ghosts would be their highest grossing games because the story was so good.

It was also where multiplayer online. First person shooters got kicked into overdrive overdrive between modern warfare and modern warfare two. And there’s more relevance. There’s more there, there’s more like, , common similarities for today. It kind of puts you in what a scenario would be like for today.

And that’s what the people, that’s what the people wanted. Now. I get not wanting to put out like a very similar game year after year, but they, those games did so well and, and modern this latest modern warfare game was one of their best-selling games to date. Yeah,

[00:22:51] WildTwinsFan: it’s, it’s the modern warfare. And I’ve said it modern warfare, this, this last gen or this current modern warfare, that war zones based on best [00:23:00] game that held who’s ever put out hands down.

And , I, I don’t, I don’t like the big, a lot on, on. On a cold war because cold war came out a year early. We know that right for Eric was not supposed to step up and put a game out. And they came up a year early, so they get a little bit of a pass, right? Cause shaving a year off your development time is, is phenomenal.

And to have a game that came out and pretty much worked, right. W worked better than a lot of the other games, ? Let’s just say it’s such hammer makes shit games, they made that what world war two was their last game, right? If I, if I believe correctly and now, and then they got an extra year to make Vanguard and Vanguard’s kind of a right in some ways, but some of the, some of the shit is so fucked up.

Like I’m irritated that, as a certain distort player, you could have ghosts, you could have cold blood and you can have ninja. You’ve always been able to have that by some form of, of whatever and call of duty. Yeah, you have to pick [00:24:00] between either ghoster or ninja. It’s like, those are the two things I want on my search glass.

Cause that’s the way I play. I’m not, I’m not the rusher. I’m, I’m a bit of a rat, , I let my other, my other teammates rushed and they got their place and that I need, we need that. And I’m a little bit slower, more methodical, a little more planned out my play style. I could play both route routes, but that’s just the way I play because most people want to be the rushers and you can’t even do that.

[00:24:30] Daygon07: Yeah. I was telling my buddy last night we were playing some war zone. Some rebirth island. I don’t play caldera. I don’t like, I don’t like, I don’t like zones. Well, I don’t like, I don’t like war zones, like battle Royale thing. Like their version of a battle Royale. I really enjoy, I really enjoy rebirth island because it’s kind of a mix between like team death match and, and , your traditional BR, but I’m sitting there trying to level up a gun [00:25:00] and , I’m going through this list of it.

This is for the automaton automaton. However, the hell you say it, and I’m going through the list of optics. Why the hell do we need 21 optics for a gun

[00:25:15] WildTwinsFan: and shitty,

[00:25:17] Daygon07: why do we need, why do we need the ability to have 10 different attachments for. Yeah. , they’re, they’re, they’re just trying to, they’re trying to fix a problem.

That’s not there with that. And, and you said it, you just said it, right? It’s it’s, it’s grindy at the end of the day. And

[00:25:38] WildTwinsFan: man, ultimately, ultimately that’s probably the Vanguard’s biggest flaw is fucking, no one wants to play it for 24 hours to level up one gun. I mean the leveling up, , the guns, they get better as you level them up.

And I’ll tell you what most guns I would argue are not usable under level 20. [00:26:00] Like you can’t. Yeah, you can get killed. Right. But you are not, you are going to get owned by anything. That’s halfway on the Metta. If you, if you’re using those guns, if you’re not the first shot clearly on people you’re losing so many gunfights and it.

What it, you just get killed. And then the skill-based matchmaking is, is so fucking brutal on Vanguard. Like I get teammates that I swear to God, they drool and they don’t, they don’t, I don’t even know, dude, they’re, they’re playing with their feet because their hands are busy texting. I don’t know what they’re doing.

I it’s, you, you punish, you punish the players that want to play the game. And, and I believe marksman now is done playing Vanguard. He’s not, he won’t play it anymore because he’s just tired of getting thrown into the dog shit, lobbies with trash kids and having to play your heart out every game to try to have [00:27:00] fun.

[00:27:01] Daygon07: I, I didn’t even buy Vanguard. My buddy just bought Vanguard just so he can level up the guns. Cause he’s tired of it. Taking the, ever to try to level them up. In a war zone. That’s the only reason why he bought it. I said they had that at buddy. The only game that I, that I’m actually gonna buy that I’m actually looking forward to buying is the new wars on two game.

That’s going to be coming out. That’s it. And I’m free and I’m not, I’m not even buying it

[00:27:29] WildTwinsFan: modern warfare two,

[00:27:31] Daygon07: right? Yeah. Yeah. Modern warfare two, sorry. Yeah, you’re right. Correct. Modern warfare two I’m. I’m not even buying it for the war zone or for the multiplayer. I’m buying it for the story. And set it a million times on this channel.

I love the story on modern warfare and I’ve been part of, it’s been part of my life since Dave, since modern warfare one, the O G modern warfare. I’ve loved it. Then I love it today. And I’m going to keep loving it as long as , they, they do it justice and [00:28:00] speaking of justice, How about that Johnny Depp and Amber heard trial that everybody’s been meaning.

[00:28:08] WildTwinsFan: I mean, I know it’s it’s I can’t, I cannot actually watch it cause it’s so cringey. It’s so cringy. I can’t, and I love, I love that Amber is getting roasted. Like she deserves because she’s an evil con and I’m going to recommend strong language. Honestly, well-deserved, she’s

[00:28:31] Daygon07: an evil lady. We’re going to leave the C word out of that.

We’ll we’ll delete that out of the recording, but she is, she is not a good lady. I mean, she’s even on, on record in the trial on audio saying she beat the mess out of, out of Johnny Depp. Like, like what more do you need? What more evidence do you need as a jury to be like, this bitch is fucking crazy.

, she’s obviously lying. And, and her, her, her [00:29:00] trying to do FA her trying to produce fake tears. And I swear, she’s doing, she’s doing secret bumps of Coke on the stand and stuff. It’s, it’s, it’s amazing. And this has been such a huge topic that like top streamers, like Pokemon X QC, and a lot of others, their meaning and reacting to this entire case.

And it’s become the new Metta. And it’s pulling in streamers by the thousands. , there’s content creators on Twitch that have put the actors names and their titles just to garner the, , garner the interest of curious viewers. And they’re going for the different variations of justice for, , justice for Amber herd or justice for Johnny, or they’re doing Amber heard versus Johnny Depp watch party.

And it’s, it’s working. Cause people, people are morbidly interested in this case. , me personally, I hope I hope Johnny Depp wins. I’m a Johnny Depp fan. I think it was dumb that, that he got let go of [00:30:00] two big movie franchises, , with it, , he was, he was guilty, guilty until proven innocent and, , he has every right to Sue her for what she’s, what , for what he’s wanting.

But the, the streamers like Pokemon have had onscreen counters, tracking certain behaviors, such as herds, fake crying or, or DEP in his, his lawyer laughing like it’s, this is probably one of the most entertaining cases. One of the most entertaining court cases I’ve ever seen it because it’s two actors acting on the stand.

Like they have to put up. They have to put up like this facade, or they have to, these are professional people that, that fool people into thinking that they’re, that they’re a specific type of person. And we just see how bad of an actor Amber heard is she’s relied on. It’s kind of

[00:30:57] WildTwinsFan: nice. So I though like, like Twitch, [00:31:00] YouTube, this is a perfect platform for something like this, right.

You can kind of get together and discuss things. And I, I mean, that’s some of the cool powers of Twitch and live streaming that you could, you could bring a group, an audience together and discuss things and hopefully , rational terms on things and just kind of get the opinions and points of view.

So people, and so I just think it’s , not topic wise, I can’t watch it too cringy. But I, I just think it’s, it’s, it’s a shining example of, of some of the content on Twitch that actually does come out to be pretty amazing stuff. So. Yeah.

[00:31:35] Daygon07: Just remember guys, enjoy the intent, enjoy the entertainment value, but unless you’re a law professional don’t claim, anything as fact or spread anything as fact, don’t, don’t be part of the misinformation era.

The, the people that have really benefited from this though have been like, like the professional, the professional law stream, or the professional law people that are, that have gotten industry and like, like their, [00:32:00] their, their viewership and following is just skyrocketed. And that’s, that’s really cool to see from a, , on that, on that point, cause that’s going to help their careers.

At the end of the day,

[00:32:10] WildTwinsFan: I kind of actually watch a couple a couple lawyers. There’s a, there’s a couple of tick tock. They’re pretty big. A husband and wife there’s they’re lawyers and they kind of over go over points and stuff. And it’s always interesting to hear , a lawyer’s perspective on things CNO, , and it always varies from region to region and stuff like that.

Meat, meat content, nonetheless, something

[00:32:32] Daygon07: born from, yeah. And finally, let’s talk about this sad news because I wanted to put the sad news last, just because there was so much good stuff. At the beginning razor co-founder and gaming mouse, pioneer Robert razor guy Krakoff passed away. But the, the good news is he passed away at the ripe old age of 81.

It’s not like he passed away when he was like 50 or something like that. Yeah, pretty good run.

Krakoff was the co-founder and former president [00:33:00] of a gaming hardware company razor. And in 1999, he was behind the first ever gaming mouse, the razor boom slang. And it was the foundation of razors, massive lineup of gaming mice. And it arguably jump-started the entire gaming peripheral industry. So.

Basically the godfather of gaming mice.

So the origin stories can be complicated and the story of razor is more convoluted than most razor was. Wasn’t actually a company until 2005. It was the trademark brand of an entity called CARNA, which had invented an opto mechanical and coding wheel that could track the mouse’s movements at 2000 DPI.

Robert Krakoff was also a known lefty and he stated that he wished the company would make a left-handed mouse, but he didn’t have the power as president of the company to make that happen. But the board was like, all right, let’s, let’s give this a try. Cause he’s obviously not the only left-handed person out there.

And. But the, the, the, the amount of left-handed people out [00:34:00] there is way less than right-handed people. So it just didn’t make financial sense for razor to do that. But about a year later, they eventually released the first left-handed gaming mouse, which was a mirror image of its bestselling mouse at the time Razor’s best-selling mouse at the time, the death adder, which is still one of their more popular, more popular mouses to date.

And like I said, he was pretty much the grandfather of modern, of modern gaming peripherals. And we as gamers owe this man a debt of gratitude, I mean, we all love our logic tech mice.

[00:34:33] WildTwinsFan: The inspiration has to come from somewhere. And so anyways, tablet,

[00:34:37] Daygon07: gaming newsletter. Yeah. , being a razor streamer. Personally, I don’t promote their products too, too much, because I think they’re overpriced for what you get, but they do make a damn good keyboard. I use the razor or not to keyboard and man, I love this thing.

[00:34:55] WildTwinsFan: And well, if my kids have a razor keyboard, one, one actually has our [00:35:00] not doing it. They’re both really good, really solid keyboards. So

[00:35:03] Daygon07: your, your daughter has, your daughter has a razor headset, right?

[00:35:07] WildTwinsFan: She’s got the, yeah, she’s got the kitty version, kitty crack RGB ears and all that stuff and the expensive headset, but it’s been good.

She loves it. Super comfortable. Super nice. I don’t wear it much because it’s a tool strange on me.

[00:35:27] Daygon07: While, while he’s trying to say, as he doesn’t want to look like Pokemon on streaming, because he’s that sexy.

[00:35:32] WildTwinsFan: I mean, I don’t want us to deal with them. She’s amazing. Beautiful. All the above.

[00:35:38] Daygon07: So we got some followups this week as well.

So Sony says it won’t make bungee games exclusive, but the federal trade commission might not be convinced while he, what, what do you think about this? I’m a

[00:35:50] WildTwinsFan: I’m on par. I, I’m not convinced either. Sony’s been historically worse at, , exclusives than anyone else, , you can’t have Spider-Man they fought what [00:36:00] rocket league I think was kind of really one of the first titles that really pushed and they fought to get rocket league to keep, , that on its network and , Fortnite and they kind of had the whole everyone’s had their issues and and its money issues.

Arguing about that. So I don’t know, I’m not, I don’t know. I don’t know how they can, the force enforce that or, or whatever, but I don’t trust Sony either

[00:36:24] Daygon07: to be honest, man. I, I don’t really care. They don’t have a game out that I really care about right now. Yeah. So, I mean, but

[00:36:33] WildTwinsFan: again, those four players playing destiny are probably, no, I’m just kidding us.

Destiny’s actually a fair, a fair population of active players. But yeah, I don’t know. It’s pretty non on issue to me.

[00:36:48] Daygon07: And as we were talking about in in the Nvidia segment up above earlier as we were talking about in the Nvidia segment earlier, Coursera expects GPU’s we back to MSRP in [00:37:00] the near term and perhaps perhaps maybe a little lower than MSRP.

[00:37:07] WildTwinsFan: Oh, you could probably find her AMD cards for her lower. And again, we’ve talked about that. Yeah. I could have given me the jump team, red drivers and all sorts of issues there. I’m going to stay with So in real time, I’m happy to see the prices in the bill, Billy com.

[00:37:27] Daygon07: So my buddy, he’s really wanting to upgrade his GPU.

He’s got a 10, 10 50 TEI and he’s like, well, a 30, 70 is just a little bit out of my price range, but a 6,700 sounds fantastic because it’s, it’s about the same specs as a, as a 30, 70. And I’m like, you can go that route and he’s not a streamer, so he doesn’t need an invent chip. So it’s not, it’s, it’s not, not out of the [00:38:00] question for him, but I did warn them that their, their drivers supports hot garbage, and he’s like, I’ll risk it for the biscuit.

And I’m like, all right, well, I’m not going to tell you. I told you. So, although, , my,

[00:38:12] WildTwinsFan: my previous not if may be, if you’re not dropping for every triple a game, when they, when they come up. , you’d probably be pretty consistently. Okay.

[00:38:22] Daygon07: Yeah. He’s, he’s, he’s a war zone player. Like that’s, that’s kind of his go-to game.

He doesn’t play much else than, than, than war zone. So I think, I think he’ll be okay. And, , as, as we’re seeing now, like the gigabyte 6,900 XT is actually under MSRP right now. Yeah.

[00:38:44] WildTwinsFan: But it just dropped the 69 50 for 10% more, maybe 10% more performance. So I could see a price drop on that. That’s that’s getting old now. That’s like 3080 versus 3080 ti [00:39:00] so yeah, a price drop on that seems reasonable. It just, it’s just one of those things, man. You gotta make, you gotta make an educated choice based on your uses. When you’re, when you’re buying a GPU But that being said, the latest version of in NVIDIA’s driver that just dropped from me crashes, Vanguard.

So I had to re-install and go back to the previous version, stop it from crashing. So, no, one’s perfect.

[00:39:25] Daygon07: So speaking of that guys PSA, public service announcement here, make sure you update your graphics driver. There was a critical vulnerability found in the latest in one of the latest Nvidia graphics drivers.

They finally patched it this this last week. So make sure you update your Nvidia graphics, graphics, drivers, if if you haven’t already otherwise you could run into some pretty nasty issues with your

[00:39:54] WildTwinsFan: PC.

Unless you’re one of the other 12 of Vanguard blades with me and heed warning.[00:40:00]

[00:40:01] Daygon07: And finally G-Force now’s best feature is finally available for Mac and PC users. Guys, you can now stream your games in 4k without needing like a shield, a shield TV.

[00:40:17] WildTwinsFan: I don’t know anything about this day. Tell me about it,

[00:40:21] Daygon07: So what shield TV is is, is NVIDIA’s kind of like the Amazon Firestick or or the, the Chromecast. You don’t need that anymore. You don’t need, you don’t need this $150 device in order to stream stream your 4k games over and you, but you have to have at least a an RTX 3080.

That is, that is the stipulation. But now you can stream 4k. You can stream your games in 4k at 60, at 60 frames per second. On both PC and Mac, and they also announced new additions to their streaming catalog, including Trek to Yommie and [00:41:00] star Trek, or excuse me, star Trek wars. Wow. Trekkies and star wars geeks please don’t kill me on that one. A star wars fallen. Wow. Star wars, Jedi fallen order. So Trek to Yommie and star wars. Jedi fallen order is now available on G-Force now, if you invest in that, I don’t have a reason to invest in it. I have Xbox game pass ultimate. I can play the games on there, but a lot of people with the new graphics cards they are getting, like, what is it?

Six month memberships or year membership your trial to to G-Force now.

[00:41:39] WildTwinsFan: Gosh. I think, I think they gave me a year when I think there was a year, a tab in my, in my box when I bought my 3080.

I obviously didn’t use it.

[00:41:50] Daygon07: So guys, if you haven’t already be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so you can engage with us as well as find out when we’re streaming the podcast and get a first listen before it goes out across all of your [00:42:00] favorite podcasting platforms. So do it.

[00:42:05] WildTwinsFan: So this is a bit of a follow-up from our favorite Pokimane here Pokimane was talking with xQc about his gambling and gambling on stream and gambling just in general.

And like we talked about, , maybe these are things that should be removed from Twitch by encouraging people to gamble. And, and some of these things, I don’t know, are belong on Twitch or. I don’t know, or should be vetted somehow that you have to be 21 and up or whatever it is to even watch these streams.

But xQc has always been a famous for streaming gambling and a catalog. He caught a lot of flack for in the past and he hasn’t really done it. He hasn’t done it for a while, from my understanding. But he was talking with Pokimane and it told Poki that he’d lost $1.85 million last [00:43:00] month.

Right? Not breaking the bank right, the guy’s making bank right. He’s not, he’s not going bankrupt, but to admit, to losing almost $2 million on stream is insane to me. And now I hear that he’s back streaming gambling and sponsored by another gambling site. Well, he’s got a bigger skeletons in the closet.

I don’t know.

[00:43:28] Daygon07: Well, in, in that interview with Poki, he, he even came out and said, , I have an addiction to gambling, and this is where the toxicity of the industry that we’re in really, really stands out because you have like, like you just said, you have these people encouraging the, these people that have these addictions.

It’s like, it’s like people that are addicted to drugs. You’re, you’re basically just handing them, , a bag of cocaine and saying here, bud have fun and here’s $20. So I can watch you,[00:44:00] , get yourself loaded and see how you act. It’s that’s the disgusting part about this industry is. We should be, we should be helping these people.

I mean, yes, he’s, he’s got the money to go to, , some sort of rehabilitation or, , move away from it. He’s got the means, but he doesn’t have the motivation because people are paying him to lose this amount of money. They’re giving him the money and then he’s losing the money and they’re loving them for it.

And that’s, that’s the worst part about this in my opinion honestly, , not to sound cliche, but I’m, I’m disgusted by it. From, from a, from a viewer standpoint, from the mental health standpoint of X QC, I think X QC is an ass to begin with, but he’s a human and I have love for all humans at the end of the day.

I think he needs help, but he’s not going to get it because he’s getting paid. He’s getting paid to.

[00:44:55] WildTwinsFan: Or is he obligated, does he have a backdoor deal now? Because [00:45:00] he’s lost so much money? He says he lost 1.8, maybe it’s maybe numbers bigger. Maybe he’s a, what, maybe he’s got a deal with the devil there in the, in the gambling industry.

And that’s why he’s streaming and promoting that against. So I don’t know, like, you kind of took the high path there for a while, but we’re back to it. So again, I don’t know to me it doesn’t belong at Twitch. It doesn’t belong on a, on three platforms. No, not at all. Flipping into a, just a Twitter post this week.

I’ve retweeted it. If you guys don’t follow us @agaming moment on Twitter. But just a kind of exciting we got Modern Warfare 2.

[00:45:35] Daygon07: Stoked about this.

[00:45:40] WildTwinsFan: Should be, I hate to say it should be great. I expect this game for me. To be the black ops two, right. Black ops was great.

And I remember someone asking me, cause it was, , it was a bigger deal back then, black ops two. I remember we waited in line or, well, there was lines and I ended up [00:46:00] waiting. It didn’t wait in line that night, but I got the game and I played it every waking minute till I had to do something else.

And someone asked me, so how is it? I was like, I hate to say this. Cause it’s still pretty early, but it’s the best game I’ve ever played and the day one. Right. So that’s what I’m hoping comes out of this. So I’m hyped, I’m ready. I’m ready for this. Ready for a new engine. I’ll entertain a new Warzone, but that’s not my thing.

So hopefully I have search and destroy. Hopefully they’ll have the perks all fucked up. Like they have this Vanguard. So we’ll see.

[00:46:36] Daygon07: Yeah. The the cover is set in that like a jungle setting. So I’m excited cause this, this feels like it will be a different, a different atmosphere. If you will.

Like maybe they’re going to, maybe they, maybe they’re going to, they’re going to play off of the, the whole, Pacific theme that they have going on in, in Warzone right now and the, the whole Caldera thing, but they’re building a Modern Warfare around it. And I think, I [00:47:00] think that’s a good storyline because that’s not really a storyline that’s been done yet.

Taking kind of what’s going on in the world right now. They could have, they could have been building a, a storyline around that. But I think, I think this jungle fighting, like maybe bringing back like Vietnam or something like that is, is really, is really gonna like maybe boost it’s it’s taking them someplace where they haven’t gone before, when we thought that they’ve gone.

Every, that, that they’ve done every, every major era of war, this kind of steps it up and says, Nope, Nope, we haven’t hit everything yet.

[00:47:34] WildTwinsFan: So on, and I didn’t really I ended up finding the TikTok posts this week. I have one for next week. But guys, if you don’t already hit us up on TikTok, send us, I love nothing more than go in and like pick TokTok’s fun and I love randomly scrolling, but the best TikToks come from your friends.

So get on TikTok, follow us A Gaming Moment on TikTok and send us the best clips to see. , we want you guys to send them on the, on the [00:48:00] website. Go to agamingmoment.com. You can, you can send clips that way or send us just a message as a friend on TikTok any of the great, , TikToks to come across gaming streaming , technology, anything like that.

And then let’s see if we can get a listener to send us a TikTok or, or a Twitter or Instagram. Message us and we’ll see if we can get those in our in our weekly podcast. So I just think that’s a great way. And

[00:48:25] Daygon07: absolutely.

So Wild I got a question for you, yeah. Are you a pie man, or are you a cake, man? If you could only have one for the rest of your life.

[00:48:34] WildTwinsFan: Oh, top question of the week. I’m I, I I’ve been thinking about this and I mean, cake is good, but I don’t think it holds like, like I’m thinking of go pie and I had just done a family trip here this week.

Excuse me, this last month went up to a place called Betty’s pies. It’s up on the north shore of Minnesota superior. And [00:49:00] just a little pie shop and there they’re not open every day and their hours are kind of small. They’re always kind of known for their pies and some people say they’re great.

Some people say they’re not and all that, but I’ve been there several times and they’ve always been outstanding and they have this pie is five layer chocolate pie is absolutely to die for and I’ve had it over the last, like 15 years. And I’ve only had it like four times in 15 years, but every time I’ve had, it’s the best pie I’ve ever had.

And I’m always scared to order it again because I don’t want it to be bad. And it never is. It’s just, it’s phenomenal. It is. It’s like three hours for my, maybe three, three and a half hours from my door. And I contemplate driving up there to get a pie every so often they ship to, but that’s, much fun.

So I’m strong pie. How about you Day?

[00:49:57] Daygon07: I’m going to have to agree like a good [00:50:00] pumpkin pie or a good pecan pie. That’s that’s where it’s at. Now. I’m going to say something completely criminal, completely criminal. I don’t like apple pie,

[00:50:10] WildTwinsFan: Eh… There’s a lot of apple pies.

[00:50:16] Daygon07: The only time I like apple pie is in a milkshake. And if you’ve never had, if you’ve never had an apple pie milkshake, it will change your life. The first time I ever had an apple pie milkshake was I was working at Johnny rockets. I was a server at Johnny rockets and somebody ordered it and I’m like, Why the hell would you put a pie in the milkshake?

And then I had it and it changed my life. That’s the only way. That’s the only way I can enjoy an apple pie.

[00:50:42] WildTwinsFan: So what is that? Is that like, like you take a slice of pie and mash it into the milkshakes.

[00:50:49] Daygon07: Yeah, you can you take, take a slice of pie, some, get some ice cream ice cream scoops. It’s a drinkable apple pie, a la mode.

That’s all that. That’s basically what it is. Drinkable apple pie a la mode. And it [00:51:00] is the best thing I’ve ever had when it comes to pie outside of a good pecan pie. And there’s nothing on planet earth that can beat a good pecan pie. A close second.

[00:51:12] WildTwinsFan: Let me, let me interject here.

Have you ever had a bad pecan pie? Right? You’ve had bad pecan pies. Pretty damn good. It’s not a lot of ingredients there. It’s pretty hard to talk about God

[00:51:24] Daygon07: for number two. Number two is is pumpkin pie with a giant dollop of cool whip. It has to be cool with it. Can’t be any other. It can’t be any other whipped cream.

It has to be cool whip. It’s something about the sweetness of the cool whip that goes with the pumpkin.

[00:51:39] WildTwinsFan: That’s a taste memory. That’s a comfort food memory. That’s not awarded upon quality. That’s because when you went to your family, Thanksgiving, every flipping year, grandma would be lazy and whip out the… It’d be like the same as you is all kids don’t know the [00:52:00] difference between

whipped cream and cool lip, they like this better.

A cool whip is. Cool Whip is a, it’s got its place, but it’s very limited in the WildTwinsFan world.

[00:52:14] Daygon07: But to, to your point on like, there’s no bad pecan pie, like I dies for like one of those pecan pies from the convenience store.

That’s those pre-packaged little, , three inch, three inch diameter pecan pies. I die for those. They’re so good. There is not a bad pecan pie.

[00:52:32] WildTwinsFan: The, the kicker too, as we go up to Toronto for my wife’s work and they’re traveling and Toronto, they have these things called butter tarts. And I was like, this is this, like, I don’t know if they have pecan pie up there.

Cause they people seem mystified by the whole concept. But I was like, this is just a pecan pie without pecans. And so my wife got to try butter tart, cause she has a nut allergy. So she can’t have nuts. And she, she loves my wife, loved it do. And [00:53:00] so can we find, we find some butter tarts before we leave, , and stuff like that.

And yeah, the pump pumpkin pie is definitely way up there, but I’m going to go with the real whipped cream on that. Pecan I’ve had very few pecan. I’ve never had a bad pecan pie. I’ve had some that are less good, but never had a bad one. So bell points in my world. I also, you guys want you can follow my Instagram hungered inspired on Instagram and message me.

If you guys want to a suggestion, if you’re up in the Minnesota area of, of, of a food recommendation , that’s always fun stuff or, or hit us up on a, on a AGM, if you wanted a Texas anything food recommendations on Texas or Minnesota.

[00:53:45] Daygon07: Still trying to fly wildly down here to enjoy real good barbecue, and oysters.

There’s a place here. They pay way too much for oysters where Wilde’s at. We have them super dirt cheap down here. And they’re huge because they’re Gulf oysters.

And that’s going to be it [00:54:00] for this episode, guys. It’s sad to see Twitch constantly make the wrong decisions. Like we talked about last episode, even executive leadership sees it and is bouncing. In the next episode, we’ll talk about YouTube making the right decisions for its growth.

Thank you guys for listening in consider our Patreon to support the podcast. And also by going to merch.agamingmoment.com and picking up a really awesome t-shirt or sweater or beanie or hat we have it all be sure to subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting platform and be sure to leave us a five star review of the podcast.

Also check back weekly for the next episode, and until next time guys keep grinding.