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[00:00:44] I’m Daygon07 and with me as always is Wild Twins fan. How you doing this week Wildy? What’s going on?

[00:00:49] WildTwinsFan: Good Day, I’m doing good. It’s been busy week, didn’t get near as much time to play War Zone or DMZ as I wanted to, but we did get a little bit of time and we did get a stream up. We [00:01:00] actually kind of did a little co-stream the other night.

[00:01:01] I was on before day and then day joined me, and I had to hit this, hit the hay for an early wake up and pass the stream off today. And it was, it was a nice stream, flowed really well. We haven’t streamed a lot of gameplay from our channel, but we’re gonna, we’re gonna, we’re gonna change that up.

[00:01:17] We’re gonna get a little more gameplay from the channel here and there. Obviously, we both have our own Twitch channels. Daygon07 on Twitch and WildTwinsFan on Twitch. I’m on YouTube. Day will occasionally and YouTube. So yeah, it’s been a little bit of a wild the week here. But yeah, I got some topics.

[00:01:34] We’re gonna talk about War Zone 2 obviously that’s, that’s, I mean, arguably it’s the biggest game of the year. I don’t, I don’t know if that’s arguably it’s, it, it is the biggest game release of the year. We’re gonna talk a little bit about last week’s topic. The Twitshow. I’m, I’m calling it the Twitshow short for shit show.

[00:01:48] We’re also gonna talk about Doctor disrespect, breaking character. And what happened to cause that. So kind of a, it was a big one there.

[00:01:57] Daygon07: First official time too. Like, like, well, not, not [00:02:00] a, I’m calling it official, I’m calling it official. Like, like it was on purpose that he broke his character. You know, we see, we see Guy Behm versus Dr. Disrespect purposefully in an ad. It was, it was really cool to see.

[00:02:13] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. Yeah. That, that was, yeah. So obviously we’re talking about war zone dmz a little bit. And banter, we’re heavy on the banter this week. We talk a little bit about a game I ran across. It looks like it’s gonna scare the shit outta people.

[00:02:27] It looks like it’s fun. It looks like it’s gonna be a, it’ll look like it’ll be amazing game to stream. But it’s a Hautify it’s a mixed reality game for VR headsets. It’s on the side Quest store. That you can load onto your headset. Talk about that. Pretty cool, pretty cool stuff. And a bunch of Blizzard news this week.

[00:02:47] Big week for them. Not a great week for them, but so we’ve got a couple stories there covering Blizzard and, and Overwatch two was, you know, blizzard also gonna talk about PlayStation failing disabled gamers and [00:03:00] kind of, you know, what that’s about. Versus Microsoft Talk about day. You’re a big, you and the, the wife, the wife’s down around today, so she can’t speak with us tonight.

[00:03:09] But believe isn’t, isn’t she a big Gear War fan?

[00:03:13] Daygon07: She is a huge, huge Gears of War fan. Been playing it since day one, pretty much. Yeah, her and my good buddy Ish, who we’ve played with. They’re both, they’re both huge Gars of War fans. And what we’re gonna talk about actually excites me, cuz I, I, I actually enjoy the storyline behind Gears of War.

[00:03:31] I think it’s I think it’s really interesting. I think it would be, really good, you know. We’ll, I’ll, I’ll explain more when we, when we actually jump into that topic. Yeah. Yes, yes. Essentially, yes. Wifey, wifey and best friend are both ears of War fans.

[00:03:46] WildTwinsFan: And then we’ll talk about Doc and breaking character and talking about his bourbon release.

[00:03:51] Don’t get too excited about that guys, cuz if you didn’t know about it and we’re breaking the news to ya, you’re not gonna get your hands on it anyways. So but let’s get into it. Let’s talk about war [00:04:00] Zone two. I did have chance to play War Zone two and dropped in and, you know, it’s clunky.

[00:04:08] Overall. Modern Warfare two has been clunky for me, but I was able to play, I dropped in, I actually got three kills right off the bat, and then I got erased. So that was, that was fun.

[00:04:20] Daygon07: First off, wild. Let’s start at the very beginning of your experience with War Zone two. Right. You, you happened to purchase the, the Blizzard version of Call of Duty.

[00:04:32] WildTwinsFan: Yep.

[00:04:33] Daygon07: You wanted to install Modern Warfare two via the Blizzard app, cuz you have, you would or, or it’s just an update I should say. Yeah, it was just an update via the Blizzard app. But they were having such issues with their download servers. You were getting how much you were downloading, how,

[00:04:53] how fast I,

[00:04:54] WildTwinsFan: I was in the kilobytes. I was in the, the, like the 200, 300 to a hundred kilobytes [00:05:00] per second, like mm-hmm. Not even megabytes, like basically double dial up speeds and stuff. It was, it was painful and I was like, I, I was stupid cuz I let it go for like an hour or two and then it dawned on me. Fricking War Zone’s Free, dude, it’s on Steam.

[00:05:18] I’m just gonna download the Steam copy. So I, I jumped on Steam and I downloaded the Steam copy and installed it. And the, the other copy going in the background wasn’t even close to being finished. And it, it finished up later that evening. But I, I just played that in Steam and I played on my same account.

[00:05:34] My, my Wild Twins fan, my active vision account on Steam, and didn’t have any problems with it. So there’s some bugs there. So I wanted to see the difference between Steam and, and Battlenet and see how that was gonna go. And right now Steam might have the better version. I, I actually think, I, I actually think I’d prefer this Steam version aside from if you switch back between games, You’d have [00:06:00] to switch to different launchers and stuff.

[00:06:02] So there’s, you know, like, I don’t know if I’ll go back and play Vanguard, to be honest. It wasn’t that good of game. It’s not memorable. So I don’t know that I would go back to it. I don’t know if I’ll go back to Modern Warfare 2019. I still have those installed, I deleted Black Ops Cold War. Yeah. So, I mean, I got, I got the storage space.

[00:06:24] I’m just not gonna, I’m just not gonna play ’em. That, that was disappointing. lot of issues. There was some leg issues. I mean, it was the night of launch. It’s launch night. Launch nights always bad. You, you can’t expect launch nights to go smooth. And now, today when, when everyone’s downloading the games, you know, the, the, the days of lining up at Game Stop and getting an actual disc that actually had the game on it they’re, they’re gone.

[00:06:49] You know? So you have to, you’re going home and you’re downloading the game with everyone else. And I think that’s

[00:06:54] Daygon07: Which is sad. That was part of, that was part of the experience. That was part of the experience, right? Like, I remember, [00:07:00] shit, I remember with Modern Warfare too. I stood outside. It wasn’t a game stop.

[00:07:06] We have, like, where I’m at, we, we have a place called, or had, they don’t exist anymore, I don’t think. We had a place called Games Plus. And essentially they had a tournament a Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, one tournament going on. And the top three, the, the top three winners got a free copy of Modern Warfare two.

[00:07:27] And it was, it was the different versions of Modern Warfare two, like the, the, the first place person got like the, the prestige package, modern Warfare ii, that came with the really badass night vision goggles. That, that they, that version that they came out with. And then the second place got like the, the tier below that, and then the third place got just, just the standard game.

[00:07:49] So like, man, we’re missing out on, on that part of the community, the gaming community and, and just being around each other. I mean, [00:08:00] we’ve, we’ve been so locked, you know, accustomed to just being locked in our, our, our homes and, and being stuck behind either a PC or, or a console. And instead of talking shit in person, like, let’s get back to talking shit in person.

[00:08:16] But yeah, on, on, in, on, on the same note as talking shit in person. I think one of the biggest things I’ve enjoyed about War Zone and DMZ in general right now, we’ll, we’ll talk about DMZ here in a minute, but just something that they brought back in general is the is the proximity chat. And that’s like if, if you go on social right now, like on TikTok or Instagram or YouTube shorts or, or what have you, People are like, we don’t care about, you know, I don’t care about getting wins, I don’t care about creating Epic clips.

[00:08:51] I care about creating content with these, with this proximity chat. Because now, now you’re having people doing like, you know, streaming Boy or [00:09:00] creating like boy band clips where they’re singing, where they’re singing like Backstreet Boys or NSYNC, and then somebody on another team that’s in the proximity chat starts singing along with them.

[00:09:10] And I, I saw a clip today where it almost looked like it was teaming to be honest, but there was like eight dudes that got into a vehicle. Two guys in the same team were in the cab, and then everybody else was in the back and they were just, they were all, all shooting the shit and shooting people driving around the entire

[00:09:27] WildTwinsFan: Was it, was it war zone though, or was it dmz?

[00:09:30] Daygon07: Yes, it was war. It was War Zone too.

[00:09:32] WildTwinsFan: You sure it was War zone? Not dmz? Yeah, dmz. You can join, you can join up with other squads. Did you know that? Did you, did you do that? I didn’t. I didn’t. Yeah, you can, you can literally join other squads, like close to you.

[00:09:47] Daygon07: It was four man. It was four guys. Dmz, I believe you can only have three guys on a squad.

[00:09:53] WildTwinsFan: Oh, maybe. I don’t know. See, I haven’t played, I, like I said, I didn’t get a lot of time to play.

[00:09:58] Daygon07: Yeah. We, we haven’t had a whole lot of time to [00:10:00] play. Wild has a little bit more time in, in in War zone than I have. Not much. Yeah. What I, what I, what I have been doing though is you know, I’ve been just slammed at work.

[00:10:10] So I’ve had doc up on my phone and I’ve, I’ve been watching Doc and ZLaner and, and Tim and I, I, I think, I think it was Doc, ZLaner and courage playing today. And then, then they started getting into, you know, courage. Like, oh, what weapons are you using? They, it took ’em like 30 minutes to get a fucking weapon set up because there was a there was getting the, getting the gun and then it was getting the attachments, and then it was tuning each attachment. Yeah. So it took him like 30 minutes to get a gun set up. I’m like, all right, I’m done. This is boring. I’m, I’m fucking passing out here on my computer. And I’m, I’m trying to finish up working here for the week, so, yeah.

[00:10:47] But you know it, so far it’s been good. There’s, there’s some really good ways to gain experience and, and level your weapons up fairly fast. Yep. In the game doing contracts and missions and stuff within the [00:11:00] game. So I, I think that addressed some of the issues that, that was in the original war zone, cuz if you played the original war zone, It was a grind to try to level up some weapons and, and get attachments and stuff.

[00:11:14] Especially if you didn’t have the base game. Like, you know, you’re trying to, you’re trying to level up modern warfare, 2019 guns. You’re trying to level up Vanguard guns or you know, cold War guns. If, if you didn’t have, if you didn’t have those base games, it was very difficult and a tedious grind to unlock unlock weapons and unlock attachments for those guns. They’ve made it a little bit easier now .

[00:11:37] WildTwinsFan: DMZ will be great for that. I mean, yeah, and DMZ is actually kind of fun to play. Challenging enough, and each time

[00:11:44] Daygon07: suck. Not a huge time suck either. Challenging

[00:11:47] WildTwinsFan: enough though, to be fun, you know, if it was too easy, it wouldn’t be fun. We definitely, we definitely got wrecked pretty hard.

[00:11:56] Some bots and ai. I don’t, I don’t know that we [00:12:00] ran into actual players except for at the very, very, very end we ran into players.

[00:12:05] Daygon07: Yeah. When we were, when we were ex filling. Right, right. As we were x filling, like literally getting on the chopper. We, we were shooting at players. I think, I think the reason why we got wrecked by those AI as we underestimated how good, like, or how, what, what the difficulty level was on those.

[00:12:19] Yeah. And then they just kind of pop up outta nowhere on I think an aimbot. Yeah. . Legal aimbot. Yeah. So it’s, it’s, it’s been, it’s like the DMZ part has been really good. I’d like to know how many, you know, going into it, how many actual players are in there. I think

[00:12:37] WildTwinsFan: that it’s like, it’s 64. 64 is the most I don’t know that it tells you if or how many are left in.

[00:12:45] And I, from most of what I’m seeing is if you wanna play DMZ right now, Most people are able to get in and play their game and not really, not really have to worry about other players so much. Like, [00:13:00] you know, like the M 13 now is, is a drop gun. And the only, well, aside from buying it, I believe you could buy it in the store.

[00:13:09] Classic activation. The only other way you can get it is by unlocking it, by picking it up and the x filling with it. So we, we only got to play one round of DMZ together. They, and we, you know, I wanted to get in, I wanted to just push through a zone and I wanted to xFi and I just wanted to, to, you know, kind of get that experience.

[00:13:30] And so we didn’t, we didn’t really go for any goals or anything like that, but it was fun. I actually enjoyed it. Ammo. Ammo is a pre ammo was the hardest thing. I think like I, I would change my load out to carry in an ammo box in the future. Cuz we were struggling to get

[00:13:48] Daygon07: ammo. Must have. So I was playing with our buddy leopard afterwards.

[00:13:54] Yep. I got some games in with him. We got some games in with a couple brandos and [00:14:00] that, like he had a, he had, he had an ammo box. Man. That was, that was a, that was a lifesaver. So, you know, pro tip, if you’re in a group, somebody needs to fucking carry an ammo box. No, no. If ands or butts, like you’re, yeah, you’re gonna need it cuz there’s so many bots you know, make note of the ammo.

[00:14:17] St. Staes. That’s the ammo, Cass that’s there on the map. You’re gonna need those.

[00:14:21] WildTwinsFan: Some, some armored bots too that are gonna suck up some more bullets too. For sure.

[00:14:28] Daygon07: Another pro tip just run over the bots. Yeah, learn that the learn that the, the, the easier way. Like you’re gonna, you’re gonna go through a couple, a couple cars doing it, but you’ll be able to lay out so many more bots.

[00:14:40] Especially if you’re, if you’re going for that, that M four, that weapon M 13. Yep. Yeah, the, yeah, the M 13. That’s, that’s the easiest way to acquire it. You don’t have to fight the dude, you just have to run his ass over and then pick, pick up the gun off of his corpse and then xFi the hell outta there.

[00:14:58] WildTwinsFan: So that’s actually my plan.

[00:14:59] Next time I [00:15:00] get a chance to play dmz, hopefully here tomorrow I’ll be able to sneak in and get to play some, but I, I just wanna go around ’em over real quick, grab their loot and go.

[00:15:10] Daygon07: You guys let us know if you guys wanna, want, wanna see more livestream livestream game content on, on the a Gaming Moment channel versus our, our independent channels.

[00:15:20] If it makes it easier for you to follow, otherwise you can follow either one of us on Twitch https://twitch.tv/daygon07 and then https://twitch.tv/wildtwinsfan. So,

[00:15:30] WildTwinsFan: so let’s talk a little little bit about that too, cuz we had a new new follower come in and we do like to play with people and you know, we’re, we’re open to that as long as you guys are respectful that, you know, we are streaming and, you know, you have to be the terms of service of Twitch, you know, and so we, we always have to be a little bit careful on that.

[00:15:50] But we were, we tried to get a guy to join us. We could not add him as a friend through either modern [00:16:00] warfare or through war zone. Because none of the friend stuff works. So I actually backed out and tried to friend him through Vanguard and I never did pick up if he had Vanguard or not. I, I believe he did finally accept my friend request, but I had, I had to get offline and get some sleep.

[00:16:20] But yeah, right now, if you want, you better hope your friends are on your friends list. If they’re not on your friends list. One of the, the, the earlier versions of the game is probably the easiest way to get someone on your friends list. For right now. Cuz, cuz it’s broken, broken af so that’s disappointing.

[00:16:37] Especially. Because it’s so hot topic right now that you can talk with people with proximity chat. Like you can meet some fun people and, and you know, I’ve, I’ve met a lot of people. I met Daygon, you know, in a, ran in a random chat talking with him, and I was like, I like this guy. We, you know, let’s, let’s play some games.

[00:16:54] You know, Hey, you stream two i stream. And that’s, that’s where this came from, you know? And so I’ve, I’ve [00:17:00] met life, I’ve met quite a few life friends. My, my, my buddy ambitions I met playing Black ops, you know, back in the day. And it’s like, I just kept running into him in lobbies and it’s like, his voice is so distinct that I could pick him off by his voice, you know?

[00:17:15] And, and so it’s, it’s a little disappointing that that’s not working. The game’s not, it’s not well polished. It’s. Smooth, there was some glitching. I think I did the audio, the driver update on Nvidia, my 3080. And I, I believe it made a difference. I’m not sure that it said that there was any optimizations in there for war zone, but it seemed to lessen the issues.

[00:17:42] Or maybe that was just the server load was, was getting a little bit lighter cuz it was getting late at night.

[00:17:47] Daygon07: Probably a combination of things, to be honest.

[00:17:49] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. So it’s hard to say keep your drivers updated, keep your eye on that stuff and if some people have some settings they think work better or not.

[00:17:57] And I don’t have my settings cranked up. I [00:18:00] have my settings kind of marginally down lower cause I want more fps versus, you know, the eye candy even though my computer can handle it. So kinda, kinda keep your eye on that so it’s not, not a good polish finish project. Honestly day, I didn’t, I didn’t play any war zone.

[00:18:18] I didn’t, didn’t have time to watch really any coverage. Just the way I, I have been busy as shit with fall here and if you guys follow my Instagram, you see, I got my boat up and running and I got my boat out and we went out fishing and there’s gonna be a lot of fishing in my life coming up in this next year and I’m, I’m definitely looking forward to it.

[00:18:37] So there was just a lot of prepping to get, get that stuff kind of sorted back out again and just getting stuff taken care of in life. So, so what I’m saying with that is I kind of dropped into war zone cold, not knowing much of anything about it, not really knowing, I know kind of the mechanics changed a little bit.

[00:18:53] I’m, I’m happy to say they took the guns away, parachuting in, I think the right call cuz it’s kind of shit. [00:19:00] You know, to get, to get knocked out of the sky for something super sweaty, scrub, you know, like I don’t play again, I don’t play a lot of war zone cause it’s not really my game, but I don’t wanna feel like I’m so far behind the eight ball when I do drop into it that some sweaty guys gonna shoot me out the game, you know, three seconds in the air that, you know, so you get, you’ll have a pistol once you’re on the ground.

[00:19:24] But I felt like the game played like war zone. Like, you, you wouldn’t be like, what game is this? You know? It played like war zone. It felt like war zone. It was when it was smooth, it was smooth. When it was not smooth, it was not smooth. And you know, we don’t know what to attribute to that to yet, but I’m sure they’ll get it right.

[00:19:41] You know, they got a lot of time, a lot of money invested in this is, this is the biggest game of the year. I, I don’t think there’s any argument to that. There’s, there’s not really been any. Good FPS games drop this year. Battlefield 2042. We know that kind of, that was a disappointment. Kind of a Doug kind of a disappointment.

[00:19:58] We are gonna cover that a [00:20:00] little bit later in the follow up. It’s getting there and, and they’re wor they’re working hard on it. So it’s, it’s not terrible. So but it felt good, you know, the lootings a little bit different. It didn’t feel like there was as much loot as the previous games.

[00:20:14] Daygon07: That is true. The, the looting the loot system. The loot system is way different. Like little more r and g. Yeah. It, it just circling back to that loot system, that that loot system is at least on the DMZ mode, I’m not, I’m not a hundred percent sure on the I, I think it’s, I think it’s very similar on, on war zone too, but you’re, you’re getting, you’re searching through people’s packs.

[00:20:38] Like it’s, it’s actually like the UI on is actually like a, a backpack type layout. And, you know, you, you can upgrade your, you know, you can find different levels of backpacks. So it’s, it’s very PUBG esque in that. Yeah, in that sense. There’s three levels of backpacks. There’s three levels of, of armor. [00:21:00] They did did, I watched a video from stone Mountain today where you know, if you have, if you have three, three armors on you pretty much can’t get one shotted anymore, you know, from what?

[00:21:11] From from his tests. Okay. So if, if you’re, if you’re fully plated up with three armors and you, and you get sniped, you won’t, you won’t actually get knocked or, or get killed. It’ll just deplete all of your armoring, like, I think it takes half your life away. So, There’s you know, they, they change that up quite a bit, so that’s pretty cool.

[00:21:30] WildTwinsFan: So that means these snipers are gonna have to, you snipers are gonna have to follow up that shot, hit that snipe, and then switch your, your backup and, and finish the guys off

[00:21:40] Daygon07: or something. And, and you can’t, you can’t run and plate at the same time. So you know, getting, getting your armor back up could cost, could cost you a down, you know, depending on your distance, the distance between you and the, the, the person chasing after you.

[00:21:57] Yeah. So, so that’s little different.

[00:21:59] WildTwinsFan: I [00:22:00] think they slowed it down a

[00:22:01] Daygon07: lot. Mm-hmm. it takes a while to play

[00:22:03] WildTwinsFan: it up. Feels more tactical like for me that way. Yeah. And then

[00:22:07] Daygon07: they, they took away slide canceling, which I think has the community up in arms a little bit. Everybody loved the slide canceling feature.

[00:22:15] Yeah. But yeah, I can live without it. I can live without, but, you know, over overall the, for me we’re gonna expect some, some hiccups in the game. Like, you know, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll even go back to like, modern Warfare two campaign. It took me a week and a half to finish the campaign because the campaign kept crashing on me.

[00:22:35] Couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t a graphic setting. It was, I, I’d get in, I might be able to play like 20, 30 minutes of the, of the campaign and then it would crash, and then I’d have to re restart the game. And then from there it was like crashing every five or 10 minutes. It was just annoying. So I just said, screw it.

[00:22:52] But the multiplayer on Modern Warfare II has been outstanding in my opinion. Like I’ve, I’ve gotten some really good. [00:23:00] Really good really good moments. Had a, had a, had a, had a good one with you while that, that turned out, that turned out really well. And then I’ll be posting another one on our YouTube, our YouTube shorts cha our on our YouTube shorts and on our TikTok channel here really soon.

[00:23:15] I just got done editing it a little bit earlier, so I just gotta get it posted and then we’ll have, we’ll have a couple we’ll have our buddy leopard, his first dub. We’re gonna have that clip up pretty soon within the next day or so. And then we got another guy, Edius, he’s got, he’s sent in a couple clips of just him just having fun and just the joy he has playing his game.

[00:23:34] So guys, if you, if you want to submit clips to us and have them blast that on our social media, send ’em in, you can go to our website. There’s a Submit a clip button at the top, or you can join our Discord. And there’s a submit clip submit clip channel within the discord where you can go ahead and upload your, your your videos or send us a link to your video.

[00:23:55] It’s a gaming moment.com/submit a clip, I believe. And then

[00:23:59] WildTwinsFan: hey, gaming [00:24:00] moment.com. You could, you

[00:24:01] Daygon07: can find it. Yeah. And then if you wanna join the Discord, I believe it’s discord gaming moment.com and that’ll send you right to our Discord and, and join and you’ll be able to reach out to us directly Chit chat.

[00:24:14] Propose propose topics for us to talk about. Absolutely. Things like that, you know, we, we absolutely love interacting with with the

[00:24:20] WildTwinsFan: community. Yeah. Get our, or get our take, get our hot take on, on whatever at the moment, you know, we’re always, we always have an opinion. So yeah, it’s a great time.

[00:24:29] Whether it’s good or not, whether it’s a good opinion on story. Yep. So I think that, that, that’s good enough for the war zone coverage. I think we, you know, we’re, we’re definitely play more. I, I’m actually kind of excited to play some more of it. I couldn’t say the same when Calera came out. I just didn’t have the same feel for me.

[00:24:45] I don’t, I don’t know what it was with Cal Calera. I just didn’t like it.

[00:24:49] Daygon07: Oh God. So gimmicky, so gimmicky.

[00:24:55] WildTwinsFan: And but this one feels good. This feels like I’m back, you know, verdan kind [00:25:00] of hype. I’m, I’m liking it so far, so I’m still searching to destroy player, so I’m gonna play some of that. Show you some of my clutches there and some of the saltiness out of that, and some RPGs maybe.

[00:25:10] But let’s move on into the banter this week and across a game this week day. It’s, it’s a mixed reality game. So we’ve talked a mixed reality where you have your headset and, and it’s actually it’s not really a camera, it’s kind of a projection of your, it’s like a, it’s like a rebuilt version of your room through your

[00:25:31] Daygon07: headset.

[00:25:32] So it’s using, it’s using mixed or augmented reality. So it’d be really cool. I think this would be really cool with the, with the Quest Pro to have the color around it. Yeah. But I think they’ve built in the higher definition to, yeah, I think they’ve built it to. To be black and white to kind of give you that old, old timey feeling.

[00:25:54] Yeah. But it looks creepy af man,

[00:25:57] WildTwinsFan: it’s like famo phobia in your [00:26:00] house or, or wherever you set it. Right? So there’s like a ghost and it will like materialize or whatever in, in your, in your space. And you gotta go around your space and collect like objects to like get rid of it and stuff like that. And, and I, I, I think it’s, it’s pretty new yet, but just an amazing concept to be playing.

[00:26:21] Like, like you’re basically playing like famo phobia in your house, you know? And it, it would, I don’t know if that, that’s spooky. I, I, it’s gotta be spookier. Just famo phobia in a, in a made up location or, or whatever. And you know, I think the Quest Pro headset we we’re seeing is, you know, it’s, it’s a precursor to the Quest three.

[00:26:45] We know that’s common, that, you know, there’s no secrets about that. They’re not shy about, you know, there’s still developing stuff like that. As long as Zuckerberg is still around, i, it, it, it gives me a good idea of like what that [00:27:00] potential is to get, you know, higher fidelity and, and, and graphics. And it’s really neat.

[00:27:06] They’re playing like multiple levels. Like the one, like, I swear they’re almost in like a, like a hotel or something and they’re go on like this through like the stairways and they’re going into rooms and then they’re going into like closets and stuff and, and the ghost is follow ’em the whole way. And it’s, it’s pretty badass.

[00:27:24] So it’s like, Like, those are some of the things that can, to me, can be game changers for, you know, VR mixed reality and some of the stuff that you can do with it. So, pretty exciting. Again, it’s called tify. It’s on side Quest right now. So Side Quest is a kind of like a off market game store loader, side loader for Oculus.

[00:27:46] Yeah, your, your Oculus headset, they work works wirelessly. It’s a little bit of setup, but it’s nothing that, you know, you can’t handle. If you can sign in to Facebook, you can, you can figure out suse. So just a pretty neat concept. [00:28:00] So I just wanted to talk that over.

[00:28:02] Daygon07: I will say that, you know, highly, highly recommended that you have an Oculus quest for this.

[00:28:11] Yeah. Mainly because you need that wire. You need that wireless capability to go around your house to be able to, you know, play the game well. Also highly, highly recommend a battery pack. Battery, yeah. Battery pack for it so you, you can get, you know, an hour, an extra hour or two out of it to be able to actually thoroughly enjoy the game.

[00:28:33] I know there’s tons of, there’s tons of packs and stuff that are out there. We just bought one for our Oculus Quest two. That was a, a new, a whole new head strap that came with the integrated battery pack on it, which extended the battery life. Three, an additional three hours, which is super nice.

[00:28:49] And the, the, the, the new head strap is ridiculously comfortable, like ridiculously comfortable. So highly recommend if you, if you go out and get you in Oculus Quest to [00:29:00] replace, replace the strap that comes with it. You, you won’t, you won’t regret it. Get you one that has a built in a built in battery.

[00:29:06] WildTwinsFan: I, I actually have mine’s a little like Velcro. Thing that slides onto the Quest strap and you could put any battery back that you have. So I don’t, it’s not like purpose built. I just have like a battery back I use for my phone and I just use that. So that gives me digital battery life. And I can use it with the original headset without the extra cost really.

[00:29:30] And it cost me like 15 bucks for that piece. And I had everything else. Yeah.

[00:29:34] Daygon07: That’s super awesome. I’m, I’m, I might, we haven’t, we haven’t even done our famo, our, our famo stream. I did. We forget about that. I think we forgot about it. I, I’m

[00:29:48] WildTwinsFan: waiting for peer pressure. The people who come in and demand it.

[00:29:52] Daygon07: Hey, if there’s no pressure, we ain’t doing it. I’m, you know, I, you, you, we have bad hearts. .

[00:29:59] WildTwinsFan: I don’t wanna die [00:30:00] instream. It’s

[00:30:01] Daygon07: not good. Right, right. Anyways, guys, let’s with, we have, there’s a lot of things going on Blizzard related. Like outside of, outside of, yeah, like the Blizzard Act division world.

[00:30:11] There’s a lot of thing, things Blizzard going on kind of in the world with, between Overwatch and just some of the things that that’s going on within China and Blizzard and, yeah. So

[00:30:25] WildTwinsFan: let’s talk about a couple of them. First off, one of the things they did is they, they eased up on the SMS verification for like, call duty and Overwatch, where they have, like, if you have like a prepaid phone, like not everyone can afford to have, you know, The newest, latest, greatest iPhone on, on a, on a monthly plan or whatever, or, or whatever they have.

[00:30:45] You know, they might just have a prepaid phone, they might use it very limited. Well, you couldn’t, you couldn’t use something like that to verify your identity for call duty or for Overwatch. So that, that was a, you know, it was a big problem. But they do that because, you know, [00:31:00] hackers can, you know, get, get accounts easier and, and burner accounts and, and

[00:31:06] Daygon07: yeah, TracONE, I’m I’m, I’m waiting for them.

[00:31:09] I’m waiting for them to start accepting Google Voice numbers. Cause that that’s when shit’s really gonna hit the fan. But I know, I know a lot of people that do use Google Voice numbers. There’s some um, there’s some content creators that use Google Voice numbers for. Their stuff, like for business as a business line.

[00:31:25] Yeah. To be able to have, you know, sponsors and people reach out to them so that way, you know, you’re not getting their, their, their actual phone number. So, and it, it

[00:31:35] WildTwinsFan: also sets a bar like, you know, it like you’re, you’re, you’re making this kind of elitist where, you know, the, the, the lowest, the lower income scale of people might not be accessible to, to play the game.

[00:31:47] It’s free to play game as long as they have, you know, the system that could play it. So yeah, it is a little bit unfair and a little unbiased. So that was a big change. So and we’ll see it probably a good one, [00:32:00] but we, we’ll talk about that. Overwatch us will caught some heat too for their battle pass.

[00:32:04] Just saying that players aren’t really feeling like they’re getting their money’s worth and, you know, and, and it’s already been a big change and, and stuff like that. So. They are committed to tweaking it. So that’s good. My wife

[00:32:17] Daygon07: is usually like all about the battle pass, like for things for games that she absolutely loves.

[00:32:23] She you know, it’s, what is it, like 10 bucks a month or some shit like, or 10 bucks. 10 bucks for battle, pass for, so she’s just, she told me, you know, I asked her if she was gonna get it, not cuz she’s progressed through most of the levels already and she’s just like, I don’t feel that the value is there.

[00:32:43] So no, I’m, I’m, I’m not, no. Like, there’s one or two skins that I might, I might like, but it’s not worth, it’s not worth $10 for me. Yep. You know that, that’s, that’s what she had told me. I, I wish she was here to be able to, to speak on this, but she’s in [00:33:00] Mexico for a wedding right now, so,

[00:33:02] WildTwinsFan: so yeah. Just, it’s a, it’s a good sign though that, you know, they’re listening to community, they’re acting on it.

[00:33:07] So. That’s what you can hope for. You know, they listen to the feedback and turns out they’re listening to the people that buy your game and spend the money in your game’s. Probably a good thing. So good on them. Another big blizzard News this week is Blizzard and Blizzard’s kind, a big falling out here in China.

[00:33:26] Not exactly sure how this works, but it’s like, there’s a, there’s a company called Nets and they were kind of like the, maybe like the liaison between, you know, blizzard and, and Activision and, and China. You know, China’s all gotta get the blessing of, of, you know, the big brother there to do anything, you know, on the internet they had a big falling out.

[00:33:48] And it looks like as of like January 23rd, 2023 world of Warcraft, hard Stone, StarCraft and Diablo three will end in China. [00:34:00] Those, those are massive games still, you know,

[00:34:03] Daygon07: So the repercussions of that are, I believe, a lot larger than I think people believe. Here’s why. Being a World Warcraft player myself, I, I spent I think six or seven years playing World Warcraft like religiously before, like it really started affecting mine and my wife’s relationship before we got married.

[00:34:26] There’s entire industries in China, like entire companies in China, not that they’re legit, but entire companies and industries in China dedicated to World Warcraft for farming, for farming materials farming gold, setting up these, essentially they were sweat shops in China for, for people to just basically play the game and just grind, grind materials and, and, and sell ’em on the sell ’em in the, in the, in the auction houses and, and stuff like that and, and make real life [00:35:00] currency.

[00:35:00] Out of it. Man, that, I’m curious to see how that’s gonna affect the game on a global scale, because that’s where most of the, where most of that’s from. And you, you have some that are in the Philippines and some that are in, you know, you know, east, east Asia, if you will. West Asia, Western Asia, in India, Pakistan, all those places that, you know, they, they run these types of, of things.

[00:35:27] But I know, I know China was the, one of the biggest ones. So just in that aspect alone, like that’s gonna, that’s gonna change the entire internal market of World of Warcraft in, in the long run. That, that’s, that’s actually huge. And they have a, they have a huge player base, like I bet that’s 15 to 20% of their entire player base, if I’m not mistaken.

[00:35:48] That like, that’s, that’s a huge loss on their end. That’s, that’s a huge amount of revenue. That’s 20%, that’s potentially 20% of world of Warcraft’s revenue.

[00:35:58] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, it’s it’s, it’s [00:36:00] silly and it’s nice, nice to be in the land of the free in America. You know, it’s, you see some of those freedoms are that reach out beyond where you think they would free to play video games.

[00:36:11] Kind of crazy. So we’ll keep an eye on that. I, I have a hard time feeling like that. That’s like the end, like something’s, they’re gonna work something out. That’s too, too much money involved in that, just way too much and to just end. So, but right now it’s, it’s, it’s in bad shape, so we’ll keep an eye on that.

[00:36:29] Not that we have a huge following in China. It’s just a big story. Also, I wanted to cover a little piece. I came across with PlayStation has really been failing, like disabled gamers. Like they have no, you know, if you’ve talked about like Coronas Coronas and GrowMax. And then what’s the other, I can’t think of the other one off the top of my head right now.

[00:36:47] But basically they’re they’re like input controllers that people are using to use like mouse keyboard inputs or, or to help they actually kinda help aim you or give you aim a little bit stickier. And they can do some pretty, [00:37:00] pretty, it’s, it’s almost like a hardware version of Aimbot and some of the stuff they can do with them pretty nutty.

[00:37:07] I, I expect it’s extra nutty and bottle warfare. With the aim of sys being so powerful and watered warfare it will actually drag your aim to a moving player if you’re moving. With ay, which is, I, I don’t know, I don’t know where the balance is, but you got, you got Doctor disrespect playing with the controller again.

[00:37:25] That’s how important

[00:37:27] Daygon07: you thought. Yeah, that’s, it’s crazy. The, the I’ve even, we, we just had this conversation I think last night or the other night while where I’m like, I might have to, I might, I might, I might have to pick up my Xbox, Xbox Elite two controller and just suck it up and, and you know, take the negative stats to get you to get back used to being on controller, because, because the, the AIST is so prevalent right now.

[00:37:57] Like, and, and, and they, they’ve, [00:38:00] I, I believe I’ve said this on a, on a previous podcast, I think Dr. Disrespect even tested to see, you know, how the, the, the time to kill. I think the time to kill with a controller is a little bit different than a mouse and keyboard. It takes one to two more bullets to kill, kill a person.

[00:38:16] I don’t know. On mouse and keyboard than it does, than it does on on controller. So,

[00:38:23] WildTwinsFan: I mean, my kds positive, so I’m not feeling, I’m not feeling bad about it, but, oh yeah, me either. But yeah, so there, there’s

[00:38:31] Daygon07: that, you know, for the reaction time if I’m, if I’m being honest for the reaction time. So,

[00:38:35] WildTwinsFan: but that, you know, that, that’s a big plus in, in Microsoft’s core, and we covered this, I don’t know, maybe even season one.

[00:38:43] Microsoft has a, has a adaptive controller that that not only does some control stuff for, you know, people with, with needs, but has the ability to plug in all these different buttons and switches and all sorts of things. Like, I’m so impressed for a [00:39:00] company to step up and just make a dedicated product for so, so everyone can play or everyone can have a chance to find something that works for them.

[00:39:09] Pretty amazing. And you know, it, people are amazing and they can adapt and they can do some crazy shit with, with limited mobility. And, and so kind of, kind of sad that it’s come to that, that PlayStation, PlayStations had to ban these because of abuse from, I don’t know, we’ll call, we’ll call ’em able bodied people, you know, but to not be able to give.

[00:39:36] You know, disable people. The, the ability, the chance to play and, and stuff like that. It’s kind of heartbreaking and that, so consider that if you if you’re on the fence about a, a PlayStation or, or, or Microsoft. I mean, I’ve, I’ve long said it, Microsoft is the less evil company of the two. Not to say the, either one of ’em are saints, but yeah, I’m a Microsoft fan, so I don’t know.

[00:39:57] I just thought that was a, was an interesting story [00:40:00] as long as the PlayStation’s been out. You know, that, that, that’s a hot topic when that comes up. We just saw, we just saw some VR chat had kind of similar issue where they had some, some mods that, that people were able to use to get around some of their disabilities and such to be a VR chat, to have to have a body and legs and arms and fully function fully function in person and vr, you know, might be.

[00:40:24] Might be life changing for somebody who doesn’t have that in real life. And they, they’ve closed the door on some of that stuff too, so you, you have to consider everybody it’s, it’s 2022.

[00:40:34] Daygon07: Yeah. So, you know, shout out to Xbox for that. You know, Xbox has, has theirs. And I believe it all stemmed Logitech, I, I believe was the first, first one to come out with their adaptive gaming kit.

[00:40:47] That was for, that was for Xbox, and then Xbox, you know, created their own. But again, there, there, there’s nothing for PlayStation right now. There PlayStation’s alienating that, that [00:41:00] segment of users and, and cus yeah, that, that community sorry, that segment, that’s the marketing speak for my day job, you know,

[00:41:07] But yeah, I mean, they’re, they’re so focused on their, their vr, which we’ve talked about. You know, they’re, they’re more focused and granted their, their bigger audience is the, using your terminology, the able bodied community. That’s, that’s the vast majority. But you, you can’t neglect the mi the minority in this either.

[00:41:31] And one of the people I actually follow on, on TikTok, and, and this is, this is an awesome, awesome story from, from from Microsoft. He is a disabled individual. Like he doesn’t have any hands. He, he plays, he plays on a controller and he basically has a thumb and his elbow and elbows appendages up top.

[00:41:55] And he’s sponsored by Microsoft. He plays, they just sent him a brand new [00:42:00] Xbox Elite to wireless controller. That’s a really nice blue controller. He was showing it off. You know, and he works, he works really closely with Microsoft. You know, trying to build that awareness of the disabled community.

[00:42:12] So it, you know, that there’s, being in the tech industry, working in the tech industry like I do, like Microsoft is really, is a really good company when it comes to just taking care, looking at people as people and not people as

[00:42:27] WildTwinsFan: customers. Exactly. That was, that was so well said. Looking at people, as people Well said, they.

[00:42:34] So then let’s let’s jump in. So we, we’ll follow up on that if we, we see more on that. Gear’s A war day. Did you know about this? I, I, I ran, I didn’t know about this. I just ran across this gear’s of war live action film. We, we have talked about Netflix stepping up and, and, and creating more content and, and gamer, gamer focus content.

[00:42:52] And, and this is, this is a direct action of Netflix picking up gears of war, seeing the potential and liking [00:43:00] the story and, and wanting to run with it. And, and they have plans if it, if it works for them. Like the witchers worked real well, that this could, this could go forward and, and be a lot of different, you know, live action field and made series whatever, you know, they’re, they’re, they’re ready.

[00:43:14] Could be exciting if you’re gears a war fan. I’ve,

[00:43:16] Daygon07: I’ve heard trimmers of this, but it’s mainly, it’s mainly like Dave Petista wants to be in a Gears of War movie. Like it wasn’t that, oh, we’re making a Gears of War movie, or, oh, we’re making a Gears of War animated series, or, or what have you. It was just like Dave Petista, like, my, my take on it was just like, Dave Petista wants to be in a movie if they make one.

[00:43:41] Like they al they had already put in, I believe in Gears of War Five, I believe is what my wife had told me. He’s already a character in gears of War five. But he definitely, he definitely wants to be in a, in the movie. So if they, if they’re gonna, if Netflix is gonna be making a live action movie of this, hell yes, I’m down for it.

[00:43:56] I’m, I, I love outside of Call of Duty, [00:44:00] this is my other favorite storyline. Well, I have a couple. The, the the God of War storyline is fantastic. I think. I think God of War needs a, needs a dedicated like movie series to go from one to two, to three to four, Ragner rock, all this other stuff. We’re not talking about that right now, but Gears of War is a really, really interesting story.

[00:44:22] If you’ve ever seen like IN’S game, it, it kind of reminds me of, of like in’s game with you know, bugs kind of invading, invading the planet, or they, they try to do an invasion. This is a little bit different, I think. I think the story is, is really good. The, the character there with, with Marcus and, and Anya and Dominic and, and everything.

[00:44:44] Like, there’s a, there’s a, there’s, there’s so much that that’s in there. There’s, there’s love, there’s action, there’s, there’s friendship and partnership. There’s revenge, there’s, there’s a family that loses a family member [00:45:00] every single game, like the, the car, the, the Carmine family there. Every game there’s.

[00:45:05] He’s like car. The Carmines are like the Kennys of the, the South Park Kennys of, of Gears of War. There’s, there’s a new Carmine every single game because the, the Carmine for that game dies at the end of the game. So there’s, there’s, there’s, there’s some comedy in it. I, I think it’s a really compelling story and I think, I think Netflix should look into it and they should run with it, and they should try to stick to the games, at least the story from the games as much as possible.

[00:45:36] You know, they, they haven’t done it with Halo yet. We haven’t, you know, I think that there was, there was the show with Halo. I haven’t got to watch it yet, but do you think the

[00:45:44] WildTwinsFan: story in Halo is as deep though?

[00:45:47] Daygon07: It is not as deep. A hundred percent not as deep. There’s so, there’s so much with the Gears of War story, like each game could be its own movie and it, it, it would be so, so [00:46:00] good.

[00:46:00] But they have to pick the right actors too. They have to pick the right actors. There has to be a good Marcus, there has to be a good dom, there has to be a good cold train. There has to be just the, the, the casting on it has to be spot on in order for it to work. I mean, I was, I was kind of disappointed with the last of us casting with I, I don’t even remember the na guy’s name now, but he was on the, the Wonder Woman, 1984 and all that.

[00:46:27] You know, he’s, he’s the meme on from Wonder Woman, but you know, casting him as, as, as Joel, I, I, I wasn’t a fan of that. Pedro Pascal. Yeah. Pedro Pascal. There we go. I, I, I wasn’t a fan of that, that, that casting, but we’ll see how it works out. I believe that actually comes out in like January or February.

[00:46:48] So Wifey is super stoked about that. Like super, super stoked. To see how that’s gonna turn out. I’m, I’m, I’m actually super stoked about it as well, cuz again, that was a really good storyline. But the gear [00:47:00] storyline is so deep, there’s so many facets to it. It, it’s so captivating. The struggle, the struggle with the war.

[00:47:08] The struggle with, you know, saving, saving a friend. The struggle with saving a love. The struggle with, with, you know, families being eliminated kind of person by person. It’s, it’s so good. And then, and then, then the antagonist side of it, it, you know, I think the, the different types of antagonists that you have within the, within the game is, is really good.

[00:47:31] The, if it’s executed properly, it’s gonna, it’s gonna be one of the best movie adaptations or movie series adaptations ever made. I’ll put that out there right now. Hot take. All right. All

[00:47:44] WildTwinsFan: right. Hot take. We’ll keep, keep tuned. We’ll we’ll definitely. Update that and give opinions on that as we come along.

[00:47:51] And then kind of the final banter story of the week here, we got doc breaking character to sell his own limited [00:48:00] edition bourbon, black steel, black steel. Unfortunately sold out in four hours. I’d I’d have bought, I would, I wouldn’t have fledged i’d, I’d have bought a bottle

[00:48:11] Daygon07: hundred percent. Me too.

[00:48:12] WildTwinsFan: That’s gonna be in the cards. I wonder. I hope it goes better than, well, he had game fuel so that this is the second beverage he’s promoted. His game fuel sold out instantly, and from my knowledge, never came back. So I don’t, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t get that. How do you do a limited run of something and sell it out instantly and don’t, not why?

[00:48:36] Is it like a yearly thing or, I don’t know, like how do you sell something out instantly and then never make it again? But hopefully the bourbon won’t go that way or hopefully it lives up to the hype. But yeah, pretty cool. I actually did retweet this day. So if you guys wanna see the tweet and, and check out the ad and check out the video you can check out the tweet right here.

[00:48:57] I’m gonna play the audio for you [00:49:00] guys so you can listen along. And

[00:49:05] Daygon07: so much greatness. Finally, I told you I’m gonna win today. So many victories. One more time. The dude, I’m the, in the, how can one person win so much with six foot eight pallets? Steal that drift. I

[00:49:33] listen, I can’t tell you how to win.

[00:49:40] I can only tell you what winning tastes like, black steel bourbon available now.

[00:49:52] WildTwinsFan: But anyways, I think it’s, I think it’s a great, it’s a great ad and, and you get Guy Beam showing up and he’s like, he’s almost like the most interesting man in [00:50:00] the world and just a class. It’s like a classy, it’s, it’s, it’s so well done. And, and I, and I expect that from Doc and, and, and his, his group. But yeah, he looks like, he looks like the most interesting man in the world and, you know, so pretty poignant.

[00:50:15] I I liked it and I like to see the, I like to see the costume come off. See, he’s a real guy that’s, you know, behind the costume.

[00:50:22] Daygon07: The crazy thing is, is like usually anything dock related is extremely expensive. Even his merch, like, I think a shirt is like almost 50 bucks from him. This, a bottle of this bourbon is only like 65 bucks.

[00:50:35] And yeah, that, that’s on par with a, with a solid bourbon, like I get, I’ll get like Woodford Reserve or a good bottle of Gentleman Jack or, or something like that. And I’m paying, I’m paying a little less or right around that, right around that mark. It just depends on where you’re at, you know, what, what alcohol’s at in your, in your area.

[00:50:55] But 65 Bucks is a, is a solid price for a bourbon [00:51:00] like this. And it, it, it’s, it’s really dark. You know, the, they, they describe it as it delivers a smooth, yet wildly distinctive flavor profile. Enveloped with the notes of sweet green chard, wood green, apple, vanilla bean, and Citrus Peele. And it’s 93 proof.

[00:51:16] So it’s, it’s, it’s, she’s, she’s pretty strong. She looks pretty dark, but um, it looks, it looks really good. Might, might mix well with a good cherry Coke. Or cherry Dr. Pepper or

[00:51:28] WildTwinsFan: Cherry game Peel, but you can’t get no longer.

[00:51:31] Daygon07: Yeah. Cherry game Peel. Definitely, definitely, definitely. If it comes back out, it’s probably gonna sell out again because he has such a hardcore following, but I’ll try

[00:51:42] WildTwinsFan: to get it.

[00:51:43] Yeah, we’re gonna try to get our hands on some for everyone. Presents, presents itself.

[00:51:47] Daygon07: Yep. We’ll see it on eBay for six times the amount.

[00:51:51] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, yeah. Unfortunately. But interesting story. I liked it. Thought that, thought That was a great, great topic for the week.

[00:51:58] Daygon07: So guys, if you’re enjoying [00:52:00] the podcast and wanna go above and beyond downloading and subscribing to support us, we’ve got a Patreon that you can visit@patreon.gamingmoment.com.

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[00:52:11] WildTwinsFan: So yeah, Dave, we got a follow up or two this week. First on, let’s touch on We, our topic, last podcast episode was Elon buying Twitter. That that happened. That happened and, and it’s. I was just thinking of today, it’s kind of a shit show and I thought it’s like a TWI show, you know?

[00:52:29] And, and I Google that up and that that is, that is a hashtag. That is, that is how other people feel. It is right now. It is, it is going fucking wild right now. You know, this just shows you that just because you look at something from the outside and say, this is an easy fix. It’s not as easy as you think it is, it never is.

[00:52:51] And they, they offered the ability for you to become verified for money. We can all guess how that went. And [00:53:00] it had some pretty fucking crazy outcomes. Mm-hmm. , the big one I wanted to touch on here was, Let me let me pull this story here. Eli Lilly, right? So, Eli Lilly, one of their major products that they sell is insulin and they sell a lot of it, and they sell it for an incredible markup.

[00:53:22] And somebody came out, got the verified blue check mark on Twitter and said that

[00:53:30] Daygon07: so, so it’s a, it’s, it’s a fake account that it, it completely looks legit. It’s Eli and Lilly and company, Eli Lil and Company, and the, the, the handle is at Eli Lilly and Co. And the, the, the tweet simply says, we’re excited to announce insulin is free now.

[00:53:49] To be fair, to be fair, this, this could be a plight on a plight on Elon Musk because Elon has publicly come out and stated that he believes certain medicines should be free, [00:54:00] insulin being one of them. He said that on multiple, on multiple, multiple media outlets, I believe,

[00:54:04] WildTwinsFan: I believe the guy that I, I don’t know this real well, but I heard the guy that invented the method to produce insulin wanted it to be like a gift to mankind and didn’t, didn’t want to charge for it or whatever.

[00:54:20] And, and they’re saying that insulin is actually very cheap, is actually very cheap to make, you know, and this, all this money that they’re making on this stuff is, is, is just, you know, gouging. And actually Eli Lilly now has actually come out with a tweet, a legitimate tweet from them saying maybe it is a little bit too pricey.

[00:54:43] So maybe, maybe the good will actually come out of this, but they actually tanked the stock of Eli Lilly by, I mean, we’re talking millions of dollars in damage. This, this, this unknown tweeter did for [00:55:00] $7. You know, Twitter’s got problems if you could tank the company’s stock for $7, dude, you, you have, you have problems.

[00:55:10] Daygon07: So to be fair, to be fair, tanking is a that’s, that’s might be taking it a little bit too far. Their, their stock dropped a grand total within that day. It dropped a grand total of Where did, yeah, I’m trying to find the number. $8. $8 and Essent. And, and it was, it was already, it was already on the downhill already on a downhill slide at that particular time.

[00:55:37] Anyway. Yeah, I’m sorry. It, it dropped, it, it dropped at $16. So if we look at it on Thursday, November 10th to Friday, November 11th, which is when the tweet, November 11th is when the tweet actually came out. It, it, it only, it only dropped it only $16 [00:56:00] still.

[00:56:00] WildTwinsFan: And, and we’re talking about how many millions of dollars is that?

[00:56:03] Daygon07: Who knows? It’s millions. But we’re, we’re, we’re still talking about a stock that’s 300. At, at, at that low point, at its lowest point in the last month before the tweet even came out, they were at 3 29. After the tweet, they were still sitting at three 50. Their, their lowest after that tweet was 3, 3, 300 $50 a share.

[00:56:22] And they’re even back up as, as we speak right now. So they’re, they’re not hurting. They’re, they’re up, they’re up 10% over the past month anyway, so that’s pretty, pretty

[00:56:32] WildTwinsFan: serious. Pretty serious shit that you pull off for $7 by not, come on. I’m, I’m biased. They can do better.

[00:56:43] Daygon07: I’m, I’m biased. I’m, I’m against the pharmaceutical companies because Oh, yeah,

[00:56:47] WildTwinsFan: sure.

[00:56:47] I’m, I’m with you, what

[00:56:48] Daygon07: have you. I’m, I’m okay with this happening. So, you know, if, if, if $8, if $8 is enough to, to send shockwaves and, and if, if Eli, [00:57:00] if, like you said, Eli Lilly come back and they said, you know what? We might be able to make this. We should, we, we can probably make this cheaper. That $7 saves thousands to millions of people, you know, thousands to hundreds of thousands of people, multiple hundreds to thousands of dollars a year in, in their, in their medication.

[00:57:18] That $7 was worth it at that point. Fuck the company. We’re we’re talking about the greater good here. Yeah. So I get you the fact, but yes. But yes. The fact that, the fact that. That blue check mark means so much that it, it can, it can make or break a company. Hell. Elon Musk is make made and broke. He made do coin essentially.

[00:57:40] When he, when he talked about do, and then we saw, we saw do shoot up. He doesn’t own Doge coin, but because he said something about it, it shot up. So, I mean, you can’t, you can’t say that just because the blue, the blue check mark was there, that, that it, it caused anything. Like in this instance Yes.

[00:57:56] Obviously Well did though. Yeah. Yeah. In this instance, yes, obviously. But

[00:57:59] WildTwinsFan: I [00:58:00] just, I enjoy it. I

[00:58:00] Daygon07: just, they’re, they’re gonna change it. They’re gonna change it. They’re gonna change it.

[00:58:04] WildTwinsFan: Another, another user took rockstar games, slightly misspelled games with, got this off a check mark and said they were, they’re gonna launch GTA six.

[00:58:15] Like a big announcement for GTA six, like supposed to be happening on the 18th. You know, so it’s like all these things. And then you got Nintendo. Nintendo had a Nintendo of America and had, has a blue check mark, you know, and it’s got Mario flipping you the bird. Nintendo’s, Nintendo’s not gonna do that.

[00:58:38] So it’s just funny. This is guys, it goes viral.

[00:58:42] Daygon07: Just, just remember Elon Musk is probably the world’s greatest troll if you think about it. His cars literal, like the, the models literally spell sexy. The Model S the model three, the Model X, and the Model [00:59:00] Y literally spells sexy. He’s, he’s been known to go on Joe Rogan and, and make stupid faces while smoking weed, right?

[00:59:08] Supposedly smoking weed. But it’s like the worst cloud of smoke that you’re like, man, there’s no way this is, this is, this is weed. So like, Elon Musk is the biggest troll. He, he went on fucking Saturday Night Live and was trying to be funny. It was the most horrible, the most awkward trying to be funny thing in, in, on planet Earth.

[00:59:31] I can imagine. And, and the whole, the whole problem here, again, working in the tech industry and knowing how tech people think and the, the turmoil going on in, in Twitter right now, they’re ch they’re changing the culture of Twitter. Twitter has been this culture of just freedom unaccountability, people doing, people basically kind of doing what they want, making, making this, making broad decisions that [01:00:00] have huge impacts, bigger impacts that are outside of the company.

[01:00:04] Yep. And Elon Musk is trying to, and, and there was no. Twitter wasn’t making any money. On, on top of that, Elon Musk is a businessman. He’s trying to figure out ways to, to make the company profitable. Okay. With that, there’s, it can be difficult with no employees. Again, I’m, I’m getting to that with, with that, with any new leadership, especially at the tippy, tippy top of a company, any new leadership is gonna, is gonna shake the very core and the very foundation of a, of a company.

[01:00:35] And there’s people that are gonna jump ship immediately. There’s some people that are gonna be like, all right, let me, let me wait a week or two and see how things roll out. But his, his ultimate goal is he’s trying to change the issues that were there and the people that were there were part of the issues.

[01:00:52] So there’s, there’s gonna be a lot of disagreement. There’s gonna be a lot of people that don’t like the way Elon Musk runs [01:01:00] things. That’s fine. Do I think Twitter is gonna crash or go down? No. Do I think they’re gonna declare bankruptcy? Yes. But it’s more of a tactical move that, that Twitter’s gonna declare bankruptcy financially.

[01:01:13] Yeah. Versus a financial, a financial issue. Do I think it’s in trouble because there’s not a, they’re working pretty much on a skeleton crew right now. Guess what? Twitter’s probably gonna be hiring pretty soon. Go get you a job. It pays really well. The benefits are amazing. Go get it. Buy in, buy into, you know, if, if it’s cut through a company to work for.

[01:01:37] Yeah. It’s a, it’s a top tier company that to, to work for very hard to get into. But once you’re in there, you’re, you’re, you’re in there. If you, if you believe in what Elon Musk is, is putting out there, if you believe in free speech and, and, and all that, go in there, go in there and buy into to the, the ideas and stuff, and you, you could profit from it greatly.

[01:01:59] [01:02:00] These people do not, are not buying into what Elon Musk wants to put out there. That’s, that’s their prerogative. But I Guam to you, Twitter’s not going anywhere, guys. I’m not gonna say they’re too big to deal. Yeah. But Elon Musk is a businessman. He, he’s gonna reallocate assets from, he’s got, he’s got some of the smartest people in the world working for him between Tesla and SpaceX and the boring company.

[01:02:25] He’s got, he’s got some of the smartest people in the world. Do you, do you honestly think he can’t relocate a couple assets to keep, to keep a web application running? No, I think he can. And you know, he’s, the money’s behind it.

[01:02:39] WildTwinsFan: Either way. My point was if you don’t follow Twitter, and either you do or you don’t follow Twitter, pretty much, right?

[01:02:44] I’m not a big Twitter follower. I tweet a little bit here and there. I follow a little bit. I’m not huge on it. I find this intensely amusing. So if, if you like this kind of stuff, I’ve, it’s really interesting. I think it’s really interesting. So just keep your eye on it, [01:03:00] you know, it, it’s, it might be worth your time to just kinda watch this story roll out and and see how this pans out.

[01:03:06] I, I have some faith that this will work out real well. So we’ll see.

[01:03:11] Daygon07: Shit, you better, not better watch out. You boy might be working for Twitter soon.

[01:03:14] WildTwinsFan: There you go. There you go. For Twitter, , . And then just wanna follow up. One more story is Netflix ads is here already, so if you have your Netflix account, I, I didn’t realize.

[01:03:26] Even though it’s launched officially on November 3rd, I believe. And now you can get a reduced cost version of Netflix, 6 99 a month. For, for if you like ads, I don’t like ads and we’ll continue not, or we’ll continue to have the version.

[01:03:43] Daygon07: If I call, when I first got Netflix, I think that’s what I was paying was six, six or

[01:03:47] WildTwinsFan: eight or nine.

[01:03:48] Yeah, it’s right in there. So just, just, we talked about that before. That’s just a follow up. It did happen. It is here and if you wanna save some money and still have your Netflix and, and [01:04:00] whatever you can do it that way.

[01:04:02] Daygon07: You can be, you can be chilling during that ad break and instead of Netflixing if you will.

[01:04:09] So guys, if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you can engage with us as well as find out when we’re streaming the podcast and get a first listen before it goes out across all of your favorite podcasting platforms. So do it.

[01:04:21] WildTwinsFan: So then just this week I got two posts.

[01:04:24] We’re just gonna cover real quick. Again, hit up our Twitter a gave me moment on Twitter. And you can see our retweet of Dr. Disrespects whiskey. Pretty cool. And I just like it black, just like it. I just, I like to see. I, I don’t know, I just like the idea. I just like that. And then we do have a TikTok post.

[01:04:42] One of the game changing things on model warfare is proximity chat. And we’ve talked a little bit about that. And so you see Tim, the Taman and pulls off a successful proximity chat, which I’m not so sure would work out, but other people said not worked out real well for them. But now in Gole you could talk [01:05:00] and now you have a teammate in Gole.

[01:05:02] And After, I think it’s like 10 seconds, you spawn like a boss in the go leg and if you kill that boss in the go leg, you all get to go back or whoever’s alive gets to go back into the game. Tim was actually able to talk the, the four players in the go leg or the three other players in Gole into fighting the boss and then they defeat the boss and go back in.

[01:05:24] So just that’s a fun aspect to, to, to be able to social engineer a game. The social engineer, your social engineer, your outcome, you know, that that wasn’t an option before. And, and I’m sure there’s a lot of toxicity that’ll come out of this cuz it’s kind. But some of the greatest experience I have even in, in like pubg, like as, as PUBG players, you know, you have these great interactions even afterwards, like, gosh, You guys really, you guys really worked us over and killed us, you know?

[01:05:54] And like you can, you can have some positive reactions and, and talk with people and, and, [01:06:00] and stuff like that. So I, I, I just think that’s fun, just kind of neat little TikTok. So Tim puts out quite a bit OFTs and they’re always pretty decent, so pretty good. So guys, we’re running a little long on the tooth this week, so we’re gonna spare you the question of the week, kind of.

[01:06:17] But what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna follow this up and we’ll, we’ll either put a short or maybe a video or maybe a tweet or maybe all the above. But we’re just gonna throw out some ideas and Dave’s gonna put up some ideas and I’m gonna put some ideas of some gamer or some streamer gear that you’re hoping to give for Santa.

[01:06:34] And some of that is maybe some ideas for you guys to give for that gamer streamer in your life, or. Something that that can up your game a little bit if your game in and streaming and give you kinda a gift guide for the upcoming holidays beyond the lookout for that. We’re gonna get to that pretty, pretty quick here.

[01:06:51] So, but that’s also, that’s also another thing. If you, you see something out there that makes a great gift, tweet us, add us on on [01:07:00] whatever platform, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, whatever. We’ll voice our opinion on what you got. Cause we love to really engage with the guys and it makes it makes it for fun.

[01:07:10] And we can all win. Get some sweet gear of the deal. I got some sweet, sweet. Wait till you see what I got. Chilling for the ice house this year. It’s a pretty damn cool day. You know, we fish on frozen ice up here. Oh

[01:07:25] Daygon07: yeah. I’m, I’m gonna find my way up there. I’m gonna hitchhike up there. Show a little skin

[01:07:31] WildTwinsFan: right up 35, dude.

[01:07:32] Yeah.

[01:07:33] Daygon07: Yeah. So that’s gonna be it for this episode guys. Let us know what you guys think about War Zone 2.0 and and Call of Duty Modern Warfare Two and DMZ and in particular, What things are you guys seeing? What are, what are, you know, what’s your meta gun that you, that you’ve enjoyed so far? All that good stuff.

[01:07:50] We, we’d love to hear from you guys and just see what, what you guys are are seeing within your groups and your play style and what’s working really well. So [01:08:00] thank you guys for listening in. Consider our Patreon to support the podcast and also by going to merch dot gaming moment.com and picking up some of that timeless classic merch.

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