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[00:00:41] I’m Daygon07 and with me as always is Wild Twins fan. How you doing this

[00:00:45] WildTwinsFan: Well, to be honest, I got a bit of a cough, so we’re gonna keep that out of the recording for the podcast to save everybody and we’ll just we’ll make it through.

[00:00:53] Daygon07: I think you’ll be doing just fine. But what do we got going on this week?

[00:00:58] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, a couple big stories here. We got [00:01:00] Twitter and must taking over Twitter and some of the falling out on that. Nothing there that wasn’t really probably expected. And then we’re gonna talk about the Meta Quests Pro, how that might not be your next headset as a gamer. And we also have some banter items.

[00:01:17] We’re gonna talk, of course, we’re gonna talk about Call of Duty. Monte Warfare Twos launched. Digon and I have been playing okay, And we got some thought. So big Twitch streamer. X QC goes Urgent care. Talk about that. Gotham Nights launches on consoles stuck up 30 fbs and PC requires some serious hardware.

[00:01:39] Not surprising there. They’ve always come out pretty buggy. Pretty cool story. The original Witcher is being remade from the ground up on, on real five. So a. Power there. A little more realistic there. That’ll be interesting. And Netflix might be getting into the cloud gaming when they form a new gaming [00:02:00] studio.

[00:02:00] So we’ll see what that kind of comes into play and kind of keep eyes on that.

[00:02:05] Daygon07: So the big story kind of in the, in the tech and content creation world, if you will, is Elon Musk finalized his acquisition of Twitter. The dude came in making a big splash. Like he walked in, he walked into Twitter headquarters carrying this big ass heavy sink.

[00:02:25] And there was some social media on it. And the saying, the saying with this video was, Let this sink in. And essentially he’s rumors are he’s, he’s gonna be doing some major job cuts. He’s already come in and he’s dissolved Twitter’s board of directors, which cements him as the sole owner, the sole principle of Twitter.

[00:02:48] And they’re contemplating major job cuts, potentially up to 25%. So pretty much one in every four, one in every four employees is gonna be in fact [00:03:00] impacted by this. And it was funny, he started bringing in some of the people that he’s really close to. You know, Friday evening, shortly after must completed the sale.

[00:03:11] The garage at Twitter’s headquarters began filling with Tesla’s in the reserve spots, and they were all parked in a row. And what that, what, what that is is he was bringing in Tesla engineers to interview Twitter engineers to begin looking through the company’s products and code, and the engineers were asked to print out dozens of pages of code.

[00:03:30] One engineer even posted a picture of herself with printed code to Twitter on Friday with a note that that said, Hey, just following orders. So man, being a developer myself, I’ve never. In my career had to print out dozens of pages of code and try to look through dozens of pages of code. I get it. Cuz you can, you can highlight and you can easily make like, notes in it, but that’s rough.

[00:03:57] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. I mean, that’s a good, can’t [00:04:00] really, I mean, we can’t really be too surprised by this. Right. Elon’s been very critical of Twitter in the past. Mm-hmm. . And so to go in there kind of clean house and, and get rid of some people. A lot of the top people are gone. That’s not really surprising. That happens a lot of times in, in big takeovers and, and I’m sure they were expecting it.

[00:04:22] So no real surprise there, but you’re gonna see a shift here and, you know, maybe some optimization. So yeah, I think it’s good. I think maybe some, some new blood in there, kick some new life into things will be. Big number 25, 20 5% of the company. Yeah, that’s, that’s a big number. It’s a little bit scary and I feel for those people I, I, I think they’ll be hopefully alright in the industry to be able to go out and get another job, but that’s, that’s rough.

[00:04:56] I always, always hate hearing that side

[00:04:59] Daygon07: of the story. [00:05:00] We’ll, we’ll see, I, I know some people. Have worked at Twitter that still work at Twitter, that work in Facebook and stuff like that. And essentially they get paid to not do a whole hell of a lot of work. Right. And you know, we’re gonna leave the political side out of this cuz there’s a whole bunch of political bullshit that goes into this with, you know, the United, the, the, the United States government going in and saying cuz Twitter was, is actually part owned by some Saudi Arabia com corporations.

[00:05:30] And there’s, there’s a whole fiasco with, you know, is there a national security thing going on with that? But like I said, we’re gonna, we’re gonna stay away from all the political BS and, you know, we’re, we’re starting to see. Notifications of, you know, actors in Hollywood, High, high, elitist in crap, getting off of Twitter because Elon Musk bought it and they’re like, Oh, my, my, my speech is going away.

[00:05:55] Or they’re promoting, you know, all this other crap when, when all, all Musk has [00:06:00] been saying is he wants a platform for free speech. That’s, that’s the whole reason why he, he bought it. But an interesting development actually just got announced within the last 24 hours is Musk is actually considering rebooting Vine later this year.

[00:06:17] And something I didn’t know was Twitter actually purchased Vine for reported $30 million back in 2012, which, you know, I was just a little young pup then. I was only 23 back then. And then they shut it down. In 2017, which my wife was a huge Vine fan, and you guys got to listen to my wife last year, or last last year.

[00:06:36] You guys got to listen to my wife last episode, you know, kind of give her thoughts and ideas and you know, her, her opinions on like Overwatch too and everything. So it was really cool having her on. But Musk has said to have discussed Vine in the months leading up to Twitter’s acquisition, and on Sunday launched the Twitter poll asking if he should bring it back.

[00:06:55] And the responses we’re running about two and one in favor. So there’s a lot of people that [00:07:00] are interested in bringing Vine back to life and having it be an American company and really rival TikTok. Which, you know, the biggest, the biggest knock on TikTok is it’s a Chinese owned company where there’s speculation that they’re taking your, taking your data and they’re, you know, whatnot.

[00:07:15] We’re, we’re giving it to him anyway. And he actually Musk actually reached out to Mr. Beast. Or Mr. Beast actually responded to this, to this this tweet, and he said, If you did that and actually competed with TikTok, that’d be hilarious. To which Musk replied, What could we do to make it better than TikTok, which is an honest business men’s answer, Right?

[00:07:37] What, what can we do to separate ourselves from the competition? What can we do better? Yeah.

[00:07:42] WildTwinsFan: You could say you’re not from China. That I’d start, I’d start

[00:07:45] Daygon07: there. Yeah, absolutely. So this is like I said, this is kind of a, a really big thing both on the political front, on the, the content creation front.

[00:07:56] And while just literally this week, I’ve seen a huge [00:08:00] uptick in my own personal Twitter follow. Right. And I don’t know if that’s because of the, the last couple videos that I’ve been putting out on my YouTube channel or, or what it is, but it’s been the biggest growth I’ve had outside of joining a couple joining a couple communities back when I first started my Twitter account.

[00:08:18] It’s been like the, the, the revival of my Twitter account, and I don’t really post a whole lot on there other than. Hey, I’ll, I’ll retweet some things here, retweet some things there, and then, then I’ll, I’ll advertise, Hey, I, I put out a video. But that’s, that’s really it. I don’t live on Twitter, so it’s, it’s been nice to see it kind of grow.

[00:08:35] What, what, what are your thoughts?

[00:08:37] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, I mean, I think it’s just because it’s so much in the news right now. People are thinking about it and, and you know, they might be using a little bit more and, you know, you did put out some videos and good videos that you put out. So, yeah, I don’t, you know, I’d see.

[00:08:53] Bump your popularity up a bit. So, I mean, I see it all. It’s good stuff. The new Logitech light looks pretty sweet. [00:09:00] Oh, thank you. Thank you. So using it,

[00:09:02] Daygon07: using it in the stream. Using it in, in the stream. It looks really good. I’ve got, I’ve got a single light shining on me. It’s if you’re checking out the stream, it lights my well for the most part it lights my my green screen.

[00:09:13] You can kind of see a shadow in the background, but that’s the worst of it. I’m usually not moving around too much to create shadow, so it’s not a big deal. I got dual lights. Yeah, I’ll, I’ll probably pick up another one. They’re about a hundred bucks. Guys, you can check, you can check the, the review and I’m boxing video out on my, on my YouTube channel at youtube.com/dagan oh seven.

[00:09:33] Or you can start using their new handle system. I think it’s youtube.com at dagan oh seven or something like that. I haven’t actually tested that out. That could be another topic we could talk about another day. All the good, all the good shit YouTube is putting out here. Yep. But you know, speaking of good shit, or maybe not so good shit.

[00:09:52] We’re gonna pay off on our tees from the last episode, and we’re gonna talk about the meta quests pro and wild. We’re back at it again. We’re [00:10:00] talking about ar, vr and Mr. Mixed reality. And man, what we’ve gathered is the Quest Pro is not geared towards gamers, but geared towards professionals for productivity.

[00:10:11] And oh, yeah. By the way, it’s $1,500.

[00:10:16] WildTwinsFan: Yik. I mean, that’s not out of the realm of the, of a cost of a VR headset, but when you’re basically, I, I, i, it’s, it’s poorer to say this, but when you’re basically putting out a quest to, for triple the price, it’s a hard pill to swallow. Now that being said, it’s, it is much more than a a, a Quest two, you know, they have refinements everywhere on the product except for their.

[00:10:45] Which seems to be struggling at the moment. A lot of unreleased stuff. A lot of polish, it looks like to come into play yet. Like some of the major players, like the, you know, even like the wifi is not really working right. And you know, [00:11:00] that I imagine they’ll, I expect they’ll get that worked out.

[00:11:04] That’s a, that’s a big, big piece of how, how good it works. So you know, it’s. But to jump into games, you, you’re not gonna see really much any clarity. In fact, arguably the resolution’s a little bit lower on the Quest Pro. They say the field of views a little bit better, but you know, in the, in the trade off of things, you know, they got new lenses so you don’t have so much of that, that screen door effect.

[00:11:34] So that, that’s a big thing. You know, it kinda looks like to me, This is a stepping stone for Oculus and maybe not the stepping stone you wanna be on, but you know, they’re really going after that corporate market. And I don’t know how many corporations or businesses use like Microsoft’s Hollow lens.

[00:11:54] You know, you got Apple, you got Apple’s VR device. We still have not fully [00:12:00] got any real release on yet. Wait for that, but that’s kind of expected to be a corporate device too. So I don’t, I don’t know what corporations are using these so much that they’re, you know, a $1,500 device for a corporation is a small investment, but it could be a large investment when you start putting it across, you know,

[00:12:23] Daygon07: a multiple people.

[00:12:24] Yeah, multiple people. Like the, the, the commercials that I’ve seen for it is, They’re trying to make the virtual meeting room seem less virtual and make it feel like you’re more in person, but it requires you to have this big, heavy headset attached, and you have to do everything with the, the, the controllers in your hand.

[00:12:47] And it’s just not practical. Like I get it, the work from home and you’re trying to bring back that water cooler talk and, you know, they’re, they’re trying to have avatars that feel more real. And [00:13:00] you, the, the head strap on it does look comfortable. It looks pretty much like the one I just purchased for my Quest two seen.

[00:13:07] I’ve

[00:13:07] WildTwinsFan: seen some complaints and it’s not removable, so, Ooh, That is your headset, That is your head strap. So yeah, that’s, that’s another miss in my book. Like, I don’t know why it is permanently attached, so there’s no like, Why isn’t there screws and, and stuff like that. And I, so that makes it kind of a hard pill swallow for me, you know?

[00:13:32] Especially if you’re gonna be moving around a lot. I dunno. I dunno. But to see a couple people have really kinda complained about some forehead pressure. They’ve probably been pretty spoiled too. Yeah,

[00:13:45] Daygon07: I, I don’t see many business adopting this, like maybe potential businesses would be like architecture and construction where they can, you know, simulate walking into a building or walking into a room that, that’s being designed and they can, you know, they can [00:14:00] feel how it’s gonna be kind of right.

[00:14:04] Kind of in real time without actually having it built. You know, oil and gas, there’s a, there’s a place by my bariatric surgeon after I just had my surgery. They have sim rigs for oil and drilling in the office right next to the doctor. And it’s kind of like a, a cockpit with the, with the screens around it.

[00:14:21] I could see maybe something like that where you kind of. Are involved in it like that, but there’s, there’s, for me, there’s no real difference between the using that for an o, you know, an Oculus Questi, and then using the Quest Pro. Like, there’s no difference to me. And, Well, I,

[00:14:42] WildTwinsFan: I mean, I think there’s a difference there.

[00:14:44] I mean there, there’s a, there’s, everyone does say reviews that I’ve seen. I haven’t got HandsOn on one yet. Do say it is. You know, objectively everything is, for the most part better. Some software pieces [00:15:00] that could theoretically all be fixed fairly in, in, in the future. You know, the big praise is the, the controllers.

[00:15:07] Now a lot of people are saying they’re, they’re maybe the best controllers. So they got multiple cameras, they got processors built into ’em, and you can add them to your quest too. They are gonna be a 300. Upgrades. So you know, there’s some power there and there’s some cameras there, you’re paying for some performance.

[00:15:27] So, yeah, for me I think it’s just a, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s a, it might be just a glimpse at the next gen of what we’re seeing with vr.

[00:15:39] Daygon07: I think one thing that did look cool about it was I think they’re focusing more on augmented reality. I think you can, I think they have a way that you can actually see through it and not, not like a, with the, with the quest too, you don’t see a color like from the cameras.

[00:15:56] The cameras are black and white When you, when you’re viewing through the, the camera. [00:16:00] In the, in the actual headset, they might have full color or they might have have it where your lense is. You can, you can turn off like at the LCD screen and actually kind of see out into your world. And then project things like a, like an AR style, like, like an AR style headset.

[00:16:17] And that way you’re, you’re within your own environment. So like if you wanted to do, I guess like home staging or something, that could kind of be another use case for it. Again, at $1,500, that’s gonna be a very niche, very, very niche community.

[00:16:35] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, for sure. That’s, that’s kinda what I feel. And I feel like a lot of this technology’s good.

[00:16:41] A lot of technology’s better. I know. Zuckerberg’s catching the heat right now, catching the major heat with the metaverse right now. And basically everyone’s always saying is it’s a failure more or less. And, and I, not, not that I’m a Zuckerberg fan, but I, I [00:17:00] don’t think it’s a fair shake yet.

[00:17:02] You’re still building you’re building a reality. Mm-hmm. , you know, it’s not, it’s not gonna happen over. It’s not gonna be adopted overnight. And you know, the tools to get people to use it and, and the motivations to get people to use it aren’t gonna come overnight. So it’s a lot of money spent on it, so we’ll see.

[00:17:24] Daygon07: So guys, if you’ve been enjoying the podcast, I wanna go above and beyond downloading and subscribing to support us, we’ve got a Patreon that you can visit@patreon.gamingmoment.com. Check out our Patreon for our exclusive Patreon awards. Wild. Oh, go ahead.

[00:17:41] WildTwinsFan: So yeah, Dave, big topic this week. Modern warfare two dropped.

[00:17:46] I know we both got the game. What are your experiences?

[00:17:50] Daygon07: Well, first off huge shout out to Wild Who was a broski. A broski, and gifted it to me cause My smart self here [00:18:00] didn’t actually pre-order it. Like I said, I was going to like six months ago. But we got, we got some games in. It’s been when, when you’re actually in the game, it’s been kind of nice, but it’s been rough staying in the game.

[00:18:14] I, I crash quite a bit. I’ve uninstalled reinstalled and I’m using the Steam launcher versus wild, I believe is using the, the Blizzard launcher and. I’ve verified files, I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled. I’ve been trying to play the, the campaign. I can get like 20 minutes into the campaign and then it freezes and crashes.

[00:18:37] And then when we were playing when we were playing multiplayer, we were playing. Search and destroy. There was a couple instances where it crashed on me. I don’t think it’s crashed on you as near as much. And I’m wondering if that’s because you’re using the blizzard launcher versus the steam launcher.

[00:18:51] I don’t know if there’s been a a big difference.

[00:18:54] WildTwinsFan: I think some people have found some bugs and one of the things you can’t do right now, [00:19:00] and I, I, I knew this and I did it today, and I caught myself and I crashed. But you cannot edit classes unless you’re in lobby. Not searching for a game or you are in game.

[00:19:13] And those are the only two times that, that I will change a class. If you’re in lobby after the match waiting for the next match and you edit your class, you’re more than likely gonna crash right now. So those, those two things. And then there’s something about being in a party that does make you crash or does, does kick people out.

[00:19:37] This is not new. We’ve talked about this modern excuse me, World War II was probably the worst launch for multiplayer that I’ve ever seen. Half the time I was in the opposing teams chat when I was on my team and, and stuff like that, and half the time you just couldn’t join your friends or their chat.

[00:19:59] You [00:20:00] just couldn’t do it. I mean, we’re better than that, but there’s been some issues. When you can play the game, it plays nice. But I, I’m gonna let you in on one big secret. It’s half the game because there’s no hardcore. Like, what the fuck, ? Seriously, when have they ever launched the game without half the game being in it?

[00:20:26] And, and granted, you know, hardcore is probably not half the player base, but that’s what I play. And it’s, it’s an adjustment for me because I’m used to being a flick and hit a shot and then move on to the next guy or, or whatever. But now, Flick, hit the shot, hold the shot, make sure you hit all your shots, chase the guy around while you’re still shooting, waiting for him to die or, or whatever.

[00:20:54] Or now what happens is you decide you’re gonna level up the next new gun, [00:21:00] and so using like some bear version iron site with no attachments, then you get absolutely erase. After you start shooting at them and they go, Hey, that hurts. And then they turn and finish you off with their meta guns. So that, that’s kind of rough.

[00:21:16] So we’re gonna talk about I think they and I are both gonna put out maybe what, what our meta gun is at the moment, what we’re really liking, what the class set is. So if you guys are kind of struggling too look forward to those TikTok shorts YouTube shorts coming up pretty quick here.

[00:21:32] And we’ll run you through our

[00:21:33] Daygon07: classes. Yeah, absolutely. The other thing that I’ve found that was really weird for me, As, as you know, as most of you guys know, I enjoy the campaign. This has been kind of like my biggest, my biggest thing though, the whole reason why I was gonna buy the game was for the campaign.

[00:21:48] It wasn’t even really for the multiplayer, but when you actually launch the campaign, it relaunches the entire game, which is really weird to me, and I haven’t understood why [00:22:00] yet. Like, maybe it’s access, I don’t even know if it’s like accessing a different part of the game. Like why does the game have to restart to, to go into.

[00:22:08] The campaign really weird. The other thing, and we’ll probably make a TikTok or a short or maybe a full blown review video on this, on this particular map, but oh my God, US border map, what the fuck that is like the most troll map cod could have put out to make every vehicle. And, and mind you, us border map is nothing but a long ass road with a bunch of vehicles on it, and all the vehicles fucking blow.

[00:22:37] Like, just throw an aid and you call and, and you can, you can probably kill somebody by blowing up a vehicle.

[00:22:43] WildTwinsFan: It’s not super terrible. Maybe for like TDM or capture the flag or, I mean, it is terrible, don’t get me wrong, but like at least you could blow those up. Right. And they’re done. But now when you play a search, right, you could blow them up every, you didn’t blow them up [00:23:00] 12, 11 times.

[00:23:02] 11 times in a match. Mm-hmm. and it. It’s ridiculous. Like when you have to just like, be afraid of grenades and it’s not even grenades, right? Like, you know, like a car you standing by a car that blows up with a grenade is gonna kill you even with, you know, e o d or a, any of those perks on mm-hmm. , you know, so you, it’s just, it’s, it’s, I think it’s the worst map design ever in the history of cod.

[00:23:32] And that goes to be, you know, that says,

[00:23:35] Daygon07: Yeah, I was, I was watching Doc today. Another thing that kind of popped up on, on his stream, like a, a question that popped up on his stream was talking about the Ttk, the time to kill. And he said, and I, and I’m paraphrasing, but he stated that it feels like the ttk is higher on mouse and keyboard than it [00:24:00] is on controller.

[00:24:04] And he, he kind of tested it out. He, he, he used his mouse and keyboard, like he’s able to flick faster, get on people, but it took, it took three to four more bullets on mouse and keyboard to kill somebody. And then he, he switched over, used the same exact class, same exact gun fired at the same exact spot on the person, and it took three to four less bullets than it did on the mouse and keyboard.

[00:24:28] So, yeah, so it was it was, it was interesting. And the fact that, you know, maybe they’re giving, I mean the controllers control, theres no

[00:24:41] WildTwinsFan: way controller people, there’s way that’s intentional

[00:24:43] Daygon07: controller. There’s way that’s intentional. Yeah. I mean, cuz controller people already have aist like, oh my goodness.

[00:24:49] Like, okay, now, now you’re really tilting. Especially like the, the cross, the cross play compatibility. You’re really tilting. The, [00:25:00] the strength to controller players like, Dude Z LE’s gonna fucking own in this game. And if they keep this same thing, the same setup going into War Zone too, Like gamers like Zele, where they use, where they use controllers on pc, they’re gonna, they’re gonna fucking own everybody.

[00:25:18] I, I mean, as if Z Laneer doesn’t already own everybody to begin with, but it’s, Wow. It’s, it’s still crazy to me to, to think that,

[00:25:26] WildTwinsFan: I think top level. Controller versus mouse and keyboard. There’s, there’s negligible advantage. You know, that the people with controllers are, are incredible to controller given the precision you can have with a mouse and keyboard.

[00:25:45] So, yeah, I don’t know if it’s a, it’s a big thing. Id like to see Amist get a big Nerf or, or disappear, and then we’ll see where the real men lie.

[00:25:58] Daygon07: Phil, Ben, so [00:26:00] onto more streaming news. I’m not a fan of this guy. I, I don’t think he’s any good, but he’s a, he’s, you know, one of the top tier streamers on Twitch, so figured we’d have to at least bring this up.

[00:26:12] But x QC went to the urgent care after. He started randomly bleeding from the ears, and that’s kind of crazy. And x QC puts in a lot of time on Twitch. And man, I don’t know what it is like, Is is, is it the, the stress of trying to make the ends meet, like he’s got enough, I think he’s got enough followers.

[00:26:38] You know, he, he, he said he had to take a small break from Twitch due to testing positive to Covid 19 after returning from TwitchCon. And, you know, he just, it’s, it’s really weird. His face started his face started swelling and it was, it was over the course of a few days [00:27:00] and they’re, they’re saying that he might have contracted a viral ear infection.

[00:27:07] Antibiotics are only effective against bacteria and don’t work against viruses. So he just, I, I guess he just ended up getting a viral that I’ve never heard of it. And my father-in-law’s a doctor, but he ended up getting a viral ear infection, which kind of fucked his world up.

[00:27:22] WildTwinsFan: That’s that’s another downside to streaming for a living.

[00:27:25] Man. You are down a note. How you making money? He’s, he’s big enough. He, he ain’t worried about living paycheck to paycheck or, or paying rent or anything, but. Still a, still a thing to be aware of.

[00:27:42] Daygon07: Yeah. He just remember guys to take care of yourself. You know, if, if you’re, if you’re trying to get really hardcore into this content creation game, you’re trying to be you know, a streamer, you’re trying to spend all your time doing the streaming, like just remember to, you know, take a break.

[00:27:59] Your health comes [00:28:00] first. We, we talk about mental. All the time. Make sure that you know you’re taking care of you before you try to take care of your, your wallet, because your wallet doesn’t exist without you.

[00:28:12] WildTwinsFan: All right. So, yep. We’ll keep tabs on xq. Looks like he’ll be right down, down for the cone at the moment.

[00:28:19] Are

[00:28:20] Daygon07: you a Batman

[00:28:20] WildTwinsFan: fan? I mean, not, I mean, not really. I mean, I enjoy Batman. I’ve enjoyed the movie. That’s, that’s as far as I go. I don’t read comic books, you

[00:28:32] Daygon07: know, so I’ve watched my wife play every, like, Aham night, Aham asylum game that’s come out. It, it, it’s been pretty fun. Those, those are pretty good games.

[00:28:41] Solid games. And Gotham Knights, which is the newest addition to kind of that DC game universe. It’s, it, it, it was supposed to be super hyped and it, it, it was supposed to come out and be like, this, this grand thing that was supposed to come out, that, that it was Warner Brothers [00:29:00] next big game that they were dropping.

[00:29:03] And unfortunately, it’ll only run at 30 frames per second on PS five and Xbox Series X and S and it’s also more expensive on those two platforms, which those, those platforms are supposed to support. 60 frames a second, or in some instances even up to 120 frames a second, like

[00:29:24] WildTwinsFan: wow. Yeah. But we’ve seen this, we’ve seen this before and I can’t remember which one it was.

[00:29:31] I, I wanna say it was our, you know, I can’t tell you cuz I, I don’t know off the top of my head, but we’ve definitely seen issues with them, leasing games and not, not doing well especi. Same thing is plagued by running, slowly locked, fbs, all sorts of things. And they’ve, they’ve kind of come back and fixed some of those things, but they don’t play real well on, on, you know, current software and that [00:30:00] it doesn’t speak well for, you know, the quality of, of the game.

[00:30:04] So, I mean, to be noted, to be a little leery of, of Batman games on, on launch for.

[00:30:12] Daygon07: So, and they, they even have like pretty hefty requirements for their PC version. Like you need to have a core i 7 10, 700 K or better, a rise in 5 50, 600 x or better 16 gigs of ram, an RTX 2070 or an RX 5,700 xt if you’re into the radio on the AMD cards.

[00:30:36] And 45 gigs of space and an eight gig, eight gigs of dedicated video ram. Like that’s pretty beefy, man. That’s, that’s a, that’s a mid, that’s a mid to high tier graphic. That’s a mid to high tier gaming rig.

[00:30:50] WildTwinsFan: I mean, you’re probably excluding 75% of gamers out there hardware wise. By those, those specs, I mean,

[00:30:59] Daygon07: They’re [00:31:00] saying, they’re saying minimum requirements.

[00:31:02] You can skate by with a I 5 9600 K or a RISE in 5 3608 gigs of RAM a GTX 1660 ti, or an RX five 90. And have six gigs of, of ram for the, the graphics card. But man, that’s, that’s most pe that’s a lot of people’s kind of setup. And that’s, that’s the minimum. Like you’re, you’re gonna, you’re gonna be running 30 frames on a 10 80 p monitor.

[00:31:31] You’re not gonna be able about that. Well, on, on, on the lowest settings, it’s gonna be crap. So guys, just, just be careful whenever you’re getting some of these games, some of these games. Like they, they are really resource heavy. And I know I’m a huge Batman fan. My wife’s a huge Batman fan. We, we love these games.

[00:31:50] Fortunately I have a system that can play it. She, she’s probably gonna get it on through Game Fly and ended up playing. Well, I know she’s gonna get it because it’s on [00:32:00] her list to get through Game Fly. But, you know, I’ve told her she’s probably not gonna like it. She’s like, Don’t ruin it for me.

[00:32:07] Don’t ruin the the experience. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll play it when I play it and see. Maybe, maybe they’ll fix it. Okay, that’s fine.

[00:32:13] WildTwinsFan: I’m, I’m working through, I think I’m working through Aham Knight on they’re all named so similarly. Mm-hmm. . It’s hard. On my on my steam deck it’s one of the games that I’ve been trying to get to play, but they don’t play very good on my steam deck either.

[00:32:24] So, And that’s the old game. Yeah. You know, that’s not, that’s not too surprising. So if you’re a big Batman fan, you better buy it on your Sony or, or have a pretty kick ass pc.

[00:32:41] Daygon07: And we’re gonna jump into, like, we were originally gonna talk about the, the Witcher RPG being remade from the ground up, but there was more Witcher news that actually came out this week.

[00:32:52] As far as like the Witcher. The Witcher, is it Netflix? It’s on Netflix, right? Yeah, Netflix [00:33:00] series. So Henry Caval is not going to. Playing the Witcher anymore. He’s what? Yeah. Yeah. I, I didn’t, I’m dropping this on you right now. Wild. This is live in, in the moment. He’s, he’s not, he’s not gonna be playing in the Witcher in this upcoming season because he’s doing filming for DC so he doesn’t have the time.

[00:33:20] So he’s past the rains on to Liam Liam Hemsworth, who is Chris Hemsworth, Thor’s little brother. So, The war’s little brother is gonna be playing the Witcher, the, at least this next season coming out on Netflix. So it’s gonna be a little bit different take. You know, plenty of women still find him attractive, but he’s, no, he’s no henry ca Henry Caval.

[00:33:44] When it, when it comes to attractiveness and the, the n the nerdy attractiveness to the, to the women out there,

[00:33:51] WildTwinsFan: I mean, I don’t think many women could come outta.

[00:33:59] Fair enough. [00:34:00] You got the abs like me, but you know.

[00:34:02] Daygon07: Yeah, yeah. The, the abs like us, the abs like us. So,

[00:34:05] WildTwinsFan: but back to back to the original story, they are gonna remake Witcher with Unreal five. You gotta, you gotta think that that’s gotta be a catalyst of, of Netflix being able to inject a little you know, interest, well interest into the, into the original game.

[00:34:20] And I think another good game, I’ve, I’ve not play. I’ve played a little bit of three still kind of working my way through. It’s sometimes hard to sit down and play that much of a game at a time and which is a bit of a time grind. So one, one of those games. But it’ll be interesting to see this come up and, and you know, again, another unreal five game now and what that can do with it.

[00:34:46] Yeah, it

[00:34:46] Daygon07: should be. It should be really good. I mean the games that I’ve played using Unreal Engine five has been really nice. So I think it’s gonna be a nice refresh to the game and they’ll probably add some new quirks and some new stuff to it so that it, [00:35:00] it, it differs from the original a little bit, but I think for the most part, the storyline’s gonna remain the same.

[00:35:06] But it, it, it’ll be good to see. All the new stuff that, that, all the new effects that they’re gonna be able to put into it and see how much more immersive they can make the game. And while on, on the heels of stadia shutting down, Netflix is now stepping into the ring saying they might get into cloud gaming while they form another new game studio.

[00:35:31] And the studio will be headed by former Overwatch, executive producer Chaco Sunny. Wow. Why am I not surprised?

[00:35:40] WildTwinsFan: I just, I, when I saw this story, this is my story. I, I found this week, I put this in there and I thought, Day God’s day, God’s gonna get kick out. This one, Yeah, I’m a little sick yet guys, so gotta take a cough break.

[00:35:53] I’ll hear my voice pitch up in the or down or a little bit sometimes that’s me struggling not to cough when I’m talking [00:36:00] nonstop here. So sorry about that. But yeah, back onto it. Netflix. They got money. They, they’ve proven to put out good content in their movies and they’re not afraid to put the money to it.

[00:36:13] So I think it’ll be an interesting spin on what you can do if you put some effort into it. Cuz I think Netflix will put the effort into it. They, they seem to be a company that’s, that’s gonna do it if you know, if given the, the right.

[00:36:27] Daygon07: The fact that they’re starting a whole new game studio is, is interesting to me.

[00:36:32] Like, I don’t know why they wouldn’t just invest into an already an already productive game studio versus trying to, you know, kind of build their own. They have the capital. That’s, that’s not a, that’s not a big deal. The big thing is, is that they’re not asking you to subscribe as a console, Replace. It’s a completely different business model.

[00:36:53] The hope is over time, that it just becomes this very natural way to play games wherever you are. And that’s been the [00:37:00] model for Stadia. That’s been the model for Invidia Invidia’s Invidia’s. Gaming platform. That’s been the model for Xbox Cloud. Like that, That’s everybody’s model. I don’t know why they’re saying it’s, it’s a completely different business model.

[00:37:16] It’s, it’s, it’s really not. The fact of the matter is, is their audience, they’re gonna, I, I don’t think they’re gonna take off. They’re gonna be right where Stadia was. Xbox is killing it right now. It’s part of, it’s part of their, their subscription. It’s already part of their subscription model. I mean, Netflix could add it, but then what?

[00:37:32] You’re gonna be paying an extra 5, 6, 7 bucks a. On your bill, just so just so they can provide it, provide you a service that you’re probably not gonna use. I don’t, I don’t think it’s gonna last very long. I give it maybe a year. That’s my hot take on this. Stadia didn’t last that long. Stadia lasted like three years, and they’re gonna shut down in January of 2023.

[00:37:55] You know, we’ll see what kind of technical success that they come off that they get off of it. [00:38:00] But I don’t know, maybe I, I, I have no idea. I don’t, I don’t see this working for him, to be

[00:38:06] WildTwinsFan: honest. So, Netflix, Mike Perdue must be a big wig. I’m not exactly sure who he is. Stated and came out and said that Stadia was a technical.

[00:38:16] It was fun to play on Stadia, but it had some issues with the business model. You know, it sounds like they’re gonna take Stadi a’s platform or, or what Stadia did. Right. And just expand on that. And they, you know, they think they could do the business model. Right. You know, we’ll see they’ve they’ve done the movie model they’ve done the movie model, right.

[00:38:34] So, Yeah,

[00:38:36] Daygon07: they’re, they’re, they’re crushing it on the, on the movie side of things. They’re crushing it on movies and, and TV shows. There’s, there’s some really good content that they’re putting out. Gaming and the gaming audience is completely different now. Now, if they’re doing more rpg like story based games, like, you know, maybe they’re, maybe they can turn some of their, some of their their original movies and original series [00:39:00] into, into games that maybe.

[00:39:03] But we’ll see. I, I don’t think, I don’t think it’s gonna pan out well for ’em personally. I think, I think, think Microsoft is crushing it right

[00:39:10] WildTwinsFan: now. You just watched the Witcher look here, Play Witcher now. I mean, I, I don’t know. We’ll see. I’m, I’m hoping I, I like big pockets. I like to see what Big Pockets can do with a potential.

[00:39:23] So Netflix has got some big pockets. They’ve been spending money to keep their, a lot of their gaming and their, excuse me, a lot of their filming. In house. And, and so, you know, they’re, they’re smart about other units, so

[00:39:37] Daygon07: we’ll see. So we got some follow ups this week. First follow up that we’re gonna go over is, and I’m actually super, super disappointed and sad about this.

[00:39:47] And I, we talked about this in a podcast like literally not too long ago, and how excited I was that that g4, G4 TV was coming back. They’re shutting it down already. They’re discontinuing. They’re [00:40:00] discontinuing less than a year after it launched. Fucking Comcast. I’m, I’m gonna say that fucking Comcast is shutting G4 down, basically.

[00:40:09] I do believe.

[00:40:11] WildTwinsFan: Go ahead. I do believe the number one cited reason for such shutting down G4 was all the gaming news can be found in the gaming moment. .

[00:40:21] Daygon07: All right, so, That that’s actually not inaccurate. They did say like a lot of, a lot of the gaming content that people are looking for can already be found on Twitch and YouTube.

[00:40:34] So essentially, essentially Twitch and YouTube killed it. I mean, I understand taking it off of. Like a TV network. I get it. But they should still keep the YouTube channel going and have the shows on the YouTube channel, cuz that’s really where they’re killing it. Nobody, nobody’s really watching it on tv.

[00:40:51] They’re, they’re, they’re watching it on demand on YouTube. Why, Why kill it? Like there’s a, there’s a [00:41:00] nostalgia piece to it that, that people in, people on, on my side, people go there. They do really good reviews. They do really good. They, they make really good content there. Now, mind you, I, I will say not all of their shows are great, but I think X play attack of the show and a lot of their, a lot of their review shows are really, really good and really, really insightful.

[00:41:20] But I don’t think they should nix the whole, the whole network at like, at least put, at least make it a channel on YouTube and keep producing content for YouTube.

[00:41:29] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, I mean, it, it’s, you know, it’s a, it’s a big thing. It’s, it’s a bummer to lose any, you know, powerhouse in the gaming industry. But the reality is when you look at, back in the days of the, of g4, when, when we watched it, when it came out, the original.

[00:41:47] You didn’t have all these platforms. YouTube wasn’t like, it was, YouTube didn’t even work like it did, you know, like the algorithms and, and such like that. It didn’t really work like that. That’s not how they worked. And you couldn’t [00:42:00] find, you know, the content like you can now it’s real archivable. Yeah.

[00:42:06] It’s easy to search. Now it’s like, would you go to YouTube and only subscribe to one YouTube channel if you like technology. You end, you end up getting sucked into all the good channels. You get Dynas, tech tips, gamers, Nexus. I mean J is 2 cents. I mean, I can go down a list of just really good, brilliant people that are putting out good content right now.

[00:42:29] And it’s like, not only is their content good, it’s entertaining, you know, it’s not just, you know, spit at ya. It’s, it’s entertaining stuff. So maybe GForce missed the bus and maybe they shouldn’t have. Maybe they should realize the market actually is kind of saturated. There’s, you know, we’re certainly not being, and there’s quite a people, quite a few people.

[00:42:49] Yeah. We’re not the only gaming podcast out there, but I feel, I feel like, you know, our streaming end of things is one of those things that, you know, you don’t get anywhere else or you don’t, you don’t get the [00:43:00] quality, you know, we can bring to that. Mm-hmm. You know, and it just, but yeah, there’s a lot of choices out there and it makes it.

[00:43:08] To make money doing something when there’s a lot of choices. So and we

[00:43:12] Daygon07: appreciate you guys. Yeah, we appreciate you guys making the choice to listen to our podcast, by the way. Thank you, 100%. Well, do you wanna talk about this 40, 90 being too powerful for its cables? All right, So

[00:43:23] WildTwinsFan: we talked, we, we even talked about this in the previous episode, that, you know, we have a, like a generational switch here potentially anyways now it looks like AMD won’t go the same route.

[00:43:35] There’s, there’s some arguments with this new it’s a four and eight pin connector, 12 pins on it, but they’re like eight pins are power and the four pins are kind of like a communication or, or a status or something issue. So it’s, it’s hard to say, but what the, what’s happening is people are melting those connectors and they’re, they’re melting adapters that people are using from old power supplie.[00:44:00]

[00:44:00] To adapt to the new power requirements for the 40 nineties. Mm-hmm. , and we talked about this could be an issue, it was already speced out by people far smarter than us to say that there are some, some limitations here that you’re gonna be awful close to. And it looks like there’s been people of 40 nineties that have been melting the power cables, and I think they have finally, It seems that we have a pretty good definitive idea now, I think a, a solid, plausible idea what’s causing it, and instead of the wire flipping, you know, the, the all eight wires kind of flipping, you know, together left and right, or side to side.

[00:44:43] It’s, it’s really the wires going the, the long way. So if they’re all eight in a row, you know, you can kind of picture that in your head. Then those all eight kind of fold, you know, to the left and to the right easily. But if you try to push them, North and south, you know, we’re all eight are [00:45:00] stacked against each other and pushing one way, and all eight are stacked against other, pushing the other way, if you can understand that is kind of what’s breaking the, the, there’s like a, almost like a busbar inside the connector.

[00:45:13] That’s one big metal piece. And that metal piece is distributing the power to the four pins of the connect. The, A pins on the connector. Mm-hmm. . And when that happens they’re finding that they’re shearing off or breaking the end pieces potentially on that, that bar inside the adapter. And that’s what’s, that’s what’s causing the heat.

[00:45:35] Cuz now it’s pushing more wattage through those other two lines, or four lines or three lines or whatever. Whatever didn’t get broken. So it looks. You have to be really careful with your cables. Check your cables. People are pulling their cables off and finding them burnt. It might be a quality control issue with the cables.

[00:45:55] It might be a handling issue with the cables. We’re not that far along, but it’s [00:46:00] definitely a serious, serious issue. If you, if you’re fortunate enough to go out there and pick yourself up at 40 90 you, you should be aware of this already. But keep, keep your eyes on it. Don’t assume you’re not having problems.

[00:46:12] Just not seeing problems, Pull it apart, give it a look. If you don’t have the person to do that, find a person. Cuz it, cuz it is

[00:46:20] Daygon07: an issue. So, yeah. The, the biggest issue right now is, like Wal said, it, they’re using kind of like a little, a really thin metal bar to disperse the power across all of these.

[00:46:33] All these pins where traditionally it’s been a cable to each pin, which is why we haven’t had this issue in the, in the, the, the 30 series, both the 30 tis and the, the, the regular 30 series. Now they basically have six pins. Pushing out to eight pins. So that’s why they’re, that’s why they need this bar.

[00:46:53] And it, there’s a, a lot of inconsistency in the quality of the solder and the, the, the, the job, the, the [00:47:00] job that the solder is doing there, there’s inconsistency, so some people are seeing the problem, other people are not. And like wild said, it’s, it’s more of a, of a side to side. So if, if you have the row.

[00:47:14] Pins like horizontal if you’re, if that cable’s being bent horizontally in the same direction that those, that those pins are, like the, the adapter is, that’s where, that’s where the seeing the issue. It’s not the, it’s not the up and down, like on the short side. It’s the long side. But Jay’s 2 cents did come out and say that.

[00:47:34] The best, the best cable that you can get right now is actually corsair’s cable, cuz they, they do ru run a one to one cable. It’s not using that little metal bar with the, with the solder. So you’re not gonna run into that issue. So don’t recommendation is, don’t use the, the adapter that comes in the box.

[00:47:54] Just go out, spin the spin the extra. It’s like 10 or $15 to for, [00:48:00] for that, for that Corsair cable and use that and it’s gonna save you a ton of time, a ton of problems. It could potentially save you from your damn house burning down. That’s for damn sure because you know that shit’s getting hot and, and melting and could cause more problems than what you would need.

[00:48:16] So just go out, spend the extra 15 bucks, buy that course Air one not a sponsor. J’S 2 cents, not a sponsor on it. You know, we don’t have a link for it or anything anywhere right now. We could potentially have one in the, in the, in the podcast episode description, but as of right now, we don’t. So yeah, make sure, make sure that you get that.

[00:48:37] It’s, it’s hugely, hugely important. For, for your safety and the safety of your, of your equipment. Because of this, AMD has come out and said that they’re not gonna use this new, this new adapter. They’re gonna stick with what, what’s been working. And you know, if you, if you decide to go with an amd, our DNA three graphics [00:49:00] card, you won’t have this, This is a non-issue for you.

[00:49:02] They’ve already stated that they’re not, they’re not moving to this new platform.

[00:49:07] WildTwinsFan: Hey just add up to November 3rd. Probably be about the time you guys are listening to this podcast. The new our DNA cards will be released Hmm, to the world. So

[00:49:18] Daygon07: fun soon. So guys, if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you can engage with us as well as find out when we’re streaming the podcast and get a first listen before it goes out across all of your favorite podcasting platforms.

[00:49:31] So do it. And while it looks like you you’ve had a really cool optic gaming TikTok, what’s going

[00:49:38] WildTwinsFan: on with this? Yeah, this is a big one. This is MP’s final Goodbye. So, optics, stumps, stumpy.

[00:49:50] Who’s been playing? This was his last season. He’s announced on TikTok here throughout the gaming that this is the last season as a pro gamer. So [00:50:00] you know, that’s kind of big deal is it’s , it’s a, it’s weird cuz I didn’t think it, I didn’t really think much of it. I was like, Whatever. But actually it’s a, it is kind of a, like, it, I kind of feel it, you know, like.

[00:50:14] The video’s good. It’s, it’s, it’s a minute, just over a minute, two minutes long, kind of going through just a little bit, kind of, almost like a flashback of his, of his career. And it’s really good. And it’s he’s definitely had some fucking moments and, and he’s a great player. And overall I think he’s a, a really great guy.

[00:50:32] So, I mean I’m sure the, we’re not losing him, but, you know, he’ll, he’ll move on to a, a, maybe a coaching position or, or, or whatever. He’ll, he’ll go. Continue to do great things. So, Sorry, I think he already probably a fairly strong streamer. Mm-hmm. Could probably focus some efforts on that if you wanted to YouTube or whatever.

[00:50:54] Daygon07: Yeah. Welcome to getting old man. Like this is man, he’s been, he’s been a [00:51:00] pro since like 20 12, 20 13, so like 10 years in.

[00:51:08] I never

[00:51:08] WildTwinsFan: watched a lot of skump because he was so young. Mm-hmm. when I, like, I just always felt like as a 20 something year old or whatever, 30 year old or whatever, like, it just felt like he was so much younger than me. It just, I don’t know, it, like, it wasn’t like, I didn’t almost connect with it because of that.

[00:51:28] Daygon07: Yeah. I’m just trying to pull up like he’s, he’s 27 years. Right now and man you know, he’s been doing this since he was like 16 or 17, really thi this, this is where things start to get interesting for this generation of gamers, right? That have been pro gamers for their entire lives. Where they might not have gone to, gone to college or they might not have, you know, focused hard on school cuz they were living in ho in gaming houses with their team [00:52:00] practicing 24 7.

[00:52:02] What’s the next step in their life? Is it, is it streaming? Is it you tubing? You know, is it enough to make a, is it enough to make a living now that your income from, from tournaments is gone? Do you, do you start your own? Do you start your own company? And, and be a manager? Do you be a manager within Optic Gaming?

[00:52:24] You know, do you be a captain? You know, these are, these are things that, you know, Excuse me, I haven’t really thought about. You know,

[00:52:33] WildTwinsFan: I’d argue that he has more potential to make more money now than he does under, under, you know, under a pro contract. You know, I’m sure Big Papa Optic gets a big cut of that first, you know, so, you know, I, maybe he’ll still fall under the same.

[00:52:50] Hard to say.

[00:52:52] Daygon07: Yeah, that’s really hard to say. So guys, that’s gonna be it for this episode. Let us know if you’re interested in [00:53:00] getting the MedQuest Pro. I don’t think you should, but you know, if you really feel like it, let us know. Also, let us know what you think about Elon Musk taking over Twitter, what this means for Twitter.

[00:53:10] Are you seeing any effects on it from you personally? Did you leave the platform? Are you coming back to the platform? You know, let us, let us know on social media. Hell tweet at. Tweet at us, Send us a TikTok. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you guys for listening in. Consider our Patreon to support the podcast and also by going to merch dot gaming moment.com and picking up some of that timeless classic merch.

[00:53:35] And if you’ve made it this far in the podcast, now’s the best time to hit that subscribe button. And we’ll see you guys in the next episode. And until next time, keep grinding.[00:54:00]