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[00:00:44] I’m digging oh seven and with me as always is Wild Twins, family quality. We’ve got a bit of a condensed episode today and it, it’s been a minute since we’ve been back. So happy season four. Happy season four, episode one. What do we got going on this week?

[00:00:57] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, we just got, we’re just gonna cover a couple topics, [00:01:00] brush on a couple more, we’ll go to a little more in depth following up here cuz we’re kind of into a little bit of limbo in some of the, the gaming world.

[00:01:07] So we’re gonna talk about Twitch cutting streamers. And we’ve talked about that before, but it’s coming now. And we’re also gonna talk about, take two, Interactive being targeted by hackers.

[00:01:20] Daygon07: Yeah. As, as many of you guys might have heard, if you’re, if you’re in the, in the streaming sphere, streaming world, the, the Twitch world, YouTube world, Facebook gaming world, this, this comes as no surprise.

[00:01:33] I know Twitch cutting streamers pay, it sounds awful, but it doesn’t really affect that many streamers. Essentially streamers that currently have a contract split of 70 30, if they make over a hundred K a year, they’re now getting bumped down to 50 50 splits like the rest of us scrubs. Now, does it suck for them?

[00:01:53] Absolutely, but for those streamers making like a million, this is damn near $300,000 pay cut for [00:02:00] them. So I’d be pissed, but as of now, doesn’t really affect me. But what does bother me is Twitch’s reasoning. Twitch stated this in their blog post talking about the topic, and it seemed a bit out of place for me.

[00:02:12] So they came out and they said, Lastly, we have to talk about the cost of our service delivering high definition, low latency, always available. Live video to nearly every corner of the world is expensive. Using the published rates from Amazon Web services, interactive video service, Twitch is essentially, well, which is essentially Twitch video is what they.

[00:02:34] Live video costs for a hundred concurrent fewer streamer who streams 200 hours a month or more. It costs twitch about a thousand dollars per month. We typically don’t talk about this because frankly, you shouldn’t have to think about it. We’d rather you focus on doing what you do best, but to fully answer the question of why not 70 30, ignoring the high cost of delivering the Twitch service would’ve meant giving you an incomplete.[00:03:00]

[00:03:00] So basically they’re stating that a streamer who streams 200 hours a month costs them over thousand dollars. First off, that’s bullshit. Twitch uses AWS for its infrastructure. Amazon owns Twitch and aws, and they want to try to feed us that they’re charging themselves full fucking price to run their own service.

[00:03:19] I mean, come on, we’re not stupid. Let’s also not forget to mention, and thank you to Devin Nash for pointing this out, that Twitch already has been and still is, taking the biggest cut of any subscription platform. YouTube takes like 25%, hell only fans only takes like 20%, and Patreon takes only 8%. So Twitch is already taking more than you could get.

[00:03:42] What, what, What are your thoughts on this Wal?

[00:03:45] WildTwinsFan: I mean, we’ve talked about this, which is not profitable. Streaming has not been profit. There’s a lot of ways to. To make some money on this. And I just don’t see throwing and forcing ads down [00:04:00] people’s throats as being the solution. You know, they want video ads.

[00:04:04] They wanna, they wanna break into your stream and run videos and, and ads and, and I don’t really find that acceptable. You know, It’s like a sitcom and a comedy. Like they build the, the ad breaks into the structure. The, of the show. Like when you watch commercial TV with Twitch, you’re streaming live.

[00:04:25] You’re always live, you know, you don’t build in breaks to your, your stream. You know? It, it’s unnatural. It’s, it’s not. It doesn’t work well. I would rather see ads on stream, like banners and such than, or even, I, I dare say, popups over, over actual rolled ads that you’re required to watch and take you out of the content.

[00:04:55] You know, it’s one of those things we [00:05:00] watched Mixer fail under Microsoft because it wasn’t making money Now. Which is trying to say they’re failing cuz they’re not making money, they’re not, they’re not charging themselves what they should charge themselves. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

[00:05:18] Somewhere along the line, they, they gotta make money as, as a business, but I, I don’t think this is the right method, but this is, This is probably the method getting shoved down their throat by some, some big buck accountant. Or we’re gonna make this commercial like TV and, and you can’t make it, you know, a sitcom or, or you know, a traditional media with a traditional commercial.

[00:05:45] And cuz this is live, you can’t, you can’t take a. You can’t take a break in the middle of live action. It just doesn’t work. So I, I think this is a poor method. I think it’s a, it’s a [00:06:00] giant money grab. It’s already disgusting. The cut they take and from the small streamers, they’re taking these, these big cuts as is.

[00:06:09] And I think quite frankly, it’s disgusting. And, and, and it. Possibly is, as we alluded to before, could be the downfall, the starting of the downfall of Twitch. So I think this is a huge story. I think we have to, to watch this carefully. There’s already streamers, we’re seeing more big name streamers going to YouTube.

[00:06:31] I saw Wacky Jackie Streaming live on YouTube this week. Wacky Jackie 1 0 1, Big Pub G streamer. He’s got a a, a pretty big following. He’s got a big YouTube. He does well on Twitch. Uh he probably does better content wise, money wise, on YouTube with his videos. And the live content on YouTube is still struggling a little bit, but Twitch keeps shooting themselves in the foot, and I don’t know why [00:07:00] people aren’t gonna just.

[00:07:01] Move to YouTube. Like me right now. I stream Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, dli, blemish you name it, what, whatever’s working at the moment. I’ve even done T travo and I’ve never gained a lot of traction on any of those sites, but I think it’s only a, a place and time that people are gonna get tired of Twitch and tired of getting ads shoved down their throat.

[00:07:26] And maybe that’ll be the catalyst for some of these other services to take. Yeah, you, you

[00:07:32] Daygon07: hit the nail on the head there. Like all those streamers that have, that have made the transition from Twitch to YouTube, they, they have come out and said, you know, Hey, we don’t have to be live to make money on the platform.

[00:07:46] Yep. And that’s the thing with Twitch, you have to be live in order to make any kind of money.

[00:07:52] WildTwinsFan: And why doesn’t Twitch think. Why does a Twitch say, Hey, we’re gonna give our content creators videos now [00:08:00] that they can post up like YouTube and people can go watch these highlight clips and we can freeroll add those and monetize those.

[00:08:09] And you know what I mean? There, there’s, there’s angles that they have there that they could leave up content, right? Cuz you can make a video today. It could continue to make you money for years to come. And, and I think you’re proof of that. So, I mean, but Twitch just all their eggs in one basket and, and that’s all they do.

[00:08:30] And then, then now they got a new basket and they’re gonna dump everything into, to ads and, and screwing up the viewer experience. Like that’s what you have

[00:08:38] Daygon07: Twitch. They don’t have the funds to be able to, they don’t have the storage funds to be able to, to do that if they’re bitching about the, the, the stream.

[00:08:49] The, the, the cost of streaming. They, they sure as hell don’t have the funds to store, to, to store in perpetuity videos like YouTube does. I mean, my goodness, that big daddy, that [00:09:00]

[00:09:00] WildTwinsFan: might cost too much. Big daddy, Jeff needs to open his wallet and get the right place. And you know, it’s like anything, you have to set the infrastructure up to make your profit, right.

[00:09:12] You have to, as a business, you have to, you have to risk your investment to make the money. And Twi just wants everything now. So it’s, I, I, I don’t get it soon enough. You’re gonna go to the point where you’re gonna have to pay to stream on Twitch, you know, it’s gonna be a subscription service for the streamers.

[00:09:36] Daygon07: Yeah. With, with no no return on investment. Yeah. Oh, well. But in other news, Take two, Interactive was targeted, was the target of either a hacker or a group of hackers. Um, and just, you know, more broadly, the past two to three weeks have had some pretty [00:10:00] noticeable breaches. I mean, Uber, Uber got breached, but more importantly, as it pertains to the, in our industry, or, you know, the, the topics that we cover take two.

[00:10:09] Which two K Games is a subsidiary of two K Interactive take two, Interactive, excuse me. And on Tuesday, August 20th, they put out a notification that their help desk platform was hacked. The hackers used the system to target customers with fake support tickets, pushing malware via embedded links in the ticket.

[00:10:28] Two K games. Put out a tweet saying earlier today, we became aware that an unauthorized third party illegally accessed the credentials of one of our vendors. To the Help desk platform that two K uses to provide support to our customers. The unauthorized party sent a communication to certain players containing a malicious link.

[00:10:46] Please do not open any emails or click any links that you receive from two K games. Support account two K games. Advise their customers to reset any passwords. Clear Google Chrome, Autofill enabled multifactor [00:11:00] authentication and run an antivirus program and check if any forwarding rules have been changed on their personal email.

[00:11:07] The malicious email pushed out by the hackers contain the malware redline info Steeler Redline Steeler is an info Steeler malware that threat actors used to steal a wide range of data after infecting one system. This includes web browser history, cookies saved browser passwords, credit cards, VP and credentials, instant messaging content, cryptocurrency wallets, and more.

[00:11:31] So pretty, pretty. Crazy hack that they did, you know, trying to get the information from these people. And then along with that, hackers also targeted Rockstar Games. Another subsidiary of Take Two Interactive. And it was one of the biggest leaks in video game history. GTA five assets and Source code and GTA six test build were stolen, stole.

[00:11:56] So the hacker stated he was accepting offers for over [00:12:00] $10,000 for the GTA five source code and asset, but the GTA six source code was not for sale at the time. He leaked videos on social media, but rockstar was quick on the trigger to issue DMCA take down requests from infringement, which the social media company is obliged.

[00:12:17] And then Rockstar came out on Monday, September 19th and did confirm the breach. STA stating we recently suffered a network intrusion, which. Unauthorized third party illegally accessed and downloaded confidential information from our systems, including early development footage for the next Grand theft auto.

[00:12:34] At this time, we do not anticipate any disruption to our live game services, nor any long-term effect on the development of our ongoing projects. We’re extremely disappointed to have any details of our next game shared with you all. In this way, our work on the next Grand Theft Auto game will continue as planned, and we remained as committed as ever to delivering an experience to you, our players that truly exceeds your expectations.

[00:12:57] We’ll update everyone again soon, and of course, we’ll properly [00:13:00] introduce you to this game when it is ready. We wanna thank everyone for their ongoing support through this situation. The silver lining to all this though is the alleged hacker was apprehend. On September 22nd, there’s nothing that’s confirmed him as the one who hack Take Too Interactive.

[00:13:17] But reports are, he is the one and is potentially involved with the hacking group lapses, which has been committing attacks in the past year against Nvidia, Microsoft, Okta Globe, Samsung, Vodafone, and Ubisoft. So some pretty prominent names there. Wild. Yeah. For. So needless to say, in my day job, you know, you I don’t know if you guys know or not, I work in cyber, in, in a, you, a cyber security company, but it’s been, it’s been an interesting few weeks.

[00:13:46] So just as a public service announcement, be cautious with any unusual account activity. If you sense something is off, reach out to the company directly via phone and speak to an actual support rep that way and let [00:14:00] them know what’s going on. Be sure to protect yourself. Guys, you. Everybody’s trying to get your stuff.

[00:14:06] Yeah. You know, that’s

[00:14:08] WildTwinsFan: just, right. Now, the thing I find really interesting is a lot of these, a lot of these hacks that you’re seeing, they’re, they’re social engineered hacks. They’re getting the password from people. They’re getting people, they’re tricking people to giving up the information to them. So, It’s not like you’re traditional.

[00:14:27] I found a back door. I found a way to sneak into your service. They’re finding the credentials of people and logging in legitimately into the system and, and just getting full access that way. So, um, I don’t, I don’t work. In, you know, a security industry like like you with with the internet and stuff like that.

[00:14:47] They, but even my industry, I could monthly, at least monthly phishing emails that they test us on. And I, I don’t, I don’t have any internet like power, right? I don’t have any [00:15:00] computer power at my work, but they, they constantly test us because, you know, if they got my credentials, they can get into things that probably wouldn’t be.

[00:15:11] You know, publicly, um, that you couldn’t just put out publicly. You know, I have, I have some privileged information that I get access to that probably means nothing to 99.9% of the world. But, you know, it’s just that little piece where they’re always testing you and, and just, just be aware of those emails that just don’t make sense and you know, your spy senses go up.

[00:15:36] Be careful.

[00:15:38] Daygon07: Yeah. And, and it’s not just your work guys, it’s your personal stuff. Like they’re, they’re, they’re after your bank accounts, they’re after your credit card accounts, whatev where, wherever your more your most valuable information is, that’s what they’re after. Be sure to protect yourself. Run an antivirus.

[00:15:54] Um, I highly recommend going to a local computer repair shop and getting your comp, you know, just spend the [00:16:00] 60 bucks or so to get your computer scanned and, and cleaned up by a professional. Get it tuned up if you will. Make sure it’s running at to top shape, especially if you’re a gamer. And, and just go spend the 60 bucks a month twi, or 60 bucks twice a year and get, get it cleaned out, man.

[00:16:15] And if if you guys ever have any questions about that kind of stuff or if you feel like you feel like there’s something suspicious going on. Please feel free to join our discord. Reach out to me. I can, you know, I can kind of give you some, some details on, some signs to look out for. I mean, I go through training trainings on this literally at least once a month on, on, on fishing detection and, and things like that.

[00:16:40] So be sure to be sure to reach out to us. We, you know, I’d love to hear what, what’s going on and you know, I, I love learning what’s going on out in the world of

[00:16:49] WildTwinsFan: of. I’m pretty impressed. My kid got a virus on his computer, who knows how he’s a kid and his computer’s set up to kind of [00:17:00] big, no big deal.

[00:17:00] Right? I can wipe it, we can reload anything on it. There’s no sensitive data on his computer, period. Right. He doesn’t bank. He’s, he’s, he’s 14, you know, and yeah, but he, he came to me the other day and he said, My mouse is acting funny. And he just knew something was. You know, and he is like, I ran like malware bites and couldn’t find anything, you know?

[00:17:22] And yeah, I kind of looked through it and stuff and I was like, pretty sure it wasn’t a virus or whatever, and we figured out it was a razor program that was you know, kind of changing some mouse inputs for him. And but it’s kind of, I’m impressed that he was, he knew enough to stop and say, Dad, something’s wrong, you know?

[00:17:41] And so we, we looked into it and thankfully we were.

[00:17:45] Daygon07: Yeah. Well also on top of that, that he was cognizant enough to be like, Let me run Malware Bites. Yep. You know, Malware Bites is a free, Malware Bites is a free software. Um, there’s another one that you guys can download called Road Killer. They’re, they’re both free and [00:18:00] you can basically, if you run both of those, you can keep your computer pretty safe.

[00:18:04] I run it at least once a month on, on my machine. Make sure that I stay, I stay kind of. Yep.

[00:18:12] WildTwinsFan: Hey guys, if you’re during the podcast and you wanna go above and beyond just downloading and subscribing to us to support us, we also have a Patreon that you can visit@patreon.gamingmoment.com. Check out our Patreon for our exclusive Patreon rewards.

[00:18:27] Daygon07: So in our general banter section this week we, we’ve got a couple topics that we can talk about. Um,

[00:18:33] WildTwinsFan: yeah, we’re just gonna brush on ’em cuz there’s not a lot of info out yet. We’re, wait. So,

[00:18:43] Daygon07: so Invidia, 4,000 series cards. The 40 eighties and 40 nineties have been announced. There’s hasn’t been any credible independent benchmarks available yet, but basically they’re saying prices are gonna be way up and so are the power requirements, but we’re [00:19:00] gonna cover more of that when the independent review’s coming out.

[00:19:02] But from what we’ve heard and seen so far, like man, the power usage on these things, the. And they’re gonna be using a, a new power supply technology that’s coming out. Yep. While do you, do you remember the name of that?

[00:19:15] WildTwinsFan: I don’t remember the name, but it’s gonna be a little bit more than like your traditional power supply, so you’re gonna have a, a different connector.

[00:19:22] So that’s probably the biggest thing. And some early reports saying you probably don’t want to adapt your PCI connectors to the. Cards, you’re probably just gonna end up replacing your p power supply. And then the power supply itself has four pins on that, that will allow the card to talk with the power supply to kind of say, Hey, how much power do you have?

[00:19:49] And that kind of work within those confines. So it’s a whole nother piece that the power supplies have not had in the past. I think what we’re really seeing [00:20:00] is, is a, is a next generation of power supplies here. So it’s gonna hurt because that’s not gonna give you the flexibility to just straight upgrade.

[00:20:11] You can, but the experts are really starting to rise against it. So, I mean, I gotta, I gotta, you know, a hundred dollars RM eight 50 in my computer right now and it’s not the super expense. Power supply. And it’s unfortunate, but I think it will die with this computer. And I will have to get a new power supply with my next new computer, which will be all right.

[00:20:35] It’s not, not a big change, but that’s, that’s one of the big changes. Um, we haven’t heard anything on the 40 seventies yet, or, or any of the smaller, cheaper cards, but yeah, the prices are way up and, um, it’s gonna get real interesting price wise between NVIDIA and amd. We’re still waiting on amd and I think AMD’s got a really [00:21:00] good chance here to, to squeeze in and, and, and get some more market share.

[00:21:05] Um, hopefully they can get their drivers and, and some of their content creator stuff more in line with Invidia. But you know, if you’re just looking for sheer FPS and stuff you know AMD’s. There’s probably gonna be pretty, pretty hard to beat competitively bang for the

[00:21:27] Daygon07: buck. Yeah. And, and on the power usage reports are, you know, you’re gonna need like a 1200 wat PSU to run these.

[00:21:36] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. And a lot of that’s peak power though too. So it’s that real hard hit that you’re gonna get when you start crunching a bunch of data and, and computing a bunch of stuff that you kind of get that big power spike that that’s really gonna need to be able to handle. So, and then the, you know, the rated watts that’s gonna run out is up there too, but it’s, it’s doing a lot.

[00:21:57] So this is generationally what you’re gonna [00:22:00] see and things will get better, things will get faster, things will get more efficient. And it is it’s kind of exciting I think to see such a big power demand and what the potential could maybe be with these new cards.

[00:22:15] Daygon07: So, yeah, absolutely. And. The, the biggest news for me that, that happened for me this week.

[00:22:24] I’ve been waiting 13 years for this game. Wild. Yeah. I’ve been waiting 13 years. For the newest call of duty, modern warfare too. And I finally, finally got to play the beta. We actually got to play the beta together. We were running some we were running some search and destroy. You were reckoning. We were reckoning

[00:22:46] Like, it, it wasn’t even fair. Like Wildy. Wildy and I are on, on top of the team every single time in, in both kills plants and defuses. Like it was, we were just running over kids. [00:23:00] What was beautiful about it was, is for me, it felt like that original modern warfare too. And I, and, and I attribute the, the way the game was working out for me to man, this just feels like a familiar, best friend that I haven’t seen in 13 years.

[00:23:17] And I, I, I enjoy the new, the new gun building mechanics. I, I, I enjoy the fact that you don’t have to go and grind every single gun to get, get the attachments. Within a weapon class. If you unlock, if you unlock a, a scope on an M four, you know, you can take it down to another, that, that same scope will be unlocked on the next gun that you unlock.

[00:23:44] You know, you don’t have to grind to, to go back to unlock that scope. And then just being able the, the more customizations that you have, so like, just for. From what I played with on the M four, you can turn it into an M 16 by changing the body. You know, it had, it had four different body mods that you could change to [00:24:00] it to actually change what the actual gun was.

[00:24:02] And that was really, really cool to me. But like the movement mechanics, I mean, it was a beta that, you know, there was some, there was a glitch here and there, but I mean, it was pretty polished

[00:24:12] WildTwinsFan: for a beta one. Yeah, it felt good. It played good. It felt, it felt extremely balanced. I. And I think that was intentional, but I don’t feel like any gun in that game was like the gun, you know, I didn’t get killed by the same gun a lot.

[00:24:30] I mean, there probably was somewhat of a meta, but I felt like, I felt like everything I picked up was viable. Maybe that’s cuz the other players were really bad, um, like skill based matchmaking maybe wasn’t really in play. So, yeah. Interesting. I, I think it felt good. I. The screens and some of the, So yeah, overall I think the beta was good.

[00:24:53] I think it shows good promise for the game. Modern warfare two, the original was [00:25:00] actually my catalyst back into gaming after a, a couple year break. Like, you know, where, you know, just life was busy and I just didn’t have time in the game and I was chasing women and, and bars and you name it, you know, everything.

[00:25:14] Fishing and, and all that jazz. Monte warfare two always holds a spot for me as the game that got me back into gaming. And it’s kind of been no looking back ever since. So, and I’ve made some of my best friends, best friends in the world, gaming, you know, Deon’s, one of ’em, Um, you know, ambitions is another one of ’em.

[00:25:35] And it just, you know, like real life friends. Um, and so it’s been, it’s been great and I’m looking forward to continuing on and making some more friends. Definitely playing a lot of cod. And

[00:25:47] Daygon07: we got a couple follow ups this week. We had a, in a previous episode we talked about a country banning banning twitch because of betting, gambling [00:26:00] gambling games and stuff that, that, that was being shown on there.

[00:26:03] Um, yeah, Bann, the whole website. So yeah, they banned the whole site for, from it. And now, In reaction to that, Like what, a year later, while Twitch is banning unlicensed gambling sites, but would still allow sports betting, fantasy sports and poker. Yeah. And so

[00:26:21] WildTwinsFan: it hasn’t played out yet cuz it’s, it’s coming, I think, I wanna say October 18th don’t hold me to that, but a couple weeks off yet.

[00:26:29] And it’s really just a USA ban, so it’s kind of a weird one, but that is weird. I mean, it’s a step forward. It’s still, to me it’s still cheesy. Like, why, why do they need this? Why, why does Twitch need this segment in there? Cause I think it just brings them down to a level. They don’t need to be at a degenerate level.

[00:26:57] Um, I’m not a big fan of it. I’m just [00:27:00] the, the gambling, I don’t, I think it’s a gateway for kids. To think they’re gonna win. And the loop boxes and games are already bad enough. My kids play GenOn, I hate it. Um, they, they, they want to, you know, they want to get their wishes or whatever to get their, their characters and their banners and their weapons and stuff like that.

[00:27:25] Um, but the king grind it for free. But it’s, you know, they, they wanna spend money on the game and it’s, I tell ’em, No, it’s gambling. You know, we’re not, you know, I don’t know mean about that life.

[00:27:39] Daygon07: Yeah. And then while you finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally got your steam deck. I do think

[00:27:47] WildTwinsFan: of it, dude.

[00:27:47] I got it. I still have it. What do I think of it? , I’m gonna be honest at the wall yet. So the thing is, I never realized that [00:28:00] how. Based on Windows. My gaming is until I got the steam deck, like the steam deck’s. Great. It plays lots of stuff real well in, in Lennox, you know, So it’s not using Windows, it’s using Lennox.

[00:28:14] Um, it’s a kind of a cooked up version of a, a valve that’s put together. And it works well for a lot of things and a lot of things you would never notice a big difference. It works great for emulation. Um, I’ve done some of that. I, I, but honestly, I haven’t played a lot with it because there’s, I have like three major games that I play and then the catch and impact would be a fourth that my kids would use it for.

[00:28:43] Um, but like, call duty, I can’t play it because the anti cheat does not work on Linux. And then I have pubg. Which again, battle eye and, and the anti [00:29:00] cheats that they have don’t work on Lennox. And then I have a game I like to play on occasion. I’ve kind of been dabbling with learning the guitar over the years.

[00:29:09] Rocksmith 2014 is the game I’ve been playing now. We just, Rocksmith plus just dropped, um, like a week, two weeks ago. And that’s the new game. And there’s not the drivers available for. The cord for your guitar to plug into the computer. So I can’t play Rocksmith, I can’t play co, I can’t play pubg. Um, Chen’s the same thing.

[00:29:34] Another anti sheet that’s not gonna work in, and we knew this, we talked about this, that that’s one of the, the, the points where, um, the, the steam deck’s lack. So I actually just went and did it. I did it last night no, two nights ago I installed. I have a dual boot now. I have a separate drive dedicated to run windows, and now I just need some time to play it.

[00:29:59] But [00:30:00] I’m, I’m busy. I haven’t had a lot of gaming time. I’ve played with a little bit. Windows is running really good on the steam deck so far. So for me, I’m struggling a little bit honestly with the steam deck, but I think if I just bite the bullet and I’m gonna go windows on my steam deck I think it’ll be a lot more useful for me.

[00:30:25] Um, so it’s one of those concerns. You gotta kinda look at what games you’re playing and, um, kind of judge it from there. But honestly, the, the Windows install not bad. Um, I had a M V M. Drive that was a separate usb and I put it on there and it’s fast. It loads fast, it runs like windows runs. Um, my, they don’t really need, The drivers are kind of working.

[00:30:52] They’re, they’re mostly installed just with Windows. And so that’s been good. I’ll just do, spend a little time with it. [00:31:00] I’m, I’m, I was real happy with it. With the Windows install and I’m running just Windows 10, right. I could do the same thing and run Windows 11. And because I have it set to dual boot, um, I can, well, it’s not a real true dual boot, but I can force it to boot windows or I can, or I can just turn it on.

[00:31:20] But Boot Lennox and Lennox is fine, as long as the game I’m playing will play it. And, and I like it. So I think Google Boot might be the way to go with. Because if I don’t have to run Windows and take up some of the resources that Windows takes up, then I can add that full power to game. And it’s a couple FBS in, in some games, so it might be worth it.

[00:31:46] But so far I, I like it. It fits my hands well, it plays well. Um, I don’t really have any downsides but to just trying to kinda learn it. Cuz Lenox is not one of those things that you just jump. [00:32:00] Um, it’s, it’s a little more complicated than that. Um, but a lot of it is plug and play and does work, you know, without any special knowledge.

[00:32:11] So I’ll keep you updated on, on how this goes, and I think Windows is gonna be a big game changer for me and my Steam deck

[00:32:19] Daygon07: a bit concerning that PUBG doesn’t run for you, both PUBG and, and cod, right? That they both use pretty widely known. Pretty widely known anti cheat software. And PUBG is, is a STEAM game.

[00:32:36] Like right, Is like should, it should run pubg No problem. In, in, in theory. I

[00:32:42] WildTwinsFan: it does. And it, and it does, it does play it, but it’s just, it’s the anti cheats. So, I mean, you can play the games. In fact, in fact, I heard the reports that Modern Warfare two on the steam deck runs better than Modern Warfare 2019.

[00:32:58] So [00:33:00] I, I think there’s a lot of potential there, but you’re just talking pure market share. Lennox is such a small, small, tiny player and we could pull the numbers in the STEAM reports, um, of what, what percentage of people are using that as their operating system. And it’s, you know, it’s kind of the whole same thing.

[00:33:18] People say, Oh yeah, buy an apple, you’ll never get viruses. Well, that’s not true. We know that’s not. But we also know that the vast majority of viruses were made for Intel computers because, and, and Microsoft computers, because that’s what the market share was, right? So I, I see this as a market share issue, but the steam deck end is killing it.

[00:33:42] They are selling them and they’re selling them fast, and they’re making them fast. And so if you want one, I don’t think the weight is too bad. I heard a guy getting who ordered a second deck after he got his first deck and he waited three months, so that’s not too bad. [00:34:00] Um, I got the 2 56 version. Um, if you’re comfortable, you could do the 64 bit or 64 gig version and, and swap the, the, our drive out.

[00:34:11] Um, I don’t think that’s too bad of a deal. You could probably get a shop to do it if you’re not willing to do it. The five 12 version. You can get that too with the bigger drive. But I kind of got the sweet spot. I think that 2 56 is, is pretty good. And I got a nice big 500 gig ss Mike Rustee and that, that’s been working pretty good.

[00:34:34] That’s, that’s kind of enough storage for now.

[00:34:39] Daygon07: Well, good on, good on steam for actually allowing or giving us the capability to. Load a different OS onto it, or dual boot an os onto the platform and not, you know, pulling an apple and being like, No, you, you have to use ro os cuz we spent, you know, X amount of time and x amount of dollars developing [00:35:00] it, making, you know, making it work with the platform.

[00:35:02] You know, versus, you know, hey, We understand that, you know, sometimes you wanna play games that the, the Steam li the steam library is vast, but it doesn’t include many of the games that a lot of people wanna play. Like, like Cod, which fortunately, cod Modern Warfare ii, the new Modern Warfare II coming out is, is gonna be available on Steam.

[00:35:23] But not, not everything is available on Steam, like Fortnight’s not available on Steam or Apex Legends is not available on Steam. So they, they give you the ability to add the, the operating system that you need to be able to access the games that you wanna play. Their focus is let’s just sell the fucking hardware.

[00:35:40] And let’s let people play the games that they wanna play. And that’s, that’s the business model, that’s the motto that people should be going after, right? Yeah. Let, let’s just give them the equipment and let them do what they need to do to get, to get the job that they want to get done. Done. Yeah. Right.

[00:35:54] That’s the way to do it. Yeah. And the other,

[00:35:58] WildTwinsFan: and the other part is people are installing [00:36:00] it, Xbox live game pass on there. And they’re playing Xbox games, you know, like we said, on the cloud or, or you know, Even natively, you can install some apps and that, that’s running on Linux. So that’s not bad.

[00:36:15] I mean, it, it, it’s close. It’s close, but you know, right now it’s not a true dual boot, but I do believe a true du boot is coming up. So now, right now I just have to hold the volume down when I hold, when I press the power on, and then they’ll give me a boot menu. But that’s not, that’s not difficult.

[00:36:33] That’s, that’s one extra button to. So I, I’ve been happy with that. Another,

[00:36:38] Daygon07: another year. Another year. This thing’s gonna be, there’s not gonna, a lot of people won’t need a gaming laptop. Like the next thing that, the next thing that they need to do for the, the, the stream deck or the steam deck. Excuse me, I’m, I’m always

[00:36:52] WildTwinsFan: gonna fuck that from day one.

[00:36:54] Messed that.

[00:36:57] Daygon07: The, the next thing the steam deck needs to do is be able [00:37:00] to, you know, project to an external monitor or to a, to

[00:37:03] WildTwinsFan: a tv. The doc, the doc will do that. You, you can do it now. Yeah. So,

[00:37:07] Daygon07: yeah, I mean, essentially, yeah, you can do it now the doc can do it. Um, but it’s gonna give the, it’s gonna give the Nintendo Switch a run for its money.

[00:37:15] WildTwinsFan: It’s a Nintendo Switch killer. Honestly, Whys has got a video up telling you, teaching you how you can pull your ROMs from a switch. And play your games on your steam deck and Nintendo can’t do anything about it cause it’s all legal. So yeah, it’s it, it’s, it’s amazing. I, I think it’s great. So whether it’s gonna be a great use case for me that, you know, cuz I have a laptop, I already have a, a gaming laptop, you know, it’s, it’s harder for me to.

[00:37:49] Find the use in a steam deck when I already have a gaming laptop. Cause my dam, gaming laptop will wipe the floor to the steam deck. But playability wise, you know, I don’t need, you [00:38:00] know, a hundred and foot 50 fps, you know, 1440 p on a steam deck. Right. That’s not what’s about. So, um, the portability, I think it’s been great.

[00:38:11] So, Hey guys, if you haven’t

[00:38:14] Daygon07: already, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you can engage with us as well as find out when we’re streaming the podcast and get a first listen before it goes out across all of your favorite podcasting platforms. So do it.

[00:38:28] WildTwinsFan: So then this week we talked a little bit about, you know, follow ups and we talked about this early on, Cyberpunk 2077, right?

[00:38:36] Kind of came out of the. Pretty ugly, right? Pretty lot of unhappy people unplayable on consoles. Um, and you know, like I said back then, I think they’ll get it right. I think they’ll get it working. They have too much time and money and, and whatever invested in this game. And to me it’s got a lot of GT five sides.

[00:38:59] You know, it’s, [00:39:00] it’s a lot like GT five where you can. Do missions and kind of open world it. And so right now they put a Edge Runner update up and they’ve been crushing it. They’ve had over a million active daily players. So we just kind of posted that out on found that on Game Spot. Posted this up on Instagram pre pretty pretty impressive on a game.

[00:39:27] That’s, ah, what are we knocking on? Is it two years already? Is it two years? I wanna say it’s two year. Ah, I can’t remember. I, I think it’s, Oh, let me, let me, let me pull it up real quick. It,

[00:39:43] Daygon07: it, it launched December 10th, 2020. So it’s coming up on two years. I thought I was thinking in a couple

[00:39:49] WildTwinsFan: months. Yeah.

[00:39:49] Yeah. So it’s two years and they’re crushing it with a million active players every day. Like with this new content drop pretty. I [00:40:00] seen a content creator that was playing cyberpunk with a VR mod. They were playing cyberpunk at vr. Oh, that’s dope. Yeah. There was some, some catches to that, but like you kinda walk around the city in vr that that would be pretty flipping neat.

[00:40:19] Daygon07: I’d like to see that in GTA six. Dude, like, to be honest, that would be, That’d be legit. Like, get into a car, be able to drive the car, you know, You know, I think that’d be

[00:40:29] WildTwinsFan: dope. There was a, I have to find the story and we’ll cover it when I, when I, when I find it. Cause I, it hasn’t fully came out yet, but apparently there is somebody that’s come out with the technology to convert two player games to three.

[00:40:47] VR games with like a plugin. So it’s not even like the developers have to do anything. You can run this plugin and it will kind of do it for you. And I, I don’t know the details [00:41:00] of it exactly, but I know the few VR gamers that have seen it say is a game changer. So that, who doesn’t wanna play COD or PUBG in, in, in vr, like full look.

[00:41:17] You know, I don’t know that I wanna play it every day like that, but , I’d like to experience that. And we’ve talked about that, like, yeah, like famo phobia, dude, not, not really a scary game. Right? A little bit. We still

[00:41:30] Daygon07: haven’t played a game, we still haven’t played a game in VR on that yet. Like you,

[00:41:35] WildTwinsFan: it’s the, the updates on famo phobia have gotten in.

[00:41:39] So new up big. Yeah, I haven’t, I haven’t touched it in while Big date just dropped, big update, just dropped in Famo phobia and I was like, even more so, dude, I don’t know that I wanna play a vr. It’s, you know, like, at least a knock. I don’t know if I wanna scream that cause I don’t, I’ll be screaming like a, I’ll be screaming like a baby.

[00:41:57] Daygon07: So, um, guys, hit us up on social [00:42:00] media. If you want us to actually stream, hit us up. Famo phobia vr we’ll, we’ll live stream it and, and let us know and you can watch us become a bunch of bitches and be

[00:42:11] WildTwinsFan: scared. Don’t do that. Whatever you just said, don’t do that. I mean, do we will, we are obligated to do it.

[00:42:19] So yeah, it’s

[00:42:21] Daygon07: already out there. Can’t take it back. Can’t take it back. All right. So while circling back to our first topic and kind of where we left off, are we watching Twitch come to an end?

[00:42:34] WildTwinsFan: We’re definitely seeing, Is it we’re is’

[00:42:39] Daygon07: it too big to fail?

[00:42:42] WildTwinsFan: I don’t think anything’s too big to fail. I don’t think Amazon cares, but

[00:42:49] I don’t know. It, it’s not even, It’s not even, They just might even just pull the plug on it. I, I don’t know. It’s crazy. It’s, this is the first time to see [00:43:00] which complaining about money, like, like this and it’s not a good sign. And the fact that streamers are leaving, big streamers are leaving. Not a good sign.

[00:43:12] You know, there’s, there’s streamers that are there that are staying, that are, they’re just too big. Like, you know, Homan, she, she’s huge. Yeah. She just, she just reupped and, but she’s at the point like, you know, like I said, I think she turned off donations or she made ’em like max $5 or whatever it is, you know?

[00:43:31] Yeah.

[00:43:32] Daygon07: Yeah. It’s just like she, Yeah, she max $5

[00:43:34] WildTwinsFan: donation. She’s already got the Joe Rogan, Fuck you money, You know, So she’s, you know, whatever. She don’t care. She’s just doing it now. That’s what she does, or, you know, and, and, and I don’t know, on top of that, just straight streaming. The burnout’s real, the burnout happens to everybody.

[00:43:51] Mm-hmm. , you look at the top screeners, it ninja rates. Well, she,

[00:43:55] Daygon07: she just came back. She just came back from her. She said she [00:44:00] was having you know, a mental episode or what have you. And then like you just said, Ninja, and then you, you, you tack on not just streamers, but you have top executives that, how many top executives have left this year?

[00:44:12] Yep. You know,

[00:44:13] WildTwinsFan: big names, rumors that the, the last exec, exec left because of these changes to payout. And some of the different mindsets and, and I don’t know that we have concrete proof of that per se, but a lot of people are saying it and we won’t. And yeah. So it’s, it, it might be, it’s a changing of tide, that’s for sure.

[00:44:37] Something’s, something’s changing, something’s gotta change. And I don’t know, I don’t, I dunno how they make this profitable for them if the, if they’re holding it to the,

[00:44:49] Daygon07: Yeah, I really think we’re gonna see, This is my bold prediction for 2023. I think we’re really gonna see YouTube, [00:45:00] YouTube gaming, probably Jump Pro.

[00:45:03] I think Twitch still owns as of the last hatchet streaming report. State of stream reporting, State of stream report, whatever it’s called. I, I, I believe Twitch has, that still has 78 or 77% of the market share for streaming. Um, I think that they’re gonna fall to about 60%. And YouTube’s gonna cover that.

[00:45:28] Yeah. We’ll,

[00:45:29] WildTwinsFan: we’ll, I mean, I, I dunno if I put hard, That’s my,

[00:45:33] Daygon07: that’s my, that’s my bold prediction.

[00:45:35] WildTwinsFan: What I think you’re gonna see is you’re gonna see. And we’ve told you guys this before, the emphasis on don’t put all your bags of eggs in one basket. You know, don’t rely on Twitch, right? YouTube, man. YouTube is the cash cow that people just, they, they stream, they, they’re on Twitch and stuff like that.

[00:45:55] But YouTube money could be made on YouTube and. [00:46:00] I think

[00:46:01] Daygon07: I’m making money and I’m making money on YouTube. Yeah. I’m making money on YouTube and I, I, I don’t have, I’m not even a, a YouTube partner or what have you. Like, I, I don’t, I don’t get ad revenue, but I’m still making money on YouTube. Due to affiliate links and, and things like that.

[00:46:17] So there’s, there’s always there, there, There’s no good way to monetize on Twitch. There’s a way better way for perpetuity mo monetization on YouTube.

[00:46:28] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, and that’s, and that’s what YouTube just trumps. Switch on that. So it’s one of those things, guys, if you’re not making that YouTube content, you need to start, you need to be on the platforms.

[00:46:38] You need to be on all the platforms. Um, is another one is can be incredibly viral. And so you never know if you’re gonna pop off or not or, or whatever. But it’s like to, to have your presence there, um, definitely is only gonna help your case. And. [00:47:00] Not gonna put all your eggs in my basket. So,

[00:47:06] and then another question of the week, cuz we’re on the, kind of on the questions week here. Hey, have you heard that we’re gonna get proximity chat from Modern Warfare too? Can you imagine God having proximity?

[00:47:19] Daygon07: I don’t. Is it gonna, is it gonna be like fucking. Pub G back in the day, like the lobby proximity chat, China number one, China number one, kind of, I,

[00:47:32] WildTwinsFan: I actually think there was some great, there was such great moments when people are coming on the plane, Hi, this is your, your captain speaking and if you look off to the left and you know, it’s like some of the, the shtick that people would play in the plane were funny and it’s too bad that it got ruined by, you know, People, just bots or whatever coming into lobbies and advertising cheats over voice channels.

[00:47:59] Yeah. But, [00:48:00] um, yeah, I, there was so many funny things, like I would always yell Fortnite better back in the, in the early days cuz it was kind of PUBG versus Fortnite in the early days, you know, And that I always got funny reactions for people. Um, or,

[00:48:16] Daygon07: or we, we go again, we go back to 2009 in those modern war, in those old school modern warfare two lobbies, I’m

[00:48:22] WildTwinsFan: gonna fuck your mom

[00:48:24] Well, that’s, it happens. So still happens in every lobby enough, but you know it, but it’s never had proximity chat. So that’s, that’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. And I don’t know, that’s not a very. With heart. That’s gonna make, that’s,

[00:48:40] Daygon07: that’s gonna make, that’s gonna make coms in, in game chat.

[00:48:44] That’s gonna make coms on, like, on teams. Like, it’s gonna make you think, Okay, I’m, I’m doing these call outs. Okay, well this, this person that’s five feet from me is, Can now hear me? You know, you’re gonna have to think about, Oh shit, do I [00:49:00] need to talk right now? You know, especially like in s and d, right?

[00:49:03] Yeah. That, that’s gonna be huge.

[00:49:05] WildTwinsFan: But yeah, the other thing is now, like PUBG does have proximity check after the game starts. So that’s always kind of fun. That could be fun. Like you know, there’s negatives. Like you get people that say things that are, are certainly not stream worthy and should never be even said.

[00:49:21] You get a lot of that, but you know what? We’ve actually had a lot of nice, nice interactions with people and a lot of nice conversations, cool conversations. You know, a Gigi, Hey, you guys pushed us, you guys absolutely shit on us. Good game. You know, go ahead and win it, you know, or whatever, you know, it’s like sometimes you can pass on some of that respect and, and I think that’s, that’s a positive to that, but it, it’s a two-way street for sure.

[00:49:45] So, It it’ll be interesting to God. It, it, it’ll be fun. I think so,

[00:49:52] Daygon07: and that’s gonna be it for this episode, guys. Protect your credentials. Have difficult passwords, and for God’s sake, don’t store them in an Excel [00:50:00] spreadsheet. How old are you? 72. And thank you guys for listening in. Consider our Patreon to support the podcast and also by going to merch dotta gaming moment.com and picking up some of that timeless classic merch.

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