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[00:00:43] Daygon07: I’m Dagan oh seven and with me, as always, as Wild, wild. How you, how you doing? Are you, you’re still ailing from a cough that you’ve been dealing with for the last couple episodes. How’s that coming?

[00:00:52] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, I picked up the flu about a week ago and still lingering in the lungs here, so we’re gonna keep it short and sweet tonight [00:01:00] so I’m not coughing in anyone’s ears cause that’d be terrible.

[00:01:04] WildTwinsFan: What have we got going on? Yeah, so this week I think we’re gonna touch on hot topic in cod is Nadia female streamer so called, you know, the best streamer in God’s dreamer and she’s very, very full of herself. We’re gonna discuss that and, and kind of the implications of how good she is and her effects on the, on, on marketing and such like that.

[00:01:28] WildTwinsFan: We’re also gonna talk a little bit about Jason, David Frank passing, who was a Power Ranger. It’s a little bit, I I missed that time. So you’ll speak more to that. And we also talk about a Black Friday Customer Elite. We also have some shopping tips. Probably be great to pair with our upcoming agm holiday shopping list.

[00:01:51] WildTwinsFan: We talked about it earlier when it first came out that I said I would love a PC version of Grand Charo, and [00:02:00] we finally got the developer on record saying it’s a consideration. So I’m, I’m excited about that. Talk a little bit about the state of modern warfare two ORs. Own another quick subject, FDA approved video.

[00:02:13] WildTwinsFan: Kind of neat dapa I came across.

[00:02:14] Daygon07: That’s interesting. Yeah. So let’s go ahead and get right into it. As wild alluded to the big thing in the Call of Duty, like competitive Call of Duty landscape, the streaming Call of Duty landscape is this, this female streamer who goes by the name of Nadia, I can’t, can never pronounce her last name, but she has been.

[00:02:35] Daygon07: Actively and repetitively accused of, of cheating or hacking people calling her out on looking up at a third monitor that’s kind of up and away from the rest of her monitors. She was invited to a Call of Duty event, the, the pre-war zone, pre-Modern Warfare two launch event, kind of the kind of kickoff to that, and she was invited to that and she was [00:03:00] horrible.

[00:03:01] Daygon07: Even though she’s supposed to be one of the top ranked Call of Duty war zone players in the world, supposedly, allegedly, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of streamers. A, a really prominent one. We’ll, we’ll hear from him here in a little bit on, on his thoughts of it, like why, why this person was, was there, but he wasn’t invited.

[00:03:21] Daygon07: And just kind of what, what’s going on with that? And, and Wild can speak to it a little bit more. He’s more in the, the cod scene than, than I have been lately. Like I’ve, I’ve been playing a lot, but not so much on the competitive war zone side. More on the more on the DMZ side, just trying to learn the damn map if I’m, if I’m being honest, been having a lot of fun, a lot of problems with it, but, What’s what’s your thoughts on Nadia?

[00:03:44] Daygon07: I mean, I, I know you’ve, you’ve read and seen a lot about her and I think you might have even encountered her once or twice, but, you know, what’s your thoughts on, on how she’s handling this whole situation?

[00:03:55] WildTwinsFan: Well, let’s, let’s, let’s, I’m gonna separate this into two pieces here [00:04:00] because there’s, there’s two, the kind of two key pieces I see here.

[00:04:03] WildTwinsFan: And the one piece we can talk about are streaming and her channel and her, her. And then we could talk about her actual gameplay as we, as we talked about, you know, gaming and streaming and, and a lot of that stuff is not necessarily, you don’t have to be the greatest person. You don’t have to be the greatest player.

[00:04:22] WildTwinsFan: You don’t have to be, you know, hitting trick shots. You don’t, you don’t even have to be good. A lot of times there’s a lot of fun in, in being bad at a game. But her, her claim is she’s the best player. I’ve seen a lot of game play for her. That’s awful. Suss. And it, that’s always a little bit difficult because they’re always cherry picked, you know, you can watch streams for an hour and I, I, I know there’s, there’s times where, where w can hit a shot and, and it looked stupid.

[00:04:47] WildTwinsFan: You know, I, I, I hit two people in the last week out of a moving car with a, with a bolt action. Gun on, on PUBG at at speed, you know, couple hundred yards out. It looks stupid. [00:05:00] I’m legit as it gets. So, you know, so it’s, it’s a little bit hard when you see some of those clips, but there’s a lot of consistencies there that, that kind of add up to say something’s not quite right.

[00:05:10] WildTwinsFan: She’s got a lot of people saying that she’s got like an ambo and more so that it aims body, body mass and not really a headshot and that you can toggle. To where, wherever you need to. And there’s some pretty, pretty sus clips out there if you guys wanna check those out yourself and kind of, kind of look into ’em in that.

[00:05:32] WildTwinsFan: So there’s that, there’s that big allegation, and that’s a big, big strong allegation that, that, that’s a really damning allegation if it were to be proven true in a, in these days and age. It’s really hard to prove some of that stuff unless she slips. It really shows the onscreen footage of, of walls or ambo or, or, you know, and stuff like that.

[00:05:56] WildTwinsFan: So it’s, it’s, it’s difficult to say. I’m [00:06:00] leaning towards Yes, she, she’s, she’s got some assistance there and, and, and what assistance is, I can’t, I can’t even fathom to imagine what it is. But the other thing she’s often teased about or or whatever is that she gets in these bot lobbies, that she’s VPNing in the bot lobbies and stuff like that, and, I mean, technically, technically it’s not right.

[00:06:23] WildTwinsFan: You use a VPN service to put you into a, like a lower population area, and just by that population being a lower, you’re just gonna have more like lower skill gap people or less high quality players. And so you get to be body or lobbies and stuff like that. You watch some of the game players and it’s like, man, you know, Sometimes you get some pretty clueless people in game, but like she seems to kinda serve up some, some really body lobbies and whether that allegation’s true or not, and that, that one doesn’t really bother me because that’s, that’s as old as [00:07:00] time.

[00:07:00] WildTwinsFan: You know, you’ve had streamers reverse boosting going in and dying hundreds of times. To get their kds down low so they get really soft lobbies because skill-based matchmaking now, and God, if you are terrible, they’re gonna put you in a lobby with terrible people so you guys can go in and learn the game and have fun, and that’s not.

[00:07:21] WildTwinsFan: That’s usually not the, the part of skill based matchmaking that gets, you know, griped about, everyone wants you to come play the game and enjoy it and have fun. For me it’s skill based matchmaking. When I have to play every game against sweaty, sweaty people in every match is like, like the championship league match or whatever, you know, it gets tiring cuz sometimes I just want to just chill and play and not, I don’t wanna work that hard, you know.

[00:07:48] WildTwinsFan: So, you know, I I, I don’t know if I care that much about if, if she’s using a vpn, the VPN n or not. But anyways, we had some people get kind of worked up over this [00:08:00] and rightfully so because they’re big prominent streamers and there was a lot of big names and a lot of big call duty names that weren’t invited to this thing.

[00:08:10] WildTwinsFan: And, and that really kind of pissed a lot of people off. I think the, the, the point that people miss is first off, Nadia’s female and there’s not a lot of strong female goods like pro level streamers you know, today. And so she’s kind of in that, that niche, I will call her that. Whether, you know, whether you call her skilled, legit or not, she, that’s where she is.

[00:08:35] WildTwinsFan: And a lot of people were. That she would get an invite and you get big names like Dr. Disrespect, not getting an invite. AKAs like a, he, he’s damn near face of God, you know? And, and him not getting and thing, and his group of people being loyal to him. You know what I, I, from a marketing aspect, I don’t think docs a great, not, he’s not a great [00:09:00] leverage piece like Nadia would be, because Nadia’s kind of hidden the.

[00:09:05] WildTwinsFan: That’s a different market. So she’s hitting other females and other female streamers and, and other guys and, and, and just a lot 10 of a different market of people that maybe weren’t as interested in cod because I, her history’s a little unclear, but she said she’s been playing for the history of time, but she doesn’t know what a dolphin dive is.

[00:09:27] WildTwinsFan: And so I’m not quite sure. Nadia’s story always adds up. Couple of the gals she plays with, Pretty suspect to, and, and potentially have gotten banned in the, in the past, but the thing is, That that Call of Duty event was a marketing event, and their goal in the marketing event is to bring people outside of COD into cod when you don’t bring some of the big names.

[00:09:53] WildTwinsFan: I don’t know. I mean that still feels wrong, but. On the other aspect of thing, like that’s marketing. [00:10:00] Marketing wants to bring people that aren’t already fanboys, people that aren’t already buying the game to get them hyped up to maybe buy or, or, or spend a little bit of money on the game. So that’s kind of marketing there.

[00:10:13] WildTwinsFan: So Nick Mes had a a clip talking about, let’s see what people are like when they show up in person. You know, cuz a lot of people are playing at home now. So, There’s, there’s mask you can put on behind when you’re at home cheats or, or whatever that people can’t see. But when you show up to a live event and they, they say, this is your setup.

[00:10:32] WildTwinsFan: Here you go. You play on this computer, this, this console, or whatever. Now you’re gonna find out who’s real, real or who’s, who’s maybe got some help. And Nadia showed up in she didn’t put it on a good. She wasn’t her normal hitting every shot and just ridiculously knowing where people are and wasn’t able to flick and acquire targets.

[00:10:56] WildTwinsFan: And so it looks really

[00:10:58] Daygon07: suspect. She was just like way [00:11:00] off. Like she, they, they played, they played some TDM and she wouldn’t like two and 21. It was, it was stupid how bad it was. It’s like, you know, if, if wild and I went. We could do better than two fucking kills against pros. Well, you know what

[00:11:18] WildTwinsFan: though? I mean, everyone has their games where we’re like, you’re gonna go in and like I always say, like, I, I don’t know what, what the number is, but you’re gonna, you’re gonna find that perfect team every so often that, that, that plays the perfect opposite game of you and you just can’t get any traction.

[00:11:32] WildTwinsFan: So yeah, I’ve, I’ve, I don’t know if I went two and 20, but I know I go four or five and 20 and you know, you just get caught in a spawn trap. Teammates that aren’t working and communicating, that aren’t playing the game, you’re playing domination. They’re capping three flags and now you’re getting shot in the back and you know, people that don’t understand some of the mechanics of the game, you can play bad, but to play consistently bad for the entire event is pretty telling [00:12:00] that that something, she shouldn’t have been jet lagged.

[00:12:03] WildTwinsFan: I don’t, I don’t think she had to fly real far. I think Florida to California, I think, I believe she’s in Florida or something like.

[00:12:09] Daygon07: Well, she just, she just moved to Cal, she just moved to California now within the last couple weeks. But yeah, at, at the event like, it, it, it was, it was really bad. And I’m, I’m gonna play devil’s advocate to your to what, what you were stating about, you know, her hitting, hitting a niche market and, and you know, doc having his loyal followers.

[00:12:28] Daygon07: Here’s the thing, doc doc’s following is triple to quadruple what Nadias is regardless right now. Absolutely. Yep. Absolutely. And like you said, his, his following is loyal and if, if he says something is good, they’re gonna go out and buy. I mean, they just, we, we just talked about in the last episode of the podcast episode, he released his, his bourbon and it fucking sold out in minutes, dude, like minutes people, people buy whatever doc says to buy.

[00:12:53] Daygon07: That’s why Roca has him. That’s why Mountain Dew has him as a sponsor. You know, he, that that’s why his [00:13:00] sponsors have ’em the, the way they are. When you, when you go look at like Nadia’s like Twitter profile page and you go look at the things that she tweets out, then you go look at the, the comments in those tweets.

[00:13:09] Daygon07: Very rarely is it a female that comments, it’s pimping boys is what it is. It’s a lot of just straight chimping out there. Oh, I love your content. You’re so hot. Nadia, Nadia, will you play with me? Ooh. You know, just those, those provocative ass, you know, comments and that, that’s, that’s, that’s her audience.

[00:13:30] Daygon07: They’re, they’re not a loyal audience that says, you know what? If she says to buy it, I’m gonna fucking go buy it. I don’t think that’s it. They’re there. They’re there in, in hopes like amran fins, they’re there in hopes to catch. A a hot tub stream one day maybe, or something, and let, I mean, let’s be honest, there is a YouTube channel going out, going on right now called Call of Shame, that is making it their mission in life to expose Nadia.

[00:13:57] Daygon07: And subsequently, they’re, they’re [00:14:00] calling her partner, they’re calling her partner in crime phase swag, that they’re, they’re calling face swag, her partner in crime, her protector. If you will.

[00:14:08] WildTwinsFan: Nadia’s got some influence. She has pulled the right heart strings on some people at call duty because,

[00:14:16] Daygon07: because she is, because to your, to your point, she is one of the higher profile females in the industry right now that that is bringing eyeballs to the game.

[00:14:29] Daygon07: Now again, the demographic that watches her is mainly, you know, teenage, 20 year old males, teenage to 20 year old males, just kind of gawing over her. Again, that’s, that’s, that’s cod’s, that’s cod’s demographic at the end of the day. I, I understand that, but I don’t think, I don’t think her fans or her influence to a, to a product is, is there as much as it is for Doc.

[00:14:55] WildTwinsFan: No, and, and I think, but, She has definitely put [00:15:00] on a school whether you like her or not, whether you hate her or, or you think she’s cheating or not, or whatever side you’re on. She has put on a lesson how to grow a TRA channel exponentially right or wrong, is it something to

[00:15:16] Daygon07: take note of? Yeah, no, you’re absolutely right.

[00:15:19] Daygon07: And what’s, what’s the old adage? Bad publicity is good publicity. Any publicity is good publicity, right? So, you know, she’s taking this, she’s taking this and she’s writing, she’s writing this wave. But you know, I just wanted you guys to hear what, what doc had to say about this. So let’s, let’s hear what Doc had to say.

[00:15:37] Daygon07: I don’t know who all went to the call of Duty next event. I didn’t, again, I didn’t really watch. I caught a little bit of highlights of the gameplay cause I wanted to see a little bit of the war zone and I was not impressed, but I’d be curious, like just, I mean, just imagine, I don’t know who, or I went to the event again, and but [00:16:00] imagine, I don’t know, not inviting the two time, but you invite a hacker to your event like that.

[00:16:12] Daygon07: That would be something, huh? So he didn’t call her out specifically by name, but he said, imagine not inviting the two time but inviting a hacker to come out to your event. And, and she’s been the only one, she’s been the main one that’s been with all these allegations of hacking. So I mean, you can kind of put two and two together there.

[00:16:35] Daygon07: Wild. And, and you know, like you said, essentially Doc has been the. The face of Call of Duty for damn near 10. At, at, at damn near 10 years. Like, you know, he was making Call of Duty content. That’s what got him popular to begin with. He was doing Call of Duty content from his, he was recording his, his games.

[00:16:56] Daygon07: And he would do a voiceover. Then we, then he’d put it up on his, on his YouTube channel, [00:17:00] and that’s what got him started. That’s he’s, he’s like the OG streamer of Call of Duty. You know, ever since his, his dirty departure with, with Twitch, Activision, or Call of Duty or whoever you wanna pin it on directly.

[00:17:14] Daygon07: They’ve kind of ended their relationship with him, but Doc has much better influence. He’s a much better gamer, in my opinion. He’s more entertaining. You, you, you bring somebody like that to an event, you’re gonna get more eyeballs on that event than you would an alleged hacker. Unless people are just showing up there to watch the to watch Nadia kind of crumble and fail to see, okay, is she legit?

[00:17:39] Daygon07: Cuz if she’s legit, she should go in there and put on a decent show. At least be somewhat competitive. She wasn’t, she was shit on.

[00:17:46] WildTwinsFan: And, and to be fair, She was playing against a lot of really good players. Legitimate. But if you’re, if, if you’re claiming players, I understand that, but I know, I know.

[00:17:59] Daygon07: [00:18:00] Claiming to be the best.

[00:18:01] Daygon07: If you’re claiming to be the best, then you should be at least competitive. She wasn’t even competitive. She was, it was, it was a novice going into a lobby is what it is, what it came out to be. Yeah. She should at least, she should at least go in there and at least hang with the big boys. Right. At least be maybe a step.

[00:18:19] Daygon07: The big boys, the step below the, the, the actual paid competitive players. But that’s, that’s the way I think about it.

[00:18:26] WildTwinsFan: I do wanna address one other further piece a little bit on the call shame YouTube channel. I, I like that there’s the devil’s advocate. He’s, he has no shame. He is, he is calling out anyone he thinks is, is hacking or suspect or whatever.

[00:18:40] WildTwinsFan: And I, and I don’t fully believe him and I don’t fully believe. He’s right on, on, on certain players and, and accusations and, and stuff like that. But nonetheless, the, the neuro, the, the visibility that he’s bringing to, to cheaters is, has been, has been a big [00:19:00] plus. So I don’t, I don’t know that I, if you fall a call of shame, I don’t know that I, I fully believe all these clips that he’s shown.

[00:19:08] WildTwinsFan: Are are irrefutable evidence like he thinks they are, but they, they certainly are a suspect. I kind of go along with that. It used to be phase cross, but it’s just, just cross now. He’s no longer in phase, but he has quite successful Facebook stream and he, he does cover a lot of this, you know, streamers and cheating and stuff like that on his dreams.

[00:19:30] WildTwinsFan: Runs, runs probably the. You know, cod stream I’ve seen on Facebook, but he he kinda just talks about that too. Unless, unless you really see the, the, the, the cheats come up. It’s really, really hard to say that they’re, they’re cheating. And I wanna be careful on, on, on how I call people up for cheating.

[00:19:51] WildTwinsFan: I, I do report people because there’s things, you know, like the guy today pre aimed at me around a corner, And just [00:20:00] knew exactly where it was with no prior information. Just didn’t make sense. No UAVs up, no nothing. And the, the cheeses are there. Definitely cheaters in in war zone and flying boats was the, the topic of the week.

[00:20:14] WildTwinsFan: So I, I just want you guys to all take everything with a grain of salt. But I do like, I do like that it’s bringing kind of, you know, cheaters to, to the table or, or, or, or players to, to, to show are they really that good? And you know, there’s a lot of people on the call shame thing that he’s called that as cheat.

[00:20:33] WildTwinsFan: That have shown up at these events and absolutely laid the smack down so, you know, you know, pretty hard to say they’re cheating on a system that’s not theirs. Know a control.

[00:20:44] Daygon07: Let’s a controlled party too. Yeah.

[00:20:46] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. So let’s just take all that stuff with grain of salt. But you know, I’m, I’m gonna feed the content machine.

[00:20:50] WildTwinsFan: I’m gonna keep watching the both of them and I’m gonna see which one comes out of, because cuz someone is gonna slip up at some. And, and it’s the most [00:21:00] prideful, boastful ones that, that, that go down to the biggest flame fire. Mr. Gold was the last one I really, really enjoyed watching, going down on flames.

[00:21:09] WildTwinsFan: So maybe that’ll be not just fate, maybe she’ll prove that she’s a real deal. We’ll

[00:21:13] Daygon07: see. I’m really hoping there’s a clip that comes out. I don’t remember if you, I don’t know if you remember, there was this girl that was playing counter Strike, Clara cla. One where she was like, do, do you sometimes, do you, do you sometimes get this, this ring on your, on your screen where you, you can see, see people through walls and stuff?

[00:21:31] Daygon07: Oh my God. They left the, they have cheating things on my computer. Oh, and she, that, that happened live on stream. Oh, I hope that happens. Ndia just to be like the old, the old Ralph damn I can’t remember his name from, from the Simpsons. But do the, Thing . But anyway, guys, if you guys are enjoying the podcast, I wanna go above and beyond downloading and subscribing to support us.

[00:21:55] Daygon07: We’ve got a Patreon that you can visit@patreon.gamingmoment.com. [00:22:00] Check out our Patreon for our exclusive Patreon rewards. So while I, I wanted to bring this, I, I know Jason, David Frank wasn’t in your era of, of people to watch, but you know, in my area, era being 33 will give or take five years. Maybe 10 years on the lower on the on.

[00:22:19] Daygon07: Underside of my age. So going down to like people who are like 23 maybe if you don’t know who Jason David Franken. Jason David Frank was the original on the original Power Rangers. He was the Green Ranger. He played Tommy Oliver. He was the original white Ranger with the the white tiger sword. He was in the original Power Rangers movie as the White Ranger with the Falcon.

[00:22:41] Daygon07: He was in Power Rangers Turbo as the, as the Red Ranger. He was in Power Ranger Z as the red ranger. You know, he’s, he’s been a staple of my generation’s childhood, and he was, this is gonna be really hard for me to, to, to kind of say, because there’s. [00:23:00] There’s a level of admiration you have for somebody that, that has impacted your, your entire life from, from pretty much the moment that you, you can remember all the way to your adulthood and some of the things that he’s taught my generation will kind of live on for a really a long time.

[00:23:20] Daygon07: And the influence that he had over. This generation is, is is crazy. And the things that he preached and the lessons that he taught, and he was a native to the city that I live in now. You know, I had the, I had the opportunity to bump into him a couple times, and you know, each time I was superstar struck the dude was my idol.

[00:23:40] Daygon07: The dude was one of my heroes. You know, I, I grew up watching Power Rangers. I grew up idolizing this guy. You know, he was, he was kind of the rejected guy who came in as a villain and then ended up being the leader. Of the Power Rangers, when it all came, came and went. Unfortunately, he passed away a [00:24:00] couple, about a week ago, week and a half ago now of, of suicide.

[00:24:04] Daygon07: Him and his wife were in the, in the process of getting a divorce. And you know, things got, I guess too, too much that he could have too, too much that, that he could bear. And he was staying at a hotel. Him and his wife were staying at a hotel. They were in separate rooms. They had gotten into a fight.

[00:24:24] Daygon07: And this is all, this is all what I, what I’ve, what I’ve read on this story. So you know, just make sure you confirm the facts. This is, this is what I read on it. You know, he, he, he took his own life in that, in that hotel. This is somebody who preached like mental health. You know, he was, he was a six degree black belt.

[00:24:42] Daygon07: You know, he was mentally, physically tough, you know, super disciplined. He. He had his kids. He was, he was a role model. You know, like I said, he was a role model for literally millions of people. This, the, the, the way he went was kind of, [00:25:00] was kind of odd because it, it, it hurt all of us and it was something that he preached that, you know, you should never do.

[00:25:05] Daygon07: He was a very, he was a very devout Christian man and everything like that. And while I, I say all that to say, you know, this just brings back. It’s a stark reminder of mental health awareness within, within the population, but within the male population. You, you look at the statistics and the people committing the most suicide are, are middle aged males.

[00:25:28] Daygon07: You know, he was 49, about to be 50. And I, I just guys, if, if, if you, if you, if you’re in a bad spot in your mind, you know, if you’re in the us, if you’re in the US you can dial 9 88. Or you can dial 1 802 7 3 8 2 5 5. These are the suicide prevention hotlines. Always remember there’s somebody there that’s gonna care for you.

[00:25:52] Daygon07: It might not be somebody that’s immediately around you, but somebody is gonna be there. Hell even reach out to, to wild and myself, you know. We’ll, [00:26:00] we’d love to talk to you. You’re not alone. I mean, we’re, we’re both dads. We get it. We’re both husbands. We get. You know, we, we bear the, the weight of the world on our shoulders as men.

[00:26:10] Daygon07: So, you know, I just wanted to put that. That awareness out there again, because that really kind of, kind of hit me. And I know a lot of our listeners are around my age as well, and I’m sure it kind of hits you really well or really hard as well. So, you know, just just know you’re never alone and there’s always somebody out there that’s gonna be able to, to help you and, and help you get through your situ.

[00:26:34] Daygon07: And on a much more lighter note, we got some holiday shopping tips for you guys. Now that, now that the, the holidays are here, we’re we’re past Black

[00:26:41] Friday,

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[00:26:57] Daygon07: There’s an app that I use [00:27:00] religiously called honey. A lot of people might have heard of it. It’s a, it’s a browser extension like Chrome extension. It’s a browser add-on, and you can help us out. If you don’t have it already, you can help us out by going to honey dot gaming moment.com and sign up.

[00:27:16] Daygon07: It’s completely free. All it is, all they do is every time you make a purchase online, you get points. They also tell you the history of the price. Of the product. So if you’re on Amazon, you can actually go and see when, what was the lowest price for this product? What was the highest price for this product?

[00:27:33] Daygon07: Is it a so that tells you, is it a good deal right now or did I just miss a good deal? And you can go and, and make your decision on that. I also use this again to track the history of the pricing for particular items to actually see if you’re getting a good deal. So, for example, the, there’s a really good example of a bad deal on Amazon right now.

[00:27:52] Daygon07: Many of us content creators, we love the shirt, S some seven B microphone. That’s the one that wild, if you’re watching the stream has in front of his beautiful [00:28:00] face. Right now, the regular price for that is 3 99 on any given non-holiday time period. However, Amazon has it listed as the original price is 4 99, which is incorrect, and then the sale price is three 50.

[00:28:17] Daygon07: So they’re, they’re making it sound like you’re saving 28% or $140 when you’re actually only saving $40 because they’ve actually marked it up to $500 and then gave you the discount. Just be careful what you got by what you guys buy. An example of a good deal is if you guys wanna go and get the Go XLR Mini to increase your audio game.

[00:28:38] Daygon07: It is now 1 39, which it was $249 at least when I added it to my Amazon my Amazon list. So now’s a really good time to go pick up a Go XLR Mini because it’s $110 off of its original price. Pick up the, the, the browser extension. Like I said, you earn points, those points can start accumulating and you can [00:29:00] get like gift cards or you can get like PayPal money redemption, so you get actual money.

[00:29:05] Daygon07: Out of it, and they send it to a PayPal account of your choice. And it does work with most online retailers. So if you’re an avid Amazon shopper, this is gonna be huge. If you, if you’re if you’re into content creation and you buy from like Arama or you buy from b and h or anything like that, it works with those guys.

[00:29:23] Daygon07: I, I earned a lot of points when I, when I bought a lot of my camera equipment through at Arama and I was able to basically get like 150 bucks back after a couple purchases. So it’s, it’s really, really good. I encourage you guys to go out there and, and download it and get it installed. Again, if, if you use honey dot gaming moment.com, that helps us out, it costs you absolutely nothing and we really do appreciate it.

[00:29:48] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, I mean, like the other thing is I, like I say, just the price history and, you know, sometimes I get impulsive and I wanna buy something now, you know, and I was like, how bad, bad of a [00:30:00] deal am I eating if I buy it? Or what is a good deal if I buy today? And you can go to honey and you can find the price history and that, that’s really invaluable.

[00:30:09] WildTwinsFan: So I like that. The other thing I, do you ever wear DoorDash or, or Uber Eats or any of those programs? They’re, they’re expensive. Heck, And when you go to the, the site and you have the honey extension in there, it’ll like, you can, it’ll pop up a thing and you’re like, you want to try these, you wanna try these coupons, man, you wanna try these coupons?

[00:30:28] WildTwinsFan: You click a button and it’ll, it’ll run through all these coupons, you know, see if you have a coupon available that someone else used somewhere else, and save you some bucks. And that works from time to time. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but you know, the click of a button, another 15 seconds, you know, save a little bit of money.

[00:30:44] WildTwinsFan: I actually thought that was the neatest thing about it.

[00:30:47] Daygon07: Yeah, it’s, it’s super helpful cuz if there’s multiple coupons that are valid, it’ll, it’ll apply the best, it’ll apply the coupon that takes the most money off. So there’s zero work, there’s zero work that you have to do for it. It, it’s, it’s completely worth [00:31:00] it.

[00:31:00] Daygon07: Guys, again, honey dotted gaming moment.com, help us out, cost you nothing, saves you everything.

[00:31:07] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. And, and it’s just one of those things you’ve probably heard. But it, it really is, it is legitimate. So I mean, if you haven’t done it, sign it up, check it out, seriously. And

[00:31:17] Daygon07: to go along with that wild. We have created If, if, if you guys have not heard of kit.co, you guys need to check it out.

[00:31:25] Daygon07: We have created a kit and we’ll be creating more kits for content creators. Whether you’re a streamer, you’re a podcaster, you’re a gamer we’ll be creating these different kits. But right now we’ve created our, our holiday buying 2023 kit, and if you go to kit.co/a gaming moment, all one. You’ll be able to go check that out.

[00:31:45] Daygon07: You’ll be able to see the, the products that we’re recommending for you. If, if, if we built any rapport with you guys, you know that we’re not gonna send you any just kind of crap stuff. We’re gonna give you stuff that we’re gonna recommend stuff to you that. Is [00:32:00] absolutely, absolutely helpful, but it’s not gonna break the bank.

[00:32:02] Daygon07: It’s not gonna be the best thing. Sometimes it might be the best thing, but it’s not gonna be, it’s definitely most definitely not gonna be the worst thing. And, and, you know, we’ll stake our reputation behind a lot of these a lot of these products that, that, you know, we put on there. But we do believe that these things can really either a, level up your content creation game, or b level up your.

[00:32:21] Daygon07: Your gaming game or your technology game.

[00:32:24] WildTwinsFan: Moving on, we have Dave, maybe you could speak to this game stop. May have had a customer info

[00:32:30] Daygon07: leak. Yeah, so there’s reports indicating that Game Stop may have leaked information regarding customer information such as addresses and credit cards that appear online.

[00:32:40] Daygon07: What it, what actually ended up happening, cuz there’s, there’s a lot of false misinformation out there. What what ended up happening is it was part of a test and not a genuine cu it was test data and not genuine customer data, but it was, it was really odd that they decided to do this during the [00:33:00] biggest shopping holiday of the year.

[00:33:02] Daygon07: Essentially, and it, and it caused a lot of panic, and it was, it was a really dumb move by them. But it’s just a, it’s just a reminder for you guys to just be careful when you’re buying stuff online. Go to reputable reputable retailers, online retailers. Don’t go to some shady e-commerce store. And you know, just, just be careful with, with where you buy and what you buy and the information that you put out there.

[00:33:26] Daygon07: You know, be

[00:33:26] WildTwinsFan: secure just like they teach. Teach me at. Anti fishing. Hover over your links, check out your links, see where they’re coming from, see where they’re sending you. Is that the actual legitimate site that you are going

[00:33:39] Daygon07: to? So while the, I know you’re super excited about this A PC version of Grand Charo is quote unquote under consideration.

[00:33:47] Daygon07: What are you, what’s got, what’s got you, what’s got you

[00:33:49] WildTwinsFan: all? Yeah. So they were, they were asked G Planet asked Grant char’s developer if they considered a PC version for Grand Charo seven. And he says, yes, I [00:34:00] think so. He said, but he cautioned that for its technical performance, kind of optimized for PlayStation four, PlayStation five to run, you know, so he.

[00:34:09] WildTwinsFan: You know, it might, might be difficult to get on a, you know, on a, on a PC or, you know, it might be difficult requirements to play on a computer. And if you could play it on a, on a PlayStation four, you could play it on a potato. So that’s what I’m thinking. You know, you can dumb it down enough to play a PlayStation four.

[00:34:27] WildTwinsFan: You can play it on a, on a gaming computer, you know, so there, there, there could be some pressure to, from Sony to make that. No Game before has done that. So, like I said, that that would, it would be excellent. And I, and I think they’d sell a ton of copies. A ton of copies, cuz I don’t want a PlayStation, but Grand three seven is as close to making me want to buy a PlayStation as you can get me without buying one.

[00:34:54] WildTwinsFan: And so, yeah. And I know, like, we just, just kind of a follow up. We, we talked a little bit about that [00:35:00] before, like I was hyped. I like, I think they should bring a, a PC version. Out, I don’t know, quite a while now, but I’m ready for it. So hopefully

[00:35:09] Daygon07: it comes. I agree because right now the, the racing sim market on PC belongs to Microsoft and Forza at the moment.

[00:35:18] Daygon07: So,

[00:35:19] WildTwinsFan: and Forza is okay, but it’s, it’s not, it’s not your , it’s, it’s,

[00:35:24] Daygon07: it’s decent. There’s a market for it is all I’m saying. There’s, there’s a, there’s a, there’s a good, there’s a good market demand for it and I think, I think it could change. It could enhance the racing sim, the PC racing sim world.

[00:35:38] WildTwinsFan: There’s a lot and there’s a lot of new wheels out.

[00:35:40] WildTwinsFan: Logitech’s got a new wheel out. Logitech’s got a real direct drive wheel out. Lot of, lot of cider coming out right now. You know, the, the SIM stuff really popped off during covid time, so mm-hmm. , A lot of companies set up, I think, for development of of sim gear, so it, it’s a popping segment. I think they do really [00:36:00] well.

[00:36:02] WildTwinsFan: Anyways, we’ll move on from there. Let’s talk a little bit, I just wanted to, I just wanted to brush on this there’s an FDA approved video game out there that they’ve made kind of for like like kids that, like adhd, that need to, to work on patients and stuff like that. And it’s actually a, a game you can get prescribed.

[00:36:20] WildTwinsFan: Mm-hmm. , it sits around. It’s kind of expensive, you know, I guess prescription are expensive, a hundred some dollars a year. But it kind of goes through and kind of trains your brain a little bit to be patient and to wait for things and, and stuff like that. And I think back when I was a kid, they were like, you were just messed up.

[00:36:38] WildTwinsFan: You’re just messed up for life, kid. You know? But now they, they realize that there’s all these little things they can do to kind of enhance, enhance things. And so like you know, maybe this would’ve worked for me as a kid or, or, or something like that, just. To, you know, engage me in the video game and then maybe I get a little learning piece out of it.

[00:36:56] WildTwinsFan: So what, what better way to get you know, help than with a [00:37:00] video game. So just, I thought it was a neat story, man, a

[00:37:02] Daygon07: hundred bucks a year that I’m in the wrong industry, man. We need to we need to get on that, that train, the subscription based medical game, you know, cuz then you can charge whatever you want and then insurance covers it.

[00:37:14] Daygon07: So. Yeah, it seems really cool. It, it, it just goes to show you that they’re finding new innovations for gaming to help this, this new upcoming generation. Like, you know, I’m not saying my five year old has adhd, but he can be a little butt sometimes and he can get impatient and if he doesn’t get his way, he’s, he’s gonna throw a fit and all this other stuff.

[00:37:37] Daygon07: And, you know, maybe, maybe stuff like this or, you know, my eight year old, maybe stuff like this would be good to help them with their attentions maybe. Because if you think about it in today’s day and age, information is there in two seconds, right? If you wanna play a game, it’s as easy as just loading it up on your phone or you know, there’s no more, Aw man, I gotta [00:38:00] wait till I get home.

[00:38:01] Daygon07: There’s no more. Aw man, I gotta, you know, we. They don’t even have like an intent. You have your dss but you know, we had the, we had the, you know, the old game boys back in the day, and then you, if your battery ran out, you had to wait till you got home to, to change the four AA batteries that were in it.

[00:38:17] Daygon07: And then and then you were good to go for another few hours till you gamed. And then if it got dark, you had to wait till the next day or wait till you got light to play it, play it. These kids today, everything is just right there at their fingertips, so they’re used to having it, you know, Hey, I want it now.

[00:38:29] Daygon07: It’s available now. Let me have it now. And I think they’ve lost that sense of patience. And I think this is gonna be really good for, you know, those kids that do have adhd that struggle with, with those kind of things, that to struggle with the focus, that struggle with focus and, and attention span and, and stuff like that.

[00:38:45] Daygon07: I think this will work for them cuz. I mean, science has already proven that video games help kids, you know, cog and help their reaction and help their coordination and stuff. So, you know, hopefully this helps the kids that really need it with the, with the [00:39:00] ADHD and they can get them off of medicines.

[00:39:03] Daygon07: The, you know, the chemical side, cuz I’m not a fan of, I’m not a fan of, you know, these chemicals going in people’s bodies. I’m not a fan of like chemo for cancer patients and stuff, but I have different, I have my different reasons for. You know, finding these, these alternative, these alternative medicines, I think this will be fantastic.

[00:39:19] Daygon07: And it, it just, it’s, it’s a good, it’s a good use of our technology that we have.

[00:39:23] WildTwinsFan: Yep. So, just thought I was promising little story and just kind of. Gaming wise, so, and then I did want to, yeah, and I did wanna touch on the, the CO right now and just kinda where we’re at. So, Dave, what are you thinking?

[00:39:36] Daygon07: I have a, I have a skewed view right now.

[00:39:39] Daygon07: The last two days I’ve been trying to play cod or I sign on to play cod and I can’t even get, I can’t even get past the title screen because the game keeps crashing on. Whether I’m, whether I’m running it in in safe mode or not. Sometimes, sometimes I’ll be able to get past and get in, in safe mode, then readjust the settings, you know, I’m in a good game of, you know, and then [00:40:00] if I’m in a good game of war zone, we’re getting to the end, bam, crash, or you know, I’m playing DMZ and we’re about to xFi, bam, crash, lose everything in my, lose my entire dmz, load out pissed.

[00:40:14] Daygon07: You know, the multiplayer, the multiplayer is, I have no problems with the multiplayer. I love the multiplayer all if, if I’m being honest. I think the multiplayer is my, is my favorite part of the whole, the whole thing. War zone, super sweaty dmz, super sweaty. But, but fun. I, I’ve found myself not having a whole lot of fun playing war zone if I, if I’m being honest.

[00:40:38] Daygon07: Cause they’ve, they’ve changed so much of the stuff like the, the, the key bindings are, are, are different. You can’t buy, you can’t buy load outs. So you have to, you have to go off of what you find on the ground or what you can buy out of the, out of the the, the crate money is sparse, like it takes forever to find [00:41:00] enough money for, for anything.

[00:41:03] Daygon07: I think the lobby might be too, too big. I think they have 150 or 160 people, 164 people in the lobby. It, I get that it promotes. Like fast, fast game play, getting into a fight quickly, but sometimes you wanna land and find a gun first. Like there’s, there’s often times where you land and the only thing that you find is a pistol or a shotgun, which I mean is no different than pubg, but, Like, at least, at least you can spread out a little bit.

[00:41:27] Daygon07: Like the map is just so cluttered in my opinion with people. There’s, it, it’s really difficult to have, have a fun time. I will say the go log, having, having duos in the gulag, that’s kind of fun. And then being able to proximity, chat and talk with the people in the Gulag and be like, Hey, you wanna do the jailer?

[00:41:45] Daygon07: And then everybody gets out. That’s cool too. I’ve been playing a lot of. Trios unhinged, where you can group up with another set of trios and basically be a six man squad. I find that dynamic kind of interesting. My biggest issue right now is [00:42:00] just the amount of crashes that happened with the game. I was watching Zele and Doc the other day, and Zelan crashed like eight times in a matter of like 30 minutes, and he was literally ready to throw his controller through his fucking screen and it was just the worst.

[00:42:15] Daygon07: And I feel it for him.

[00:42:16] WildTwinsFan: Well, I haven’t been playing much horizon or dm. Mostly cuz I’m just on other hours. People aren’t on, my friends aren’t on. So multiplayer has been, been all right. I’m still pissed. There’s no flipping fucking hardcore. What the fuck? That’s half the game. That’s half the game.

[00:42:36] WildTwinsFan: Literally half the game. There’s tier one and tier one’s hardcore. Like it’s, it’s, it’s actually basically what realism mode was in 2019 model warfare. But it doesn’t have like a kill feed. It, it’s just, it’s broken. It’s got different health. It doesn’t play the same. It’s, there’s like no HUD whatsoever.

[00:42:59] WildTwinsFan: [00:43:00] It’s, it’s even like even less, like there’s no compass or anything. You can’t mark anything. It’s, it’s, it’s not fun. And, and I’m, and I’m upset that I got cheat. For no hardcore, and I’ve been playing, I’ve been just been playing core, really. And, and that’s, that’s fine, but I prefer hardcore. I don’t have to use the, the meta gun to get a kill every single time.

[00:43:27] WildTwinsFan: I always feel like hardcore is more of a reaction and and spotting your opponent. And getting the reaction. Get the flick, get the first shots on getting the kill that way instead of having the gun that kills with a bullet less or two bullets less or, or whatever set up that, you know, they have to have.

[00:43:47] WildTwinsFan: So I’m not real happy with that. Lots of little stealth tweaks in the game again. They’re changing sight lines, they’re adding trees, they’re adding just little goofy stuff that they never tell you [00:44:00] about. A lot of little stealth changes that, that they’ve been doing. But in multiplayer, I have not crashed in recent memory, but yeah.

[00:44:10] WildTwinsFan: Last time I played dmz, I I I was done because I crashed after I had got a nice substantial amount of loo and finally got a little momentum going after getting wiped like three or four times in a row. And and then I crashed and lost everything. It’s disgusting and and why is it that they can’t have a mechanic to rejoin the game?

[00:44:33] WildTwinsFan: Come on.

[00:44:34] Daygon07: Yes. You know? Yes. Why? It’s 2023, but that to be 2023, that

[00:44:40] WildTwinsFan: does it, that make 10 times better. It’s not good that the game crashes all the time, but at least it’s a little bit tolerable and then

[00:44:49] Daygon07: you lose your shit. You lose your shit. Like if you’re playing DM, dmz, all the work that you did to get it, you lose it all cuz it’s like, oh, I just exited the game.

[00:44:58] Daygon07: Yeah, but it’s not your fault. [00:45:00] Like you sh you, you should be able to rejoin the game if you’re in war zone or if you’re in dmz if your game crashes. Like, like I think that’s the one thing PUBG got right, kind of from the get go. Right? They, they, they’ve made it so that if, if they know that their game might crash, they know that inherent.

[00:45:19] Daygon07: So they’re like, okay, we’re not gonna punish the player. We’re gonna, we have a mechanism that can allow them to rejoin the same game as long as their, their people are alive. Does it work all the time? No, but it works like 95% of the time. Cuz there’s that, there’s that random time where, you know, it’ll time out or something like that.

[00:45:33] Daygon07: You can’t rejoin. Yeah. But it, it’s 2022. 2020. About to be 2023. This should be included in every battle royale game. 100% agreed. Stuff happens

[00:45:46] WildTwinsFan: also, I do want to, I do wanna touch on probably next week or maybe next week, maybe two weeks out here on the podcast. I, I do wanna touch on the state of PUBG and, and how that’s going.

[00:45:58] WildTwinsFan: I think it’s really good right [00:46:00] now. So we just wanted to put that out there. We will come back to that. We have new VII coming out we’ll call it New vii and we’ll cover that coming.

[00:46:11] Daygon07: Probably next episode. So just do a quick touch. There’s a rumor that Microsoft may miss the game awards due to the Act Vision Blizzard acquisition.

[00:46:19] Daygon07: There’s a lot of things going on while there’s a Swedish company suing Microsoft in Activision for for collusion. Which is basically one of the things that’s holding up this deal, at least in the, in the EU or the AMEA, AMEA area. And man, this thing’s been a saga. Like they’re, they’re opening up an in depth investigation into the acquisition.

[00:46:44] Daygon07: They’re concerned that Microsoft’s, Microsoft’s Activision deal for PC operating systems is gonna be, make things exclusive. Which, you know, Microsoft already come out and said, you know, we’re not gonna make everything exclusive. Sony, Sony’s really pushing back Sony where they came.

[00:46:59] WildTwinsFan: [00:47:00] Sony’s really whining

[00:47:01] Daygon07: about this, so this looks like this looks like it’s going to just keep going guys.

[00:47:06] Daygon07: We don’t know if this will ever, this will ever end, but that’s kind of the update. So we might not see any Microsoft games. We might not even see any active vision or Blizzard games at the. At the game awards. So if you’re, if you’re wondering why,

[00:47:20] WildTwinsFan: that’s why. Yep. So we’ll just keep following that as that comes up.

[00:47:23] WildTwinsFan: But it’s getting more complicated as. It’s probably expected as we go along here. So

[00:47:29] Daygon07: speaking of following, if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you can engage with us as well as find out when we’re streaming the podcast and get a first listen before it goes out across all of your favorite podcasting platforms.

[00:47:41] Daygon07: So do it.

[00:47:43] WildTwinsFan: So let’s talk a little bit about social medias this week. First off, guys, if you, if you haven’t already, follow us on the social medias and hit us up. You know, this week stop. But what about nad. She is, she, is she the best player ever? Is she the best streamer ever? What? What’s your spin? [00:48:00] Well, how about call shame?

[00:48:00] WildTwinsFan: Have you guys seen the YouTube channel? You know, let us, let us know what you’re thinking on that. So I was gonna cover a a cod timing post. That’s come put up in on TikTok and it’s, it’s fantastic.

[00:48:13] Daygon07: So to kind of preface this, if, if you guys are not COD players or if you, if you are COD players, I should say then you know the terminology COD timing, and if you don’t know what cod timing is, that cod timing is essentially okay.

[00:48:27] Daygon07: I’ve been scouting this corner for like the last 40 minutes. It feels like. And the immediate second, you decide to turn and look another direction. You get popped from that, that immediate corner that you’ve been scouting for, you know, X amount of time, you know, this extended period of time that you’ve been that you’ve been scouting it.

[00:48:44] Daygon07: So, or Chad, who thinks I win this? Be honest. There’s six left.

[00:48:53] Daygon07: No shit[00:49:00]

[00:49:03] WildTwinsFan: And if you don’t know what, that noise will go there in the end when he starts yelling, no, that’s him getting executed from behind by a player that’s snuck up behind him. So just like the guy’s like, yeah, I’m gonna win this. It gets executed like second, a second later. It just classic cod timing and it just, I thought it was a great dick duck and had to share that.

[00:49:24] WildTwinsFan: I also wanted to mention, A certain Instagram post this week of Gamer Cat. I just I, I looked up and I was kind of working on my, my gamer space here and it’s, it’s a mess and it needs to be overhauled and I’m working on it. And I was moving stuff around and my cat was tucked away in a below basket sleeping right below the gaming moment sign.

[00:49:43] WildTwinsFan: So

[00:49:47] WildTwinsFan: took a picture of that and threw that up on the Instagram. So if you’re not following us on Instagram, you missed a. You can go follow us and check out the little kitten ears peek of the blanket sleeping. Just cute.

[00:49:57] Daygon07: So, no, no questions for this week. We’re gonna kind [00:50:00] of trim it down just a little bit.

[00:50:01] Daygon07: So guys be sure to follow us on, on social media as we love to engage with our community. And that’s gonna be it for this episode guys. Let us know what you think about Nadia. Do you, do you feel like she’s she’s not, Not real as as her, her gaming, her gaming play style is not real. Or do you think she’s getting harshly punished?

[00:50:24] Daygon07: Or, or, you know, just let, let us know what you think about that topic and then you know, let us. Let us know about, you know, the mental health awareness stuff. You know, we, we plan on doing a charity stream for mental health awareness coming up shortly. So we will announce that probably after the first of the year.

[00:50:39] Daygon07: So, you know, like I said, Jason, David Frank, the White ranger, green Ranger really played a huge impact on my life. So we’ll do that to kind of help honor his life and his legacy and make sure that we can reduce this. Epidemic that’s going on through through the world right now with, with the, with the suicide rates.

[00:50:58] Daygon07: And thank you guys for listening in. [00:51:00] Consider our Patreon to support the podcast and also by going to merch dot gaming moment.com and picking up some of that timeless classic merch. And if you’ve made it this far on the podcast, now is the best time to hit that subscribe button. And we’ll see you guys in the next episode, un.

[00:51:14] Daygon07: Until next time, keep grinding.