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I’m Daygon07 and with me as always as WildTwinsFan and we have a mystery guest today who is very near and dear to my heart we have my wife Liz with us today. How are you doing guys?

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Welcome. Welcome Liz.

Cheekylizi 00:58
Thank you. I’m good. I’m good.

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I’m sick this week, so I’m going to be quieter this week.
And I got two experts to help me out this week, so we’ll be doing good.

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What are we going over this week?

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We’re going to talk about Google Stadia. I’m going to do an end and kind of what that means a little more so.
And then we’re also going to talk about Overwatch 1 dying and Overwatch 2, taking over and the launch problems and just kind of some general perception of the game as we’ve played it a little bit.
We also have banter items just changes the PUBG and kind of what that means.
And EA watching their replacement to the Origin app finally.

Daygon07 01:42
Yeahfinally. So let’s go ahead and just dive right into this.
I was a big proponent of Google Stadia. When it came out, I thought it was pretty revolutionary.
You know, they had. They’re using, you know, some of the world’s best servers and server farms that are available.
And it’s only been around for a little while, and Google is now shutting down Stadia as of January 18th, 2023.
The good thing is they are going to be refunding all of the hardware purchased through the Google Store as well as the games and any add on content purchased from the Stadium Store.
And they expect those refunds will be completed in mid January. Stadium Vice president GM Phil Harrison said Google sees opportunities to apply status technology to other parts of Google, like Youtube, Google Play and in its AR efforts.
And the company also plans to make it quote available to our industry partners, which aligns with where we see the future of gaming headed.
As we all know, Google has a habit of killing projects only a few years after they launch, and unfortunately Stadia, which is their cloud gaming service.
Frankly, Google had very few ties in the gaming industry. Anyway. It seemed like a prime candidate for an early demise.
And despite cloud gaming’s continuing rise in popularity, you know, we’ve talked about Microsoft Xbox’s Cloud. I think that’s really awesome how it’s automatically in your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and I use that more than I used Stadia.
And when, when Xbox came out with that, that was kind of the first big sign that Stadia might not be, you know, long for the world.
And low and behold, we got this announcement. So you know, my wife hates it because she bought it for me for what was it?
Christmas one year babe, and I rarely touched it and you were, you were not happy with me on that.

Cheekylizi 03:48

Daygon07 03:48
But what are your thoughts about them? Yeah, what are your thoughts about them? Shutting it down? First and foremost,

Cheekylizi 03:54
it seems like they just they were just trying to jump on something that, like I said, it’s a good, great concept.
Very great concept. Just they were trying to jump on something that, like you said yourself, they didn’t really have a whole lot in the gaming world.
You know, they just seemed like they were investing so much in, like Youtube. Because then they made Youtube TV and all the other kinds of sorts of things coming from Youtube.
That’s their big money thing. And it was just odd for them to step into something like this. That’s not something that they’re normal, their normal genre is.

Daygon07 04:25
Yeah, Google is more of an ad revenue platform like most of their income comes from ad revenue.
And the fact that you know, they had to share split revenue with a lot of these developers and the developers had to develop straight for a completely different platform.
On top of, you know, your major platforms such as Xbox, Playstation and in some instances Switch, you know it just it wasn’t feasible.
You know, PUBG, We all love PUBG.
You know, PUBG came into it. PUBG still pushing out updates to it. Like I said, the concept was really good.
I just don’t think it was for Google. Obviously for Microsoft. Again, we talked about this, Microsoft, It works for them because they already, they already had that audience.
They already had that player base. And I did like the fact that Google was trying to integrate Studio Studio.
Google was trying to integrate Studio with Youtube to be able to launch games straight from Youtube Gaming.
So if somebody was playing a game and that game was available on Stadia, you could jump into that game with them.
I think that was a really cool concept, but it was something that never evolved.
It was ahead of its time if you ask me, and they just they weren’t the right company to own it, and I think Microsoft, I think Microsoft’s gonna crush it.
We see Nvidia has it.
I’m not sure the adoption rate on in video. I know Wilde and I had a subscription to the NVIDIA service when we got our graphics cards for a year.
And Wild I don’t know, I don’t know about you, but I never once opened.

WildTwinsFan 05:58
I never used it. I never used it. And one of the things too, that we talked about and touched on in the past too, that Tada had, like the power, and you’d have that same power at the ambitious Geforce now or whatever they call it, and that you can leverage, like higher processing power or better GPU and stuff like that.
So that would have been some of the cool things when you can do stuff that like you couldn’t do on a home computer, you know?
I mean, now we’ve got the new 4090 out. That thing looks pretty powerful, but, you know, if you had, you know, a server bank of GPU power.
You know, you could have crazy simulations and games that that you couldn’t replicate at home and you probably pay for, you know, a little bit of the leg for Stadia, but and it’d be pretty cool.
Some of like the demolition games you know, you could, you know, have like Endless demolition and stuff like that, and that’s just not really possible with today’s hardware.
So yeah, I mean there are some pretty neat avenues. I think that didn’t get explore explored there.

Daygon07 07:05
Yeah, I haven’t tested it out on like we have. We have a Surface Pro and I haven’t tested out the Youtube or not the Youtube, the Microsoft Xbox cloud gaming.
I haven’t tested that out. And seeing how that runs on a Surface Pro tablet to see.
You know, I consider that a potato computer for the gaming world, right? It’s basically a tablet that has eight gigs of RAM.
It has, like, a dual core processor and, you know, a really small, really small hard drive.
And that’s the big thing right there, right?
You know if it’s working good and it works for these, you know, potato potato style gaming machines.
You don’t even have to download the game, so you know you’re not taking up any additional hard drive space or anything like that.
So again, I think I think the need for this and the direction that that cloud gaming is going, I think I think it’s there.
I think Youtube was an early adopter of this, and they just weren’t in the right market to begin with.
And you know, we’ve talked about this over the past couple of years on the podcast. They’re just now really investing in their their live streaming platform.
I mean, literally just this year they released a whole bunch of updates for the live streaming because they brought on people like, you know, DrDisrespect, TimTheTatMan, Vakeray, Courage, DrLupo.
You know, all of all of these big name streamers, and we have. We’re seeing more streamers migrate over to Youtube.
As it is, they weren’t focused so much on gaming when Stadia came out as much as they are now, and I think they’re wanting to maybe integrate this in potentially with Youtube gaming.

WildTwinsFan 08:51
Yeah, and then you know, you look at things like Logitech drop in a new A console.
It’s a cloud based console, and in the time, just in time for Stadia to be cancelled.
Cloud gaming’s not dead and now and then I thought, But it’s, it’s interesting that Google is moving. Probably not unsurprising with it’s history.

Daygon07 09:15
Yeah, speaking of speaking of something, that something that is dying or is dead now, Overwatch 1 is now dead, and I know my wife and I move.
Yeah, we spent a lot of time on that game. Basically, Blizzard shut off the servers at noon Eastern time on October 3rd so that it can prepare for Overwatch 2 to go live on October 4th.
And there’s a lot of people that were, I’ll say, were now that were super enthusiastic about the sequel.
I’m going to say I still am.
There’s supposed to be some, you know, long overdue steps towards the series. You know, as far as story progression, lower progression, just general backend improvements like I think they’re, I think they’re on a more updated engine on the game.
I can tell you from experience like the graphics are a little bit better, but man, this has got to be one of the roughest launches.
You know, the only launch I think that was rougher or as rough as this was was Cyberpunk. MIN,

WildTwinsFan 10:20
Yeah, I mean, God’s launch wasn’t great, you know, Horizon was free to play Covet, Diamine was rough, you know, they’ve been down this road, but I find it most interesting.
Like you don’t see many games to be like the new games out. You can’t play the old game anymore.
That’s really interesting to me. They still play Modern Warfare 2019, So

Daygon07 10:44
yeah, my wife was kind of pissed when they said that basically the, like, we buy overwatch on the disk.
What are you going to do with that disk now? Bam.

Cheekylizi 10:54
It is memorialized forever and nobody touching it. It’s my fossil.

Daygon07 11:01
It’s like the old Nokia brick phone. You know, it just doesn’t die, but we can’t use it for anything anymore.
So, But yeah, Overwatch 2 has just been riddled with problems like it’s been reportedly dead at least three times.
They had to shut down the game for maintenance multiple, multiple times in the last two weeks.
It’s, it’s, you know, people are sitting there trying to play ranked and the game. You know, they shut the servers off for maintenance, and people are, you know, losing their rank.
They’re getting punished for rank they’re getting, they’re getting timed out, or, you know, temporarily banned from ranked games because they’re getting kicked out of the games because they’re shutting down the servers.
And there’s a lot of hardcore competitive gamers that play Overwatch too. You know?
Hell, you know, that’s kind of where Ninja gotta start outside of outside of Fortnight. Ninja got his start playing competitive Overwatch 2, or competitive Overwatch.
So there’s a huge following regardless of Overwatch’s, you know, Blizzard and Activision. And, you know, Liz just told me today, you know, she read a piece that, you know, Activision, Blizzard has another sexual harassment lawsuit up against them, you know?
So you know, they’re still dealing with a lot of internal problems as well as the Microsoft acquisition of, you know, Blizzard and Activision.
You know, it’s just a storm of problems that’s going on. And, you know, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done.
But you know what? What’s your experience been so far with the game? Like, How are you liking it?
What are the things you like? What are the things you don’t like? You know, just just your general thoughts on the game as it is so far.
I mean, how much different does it feel than the original Overwatch?

Cheekylizi 12:48
Well because of the fact that they were able to do account migration. So that was actually very nice.
So you still get all of your skins and all the lovely little emotes and voice lines that you gathered from the first overwatch.
So that’s been kind of nice just to see that still come to play in two finally.
But as far as the gameplay itself, it feels like I’m still playing the same game. I mean, there’s certain characters that obviously certain things have changed, and then they changed certain names of certain characters.
But it still feels like I’m playing the same game I was just getting back into playing.
Overwatch. Didn’t even realize it got shut down until I saw a commercial on TV talking about Overwatch 2 play now.
So that blew my mind. I completely forgot about Overwatch 2,

WildTwinsFan 13:38
but so yeah, the thing have you have you noticed the difference? Because I haven’t played enough of it?
I’ve played a little bit of it. But like one of the biggest changes is going from a 6 person team to a 5 person team.
Have you noticed your game flow change? Because it seems different to me.

Cheekylizi 13:57
It does it again. I noticed that immediately because when we were getting in I was like, Whoa, why is there only one tank?
I’m so used to having a deal with two tanks.
Is it So it is a lot different. I feel like they also kind of buff the tanks a little bit because of that.
Maybe I’m not sure if that’s the reason for it, but it’s definitely a lot. It’s weirdly a lot difficult now with the setup that it is, so with just the 5 person team, so it’s one tank, 2 damage and to support and it seems a lot more difficult and then even the new character that they added on the damage part.
I don’t know that she has like an automatic rifle, energy gun thing.

WildTwinsFan 14:43
I don’t like it. It seems like it seems like your life matters more now in the game, like you are punished.
Your teams punished a lot more when you die.
You know, like I’ve been playing Widowmaker and kind of hanging back a little bit because I’m not.
I’m not really proficient moving and stuff like that, and it feels like if I can sit back with Widowmaker and get like two picks and three picks really fast.
It just changes the entire momentum at the moment. So it’s, yeah, it’s been kind of weird for me. So

Daygon07 15:23
yeah, yeah, I know for me, I play a lot of the same things my wife does, like we play a lot of support heroes.
You know, I’m the guy that, you know, when I cue up, I queue up for all three.
You know, I don’t mind playing Tank. I don’t mind playing DPS, I don’t mind playing support.
You know, I’m pretty proficient with all of those. I have, you know, at least one good character that I’m good with within all three of those classes.
So, you know, with tanks, I can hit it up with Harissa, or I can hit it up with Actually, Winston lately, which, you know, I was making fun of me earlier today because I told her, you know, I was wrecking with Winston, and she’s like Winstons for pussies.
So, but, you know, if I’m playing, or if I’m playing DPS, I’m usually hitting it with junk rat kind of hanging behind lobbying, fucking those little grenade balls and mines and traps and stuff.
And then when I have to play support, I’m usually popping between Lucio and Lucio and my goodness, what is your name?
Yeah, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy and Yada. So those three. So Lucio, Mercy and Anata. I’m pretty proficient in all three of those.
So I actually didn’t notice that it was five people versus six until Liz said something to me.
She was like, You know, is it just me, or has there always been five people, you know, wasn’t there six?
I could have sworn there was there was one more. I was like, No, I think it’s always been five.
And then I sat down and I thought about it. I’m like, there used to be two tanks to support and two heels, two tanks, 2 DPS and two heels.
I was like, Well, shit, hey, they changed it up. So yeah, the dynamic of the game is a little bit different.
I know on Overwatch 1, there was times where you would have one healer dedicated to one tank.
So like one healer would dedicate themselves to mercy, or they’d have a mercy dedicate themselves to the tank.
And then the other healer was in charge of making sure the rest of the team lived.
That was kind of the dynamic. You still kind of have this dynamic now, but I’m more of an area of effect guy, which is why I like playing Lucio more.
I think my biggest frustration with the game so far, and it’s more it’s not really the game.
It’s the player base is as a healer. When I’m playing Lucio as a healer, I should not have more damage than the 2 DPS people combined and have all the heel and have you know, 6 or 7,000 heels on the team while ing out while putting out 6 or 7,000 damage at the same time.
That shouldn’t be the way it is. And I get it. I get it.

WildTwinsFan 18:10
Yeah, we just ran into that, literally, just played a game like an hour ago and I was playing with a different body and he was in that boat.
He was like, top damage and top healing, incredible stats, incredible numbers for the game and it’s like he’s putting out the most damage and the most healing.
That might not be super balanced. I don’t know. So there might be a balanced piece coming into that. We’ll see.

Daygon07 18:37
Yeah, they’ll probably

WildTwinsFan 18:38
refactor the other thing. I want to get your guys because you guys are kind of overwatch players a little bit.
How do you guys feel about having to unlock your players again like that’s kind of.
That’s a little. I don’t know.
That kind of irritates me.

Daygon07 18:56
I haven’t ran into that issue yet. The only the only thing that I know is the big deal right now is Turbine.
You can’t blame and ranked, and they’ve completely disabled Bastion. So you know, we still don’t have all of all of the players and all of the modes available just yet.
So, but for me, I haven’t had to.
Once. All of the characters, you know, when they sink the accounts, or when they poured it over the accounts, everything was unlocked for me.
You know? Even like Liss said. All the skins, all the emotes, all the voice lines, all that stuff.
As I had everything already I didn’t need to unlock and I think the only one that had to unlock was the new healer and that was just getting past level 1 on the battle pass.

Cheekylizi 19:42
Yeah, it was just like that. I want to say like the first couple of days when they were having the DOS attacks and all their like maintenance issues that they had to fix until they got it all where you could merge over your account.
From the previous Overwatch, it hasn’t even been an issue. Like I said it was just that new support character.
Like I said, I think you had to get up to like 3, like battle pass level tier.
They call them Tiers tier 3, and then you are fine outside of that. But it wasn’t like the first couple of days when I played everything.
There were certain characters that were unlocked. They were locked. Actually, did they count? Merge?

WildTwinsFan 20:23
Okay, yeah, maybe that’s what I was meant to. So then that’s the other big change to this game and give me your take on that battle pass versus loop boxes.
Line the battle pass in the box any day, but how do you feel?

Cheekylizi 20:41
I’m still not happy. I’m not happy because like, so in your battle path, there’s a the whole bunch of tears that you go through and like each time you just like, you got a new thing, but it’s like, you can only unlock this if you have the premier battle pass.
And I was like, This is aggravating. I much rather, but that was me. I was so accustomed to the loop boxes, I’d much rather do a loop box.
They do a battle pass. But I mean, you guys have been playing.
What was that something that y’all did it? PUBG, Was that a battle pass man, or some kind of

Daygon07 21:15
Yeah, there’s

WildTwinsFan 21:16
the public with battle Pass as a god passes

Daygon07 21:19
for passes and battle passes and PUBG is relatively new. Like what like I want to say about a year, year and a

WildTwinsFan 21:26
half really Fortnight’s kind of maybe the pioneer of the of the battle path really

Cheekylizi 21:31
thats for sure.

WildTwinsFan 21:32
You know I’m kind of in that but

Daygon07 21:34
but we knew this was going to happen. I mean, this is Blizzard slash Activision, and we all know how bad at Activision is with their microtransactions.
We knew this was going to come with this because there’s no money in putting out the game once.
Like Overwatch, Overwatch 1 has been out. Man, when did when did it come out over 2016?
I think so. Yeah, so around 2016, right?
Since then. Since then, Lizard wasn’t making any additional money unless people were spending money on the on the on the coins to be able to buy loot boxes or actually buying the loop boxes.
There was. There was no other source of revenue through that game to make for Blizzard for Activision, Blizzard to make money off of it.
So we knew this was going to happen coming into it that Okay, now now we’re almost guaranteed that we’re going to be making, you know, quarterly or bi monthly income from these from these battle passes.
And it’s going to continue to generate money. Because they’ve seen the success with With Call a Duty.
They’ve seen the success with games like PUBG and Fortnite, you know? So I mean, we should be used to this.
This is the model that games are going to now because they’re going to put out the they’re gonna put out the game for free, but they’re gonna lock everything behind, you know, lock everything behind a paywall,

WildTwinsFan 22:56
so to speak. And so now I think you can just straight up by skins to for your characters too right now.
So I don’t know, I like it better. I like it better. Like I don’t like necessarily to spend that money, but I like the ability to just get what you want.

Cheekylizi 23:13
So sure I like the mystery will not break down. I will not buy the pass. For now.

Daygon07 23:23
You say that you say,

WildTwinsFan 23:25
See, I don’t feel as bad by the battle pass for a free game because, you know, like, you know, I’ll give a little money to the to the devs and and I’ll get some. You know, cops seem mostly out of it. Well,

Daygon07 23:39

WildTwinsFan 23:39
they start spinning with something like, you know, it’s Activision, you know, they got their hands on things.
So I’m curious if if there’s going to be some, you’re like, God, you know, the new gun that comes out.
You can always buy the variant, unlock it really fast for 20 bucks, or you can grind out 20 30 levels to get the new gun, and we’ll see if they start gaming that same system and and Overwatch or something.
I don’t know how they would do that and Overwatch,

Daygon07 24:13
but again it is Activision.

WildTwinsFan 24:16
They could probably figure it out.

Cheekylizi 24:17
So yeah, they’ll figure it out for sure. They’ve done it all these years with the with Wow

Daygon07 24:24
Still I

Cheekylizi 24:25

Daygon07 24:27
still So guys, if you’re enjoying the podcast and want to go above and beyond downloading and subscribing to support us, we’ve got a patreon that you can visit at Patriot Gaming Moment dot, com.
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So while some interesting news came out of the PUBG world to throw back the carton here, we create an outline for each podcast kind of throughout the week.
And you know, there was some information that had shifted a little bit since since I wrote this.
I wrote this outline out, the original iteration of the changelog that PUBG posted. There was a controversial within the community, a controversial change that was coming out.
They were going to take Miramar out of rotation and put and replace it with Kerrigan and San.
How they took that back. They left Miramar in, and they did bring in Kerken in Sand Hawk.
But like when they originally put that out, that kind of blew my mind that they were going to take out kind of like one of those OG maps and put in two small maps.

WildTwinsFan 25:34
I don’t honestly understand why they can’t just make every map available if they’re going to take a map out because they’re working on it, okay?
But they don’t need to take it. They don’t even need to take it out of the game to work on it, right?
They can work on it and just make the changes. But you know, sometimes I think they take it out, make the changes and then they take it out.
It’s, you know, hype when it comes back so fine, but I don’t know. Why can’t we have all the maps all the time?
God has all the maps all the time that works for them. I just don’t get why I can’t have all the maps all the time because quite frankly, like tonight we played a couple of games tonight.
Yeah, 3 Aron Giles, back to back and I don’t mind Nari gal, but I don’t really want to play any map back to back to back to back.
True, but for me, this is a big change for PUBG and and this is probably represents the biggest change I’ve ever seen for PUBG where there’s a lot of things in there, but there are actually things that the community has been begging for for the longest time.
And N, And for the first time, it seems like they’re actually kind of listening to some of the quality of life changes that everybody wants.
And not just not just the big Asian market like, you know, the first person shooter. You know, the FPP is kind of more of a American European player base that they’re actually listening to feedback from us, even though we’re such a small chunk now.
But I think it’s been really positive and a lot of really good changes. Wacky. Jackie put out a nice video just talking about changes in this update that are actual changes that people have been asking for it.
And for me, the number one change coming up now is the ability to bind picking of somebody up because it was the same button as reviving somebody.
And then, you know, it’s a little bit Janky, and your press press F to revive somebody, and then it wasn’t doing it right away, so you press it again, and then it picked the guy up, you know, and it’s like, you know, he’s believed now, you know, and it’s so, yeah, I’ll panic,

Daygon07 28:02
why not that be

WildTwinsFan 28:03
them? Yeah, why should that be the same button? Why can’t I rebind that? So I like it. So I’m excited about this.

Daygon07 28:11
So to answer your question and this is my interpretation of it, there’s no merit behind this other than my interpretation of this.
The reason why we don’t have all the maps in the rotation is they only want to be able to manage a set of like outside of the US or outside of NA.
You can choose what map that you want to queue up on right in NA, I believe is the only is the only region where you can’t pick an individual, an individual map,

WildTwinsFan 28:41
Europe, Europe, Europe, you can’t anymore

Daygon07 28:43
either. Okay, okay, so I mean they’re they’re catering to their biggest user base, which is the Asian market and the Asian market.
They can Q up into each individual map if they want.
And if there’s not enough people queuing up into that map in that Asian in that Asian market, then they’re going to take it out.
They’re going to take it out of the rotation because they don’t wanna have to manage and maintain that map for the other regions around the world either.
That’s my guess now. Like I said, there’s no merit. But like you said, Wiki Jackie put out a really good video.
There’s and there’s a lot of good quality of life changes. Like, you know, we’re going back to OG OG PUBG right now because they’re allowing us to put the ax and the 15 x back on the M 16 and now introducing it on the mutant.
So now we have, like another poor man sniper because the six teams are so prevalent around all the maps.
But now we can put the big scopes back on it rather than being stuck with the six eggs, which the mutant is probably way better than the M 16.
In my opinion. It’s still a bullet robber, but the M 16. And for me there’s not much difference between the 16 and the Mini, and there’s not that much difference between the mutant and the SKS, so the do I count it as a win?
No, I think I think if I’m being honest, the best part about the 16 in the mutant is the burst, but that you know outside of that, it is exactly the mini and and the SKS respectively.
But for me the biggest quality of life change that’s coming with this there’s two, but for me this is the biggest one is the 4.
X reticle can now be changed on all guns so you have 3 1. You have 3 reticles that you can cycle through using the page up page down button.
And that’s huge because I hate I hate the 5 5 6 reticle that they use. I love the 7 6 like I like.
I like the one like if you have a 6 x on a mutant or a 4 x on a mutant, I love that scope and I like the one that’s on that.
You know when you get it on 7 6 2 7 6 2 DMR or SR, you know where it has the cross and then it has the mill lines underneath the cross.
Those two are my favorite. I hate. I hate the the one that’s on any of the 5 5 6 guns.
The other kind of big update for me is that they’re making updates to the pin marker.
So now you know, it changes opacity when the reticle is getting close. So instead of it just up and disappearing altogether when you’re, you know, aimed out a scope, or if you’re looking right at it and it’s taking up a whole window, which can happen sometimes if you’re if you’re peeing a window, it actually goes way more opaque and you can
see through it. And now they’re adding the pings on ranked, which as you know, we play a lot of comp within the BT community.
I’m part of the comp team. I’m curious to see if we’re going to end up seeing this in in esports mode as well.

WildTwinsFan 31:50
A lot of positive changes. Also, I’m excited.

Daygon07 31:55
Yeah, general excitement with the community, especially BTU community. There’s a lot of general excitement with this.
Well, we’ll see what breaks when they launch it or it’s already launched. It launched this week.
So far, no bitching about it. That’s been a good thing.
But something that has been being bitched about is the Origin app that EA uses. So now EA has finally finally finally said that they were going to be launching a new app to replace Origin.
And it says straightaway that it’s been listening to user feedback, and it acknowledges origins limitations, particularly as the PC platform has evolved over the past 10 years.
It explains that PC game players expect a next gen platform to be faster, more reliable, and to provide a streamlined gaming experience.
EA explains that it is, it’s set out to deliver that kind of experience as a foundation for its own game services and content.
They did mention some features in the announcement, which includes automatic game downloads, background updates, and connectivity with other gaming platforms including Steam, Playstation, and Xbox.
Once players create their EA app custom unique ID, they’ll be able to see what friends are playing and jump into play together with relative ease.
So in other words, it works as it works as PC game players would want it to.
I think that’s going to be good. I like how it connects with Playstation and Xbox and, you know, and Steam.
If if you see one of your, you know, platform friends playing and it’s a cross platform compatible game, you can just jump into their game.
I think I think that’s going to be kind of a good quality of life. Update on that and then just the Origin app is just garbage. Anyway, I think anything will be.

WildTwinsFan 33:41
I’ve never really had problems with

Daygon07 33:43
it, but I did. I think I think I think Apex is launched through Origin. My correct?

WildTwinsFan 33:51
Well, it’s steamed out too, but, yeah,

Daygon07 33:54
okay, well, then there you go, me and see, they’re already, they’re already creating those connections.

WildTwinsFan 33:58
Yeah, and then we played, we played Star Wars squadrons and we were playing between EA and Steam and that works okay.
It was a little bit Janky, but it worked, so maybe some of that stuff will get cleaned up a little bit. Better be a little more seamless. But

Daygon07 34:19
on the Microsoft Activision Blizzard front, Brazil approved the acquisition, so their Administrative Council for Economic Defense has given the country’s approval for Microsoft to move forward with the planned Activision Blizzard acquisition.
This comes as welcome news to Microsoft, which still faces regulatory hurdles in multiple countries before the acquisition can be completed.
Wild like we had already talked about man, this this this acquisition is much bigger than just we’re gonna buy it like they have to go through like monopoly laws right?
Like to make sure that Microsoft is not becoming a monopoly like this is this is like a hardcore. This is like hardcore

WildTwinsFan 35:01
buyout. It’s It’s a hot topic in the UK right now, so the UK is going to be a big, big sticking point.
Someone’s fighting it hard in the UK, so we’ll see it. Not going to go over easy, but I hope that it does go through.
I think it’s going to be a win for everybody involved. I wanted one more follow up this week too.
I’ve seen how the Steam deck is available. The purchase? No reservations now. So if you’ve been waiting for a Steam deck or you want a team deck, you want to try it out.
But you know, they’ve been selling like hotcakes.
They’re now available so you can go online. Order one, I think expect about a week, week and a half shipping time.
And to top that off to the prize announcement that Steam Deck Dock is now available too.
And we announced, Let’s not follow up, renounced earlier that they had kind of backed off on that dock originally. So, we’ll see.

Daygon07 36:05
Yeah, we’ve already seen, we’ve already seen some some third party docks out on,

WildTwinsFan 36:10
and I have a third party dock and it’s a little bit grumpy, so it’s not been a great experience.
I don’t know if I want to spend. It’s 90 bucks for the team that talk. It’s a that’s just a little bit high in my book, like 60 bucks all day.
90 bucks is kind of a hard pill for me to swallow because it’s kind of a glorified USB hub with an outlet on it.
I mean, they’re 30 40 50 bucks all over Amazon.
There’s one not now to an Amazon, or it’s not on Amazon yet, but that allows you to put an SSD in solo and so you could deck an SSD in it.
So, but that one they’re pretty proud of. There was 120 130 bucks for that one without the I was

Daygon07 37:07
going to guess 1, 51, 50 but I was going to guess that with the SSD. So

WildTwinsFan 37:12
yeah, they even check case. I almost bought one, but I heard they were 100 dollars. And then when I went to go check him I heard there, then there were 120 dollars, and then I heard they’ve even went up again.
So who knows? But the dock is kind of nice, like again, because I’m going to play, but I wanted to play like PUBG or something and connected to a monitor.
I’m gonna want someplace to plug everything in. Yeah, and so I can play it, so I don’t know.
I’m still struggling with windows trying to get it to work consistently, and I don’t know if it’s my dock that I’m using or what the problems are, or if it’s my SSD or whatever, but it’s I’ve spent a lot of time on it.
I can’t get Windows 11 to run. Get one of those 10 to run. You

Daygon07 38:07
might have to sleep for 10 minutes.

WildTwinsFan 38:09
Yeah, which is all right for now. So anyways, maybe it’ll be better on the new dock, but the steam deck out there, you can get one now, the dogs out there, you can get one now.
So it’s been a pretty big so I keep following that as we go along here.

Daygon07 38:26
Yeah. Valve did note that depending on how fast orders come in, the reservation system may have to come back.
But they did express that they are optimistic about keeping up with the demand. But as we all know, with ever increasing popularity of handheld PC gaming, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the Steam deck reservation requirements returned.
I mean, we saw how fast and furious it was to try to get graphics cards over the last 18 months.
It’s now at a reasonable pace.
One of my good friends literally just bought a new 30 60 for 30 60 ti for 400 dollars.
This week. He’s picking it up, and he’s going to be bringing it over to the house so I can install it for them.
So, you know, they’re starting to be a little bit more affordable. But you know, all it takes is somebody to say the right thing and or crypto to crypto to take off.
Like imagine if you could be doing crypto on these things, If somebody figures out how to do crypto mining on these things and it’s actually super efficient like that’ll, take these things over immediately.
So you know, as of right now, it’s good. But they did note that there’s a possibility that the reservation system could come back if the demand outweighs the supply.

WildTwinsFan 39:42
I mean, you got people playing current Nintendo games on them, so you have yourself. You have yourself basically a Super Switch, you know, with the ability to play anything else, it is pretty remarkable.
The software’s got, it’s still got a ways to come, the dual boot Windows integration. They’ve got a long ways to come.
To beware, it’d be much easier to mainstream adopt because Linux is still a big jump. Yeah, even for me.
I’m pretty season done a PC, but Linux is just another box of Yeah, that’s a little bit out of my realm, so it does make something difficult.

Daygon07 40:31
Speaking of, you know how the Steam deck is kind of like a glorified switch.
Liz showed me this thing that came up in her news feed earlier this week. I saw I saw it somewhere else, but I’m going to give her the credit for this.
One of the ads that Valve and Steam Deck Valve put out for the Steam Deck.
They showed they showed a Nintendo Switch emulator app on the screen and they had to take it off and redo redo the graphic.
And that was kind of big news in the gaming world too for, you know, a good day.
And I wonder if they got an I wonder if they got any shit from the

WildTwinsFan 41:13
Tom. Sure I’m sure they did. You’re trying to jack

Daygon07 41:17
or game

WildTwinsFan 41:18
It’s great.
It feels fantastic in your hands. Like to me now, like holding the switch. I’d be like No, give me, give me the Steam deck.
The Steam deck feels good. Switch feels not as good fairness to be comparatively

Daygon07 41:37
so. Hey guys, if you haven’t already, becher to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you can engage with us as well as find out when we’re streaming the podcast and get a first listen before it goes out across all of the podcasting platforms. So

WildTwinsFan 41:50

Daygon07 41:51
it. So while I was browsing the Twitter sphere this week and we had talked about how EVGA was basically dropping in video.
Like I said, I was browsing, I was browsing through my Twitter feed and then I was going by and I was seeing, Okay, today’s Beyond Fast, Geforce RTX 40 90 Partner Spotlight, MSI Gaming, Today’s, you know, I’m seeing KFA 2 Gaming.
Never heard of that company as official.
There’s so many on here. There’s a ASIS ASIS ROG they’re doing, they’re doing these partner posts.
The EVGA thing had 100. As far as I was aware. I hadn’t been 100 percent confirmed yet, but I think this is confirming it without like coming out and actually confirming it in my opinion.
Like we knew EVGA said that they were going to drop it, but I didn’t know, you know.
Hi. I mean, what else is EVGA going to create besides their shitty, their shitty motherboards and their shitty power supplies?
I mean that that’s their bread and butter is the video cards and they were the king of that mid market video card.
They weren’t the high end where you have the ACIS Rock video cards. They weren’t the low end where you had the Zotac video cards.
They were that nice in between with the For the Wind threes and what’s the one you have? You have an EVGA.

WildTwinsFan 43:20
I had a gal my my you know what just by happen chance. My system’s almost all ASUS, ROG or Ace is tough money back.
It’s almost always this system has been good to me, Honestly, that was what was available when I bought it, so it wasn’t.
There wasn’t any choices. Here’s a 30 80 if you want it. Yes, two years ago almost,

Daygon07 43:49
and as I’m looking at this post and I’m seeing in the what’s happening on Twitter right now, just want to do a shadow rip to Robbie Cole Train, aka Hagrid from the Harry Yeah, from the Harry Potter series, we we lost a good one today in the world.
You know, my wife was a big Harry Potter fan, or is a big Harry Potter fan?
How did this news?

Cheekylizi 44:14
And that was sucked? That sucked because I lie. That’s what I said. Holy shit that he died. I was like, What the hell

Daygon07 44:24
that didn’t realize? 72,

WildTwinsFan 44:27
Yeah, was it? Yeah, I believe he was.
I thought it was like mid fifties maybe. But wow.

Cheekylizi 44:36
So make it better walking in the movies,

WildTwinsFan 44:41
right? But it’s been a hell of a while too, like now, like Harry Potter’s been out for, I guess so.

Cheekylizi 44:47
Well, no, but the some people in Christmas time, yes, they did the nose New Years, they did where they came back for a reunion and he was on it.
But a litter was like, man, he looked sickly, like he just looked.
He looked really pale, like super super pale, like he just, he looks sick. But I mean, outside of that, I mean, that was, you know, that was just this last year.
So it’s kind of sad to just know I was like, you were just on that thing.

Daygon07 45:21
That’s what hurts is like, that’s our childhood, like mine, mine and Liza specifically, you know, we’re the same age, that’s our childhood.
This is somebody that we watched when we were, you know, eight, nine, 10 years old, wishing we were going to Hogwarts, and we had those little magical powers and stuff.
And then, you know, this guy was like the guy that kept Harry kind of grounded in the, in the books, in the movies and stuff.
And was that positive ray of light when things weren’t going right, you know? And he was kind of like Harry’s protector outside of Dumbo.

WildTwinsFan 45:57
So the good uncle he never had.

Daygon07 46:00
Yeah, right. And so that character left a huge impression on a lot of people our age.
And it’s, it’s sad, it’s sad to see that happen.

WildTwinsFan 46:12
Well, now you mentioned that there’s no better reason to hit us up on the social media than the top questions of the week.
And you know, we’ve done this question before, but it’s always a great question.
What game or games have you been most excited for coming up this winter fall season?
They live. What are you guys thinking?

Daygon07 46:33
I’m going to let the lovely lady go first?

WildTwinsFan 46:35

Cheekylizi 46:37
I I’m actually excited for the new Hogwarts game that’s coming out. I

WildTwinsFan 46:41
was hoping you were gonna say that. I was hoping you were gonna say that because it looks pretty cool.
You know, I think the production value is gonna be surprised.
I’m excited to see how that pans out too.

Cheekylizi 46:53
You know, I would think it would be really cool, even interest. I mean, now that they did like Star Wars VR and stuff where you can do the lightsaber stuff like Why can’t you just do that with Hogwarts and Dewi?

WildTwinsFan 47:03
Also, is this supposed to be we are?
I don’t know. I never talk

Cheekylizi 47:09
about. I think there were talks about it, but I don’t know. Not right now. It’s just just releasing on console.
I don’t even know if it’s on a PC, but console for sure. But yeah, I’m super excited for it.

WildTwinsFan 47:23
That’d be interesting. I saw something on a VR thing and I haven’t really covered it yet because it didn’t.
It’s not fully out there. But they said they have can a technology to make any game like a VR game that is a That is a huge stepping stone for VR.
So we’ll see what happens when that kind of launches more. Well, I’m keeping my eye on it little, you know, really talk too much about

Daygon07 47:51
it. Well, since we’re talking about hold on, I got a bone to pick before I jump into my answer, because my answer is pretty, just rudimentary.
But since we’re talking about VR and I’m gonna hold the fire, the fire under your butt for a minute.

WildTwinsFan 48:05

Daygon07 48:06
why didn’t, why didn’t you tell me that they were coming out with a new Oculus? Like I had to find this out.
Sitting at dinner across from Liz last night, we were sitting there eating some sushi and some Roman, and she’s like, you know, the new Oculus looks really cool.
It looks very futuristic. They got a new design for the for the, the hand controllers and everything I’m like,

WildTwinsFan 48:27
Well, well, you know, you know what this is. This is so big. I don’t even want to cover this in the minute time.
I honestly think it’s the biggest mistake they have pulled yet. Okay. I have overlooked so many things on this headset. It’s stupid. It’s stupid.

Daygon07 48:51
We’ll table it for next week’s episode.

WildTwinsFan 48:54
We’re going to talk about it and part of it. The biggest reason we haven’t really said much about it, because it’s not for us. It’s not for gamers.

Daygon07 49:04
And so yeah, you

WildTwinsFan 49:05
talk about that piece. I did.

Daygon07 49:07
I did.
I did see on the commercial it was built for productivity.

WildTwinsFan 49:14
Yeah, so so really the short and long and short of it is, I think it’s really going to be probably the successor to maybe like Microsoft’s Hololens and all the people using that and I mean that all the people using that,

Daygon07 49:33
but this seven that are using it.

WildTwinsFan 49:36
Yeah, something along that line. I don’t know. I just this is an interesting thing, so we’re going to cover that more.
Definitely probably next podcast here. I just want to be able to fully understand it so I could speak real well to it.
But yeah, the long story short is it’s not really meant for gamers and there’s no upside to gamers buying this.
So hold your money.
It had anything. The Pico 4 that’s come out, which is not available in the States, is probably a better bang for your buck, and probably the same, if not the better improvements than even the Quest Pro that’s out now.
So okay, well, let’s get back to the question day. What game are you? What game or games are you, you know, excited for?

Daygon07 50:37
Do I really have to say it.
It’s Modern Warfare to come on. This is like this is like the game of the year for me.
The game like what I say last week like this, This is 13 years or something in the making.
I think Modern Warfare 2 came out in 2000.
Yep, yeah, this is 13 years in the making for me for this game coming back. The the beta was so good that the multiplayer action and the beta was so good.
I’m so looking forward to the story in the game. People are going to get Warzone because they want to play.
They want to play the Warzone part. Now give me the story for the game because the Captain Price so Mctavish ghost storyline is so god damn good.
It’s worth. It’s worth me paying the extra 10 bucks because they’re charging 70 bucks to buy the game rather than their usual 60 because of inflation.
So they say I’m going to spend the extra 10 bucks to buy it. Yes, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of the multiplayer on it as well.
This is the game that we’ll say 60 percent of the gaming community is waiting

WildTwinsFan 51:45
for. Yeah, for me, for me, definitely a Modern Warfare because I think the Mod Warfare 2019 was the best card to date.

Daygon07 51:56
Has it

WildTwinsFan 51:58
built War Zone again. I’m not a War Zone player.
I still play a lot of search.
You know, I still generally complete a battle pass un searched and destroy alone, which is a feat because you don’t get near as many points with the search and destroy, but so that’s a big one for me.
I’m definitely looking forward to that. I am actually just kind of looking forward to the potential of of what Harry Potter could be.
I think that yeah, I think that’s real good.
I’m excited at C, we’re I’m excited to play a little overwatch right now, like I’ve played some Overwatch, so I’m kind of kind of been vibing with that and so that’ll be, that’ll be good, kind of watching on that.
Other than that, I think there’s a whole lot of big, big things coming up yet that have been announced.
You know, everyone’s waiting for GTA 6 that’s kind of been leaked, but we have no time lines. Everyone’s waiting for the next sky room. I mean,

Daygon07 53:07
one game that I’m in, one game that I am kind of looking forward to is the new Need for Speed game, Need for Speed Unbound, which is said to be released on December 2nd.
We haven’t seen a new need for speed game since, like 2016. And I love racing games.
I don’t have many of them because I focus so hardcore on shooters, first person shooters. I see them like when I’m playing racing games, I thoroughly enjoy them.
You know, I’ll play, I’ll play Forza from time to time just because I have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and I can throw it on my PC and, you know, get to plan it and you know, enjoying it’s good as like a de stress game, kind of like flight sim, right?
It’s good for like de stressing and just relaxing and going for that drive.
Then I’ll get really into it. Just like sports games. I really enjoy playing like NBA and Madden, but I have to be in the mood to play those versus like if I’m playing, if I want to play COD or if I want to play PUBG or something like that, you know, I just get on and do it because those are like,
you know, my favorite style of games. And now Overwatch 2, Now that we’ve been able to get into it pretty consistently.
Over the past couple of days, I’ve been playing a lot, putting a lot of time into Overwatch 2 as well.
So. But again, these are first person shooter games, which is my genre. But I do look forward to see seeing what need for speed Unbound brings out and seeing how that’s that’s going to play out.
Because they stated that they put out a lot of improvements for the for the next gen consoles like PS 5, Xbox Series X NPC, to try to really push the frame rates and push the the ray tracing capabilities and stuff like that.
So you know, I think it’s gonna be. I think it’s gonna be interesting to see how that’s going to

WildTwinsFan 54:55
work for. I do want to mention, you know, I’ve been playing Rocksmith 2014 since that came out, and it’s still terrible turnout here.

Cheekylizi 55:06

WildTwinsFan 55:06
tell, that’s on me.

Cheekylizi 55:08
The game that John just bought for like 70 dollars, and I just sat there.

WildTwinsFan 55:14
Blacksmith or Rock Hero.

Cheekylizi 55:17
No no no Smith,

Daygon07 55:18

Cheekylizi 55:18
Rock Smith.

WildTwinsFan 55:19
He had actual rocksmith. Yeah,

Daygon07 55:22
I bought it for Xbox.

WildTwinsFan 55:26
I mean, I think it’s fun, but they came out with a new subscription version and it’s It’s Over went over poorly, so I’m hoping that they can get that figured out.
I played it with it.
I haven’t subscribed to it again yet.
The reviews aren’t real good, so I’m hoping they get that kind of sorted out.

Daygon07 55:53
So so to to be fair, to be fair, I bought the game when I started streaming okay, and and this is it’s a game quote unquote, that you cannot stream because you’re gonna get DMCA hundred percent.

WildTwinsFan 56:11
No, no, no, I don’t think so. Yeah,

Daygon07 56:15
So I I played it.
Yeah, I played it. I played it and I streamed it and Twitch like on the VDS. Twitch

WildTwinsFan 56:26
mutant, That’s an Xbox thing. It’s the Xbox. It’s an Xbox thing. But yeah, I mean,

Daygon07 56:34
there’s an Xbox on Xbox that said you couldn’t, even it’s

WildTwinsFan 56:37
an ex. There’s an Xbox integration that that wouldn’t allow a US streaming, but you can stream it from PC there. It’s got an active streaming community.
Absolutely Yeah.

Daygon07 56:48
Bite again. You think you think she’s going to let me rite again? There’s no way in hell she’d let me remote again because I don’t even play the one I have now.

WildTwinsFan 56:55
Yeah, I mean, I just, I actually just think it’s really, it’s really cool, like,

Daygon07 57:01
you know it

WildTwinsFan 57:03
for, you know, I haven’t played for a while, but you know, you can really play like it’s pretty neat, like it’s what you ever kind of wanted.
Like the rocker Game to be or the rock band came to be. Rock band Game was a little bit more.
Yeah, there was a little bit more like a real game.

Daygon07 57:24
Yeah, Rock Rockband was good because they introduced the drums and the microphone that you could sing and everything. Yeah, that was revolutionary for its time.

WildTwinsFan 57:33
So 100 percent yeah, but no, seriously, go check out some Twits, go check out Rocks Mystery and they’re they’re pretty good and now they’re kind of dying.
But there’s been some crazy good people that have played them so

Cheekylizi 57:51
you could be the next CO heat in Cambria, amateur guitar

Daygon07 57:56
star player. There you go.
That was such a slight when we went to that concert like like, this dude, this dude, like fucking shreds on the guitar.
If you’ve never listened to, listened to Coheed and Cambria, go listen to the song Welcome Home.
It’s like it’s one of their most famous songs and and watch the fucking music video like to like to really get a grasp of this guy.
This guy has a guitar, it’s one of those double net guitars, so he has. He basically has, like, 12 or 16 strings on this guitar, but it’s two guitars in one.
And he’s sitting there shredding on this thing, and then he’s in this concert, like he’s finishing up this concert and he’s like, you know, thanks for letting the dream of this amateur guitarist come true.
Like, bro, you shred harder than a lot of metal metal guitarists out there. You are no amateur, sir.
You are. You are not a neophyte.

Cheekylizi 58:51
I forgot to mention I’m super ready for God of War, Ragnarok.

Daygon07 58:57
Yeah, yeah yeah

WildTwinsFan 58:58
yeah, that’ll be a big one

Daygon07 59:01

Cheekylizi 59:01
need to hear is

Daygon07 59:02
What’s the What’s the Assassin Creed that’s coming out? I know you know what that one is.
It’s the Japanese samurai one.

Cheekylizi 59:12
No, no no, no, those are

Daygon07 59:14

Cheekylizi 59:15
So that’s a whole another thing. They’re The UB Soft is trying to do things with Assassins Creed making like I guess re battles.
No, it’s like many, many games, not necessarily expansion impacts, but like many games where I think they’re just trying to cater more to PC stuff.
I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s a weird, weird layout, but they are still coming out with this whole storyline with Assassin’s Creed, which is I really feel like it’s going right back to number one, like the very first Assassin screen, but it’s still following on with the same storyline from the last game, Valhalla.
It’s taking up from one of the characters that was in that game. It’s like going to their story.
So it means you have to kind of go back for where they were, but it’s right back in the Middle East, so you’re literally doing Assassins Creed all over again.

WildTwinsFan 01:00:22
Yeah, bring some depth to it. I heard rumors and I don’t know that’s confirmed, but I heard next Cod, which won’t be next year. We know

Daygon07 01:00:31
that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

WildTwinsFan 01:00:33
the next Cod’s gonna be advanced warfare

Daygon07 01:00:36

Cheekylizi 01:00:38

Daygon07 01:00:38
really, and do put out something if you go check out Doctor disrespects channel. He put out something about like he was, I have to go back and rewatch it, but like about the map design and something and stuff in that game. I don’t know if he was involved with it or if he knows the team that’s involved with it.
But if you don’t check him out, like outside of his normal gaming content, he does put out like some news specific content. Little nuggets every once in a while, pepper throughout his stream. My wife can’t stand him because she doesn’t like that person. You know, it is

WildTwinsFan 01:01:19
our Yeah, I agree.

Daygon07 01:01:21
Yeah, so yeah, but yeah, he put out a video talking about it. I’m not going to speak to it because I haven’t watched the whole thing right now. But from what I did listen to, it is pretty interesting, and you should probably give it a listen.

WildTwinsFan 01:01:35
Yeah, so I mean, we’ll cover that as we learn more too. But yeah, I just heard that little rumor at that.
I wasn’t a big fan of the Jets, but overall I did actually like Advanced Warfare. It was fairly balanced. It was fun.

Daygon07 01:01:50
Zombies was so good

WildTwinsFan 01:01:52
I could have done without the jetpacks. But you know, I guess you needed them the way they designed the game, so whatever.

Daygon07 01:01:58
Yeah, the zombies were good though.

WildTwinsFan 01:02:00
I hope they’re very muted. If we have jet packs again or non existent is just fine.

Daygon07 01:02:08
So so guys be sure to follow us as we love to engage with our community and that’s gonna be it for this episode.What do you guys think about the Overwatch 2 release? What do you guys think about the stadia going away and just cloud gaming as a whole?
We’d love to hear your thoughts on social media, so thank you guys for listening in. Consider our Patreon to support the podcast and also by going to and picking up some of that timeless classic merch. And if you’ve made it this far in the podcast, now is the best time to hit that subscribe button and we’ll see you in the next episode until next time. Guys keep grinding.