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[00:00:42] Daygon07: I’m Daygon07 and with me, as always as WildTwinsFan. How you doing this week? Wild?

[00:00:47] WildTwinsFan: I’m doing great. You feeling better? Yep. Ah, I mean a little bit. I still thought that cough is lingering a little bit so. Hopefully I won’t be coughing probably, but I could talk a little bit longer without coughing.

[00:00:59] WildTwinsFan: So [00:01:00] we’ll see how that goes. This week we’re gonna talk about the state of Pub G and kind of how that’s going. I was gonna talk about a big topic. This one I pitched up a little bit more to you Dave, cuz you’re, you’re more in that, that field and this little bit outta my playground of, of knowledge.

[00:01:17] WildTwinsFan: But we’re gonna chat to talk about the hot topic of AI chatbot ChatGPT and some of the things that can and can’t do and, you know, and, and what you could maybe play with on that. So Dave’s got a real good kind of understanding the basic understanding of it. And so that’d be really good for, for everyone.

[00:01:36] WildTwinsFan: And, and then banter wise we’re gonna talk about Nadia a little bit more again and some of the BS and, and Twitch Bs going on there. Gonna talk about the new streaming service pledging to give streamers magically 95% of their earnings. And that’s dot com and whether that might actually be a scam.[00:02:00]

[00:02:01] WildTwinsFan: And then we’re also gonna talk about Amazon adding a TikTok light feed and kind of what that entails. A little bit about Xbox Game Pass, passing some more perks on that. You know, might actually sway a couple people to sign up for the pass cuz there’s kind of some powerful perks there. And we’re gonna talk about cooler Masters, massive Workstation pod.

[00:02:25] WildTwinsFan: Not necessarily a new concept, but a new player in the concept. We got a new headset coming from all players that are unexpected Dyson and kind of what that headset’s about and, and the, the price of it. And finally we do have a new movie starring some childhood character gaming characters and kinda what, what’s involved in that.

[00:02:52] WildTwinsFan: So, and then we do have a little bit of a follow up on the Activision, Sony, Microsoft Drama. So yeah. [00:03:00] Woo.

[00:03:02] Daygon07: Got a kind of busy week impact it. Yeah, it’s, it’s been a really busy week. Nadia has provided a lot of content for us, so we’ll get to that shortly. But while Pup G just released the, their, their newest drop, which has version three now of the Kindi, we’ve, we’ve had version one, version two.

[00:03:20] Daygon07: Now we’re, now we’re on the third iteration of the kindy. And I’ve got, I’ve gotten to play it pretty extensively. There’s still a few hidden things that I haven’t I haven’t seen. I’m still teaching a lot of the, a lot of the guys on our Discord server, some of the things that they didn’t know about on, on the map way bigger.

[00:03:40] Daygon07: Way they, they’ve, they’ve made it so that like, crowbars are actually useful. Like, cuz nobody ever fucking uses a crowbar in the game. Right? Honestly, bots are a big story with this new, this new release. I think I’ve, I’ve played in more bot lobbies in the last week than I have probably in the last year.

[00:03:59] Daygon07: It [00:04:00] feels like they’ve changed a, a, a few gun mechanics as well for me, like the M four. The M four seems to like the pa, the recoil pattern seems a a bit different. The other parts of the game, they’ve made some minor, you know, quote unquote quality of life updates to the game. Like Aaron Gale, you can see the, you can see the the ferry boat paths now versus you, you couldn’t see that any you couldn’t see that on the map before.

[00:04:24] Daygon07: I don’t know how I feel about the new gulag system on the new vain. But I do like that you can actually see if the Gulag is still going because they do have three phases of the Gulag in Bikini. They still have the Gulag in, in Tego but now there’s, you can actually see the countdown timer when you’re, even, when you’re not dead in the top left corner of the screen.

[00:04:44] Daygon07: So that’s kind of a nice little quality of life update, man. I, I think my biggest complaint is the amount of bots. Like, I, I had a game today and I had like a nine kill banger. Now granted, five of ’em were real people but four of ’em were bots. Stats are getting inflated this season. I’ve seen a lot of, [00:05:00] I’ve seen a lot more I’ve seen a lot more suspicious players, like I’ve been getting killed by a lot more like 15 and 19 and like 35 level 30 fives and stuff like that.

[00:05:10] Daygon07: So it’s, it’s a little bit more suss and I, I, I’m, I’m sure that’s a byproduct of it being free to play. And then, you know, with this, they’ve also included it on the Epic Game Store, which blows my mind. Like I say, I don’t know the epic why they have it on the Epic Game

[00:05:24] WildTwinsFan: store. Well, the Epic Game Store is probably why you’ve seen a lot of newer accounts more so lately.

[00:05:31] WildTwinsFan: But whatever the, you know, the games, you know, for intent of purposes, the game’s dead. Like they’re not attracting new players. So putting on the Epic game stores, you know, one of the few ways they can look like they’re growing or maybe, maybe get some new players. But I have a hard time feeling like people that have the Epic Game store don’t have exclusively the [00:06:00] Epic game store.

[00:06:01] WildTwinsFan: So, you know, not like they’re really drawn from a new pool of people, but I think they’re just, they’re just cooking stats. You know? They give you some new free content if you, if you get the game through Epic, people are just getting the new skins or whatever, whatever it is that they’re giving out.

[00:06:18] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. Overall, I think right now feels like the player base gets. Really fractured when they put out a map, like, like a separate map. So either, right now you gotta play either McKen or you gotta play the other maps. Mm-hmm. , the other five maps in the ro in the rotation. And I think just people burn out of the maps really fast so they don’t, you know, you, you have a hard time populating two different playlists like that.

[00:06:48] WildTwinsFan: So in the beginning when Acken just came out that, that, that first week we played a bunch of the candy and we’re just kinda like you know, can’t play the same map over and over and over and over and over and over. [00:07:00] I just, I just burn out. So we went back and played a, you know, one of the five randoms in rotation and there was maybe 30 people in that game and the rest of it was bots, just cuz everyone else was playing bikini.

[00:07:13] WildTwinsFan: I, I think they need to, to leave a feature map for a week and then they just need to put everything together and play it that way. So, but overall I’ve been enjoying it. The new McKinnis much better designed, I think than the previous maps. More, more height, more trees, more cover kind of, kind of giving you less of the wide open spaces that, you know, can be so prevalent.

[00:07:38] WildTwinsFan: And, you know, some of the maps, even Miramar, you know, they’ve made changes over that over time to kind of make that less bumpy but bump or in different places and they’re always constantly tweaking things. So overall, again, the candy’s super solid though. I feel like the last couple maps they’ve put out, I’ve been [00:08:00] really good maps big maps.

[00:08:01] WildTwinsFan: I like Tagos plays good. And I think McKenzie’s no exception to that, plays really well. And yeah, it’s, it’s been good. I, I was, I was surprised to see a brand new McKenney that’s, that’s, It’s brand new. It’s, I, I to call it vendi is almost a misnomer, you know, because it’s, it’s a new map and it’s nothing really like the old map.

[00:08:24] WildTwinsFan: So I, I don’t know, I guess they just kept the name cuz they were gonna pull the old vend out. And I actually, I still kind of preferred the original version of theEnd, which was very building heavy, very city heavy. And I think you just got a lot of people complaining about that. But they’ve put a lot of pieces in place since like C4 and, and, and that to kind of rat out the campers more so.

[00:08:52] WildTwinsFan: And I think it would play better now than it played originally, but I just like the variety of it. So I [00:09:00] think Tagos got a lot of buildings in it, so I don’t think it’s so far off. I’m, I’m liking it so far.

[00:09:06] Daygon07: Yeah, it, it pretty much is a completely different map. Like the only thing that’s there from. Like one, like version one and version two is, is Cosmo, Cosmo drone.

[00:09:17] Daygon07: Everything else is gone. Like, I don’t even think is is Dino world there? Yeah, well it’s not, it’s not. It’s, it’s called Dino World. It’s, it’s called Dino World now. Not even Dino Land. It used to be Dino Land. So it’s winery.

[00:09:30] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. You still, you still got Castle Castle’s probably the closest to it’s previous og.

[00:09:35] WildTwinsFan: OG I guess is the, is the one thing, but yeah, I don’t know. Pretty good. But overall, I think overall the playability of the game I think has gotten great. They have fixed so many little tweaks and little, little things that players have been asking for. Like one of my gripes has been the, the, the revive mechanic or the pickup mechanic is now changed.

[00:09:57] WildTwinsFan: So now you can’t accidentally like [00:10:00] spam and pick someone up, you can change it. So that, that’s been good. I think just the lot of little quality of life things that, that people have really been complaining about and have really gotten fixed and they keep going in and doing more and they’re not really advertising that so well.

[00:10:18] WildTwinsFan: But just little stuff, you know, again, you mentioned, you know, adding the track for the ferry, not a big deal for, you know, players that have played the game necessarily. But you know, why isn’t it on the map? I guess it could be on the map. Just, I just feel like the quality of life, I think the, like, I think the game’s kind of in the best shape it’s ever been in, in my opinion, with them fixing a lot of little things.

[00:10:41] WildTwinsFan: You know, movement is still still a little bit of clunky. I’m gonna call that a, a Pub Gs feature. So, you know, it still feels a little bit clun than, you know, call duties a little bit smoother, can be clunky, but a little bit smoother and, and but yeah, just liking it. [00:11:00] It’s feeling really good right now.

[00:11:01] WildTwinsFan: I

[00:11:01] Daygon07: feel like, I feel like they’ve, they’ve done quite a few of op optimizations, like on, on vidi. I’m, I’m averaging between anywhere between 140 and 165 frames. Yep. On, on the map. Like no matter what

[00:11:14] WildTwinsFan: I’m at. Yeah. With your settings are fairly turned up too

[00:11:18] Daygon07: 30 actually. So I, I run everything on very low with the exception of like, view distance.

[00:11:26] Daygon07: And I think one other like effects, I think effects, I run on medium, but everything else is like, is, is is very low. So, cuz really the difference between, between like their, their highs and lows is very, very minimal with the exception of effects and, and view distance. So, yeah. Those are the two big things.

[00:11:45] Daygon07: So the new, the new Gulag that they have, it’s, it’s three rounds. So if you, oh yeah. If, if you die in the first round of the gulag, you can go to the second round of the gulag. If you die in the second round of the Gulag, you can go to the third round of the gulag and so, so on and so forth. The, the weird mechanic that, [00:12:00] that took me a little bit to get used to is like if you come in, in that, if, if people come, people going in on that first gulag, they can find ground, they can find ground loot.

[00:12:08] Daygon07: By the time you get to that third gulag, there’s very little ground loot and it’s very easy to get mer It’s very easy to get mercked on. And then the, the spawns are really awkward cuz like you can spawn like. Five meters from somebody, right? So you spawn and it’s mall, then you start panicking. You’re like, oh shit.

[00:12:25] Daygon07: Oh shit. Oh shit. I, I, you know, and then you’re panicking trying to find a gun. You can’t find a gun. It’s really easy to die in this gulag. They do have they have crates in the gulag now. So it’s, it’s really, it’s really weird. It’s not like, it’s great stuff. Like it’s, it’s like a two bag, two vest and like maybe a three scope or something like that.

[00:12:44] Daygon07: So it’s, it’s nothing worth like just going out there and trying to get blasted for, but it’s, it’s, it’s interesting. I think they’re, they’re really trying to work on this gulag mechanic ever since they, they brought it out in Tego. There was a lot of complaints about it in Tego. I actually, I’m actually okay with the Tego [00:13:00] one, the one and done.

[00:13:01] Daygon07: I, I think the, the spawn points on both suck, but shit, call of duty, spawns suck, period. So, you know, I think it’s just something to, to, to be used to. I know from a, from a competitive standpoint, We were supposed to have a buddy on here to, to, to talk about this with us tonight, but unfortunately he wasn’t feeling well, so he couldn’t make it.

[00:13:22] Daygon07: But I know from a competitive standpoint, nothing’s really changed. Like I know there’s, there’s rumors and there’s rumblings that, like Tego might get into the eSports rotation, but not sure how soon that’s gonna be right now. Man, it’s, it’s, it’s difficult with this game because, like you said, the, the player base is just dying.

[00:13:44] Daygon07: Like, it’s, it’s a great game for me. It’s the gold standard for battle royals still the

[00:13:50] WildTwinsFan: gold standard. And, and you’ll find even people that don’t play Pub G anymore still say that they come back to it. It’s just, there’s just still no feel like, [00:14:00] like Pub G. But yeah, I’m, I’m kind of agreeing with you on the, the gole, and that’s actually one point of disappointment for me is that they haven’t tuned the gole.

[00:14:10] WildTwinsFan: As we initially talked about when the Tago first came out, you know, I said, I hope they have the capacity to say, Hey, this is not the best tuning of the Gole. And I think this attempt at McKen was a little bit of maybe trying to make up some different things, but I hope it’s not a one and done thing.

[00:14:33] WildTwinsFan: Like so far, TAGOS comeback arena’s not great because if you get killed early, you’re, you’re waiting for, I don’t know what, like it’s almost 10 minutes. Yeah. It’s like eight, 10 minutes. And, and that’s a long time. It’s not the end of the world. The Candy’s is so

[00:14:51] Daygon07: short now. Yeah. Yeah. To, to their credit.

[00:14:54] Daygon07: To their credit. You know, they are trying to fix that. That’s why they did the three rounds of. That’s why they did, [00:15:00] that’s why they’re doing the three rounds of of the gulag. So did they say that I’m, I’m assuming that’s, they, they, they’re doing this based on the information received back from the community.

[00:15:10] Daygon07: Like, like you said. Yeah. You have to wait till the end of, of circle one in Tego for, for Gulag to kick off here. Gulag is all the way to the end of circle. Yeah. It’s to the end of circle one. Like the last, the last the last round of the gulag is the end of circle one by circle two. If you haven’t, if you haven’t gone just like, just like in Tego, if you die in circle two, you’re not going to the Gulag.

[00:15:36] Daygon07: So they’ve made it so you only have to wait like, I think a max of three minutes to get into the Gulag. Yeah. So I, I think that’s a bone that, that’s good. It’s good. For those people who like to, you know, drop hot and. You know, their team, their team ends up winning and you can get back into the game a lot faster.

[00:15:56] Daygon07: Yeah, I think, I think that’s a good thing. I just don’t like the way the, the [00:16:00] actual gulag is, I like the timing of it. I don’t like the way the actual Gulag is, but I don’t, off the top of my head right now, I can’t think of a better solution for

[00:16:08] WildTwinsFan: it. I think the, a couple tweaks in my head need to be done. I think a, the whole play space of the Gulag needs to be bigger.

[00:16:16] WildTwinsFan: Feels like it’s really tight this time around. I, I like the size of the Tagos place Gulag. I, I think they’re different. And then I think that the gulag, the first stage of the gulag needs to start like two, three minutes later, like, like two minutes later. Because literally it’s, you know, you can be, if you drop late, you and drop down and got a gun, I, I think and died.

[00:16:45] WildTwinsFan: I think you’re gonna miss the first gulag. And to me it, I, I think it needs to be, it’s a much

[00:16:50] Daygon07: bigger map than it used to be. So it takes a long, I think it needs long

[00:16:53] WildTwinsFan: time, two minutes after the, the, the final plane, like the final jump. It needs to [00:17:00] be the earliest it starts. And then I get that. And then just maybe, maybe stretch it out a little bit later too.

[00:17:09] WildTwinsFan: Because I think, you know, if it doesn’t, I don’t know if it has to coincide with, you know, each, each phase. Just, you know, I don’t know if it could go a little bit later. Like, I, I think there’s been a, a good effect though, because I think as you get later in McKen, there is still more people alive than, you know Aaron, Gail and Miramar and, and stuff like that.

[00:17:34] WildTwinsFan: You can see that in both Pago and, and Vic, the new McKen that you probably on average have 10 more players in those later circles than. You do with the, the original maps. So I think it’s doing a lot of what it’s, it’s focused on doing. So I don’t know, it just overall, I hope they have the gumption to actually go in and tweak it as, as, as the gamers see fit.

[00:17:58] WildTwinsFan: They seem to be [00:18:00] listening to the actual players now. More so, so I’m, I’m hoping that maybe we get a tweak or two out of this and I think we can find a happy spot because I think the OG players are gonna, they’re gonna play PUBG no matter what. But I think the, the purpose of the, of the Gulag really is to keep some of your other players that aren’t as dedicated to the game in the action longer.

[00:18:24] WildTwinsFan: So they’ll play the game more. And so I think those are the people we probably need to cater to as far as school league. So,

[00:18:33] Daygon07: And I think they’re trying to cater a little bit to like the Call of Duty community because War Zone has set this precedence of the, of the Gulag, right? So an opportunity to get back into the game rather than, you know, just having to go back to the lobby or sit through 30 or 45 minutes of, of your teammates playing.

[00:18:51] Daygon07: And if I, if, you know, if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point there’s not some sort of gimmick to, [00:19:00] you know, revive, revive a, a dead teammate, right? Like we, we have the defibrillators right now that where you, you can self res. Who’s to say that they’re not gonna come out in the next season or two with okay, go to your, go to your per go to your team.

[00:19:13] Daygon07: You know, if you’re, if your teammate’s death crate is in the circle, you, you can revive ’em kind of like kinda like in D M Z and Call of Duty. You can go back and revive your dead teammate as long as they’re, as long as you can still access their body. So I can see that happening, but. Overall for me, the state of PUBG is, it’s in a good place.

[00:19:32] Daygon07: It’s, it’s very well optimized. I think it’s a, I I think I still think it’s too little, too late. They haven’t done enough to bring more people back. They’re not really advertising that much. I mean, they’re doing gimmicky things with like Doritos and Mountain Dew and stuff, like what Call of Duty does.

[00:19:49] Daygon07: But I don’t see any major any major like marketing pushes or anything to bring more people to the plat. More people to the game. I think, you know, none of your big time [00:20:00] streamers, like when Dr. Disrespect was streaming Pub G, that was when Pub G was was at, its at its biggest Choco Taco doesn’t stream it really that much anymore, like Taco Stream, like a, that’s cause he’s a,

[00:20:11] WildTwinsFan: Choco doesn’t even play anymore.

[00:20:14] WildTwinsFan: Choco is a whiny. He’s a whiny .

[00:20:18] Daygon07: Doc will da will play every once in a while. Like when he’s doing his, you know, one quarter, one game thing at the beginning of his stream to kind of, you know, get himself warmed up. But that’s, that’s as much, he doesn’t have dedicated stream to Pub G anymore. And it’s, for him, I think it’s because they haven’t really changed anything or fixed any of the issues that I think he, he saw.

[00:20:39] Daygon07: And maybe they have, I know for me that they’re, they’re, it’s, it’s in a good spot right now for

[00:20:43] WildTwinsFan: me. Well, I mean, doc kind of plays what’s hot too, you know? Mm-hmm. , he’s one of the streamers that’s always gonna follow the hot game and he’ll revisit some of the old games. But, but I mean, all things said, let, let’s not discount that Pub G is still a top five [00:21:00] in players, in current players on steam charts.

[00:21:04] WildTwinsFan: So, I mean, they’re not, they’re not, I mean, just looking at peak players today, 586,000. So nothing to sneeze at. The, the game is alive and, and kicking and there’s a lot of people still playing still a lot of hours played. It’s still above Apex legend, comfortably above Apex and Apex kind of gets the nod right now.

[00:21:29] WildTwinsFan: A lot of people will, if you ask the best br a lot of people say Apex, but I just have a hard time asking those players. Have you guys played pubg? Cuz still get OG Pub play PUBG players, let’s say. It’s still the best and, and it still is for me. So,

[00:21:45] Daygon07: well, here’s the thing. Wild, I I just pulled up steam charts.com.

[00:21:49] Daygon07: So currently as we’re, as we’re recording this podcast right now, yep. Top games by Current by current players, pub G’S number five. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Hundreds [00:22:00] with 148,000. Yep. That’s what I’m saying, modern war. Modern warfare too. Which again, they’re, they’re not counting Blizzard and X Xbox and all that other stuff.

[00:22:10] Daygon07: 203,000. Yep. Lost Arc 305,000 Dota two sitting at number two at 321,000. And then of course there’s the og, og og CSL Counterstrike Global Offense of like that game just goes forever. And they’re sitting at 434,000 right now and Pub Pub G is still owns the top record for peak players. Granted, it was January, 2018 for 3.2 million players online at one time.

[00:22:39] Daygon07: So the game is still going really strong. Apex Legends is number six below Pub G at this particular moment. Team Fortress two grant theft auto wallpaper engine, surprisingly after that. And then Destiny two rounds out the top 10 at this, at this particular moment. So, I mean, [00:23:00] That tells you that the game still is going strong on the biggest gaming, on the biggest gaming platform on PC right now.

[00:23:07] Daygon07: Yeah.

[00:23:08] WildTwinsFan: And that’s not counting, that’s not counting the Epic players either, so Yeah,

[00:23:12] Daygon07: exactly. All those Fortnite kids trying to do something different. Yep. $19 Fortnite cod.

[00:23:21] WildTwinsFan: All right. Moving on topic two. Dave, you’ve played with this a bit. I, I, I don’t have access to it and I wouldn’t frankly know what to do with it, really, if I did.

[00:23:32] WildTwinsFan: But the AI chat bot and chat G P T and I’ve seen some things in the second I saw this on like Day Gone is gonna have a field day with this one. He’s gonna love this toy. And so toss it up to you. Why don’t you give us your take on, on, and I, and I, and I do have some takes on this, so why don’t you give us our takes on that.

[00:23:52] Daygon07: So before I get into my take, cuz my takes are gonna be kind of long and detailed because I’ve been using this not just for streaming stuff, [00:24:00] but I’ve been using it for like work, for marketing, for a whole lot of things. And I to, to preface this, I do plan on creating a couple videos. One for a gaming moment.

[00:24:14] Daygon07: I plan on doing a livestream on a gaming moment this week. I will put out a social post on that, so be, make sure you’re following our, our social media to, to catch that I’m gonna do a livestream on chat, g p t and pretty much how to use it, like how I use it and, and the best way to use it. And then I’ll do a YouTube video on my personal YouTube channel on how this can, how this can be a game changer for content creators, for lazy content creators like yours.

[00:24:40] Daygon07: Truly here. Cuz I, I suck at writing blogs and I suck at coming up with headlines and I suck at coming up with topics. And this thing probably handles 95% of the work that I have to do. Like, I, I might think of a general topic and then I’ll, I’ll, let me just dive into it then. Let me just go ahead and dive into [00:25:00] my, my side of things.

[00:25:00] Daygon07: Yep. So, so basically what, what I use chat g p t for, I, I’ve started using it as on a daily basis. I’ve gotten in, I, I was, I got accepted to the, the beta program for it. So I have unlimited access to it. It really matters the way you put content into it. And you guys can check it out. Chat dot openai.com, I think is what it is.

[00:25:23] Daygon07: chat.openai.com. And basically what it is, is it’s, it’s a highly trained AI chat chatbot. So you can basically ask it, ask it anything. Now it’s not up to date with current events. The, the The training on it only goes up to like mid 2021. So here we are, you know, 20 you know, December of 2022. So it, it doesn’t have, it doesn’t account for current events, current trends, current things like that, but you can use a lot of the data that it does have already to create really great content.

[00:25:59] Daygon07: [00:26:00] I’ve, as a developer myself, I’ve gone so far as to say, Hey, write me, write me a JavaScript application to do such and such. And it writes the whole JavaScript application for you to do whatever it is that you asked it to do. And I think the key to the tool is the quality that you get out of it is the quality that you put into it.

[00:26:21] Daygon07: So if you say write me a funny Twitch title, you’re gonna get like a generic ass twitch title. Now if you say, write me a funny Twitch title that include the about PUBG or about Call of Duty. Or about this gaming group or this organization, then it gets more specific. So the more specific that you do, like, you can say, okay, give me a list of five funny Twitch titles and tell me why you think they, why you think they would get high engagement.

[00:26:48] Daygon07: Then now you’re, now you’re starting to utilize the tool a little bit more and it gives you a, a more insight as to why it’s choosing these things. And then you can be like, okay, yeah, no, that makes sense to me. Yes. So [00:27:00]

[00:27:00] WildTwinsFan: it’s quality in, you’re gonna get quality out. So like absolutely you ask a, you ask a yes or no question, get yes or no.

[00:27:07] WildTwinsFan: If you want, you know, expansion on something, you need to ask a good question to that, so mm-hmm. , and that’s kind of one of the limitations to, to this ai,

[00:27:18] Daygon07: the, the way I look at it. And it’s, and it’s actually the way Devin Nash kind of pointed it out in his video going over this. People try to use this tool to replace a single smart person.

[00:27:29] Daygon07: No, that’s not the way to look at this tool. You look at this tool to replace a hundred dumb people, you get it to do the, the medial tasks that, that you would want, you know, three, four, or five people to do. So that’s why, you know, doing a list of something. Okay. Cool. Let me pick out this list. All right, now write a, you know, write a script about this, about this title.

[00:27:54] Daygon07: Gimme five funny social media posts that are controversial that’ll, that will that will [00:28:00] garner more engagement and include optimized hashtags to, to increase visibility. So, you know, being, being that specific with it, you’re gonna get some really good results. And, you know, if I’m, if I’m being honest, I’ve, I’ve used this a couple times at work over the last week and some of the stuff that came out of it, my team was like, how did you come up with this?

[00:28:24] Daygon07: And I’m like, well, I, I used the tool, but I’m not gonna disclose this tool to you because this is my tool. And n no, no, you’re not gonna replace me if you want, if you if, if you want, if you want, if you want this quality of content, you’re gonna, you’re gonna keep me here. You’re not gonna replace me for this kind of content.

[00:28:42] Daygon07: But like I said, the type of content that it puts out is outstandingly good as long as you’re putting, asking, asking for the right things and, and being detailed as. But again, you guys are gonna have to listen in to the livestream that I’m gonna do here on a gaming moment to be [00:29:00] able to learn more about it.

[00:29:01] Daygon07: And then like I said, you’ll have to subscribe to me on my on my YouTube channel at youtube.com/egg oh seven, and I’ll, I’m gonna do a full video, a full how to video on that because I think it’s warranted for, for content creators. Like, you know, using it to write blogs, using it to write to write great social media posts.

[00:29:19] Daygon07: Using it to write great titles to, to streams, using it to help you curate ideas for, for content, right? So it’s, it’s a huge game changer in every aspect from marketing to content creation, everything. And I’d be remiss to say maybe, maybe you’ll see some content put out on some of our channels, whether it’s our blog or our social media channels.

[00:29:45] Daygon07: And if you see it and let us know if you believe it’s AI or if it’s by one, by written by one of us, you’ll have to let us know.

[00:29:53] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, I mean, I think we’re gonna play with it. So, and that’ll be followed up on. So today I got a question for you then. [00:30:00] Okay. The, the real hard hitting question, and you don’t have to answer this now, but keep this in mind.

[00:30:07] WildTwinsFan: What is this worth to you? What is it worth? You as a, as a, as an individual using it for work as a, as, what is it worth to you as an individual using it for content creation? What are you willing to pay for this? Because as of right now, it’s free, right? And I don’t know what’s the, what’s the plan going forward?

[00:30:27] WildTwinsFan: Gotta be some monetization

[00:30:29] Daygon07: of this. There’s, there, there has to be some monetization to it because the server power that it takes to power these things is incredible. And then you sc and then the scale because you’re, you have. Right now they have hundreds of thousands of people using this, this, this platform, this tool.

[00:30:47] Daygon07: Server. Power’s not cheap. Yeah. Am Amazon can attest to that Twitch. That’s why Twitch is, Twitch is not profitable. As much money as they make with ad revenue, and then they have Amazon backing them, Twitch is not profitable. And [00:31:00] that’s because the technology behind it is not cheap. The technology behind this, the, the chat G p t is not cheap.

[00:31:06] Daygon07: So I do, I do foresee it being a paid feature in the very near future. What is it worth? To me? It’s hard to put a dollar amount, dollar amount on, on it for me because of the different ways that I use it. Because from a d, from a developer’s standpoint, I can use it to help me write different applications really fast.

[00:31:26] Daygon07: As a marketer, I can use it to help me come up with different marketing ideas. You know, like company specific ideas com you know, I can have it write something about, you know, a competitive take down on, on, on company competitors. I can tell, I, I can do a whole bunch of things from it, from a marketing standpoint.

[00:31:48] Daygon07: Then from a content creation standpoint, like I stated, I can have it generate blogs. I can have it generate content, content creation ideas. I can have it generate social media posts. I can have it generate so, so [00:32:00] much to make my life a lot easier. Does it make me dumber? Probably because I’m not going out and doing the research on my own.

[00:32:05] Daygon07: I’m not, I’m not as eloquent in my, in my, in my writing as I, as, as this is. So I can put my ideas in the form of, Hey, this is what I’m looking for. This is what I want. And then it outputs, it pretty much outputs exactly what I’m, what I’m looking for. And then I can go through and I can be like, okay, this looks correct.

[00:32:23] Daygon07: I can edit, I can do my own edits, and then I can put out what I wanna put, put out what I wanna put out, or I can use it as a starting point and build upon that. So because there is a limit to how much actually comes out of it, it, it can only spit out, I think, like 3000 words at a time, and then it resets itself.

[00:32:41] Daygon07: So you know, you, you’re not gonna, you’re not gonna tell it to write it, tell it to write you a novel. That’s, that’s just not gonna happen. But yeah, you know, a, a 2,500 word blog, most definitely possible. All right.

[00:32:55] WildTwinsFan: So to me it sounds like it could be, it could be pretty [00:33:00] expensive and probably justify its worth, so that’s the thing that scares me.

[00:33:04] WildTwinsFan: It sounds like it’s a great tool, but it’s gotta be 50 bucks a month. Woo. You know, as, as a small, as a small creator, that’s a lot as a, as a big company shot in the dark, you know? No, no problem.

[00:33:18] Daygon07: I tell you this much. If it was a hundred bucks a month, I’d probably pay for it. All right.

[00:33:24] WildTwinsFan: All right. You heard it here first.

[00:33:26] WildTwinsFan: We’ll see. We’ll follow up on that one. I just, some of the AI stuff’s pretty incredible. I always thought it’d be fun to write like a, like a kids book or something. I, I don’t know why

[00:33:36] Daygon07: he, here, here’s the thing though. The, the, the organization behind it is called Open ai. Yeah. And it’s, it’s geared towards open sourced software.

[00:33:47] Daygon07: Right. So the fact, the, the, the thing, it, it, the organization runs off of charities and donations and stuff like that. Community, it’s community driven. It’s it’s, it’s, it’s a really great resource. So do I see [00:34:00] this becoming becoming expensive? No, I don’t think they’re gonna charge for it now. That being said, the documentation for this is out there and how to connect to it is out there.

[00:34:12] Daygon07: So you can develop your own applications off of, off of this, and you can charge for it then, which is, you know, I, that’s something I’m looking into, but you know, I gotta figure out a good way to, you know, a, a market to, to reach for it. Yeah. But as it, as it sits right now it’s really good, I think knowing what to put in or how to phrase things to put into it so you get what you’re looking for out of it.

[00:34:36] Daygon07: I think that’s the big key right now. And that’s basically the videos that I’m gonna be making on it, the video on my personal channel. And then the live stream for the livestream gist for for a gaming moment here is just gonna kind of go over that where you can ask questions.

[00:34:50] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, it’s gonna be interesting.

[00:34:51] WildTwinsFan: The AI is becoming huge and every, as every science fiction has always predicted, it’s starting to [00:35:00] come to fruition. I think a little bit. And you’re seeing the, I’ve been seeing backlash in the art community that AI art, you know, what’s the, oh yeah,

[00:35:10] Daygon07: that’s the, that’s the new one. Yeah, the one that every, what

[00:35:13] WildTwinsFan: is it called?

[00:35:14] WildTwinsFan: Or something like that. I don’t know. I haven’t gotten to play with that. I can’t remember, I can’t remember the name of, but Looks incredible. And it’s winning like art competitions and stuff, and, and people are there was just a big revolt about it. And, but I was thinking, you know, if, if I ever came to the day of, of, of writing a kid’s book, it’s like, man, you could get this art program to make you your own artwork.

[00:35:38] WildTwinsFan: And, and I don’t have to worry about drawing and stuff. And it’s like, I, I’ve wanted, oh man, I want the art one really bad. I’ll have to look into it. But I’d like to be able to make my own emojis and my own content for my channel and stuff like that. I just don’t, I don’t have the time. I probably don’t have the skill to make what I wanna make.

[00:35:59] WildTwinsFan: [00:36:00] But I, I think this AI art thing could do some pretty incredible things for my stream too. So, no interesting stuff. So maybe we’ll play that more in a later episode, but let’s keep moving. We’ve, we’ve drilled into those two topics. Let’s let’s just bang through some banter topics, kind of keep these fast and light here.

[00:36:21] WildTwinsFan: And first off, I wanna, we wanted to cover, I don’t wanna put too much time and effort in this cuz I, I don’t care for this person at all, but we’re gonna talk about Twitch’s ban and un ban of Nadia and that bullshit. Quite

[00:36:35] Daygon07: frankly, I, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna talk about her, I wanna talk about the effects of it from, from Twitch’s standpoint, like right in, in, in my opinion.

[00:36:45] Daygon07: In my opinion. Like you said, I think Nadia is a piece of shit. I’ll put that out there. Send it to her. I don’t care. I haven’t, I, I haven’t I haven’t donated to her, so she doesn’t have my real name on, on, on her PayPal account. But in case, in case you’ve been [00:37:00] living under a rocker, you’re not, you’re not in the, the streaming community.

[00:37:03] Daygon07: Nadia got banned for, she, she received a 14 day Twitch pan Twitch band for doxing, a viewer on stream. If you’re not, if you’re not aware of what doxing is, doxing is basically where you give out personal, personal information on stream to, you know, to your entire audience. And essentially what happened was this this, this person donated a dollar to get her to read his read his, his comment, basically calling her a cheater.

[00:37:31] Daygon07: She got pissed and she essentially started putting his name out there, spelling his name, like intentionally, intentionally. And, and this is why I think she’s a piece of shit. Then she, she got a 14 day ban.

[00:37:47] WildTwinsFan: Stopped. She goes on Twitter, she stopped and spelled his name. Mm-hmm. letter by letter. Mm-hmm. . So you made sure you got it right?

[00:37:57] Daygon07: Correct. And then she gets [00:38:00] banned. She goes on, she goes on Twitter and says I got banned for putting out personal information, whatever that means. dot.dot. Cool. While she got unbanned. Five hours later. I know.

[00:38:15] WildTwinsFan: Disgusting. Twitch again, we’ve talked about this time and time again, Twitch. This is part of the fucking problem with Twitch is there’s no accountability on their end.

[00:38:24] WildTwinsFan: They do whatever the fuck they want. And there’s zero consequence. But you know, we go on there and we’re not, you know, Nadia or, or whatever, big streamer, and, and they’ll ban us for a month. They’ll, they’ll, they’ll kick us off the platform. They’ll do whatever. But you got some, some, I I, I don’t even know what she’s got on people or, or whatever.

[00:38:45] WildTwinsFan: Cuz she’s nothing special. She’s, she’s, she is dog shit in every form of the term as far as I’m concerned. Not a good player and, and, and not entertaining. None of the above. Overall, I, I [00:39:00] think she brings nothing to the table. I, I don’t know what she has that she can be Teflon. She’s

[00:39:05] Daygon07: got, she’s got tits in a vagina.

[00:39:07] Daygon07: She’s got tits in a vagina.

[00:39:09] WildTwinsFan: I, I don’t even know if that, if that fucking matters or not. But it, it, it seems to have some pull on Twitch cuz the women get preferential treatment all the time. But it’s not just the women, it’s, it’s particular women. There’s no particular guy. There’s no particular guy. Yeah.

[00:39:28] WildTwinsFan: But there’s no particular guy on Twitch that you, anyone’s ever said, oh, they’ve got preferential treatment. You know, it’s like, no. At one point can’t,

[00:39:37] Daygon07: at one point we could have said Doc, but you know, then, then he got shadow banned. Right?

[00:39:42] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. Well obviously you didn’t have preferential treatment and I, I don’t, I don’t know, it’s just, it’s so dog shit that she actively like not Yeah.

[00:39:54] WildTwinsFan: Asthma Gold. Who’s one of the top streamers? You know, he’ll get banned in a blink of an eye. Mm-hmm. . Cause [00:40:00] plain, plainly, they don’t like him cuz he just tells you how it is and, and you may not have to agree with everything he says, but man, he’s got a a point, he’s got an opinion and he is got a solid reason to back up his opinion.

[00:40:15] WildTwinsFan: Mond Gold. As not someone I would normally watch, but I watch a lot of his YouTube content cuz his YouTube content is very poignant and very to the point of why things are right or things are wrong or, or whatever. And it’s like he put up a rebuttal on YouTube talking about why, why should she have got preferential treatment on this?

[00:40:37] WildTwinsFan: It’s not like this was accidental, it’s not like she accidentally flashed it on the screen.

[00:40:42] Daygon07: People have gotten perma band

[00:40:43] WildTwinsFan: for this from flashing content accidentally on the stream. Right? She took the time and the effort to spell it out and, and, and so egregious. I, I just can’t believe they just let her walk all, all over this.

[00:40:59] WildTwinsFan: And[00:41:00] it’s, it’s unreal. And, and even if it was somehow a publicity stunt or whatever, which I don’t think she’d done, she’s apparently done this before. Mm-hmm. .

[00:41:11] Daygon07: Yeah. And this, this isn’t her first offense,

[00:41:14] WildTwinsFan: you know, she knows better. And, and it’s in the terms of her contract, there’s zero reason she should have been UNB banned.

[00:41:22] WildTwinsFan: And there’s, there’s a lot of reasons that she should have been Herma Band. This is bad for every fucking streamer right now. I, I don’t know if you guys know this or not. This is that for every viewer, if you, if you donate to someone through PayPal, it will give your name and your, your info unless you have a business account.

[00:41:42] WildTwinsFan: So now I do have a Wild Twins fan. PayPal. Pay me, PayPal me, reach out to me, I’ll send it to you, send me however much you want. But, but my PayPal for a Wild Twins fan does not have identifying information on it, you know, for that reason that I, it [00:42:00] doesn’t necessarily, they don’t necessarily need that, right?

[00:42:03] WildTwinsFan: I don’t need them to know who I am and, and everything with PayPal. And Twitch does have some methods to do that. Bits don’t bits, don’t disclose who you are. Subs. Subs and gift subs. Don’t disclose who you are. A lot of people get a, a, a major source of a lot of people’s income are don owners like these, and, and you’re just, it’s, it’s bad for everybody.

[00:42:26] WildTwinsFan: Like, that should not be allowed. Period. And the point that she did it willingly, knowingly is enough for me that she should be Perma Band off the platform and, and, and any other platform. Cause I, I don’t know if she was live on Twi Twitch at the same time, or, I mean, yeah, she was live

[00:42:44] Daygon07: at Twitch. She was

[00:42:45] WildTwinsFan: on Twitch.

[00:42:46] WildTwinsFan: She was live on Twitch. But was she live on TikTok? I don’t think TikTok has any fucking rules whatsoever. They’ve just ban on whim. She,

[00:42:54] Daygon07: she, she’s, she’s a partner, so she shouldn’t be multi streaming to any platform. [00:43:00]

[00:43:00] WildTwinsFan: Isn’t that part of the partner deal though? That’s part of the partner deal. You can be, you can be live on certain platforms.

[00:43:07] WildTwinsFan: And TikTok was one of ’em, I believe. Well, I’m not a partner, so I can’t speak to it ex explicitly, but that was part of the partner deal where they took away the 70 30 cut for those people, which she would probably be pretty close to just judging by her. Yeah, she’s following.

[00:43:24] Daygon07: She’s just, she’s just the Purple Snake.

[00:43:28] Daygon07: And her, and, and I guess, I guess Activision too, because of the allegations of cheating and then, you know, her piss poor performance at the Call of Duty events like I think, I think she’s just protected, man. And, and it, it, it boggles my mind. Disgusting. Disgusting. And the, there, there’s companies, there’s other platforms that are trying to benefit off of all this negative publicity around Twitch.

[00:43:55] Daygon07: One of ’em is this new platform that’s come out. I wanna say fairly [00:44:00] recently. I just recently heard about it. Yeah. Called kick.kick.com. Yep. And if, if you go to kick.com, it’s legit an exact clone of Twitch from the homepage and everything. It’s, it’s an exact clone of, of Twitch. Like, like, maybe not Twitch today, but maybe Twitch like a year ago.

[00:44:21] Daygon07: And because Twitch has recently put, put out some design updates and, and whatnot. But kick.com looks like their source code was, was ripped directly from, from, from Twitch. Like maybe when Twitch got hacked or something, and maybe some source code got got ripped. But it, it’s starting to become kind of a big player in the, in the, in the streaming world.

[00:44:45] Daygon07: It’s starting to become like the mixer of the streaming world. I mean, you have, right now there’s, there’s, if you go look in some places, it’s Twitch, Facebook. YouTube and now kick even, even overthink [00:45:00] platforms like D Live and stuff. And it’s, it’s backed by some gambling websites. Wild. Like that’s the, that’s the big thing.

[00:45:08] Daygon07: That’s its bread and butter. They’re trying to pull gamers over and trying to pull eyeballs over to promote for, for this these online gambling sites to promote their, promote their online gambling sites. Yeah. And, and that’s how they’re, that’s how they’re, and as wild alluded to in in the intro, that’s how they’re able to quote unquote, put this put this, you know, 95% split, you know, streamers get 90%, 95% of the, the revenue share with the streamers because casinos make, in case you didn’t know, casinos make a shitload of money, guys.

[00:45:42] Daygon07: Yeah. And and what’s,

[00:45:43] WildTwinsFan: what’s the other rule? What’s the other rule of casinos? It’s a major rule with the casino. Oh, the house always wins. Always wins. Always wins. So again, long-term gambling is never, never [00:46:00] gonna make you money cuz the house always wins. You give the house even the smallest cut of a percentage and over time that percentage will eat your, you know, wins.

[00:46:12] WildTwinsFan: The only way you win gambling, and this is, this is not advice per se, but kind of advice if you, you happen to go to the casino or you happen to, to get a scratch off, the way you win is by, by pocketing your money and leaving. That’s, that’s how you win. Because you’ll, you can be up variants in short term, but long term will always get you.

[00:46:39] WildTwinsFan: So that’s, you can get lucky that way. But the fact is you just have to never play again. So that’s where Kick is gonna get its money and they’re, they’re gonna direct you. No one really knows how they’re gonna do this, but the fact that a casino runs the website probably doesn’t vote well for how it’s gonna [00:47:00] subsidize its streaming.

[00:47:02] WildTwinsFan: And, and there is new technology coming up. AV one is one of ’em, and AV one will reduce the load on streaming. So there’s things, there is technology coming that will help reduce some of the, you know, the cost associated with streaming. But it’s not probably, if Twitch can’t be profitable at, at 30% for a small portion of their, well, a, a portion of their.

[00:47:32] WildTwinsFan: Viewing audience that, you know, they can’t be profitable at, you know, 5%. So something’s up. And you just keep that in mind. I’m, I’m not, I’m not a fan of gambling encouraging gambling especially in a, in a form like this where it’s, it’s unregulated. So don’t kid yourself, it’s, there’s no regulation that they’re gonna be able to prove that they’re legit or not online gambling or not.

[00:47:58] WildTwinsFan: So,

[00:47:58] Daygon07: so we got a, we got a [00:48:00] couple a couple sound clips that we wanna share with you guys. Ludwig actually spoke out on this. You know, he believes the new streaming platform is going to, might disappear in six months. And then the second clip you’re gonna hear is another prominent streamer that goes by the name of Train Wreck he’s actually bought into, he’s vested into the platform.

[00:48:20] Daygon07: And he, he disclosed that he, he says that train wreck should have disclosed that the gambling site, the gambling website stake is, is the alleged ownership of the, of the streaming platform. So here’s the here’s the first, the first

[00:48:34] WildTwinsFan: one. Oh, yeah, he does get a, you watch, pull up train wrecks stream.

[00:48:39] WildTwinsFan: He does have a, this is a gambling rated stream is intended for adult audiences. , you know, but he’s, he is live actually as we speak. But nonetheless, go ahead, Dave.

[00:48:51] Daygon07: Yeah. So let’s listen to, let, let’s listen to the first one. This one’s only gonna be about 17 seconds cut down. But here’s my take. This website will probably in six months, either [00:49:00] disappear or be flooded with gambling streamers and should only be touched by the people who want to lose all of their money or live vicariously through people who are losing all of their fake money, because all of it’s sponsored anyway.

[00:49:12] Daygon07: So that was the first one. He’s calling it, you know, Fake money because the people that are, that are streaming on that platform, they’re sponsored anyway. So it’s the, it’s the casinos or the gambling websites, giving the streamers credits, if you will, to play on the play, on the on the gambling websites to entice people to actually spend their hard-earned cash on that, on that website.

[00:49:37] Daygon07: So that’s how, that’s the whole goal of this. Here’s the, here’s the next clip. I think it’s really bad that Trane didn’t disclose that this was a steak.com owned website. Not only did it not disclose it, it felt like they were kind of trying to hide it as well. Like one of the moderators on the subreddit was a steak moderator as well.

[00:49:57] Daygon07: And then I think they removed. It just seems a [00:50:00] bit fishy, like sure. Be operated and owned by steak.com. But be honest about it too, like you still could feasibly provide value to creators who aren’t interested in gambling content because you give them such a good cut because you’re getting the blood money from all the gambling casino users.

[00:50:18] Daygon07: Yeah. There’s still some value that can be seen in there for small and mid-size creators, but they should know going in that it’s not because you’re going to create a successful business that’s gonna sell to advertisers a year from now because you have so many users and so many watchers because you’re making a shit ton of money as a loss leader from all the gambling sponsored streamers, which seems to be the reality of the situation.

[00:50:38] Daygon07: So yeah, basically that’s, that’s what what Ludwig was saying is, They’re using, they’re using the lost leaders of bringing try the, they’re using the, the opportunity of bringing other streamers and other games onto the platform in order to entice people to, to play on these game, on these gambling websites.[00:51:00]

[00:51:00] Daygon07: And yeah, they’re gonna lose money. Think about it. You go to a casino, do you pay for drinks when you’re sitting at a craps table or, or a blackjack table? Wild? Nope. You can get premium liquors, premium alcohol, as long as you’re gambling. They’re losing money handover fist in that. But they’re, they’re raping your fucking wallet for every dollar that you put into that fucking slot machine.

[00:51:26] Daygon07: That’s what it’s all about. It’s, it’s, it’s the same concept online. They’re giving you your, your Smirnoff. They’re giving you your patron, they’re giving you your Kettle One. They’re giving you, you know, name, your name, your liquor Hennessy hypnotic. You know, your, your premium top shelf spirits for free over here.

[00:51:46] Daygon07: Like, yeah, there, there’s, there’s less competition on the PUBG side of things over@kick.com. So you have, you have a better opportunity to be, to be discovered in that. Okay. Same thing on Call of Duty, but they’re, but they’re really, they’re [00:52:00] gonna push their gambling ads on your stream.

[00:52:03] WildTwinsFan: So as you’re playing the clips here I thought, ah, I’m gonna, I’m gonna click on kip kick.com.

[00:52:09] WildTwinsFan: Just see Train Wreck is live. He’s got almost 12,000 viewers. He he just dropped 50 grand. He just dropped 50 grand in the time I watched those two clips, 50 grand. And, and, and again, it’s, I’m sure it’s sponsored money, it’s money they give him to play on the site to to, to whatever. His stream is interesting though.

[00:52:31] WildTwinsFan: He actually has a little banner up there that says, do not gamble. You will lose. But you’re still promoting it.

[00:52:40] Daygon07: Yeah, I, I mean, you know, where I, where I live, I live, I did want to lose

[00:52:43] WildTwinsFan: 50 grand allegedly.

[00:52:46] Daygon07: So I, I live close to, to Louisiana and between where I live and New Orleans, there’s about 200 billboards that says, gambling problem call, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

[00:52:57] Daygon07: So I, I expect to see that on [00:53:00] a lot of the streams, right? Or I, I expect to see that on as ads on a lot of the streams, right? Because who, who’s the advertisers? It’s gonna be online casinos, it’s gonna be MGM Grand, it’s gonna be Golden Nugget, it’s gonna be Caesars Palace. It’s gonna be all of those people, man.

[00:53:18] Daygon07: It’s gonna be World Series of Poker, you name it, it’s gonna be all these, all these, you know, big time gambling places. They got the money to pour into it. But guess what? You’re gonna get nothing but gambling ads on your stream when you have a 32nd, 62nd, two minute spot. Or, or, or the, the pre-roll ads. So, is it a scam?

[00:53:40] Daygon07: Maybe? Probably, yeah. More than likely. But you know, all signs lead to Yes. . It’ll be interesting to see how it goes because they have, they have the commercial influence backers to actually keep it going as long as they’re, as long as they’re showing that the, the numbers going into it, saying that people are, people are going onto the site, [00:54:00] they’re essentially converting and, and joining these joining these online gaming platform, the online

[00:54:06] WildTwinsFan: gaming platforms.

[00:54:07] WildTwinsFan: So the question, the question arises day, and you’d have to, you’ll have to use your moral compass to decide this, and I don’t know, I can decide either. Oh boy. But what if you can go to kock com and stream call Duty or Pub G, or whatever it is that you like, that’s not gambling and just whatever, and be successful and still keep your 95%, but you’d know that you are being floated on.

[00:54:35] WildTwinsFan: Take dot coms gambling, you know, so it’s, that’s there, there’s, there’s, there’s a morality

[00:54:42] Daygon07: issue there. There’s not a, so for, for me, there’s not a morality issue. I’m not responsible for the way people, for what people do. I’m responsible for the content that I put out. If my content is not, is not in inducive of sending them to a sending them to a gambling website where they, they lose their, their [00:55:00] shit that’s on them.

[00:55:01] Daygon07: If, if they, if they come onto the site, come onto the platform with a prior knowledge that hey, or they see that they’re, hey, there’s a lot of gambling things going on on this site. Like the number one streamer is a gambling streamer. The number one, the number one, two, and three games, so to speak are are gambling games.

[00:55:19] Daygon07: Yeah, I le I leave it up to the view. To the, to the visitor to deter, to, to put their own fate, because what I’m putting out there is no different than what I’m gonna put on Twitch. It’s no different than what I’m gonna put on YouTube. Yep. If I have the opportunity to make 95 cents off of every dollar that, that, that I could potentially make.

[00:55:37] Daygon07: Yeah. But I don’t think the, I don’t think the amount of viewers is on the platform yet, so I think it’s gonna be very inconsequential. You know, if a, if a, if a, if a casino wants to sponsor me, I’m, I’m a, I’m a sponsor whore. I’ll, I’ll go, I’ll fucking go put my com. I’ll set my computer up on the, in the middle of the fucking gaming floor and fucking advertise for ’em.

[00:55:58] Daygon07: And I’ll be like, look, [00:56:00] gambling, gambling can be addictive. You can have fun. Just make sure that, you know, if, if you’re coming in with 200 bucks and, and you go up $300, put that, put 200 bucks in your pocket so you know you’re walking home. At least even I can give advice like that, that, that, that’s, that’s easy advice because if you go home, even you didn’t lose anything.

[00:56:18] Daygon07: You, you had yourself a great time. You had a bunch of free drinks. What’d you lose?

[00:56:23] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. I, I think we do pretty well when we go to casinos, but we are very, very disciplined. And we have the, we have the, you hit, you leave. Mm-hmm. and, and I, I’ve quite literally gambled for on one machine and won enough money, whatever my threshold is, you know, it, it, it could be as little as 50 bucks.

[00:56:46] WildTwinsFan: I, I hit 50 bucks on a machine and I’d probably go, you know what? I could say I win today and I’ll just pocket the money and fucking leave. Or I’ll watch, I’ll watch my friends gamble or, or, or whoever, and I’ll win. You know, so I, I’m very easy at [00:57:00] that. But anyways, that’s enough on gambling. We’re gonna, we’ll follow up on this.

[00:57:04] WildTwinsFan: This is, this is gonna be hot topic. I think I’ll,

[00:57:07] Daygon07: I’ll probably, I’m, I’m not gonna lie, I’ll probably set up an account on kick.com this week and stream there, and stream there a few times and, and see what happens. And you’ll guys will have to be looking on and, and, and and see how that goes. You can fight

[00:57:21] WildTwinsFan: for one of the 70 people watching Call Duty on Warfare too, right now.

[00:57:27] Daygon07: Oh, no. I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the only guy playing Pub G. There you go.

[00:57:34] WildTwinsFan: All right, so then moving on. I just wanted to talk a little bit Xbox Game Pass. We talk about that and you know how you can get games and all sorts of. Whatever. But they added one of the, the things I thought was, was kind of neat. They added a pass to the pass already. It’s there. That Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get access to every legal legends in Valor Cal character.

[00:57:57] WildTwinsFan: So that’s kind of a big [00:58:00] thing for, I think for people, you know, those two games. Yeah. People will pay money for those, you know, especially league legends that people pay money to, to play their characters. Right. Because you have to buy the characters. They

[00:58:11] Daygon07: stupid money for League Legends. They pay stupid money for League of Legends.

[00:58:15] WildTwinsFan: So with 140 champions without expending any other time or money that’s a pretty, I actually thought that was just a really huge part. So kind of neat to see that this is a, a perk of the game pass. Again, just sticking the dagger into Stoney Sony that much more with their lack of game pass or.

[00:58:38] WildTwinsFan: Failed the temp of a game pass. You know, which Sony’s sticking the DAG or two and with the, with the Activision. So . So anyways, thought that was a great story. If you’re into those two games that, that content’s

[00:58:50] Daygon07: ble Yeah. Team fight tactics that you’re gonna have access to team fight tactics as well which is a, a fairly, a fairly big, has a fairly big following.

[00:58:59] Daygon07: Basically once [00:59:00] players Xbox Game Pass and ride accounts are linked, all the benefits are available, are available through throughout either account. So if you play if you play Valor on Xbox, or if you play Valor on pc, you play it on both. All, all of all, everything that you’ve, you’ve gained is, is, is available across both accounts.

[00:59:16] Daygon07: So, yeah, that’s, that’s really, really

[00:59:18] WildTwinsFan: cool. And that was just live as of the 12th, so just, just recently. So if you’re into that, check it out. Move it on. We also have not, not necessarily a new concept. We’ve seen this in various forms before, but we got a new player to the, the massive workstation pod and cooler master has put out like this it looks almost like an egg.

[00:59:39] WildTwinsFan: No, no, you know, like an egg or like a, like, you know, where you drop down in the machine gun in the, in the airplane and you’re in this pod, you know, but you have this screen hanging up above overhead and you got like keyboard kind of floating and you got this super cozy seat to sit in. And I actually, there was a local option auction [01:00:00] for one of these type setups I thought was kind of neat.

[01:00:03] WildTwinsFan: Could picked one up for like, I think they sold for like three grand. But anyways workstation pods. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna edge at work to try to get me one of these. I think it would be very ergonomic and very safe and very, very productive for me to have this pod at work. So check it out.

[01:00:22] WildTwinsFan: But Rued price, rumored price in the 1215 grand range or something like

[01:00:28] Daygon07: that. . Yeah. It’s gonna increase my work productivity and you know, I need a, I need a home office stipend for this, so, you know, I need to, I need to be able to write it off. And I mean, technically, you know, guys finan minor financial advice.

[01:00:43] Daygon07: If you get yourself on LLC and you buy this under the llc, you can write it off as a tax, as a tax deduction and, and make money off of it at the end of the year. It’s a beautiful thing. Beautiful thing.

[01:00:54] WildTwinsFan: Yep. So anyway, it’s just interesting topic. I’ll have to, I’ll have to show you. We’ll have to [01:01:00] post this out across Facebook and I do Facebook and Twitter so you guys can check it out.

[01:01:05] WildTwinsFan: But originally it was just like a hit concept thing, but now they’re actually letting people register for the wait list. And Linus Tech Tips just did Review of kind of one of these monstrosity creations not so long ago. I think probably within the last year. And it’s good when you actually see some of the stuff in the play because like the keyboard and the mouse, he had, they had to be like magnetically at attached so they could be at the right angle and as you sat at a weird angle and stuff like that.

[01:01:36] WildTwinsFan: And so that didn’t work real well. So there’s definitely some caveats. If you, you’re gonna drop 15 grand on this, I think you should find your way to get hands on one or something. I don’t know. But anyways, I just like it. I like, I just, it’s just badass and I still want one no matter. No matter what. So, and then again, moving on, we have among us [01:02:00] finally came out with a new game mode that’s a hide and seek game mode.

[01:02:04] WildTwinsFan: And I initially was like, eh, but it actually does look a lot of fun. There’s a. There’s different tasks you can create to, to so what you get is you get like the imposters and then the survivors, I forget the term. And you can run around and actually there’s kinda like equipment and stuff you can kind of hide behind and stuff.

[01:02:24] WildTwinsFan: And you get you can use the vents as the, as the non-I imposters. And then you just basically have to live long enough to not get found in hide and seek. So it looks like it’s fun. I’ve seen a couple videos of it on YouTube and but anyways, among us was a huge smash hit cheap game.

[01:02:44] WildTwinsFan: Just some more options to play. Some, some fun, fun games with your Well, it really is, it’s, it’s fun to play with your friends

[01:02:51] Daygon07: and might be a B T U

[01:02:52] WildTwinsFan: community game night. Yeah, actually I think that’d be a pretty good one. So, so then just real interesting came out we’re gonna talk about the [01:03:00] Dyson’s new headset.

[01:03:02] WildTwinsFan: I’m not really sure what the, their thought process is here. They’re going after the razor headset, . I don’t, that was selling dozens last, it sold dozens last year, I’m sure. Who, dozens. Dozens. And now dozens of Dysons air purifying headsets. Tens will be sold at, tens of, tens of them will be sold at $949.

[01:03:29] WildTwinsFan: It’s a headset with like a, that air purifying thing that’s not, that they’re not gonna qualify to say it’s you know, gonna help you with covid o or any filtration or they’re not gonna give it any actual vetted you know, they kind of tell you

[01:03:46] Daygon07: it’s, it’s stupid. It’s kinda stupid. It’s, it’s just.

[01:03:50] Daygon07: It’s just stupid. That’s all it is. It’s stupid. The, the piece is removable, like the piece that goes in front of your mouth is removable. But it, the, the, they call it a an air [01:04:00] purifying visor. And essentially what it does is it, it just basically blows fresh air, you know, quote unquote ionize, purified air into your, into your mouth or into your facial region that goes into your nose and mouth.

[01:04:13] Daygon07: It’s not really like

[01:04:14] WildTwinsFan: a, it’s not even like, I don’t think it’s really sealed necessarily. Mm-hmm. I mean, no, I mean, if you lived in some place that was like you lived in China City, there’s no air. Yeah. Any place with no air, you know, thing, maybe it’d be worth it, but Damn, for a thousand bucks, 950 bucks.

[01:04:33] WildTwinsFan: Ouch. Hmm. I don’t know. Just, anyway, its interesting concept. I just saw this and I was, I had the full roll wise concept for me. So Check out the new DN headset, guys. Let us know if you are insane enough to buy one for whatever reason, I, I could see the right environment. Like there’s some smog filled cities if you were, you know, out and about.

[01:04:56] WildTwinsFan: Sure, sure. But or if you guys pockets so bad, [01:05:00] or, or yeah. Deep, deep pockets or, yeah, you just like to buy things for novelty’s sake. And then we’ll just touch base here. There’s a new Sega Superstar to Jam and Earl are finally getting in a movie. So to Jam and Earl old classic saga game. Get in the, get in the movie that, that’ll be, that’ll be good.

[01:05:18] WildTwinsFan: To Jam and Earl, I’m not super familiar with today, but for me it’s a, I think it kind of, didn’t they bring like the Ren and Stimpy vibe kind of, kind of gross, kinda kind of. You know, teenage humor. So

[01:05:32] Daygon07: I, I played it when I was, when I was way younger, like, like five, six years old on, on the sake of Genesis.

[01:05:38] Daygon07: And, you know, I vividly remember sitting down with my mom and playing with this, like, this was one of her favorite games. And it was, it was really, really fun. Really cool. Like they, you know, they, they, they go off the funk, man. It’s all about the funk and the vibe and the grooves and you know, they’re, it’s basically about aliens.

[01:05:56] Daygon07: And I, I can’t believe they’re getting a Nickelodeon esque movie off of it after [01:06:00] almost 30 years. You know, they came out with this, this. You know, Sega Genesis Mini two, they came out with the game.

[01:06:09] WildTwinsFan: It’s on both One End, the, the first generation and the second generation Sega

[01:06:13] Daygon07: Minis. Yeah. So, so it’s kind of a renaissance for them cuz they, they, they had a new game come out for it in 2019, called to Jamin Earl back in the groove.

[01:06:22] Daygon07: They had one back in 2002 called Tom and Earl panic on Funk Tron, which is the name of their the name of their planet. And then Tom and Earl three Mission to Earth. So it’s, it’s starting to have a, have a kind of a renaissance comeback, which is, brings back some nostalgia, brings back some really good memories with, with my, my dearly departed mother.

[01:06:45] Daygon07: But I don’t know if I’m gonna, I don’t know if I’m gonna actually gonna watch it, I’ll be honest. Yeah,

[01:06:48] WildTwinsFan: just, I just thought it was a fun story. I like to kind of cover up that. I kinda like to cover those stories that are, you know, childhood coming back. Might wanna play for nostalgia sake. You can, you can [01:07:00] download the game, I think even through Steam Nintendo for sure right now as a, as a to jam.

[01:07:05] WildTwinsFan: You could get one of the mini consoles actually kind of expensive. My one’s, my son’s got one collecting dust, but nonetheless. And then moving on. Guys, we do have a kit.co list. We talked about that last week. Both talking about podcast, we got talking about just about streamer gear and we even got like a holiday gift guide which will just be a gift guide after, after the holiday season.

[01:07:30] WildTwinsFan: But you can find us on on kit.co a gaming moment and see some of the gear we use and some of our recommendations. Of course you guys can always reach out to us on social medias and ask us and or even join our, our discord and come in and chat with us about, All the above cuz setting up a podcast you know, is more than just material.

[01:07:51] WildTwinsFan: And, and there’s a

[01:07:52] Daygon07: lot of, there’s a lot of setup and software that goes into it. It’s not just, it’s not just equipment. There’s a little bit of knowledge that you have to have behind it. [01:08:00] Checklists, you know, scripting you know, there’s different tools like software tools that you can use to to, to enhance your podcast.

[01:08:07] Daygon07: So, yeah, feel free to drop in. Another thing that, that we encourage you guys to check out is honey, you can go to honey dot gaming moment.com. It’s the holiday season, guys. Everybody’s trying to save a buck. You know, th inflation is a thing. Things are getting more expensive. We want to help you save a buck.

[01:08:24] Daygon07: If you sign up with Honey, it’s absolutely free. By going to that url, honey dot gaming moment.com, you’ll have access to thousands of codes that you can test automatically on sites such as Amazon, B n h Walmart. A whole bunch of different a different, my favorite door sites, DoorDash, you know, you can, you can go in and have the opportunity to save tons of money.

[01:08:47] Daygon07: It costs you nothing, helps you with everything. You even earn, you even earn money using the app. You know, you accumulate points, those points, trans transition into money. You can disperse it out to a PayPal account [01:09:00] or you can disperse it into gift cards. It’s a really great thing to, to have guys. It, it’s just a simple Browser extension and it’ll pop up.

[01:09:09] Daygon07: It also tells you things such as the, the price history of a particular item on a particular website and to let you know whether it’s gonna be a good buy or not. So really encourage you guys to, to sign up for it. Again, it’s absolutely free if you go to honey dot a gaming moment.com, it helps us out. It helps helps us, you know, put more back into the podcast, put more back into our content production, and again, costs you absolutely nothing and you gained everything in, in return.

[01:09:36] Daygon07: It’s

[01:09:37] WildTwinsFan: one of the rare things you’re gonna come across that really benefits everybody, right? Obviously it benefits the seller the least, right? They’re, they’re, they’re, they’re given a cut to, to everybody, but there’s no downside to it as a user. So, incredible service and, and I love the price history that you can see on things.

[01:09:57] WildTwinsFan: So that tells me if I’m really getting a [01:10:00] decent deal or not.

[01:10:02] Daygon07: Yeah, absolutely. So, W onto more of this just Microsoft Activision Saga. Microsoft over the past couple weeks offered both Sony and Nintendo a 10-year deal for Call of Duty. N Nintendo took the deal. Oh, and Steam, yeah. Nintendo and Steam took the deal.

[01:10:24] Daygon07: But that the, the stipulation was if the Activision deal goes through, how did Sony respond? They popped a, they, they, they colluded with the Federal Trade Commission, who, who originally approved the, the whole thing at the very beginning, which is how this whole thing got kicked off. And now the ftc, the Federal, federal Trade Commission is, has now filed a lawsuit against Microsoft in Activision.

[01:10:47] WildTwinsFan: I wanna stand corrected. Correct you here, Dave. Steam did not take the deal. Oh, okay. And steam did not take the deal cuz in Gabe’s word, he’s, it’s not a problem. He’s not worried about it. [01:11:00] He’s not worried about it. And actually is, is pretty, pretty interesting. Gabe is so confident in his, his platform.

[01:11:07] WildTwinsFan: He’s talking about like even, you know, like even call duty, he says like, call duty’s back. Everyone, everyone has left steam cause it’s too expensive and blah, blah blah and EA left and all this stuff. And guess who’s all back on on Steam? Ea Todd, they all come back to Steam because quite, quite frankly, it’s still the best.

[01:11:26] WildTwinsFan: And you know, maybe the cuts I like their client. Yeah. And maybe their cuts aren’t the most generous, but if you can sell more, you, you can afford more of a cut. So anyways now, now you got an FTC lawsuit with Activision. We’ll just see how that plays out. Keep an eye on it. That’s the follow up.

[01:11:46] WildTwinsFan: Not it’s looking worse and worse for Microsoft all the time. I still think it’s a good deal. I still think this should happen. Activision needs. The help of a good, reputable company like Microsoft to move forward [01:12:00] into today’s society and I think so needs a, a good player that can actually do that.

[01:12:05] WildTwinsFan: So and PlayStation, you’re, you’re weak. Get over it.

[01:12:10] Daygon07: So the, the big, the big thing the big, the big reason or the big push for this is Holly Vedova, who’s the director of the FTCs Bureau of Competition. She said, she said in a statement, Microsoft has already shown that it can and will withhold content from its gaming rivals.

[01:12:26] Daygon07: Today we seek the to stop Microsoft from gaining control over a leading independent game studio and using it to harm competition in multiple dynamic and fast growing gaming markets. We continue to believe that this deal will expand competition and create more opportunities for gamers and game developers.

[01:12:43] Daygon07: So she’s basically saying like, two big companies can’t join the, can’t join the, they’re thinking that it’s gonna be a monopoly, which it’s not. There’s plenty of other independent game developers out there now as Activision Blizzard to the biggest ones. Absolutely. But you still have [01:13:00] your bungees who got purchased by, they got purchased by Sony, correct?

[01:13:05] Daygon07: Yep. Yep. You still have, yeah.

[01:13:07] WildTwinsFan: And all, all the three PA player base.

[01:13:10] Daygon07: Mm-hmm. , . I mean, you still have companies like Naughty Dog Studios, you still have companies like Rockstar, who’s a, you know, another giant publisher. There’s, there’s still plenty of competition out there. It’s the fact that Sony, Sony had these deals in place with Call of Duty to be like the, if you guys remember back in the day, Xbox used to be the, the, the console that got all of the updates for Call of Duty DLC A month early.

[01:13:39] Daygon07: Yeah, yeah, yeah. A month early. Now it’s, now it’s now it’s Sony and Sony’s all up in a wad for it. And it’s understandable. They’re protecting the interest of their company and their player base. Whatever. That’s where I’m at with it

[01:13:50] WildTwinsFan: already. They, they know they’re struggling. Sony knows they’re struggling.

[01:13:53] WildTwinsFan: They’re just trying to grasp at whatever they can. Their console’s not as powerful as the Xbox. Their[01:14:00] subscription service is not even in the ballpark of the Xbox. They’re just trying to, to drag so, or Microsoft down and, and, and whatever. It’s just. I, I don’t wanna beat a dead horse. But we’ll just keep you updated on that cuz, cuz it is a big story.

[01:14:17] Daygon07: Yeah, I just wanna put this out there. C e o Bobby Kotick, the c e o of Activision Blizzard sent a letter out to the employees and he basically stated the allegation that this deal is an an is anti-competitive, doesn’t align with the facts, and we believe we will win this challenge. So Activision Blizzard believes that they’re gonna, they’re gonna overcome this, these allegations from from the ftc.

[01:14:38] Daygon07: So as wild said, we’re gonna, we’re gonna keep our eyes on it. We’ve been watching it this long, we’re not gonna give up on it now. It, it’s, it’s gonna be fun and interesting ride and it’s gonna, I think it’s gonna be about another year. Wild. If I’m, if I’m, yeah. Being honest.

[01:14:53] WildTwinsFan: All right, moving on. And this week social media’s post I just got one day.

[01:14:59] WildTwinsFan: I think you’ll be kinda [01:15:00] hyped about this. Not that you haven’t been there already, but we talked about this and, and Sony. Talked about. So I, I forgot a story here this week. I’ll cover that next week. But Sony’s gonna bring last of us to pc. So last of us, part one. I actually, it’s actually updated a bit with some better graphics and such.

[01:15:22] WildTwinsFan: I think kind of they’re, they’re gonna kind of pull the graphics from the last of us two and kind of update the last of us one. So that’s coming to pc, I believe it’s March 1st, third March 3rd, March 3rd next year. So big game, big game that people have been pry for. And again, Sony’s not ever been the one to do this so far, be it for me to think that they’re whining about Microsoft when they’ve been holding stuff exclusive to their platforms too.

[01:15:50] WildTwinsFan: So this is finally coming to PC should be an absolutely fantastic game. Last of us pc, I have not played it. Maybe this is something. [01:16:00] I’ll buy and maybe play through with the wife. We just start watching a little bit of the, the original series. So Stream. It should be fun. Yeah. Stream it.

[01:16:10] WildTwinsFan: That’d be

[01:16:10] Daygon07: actually fun. It’s, it’s a stream. It’s, it’s a very streamable game because, because the storyline is so good and so compelling. It is a very, very streamable game. And I don’t wanna cry and stream though. There’s, there’s a reason. They made a, they made a a video, a movie, or a, a TV series for about this.

[01:16:29] Daygon07: There’s a reason for it. You won’t, you won’t be let down. I’ll say it. I’ll, I’ll leave it at that.

[01:16:35] WildTwinsFan: All right. All right. So anyways we’ll share that tweet so you guys can you guys can check that out.

[01:16:41] Daygon07: Yeah, absolutely. So, while I got one question for you, fandom put out a vote, they put out a tweet with a vote on who should play credos cuz there’s a, in case you didn’t know, there’s a new upcoming TV series for God of War.

[01:16:55] Daygon07: Who won six, I think six out of the 10 awards they were nominated for at [01:17:00] the, at the game awards last week. Yeah. But, but fandom put out a vote on who should play credos in the God of War series. And the number one person that people are, are stating is Triple H. Who’s the w e wrestler? He, his real name is Hunter, hunter Holmes Helmsley or something like that.

[01:17:16] Daygon07: If you look at the graphic, he looks the most, like credos. Number two was Chris is Christopher, judge. Christopher Judge is the voice, is the current voice of Credos. And he’s, he’s stated that he would love to play Credos in the show. I don’t know. And, and his physique kind of fits it like he’s a big dude.

[01:17:36] Daygon07: He’s a huge dude. Jason Maoa came in at third. Nah, I could. Tom Hardy me pass Dave Batista, who’s another former WWE e Wrestler Me Pass. But I could see Triple H. Like Triple H has that attitude, has that persona, has that look about it. And I think, I think he could pull it off really [01:18:00] well. He just has to buff up a little bit more.

[01:18:02] Daygon07: But, you know, he’s been on the juice his whole life. I don’t know if he can or not.

[01:18:06] WildTwinsFan: I, I think viably I think viably, my, my top choices probably be Jason Maoa Tom Hardy, and then maybe Dave Batista. But Triple H, does he have any acting I, I’m telling I don’t think he

[01:18:23] Daygon07: has that, does he? He, he, he, he was, he was in blade Trinity.

[01:18:26] Daygon07: He was in the Third Blade movie.

[01:18:27] WildTwinsFan: Like I said. Does he have any acting. I dunno, that just, I, I don’t know, dude. He does, I, I want actor. He’s been, he’s been in a few movies. I want an actor in this role. I, I, it, it makes a difference. And I, I think I think the three I mentioned are probably your, probably my top choices.

[01:18:49] WildTwinsFan: His name is

[01:18:49] Daygon07: Paul Lavesque. I apologize. His his, his stage name is Hunter Holmes Helmsley, which is which is Triple H. But

[01:18:56] WildTwinsFan: I, I also think not, [01:19:00] I think the other guys are younger too, and I don’t, I think they fit the profile in my head a little more. They’re,

[01:19:10] Daygon07: they’re all in their forties and fifties.

[01:19:12] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, all of ’em. I, I think I, I, I just think for me, I, I, the younger choices give you a little bit of flexibility. Timeline and such. I, I don’t know. I’m a fan of an actual actor taking the role though, so I, I’m not so sure. I mean, let’s get www. W w e A, they are actors, but I, I don’t mm-hmm. ,

[01:19:37] Daygon07: I’m just saying from a look standpoint, like Triple H has it Perfect.

[01:19:42] Daygon07: If I’m, if, if, if I’m being honest. N no offense to Christopher Judge. I don’t think, hi. I don’t think he has the look for it. Credo. I’m trying to say this without being insensitive or anything. Credos is a Spartan from Greece. [01:20:00] Yeah. Christopher Judge. Christopher Judge does not look like a Spartan from Greece.

[01:20:04] Daygon07: I’ll leave it at that without, without Yeah. Sounding rude or insensitive Yeah. Or anything like

[01:20:09] WildTwinsFan: that. I dunno that, that, that, that probably doesn’t matter so much to me. It does. Yeah. It’s, it’s tough, man. It’s tough. I’m glad I’m not making these decisions. , I think, I think all, all five of them are, are more than qualified.

[01:20:25] WildTwinsFan: Having the actual voice actor probably is kind of a cool plus. I, I don’t know, but yeah, so kind of a wild one. Let, let’s know, guys, what are you guys thinking? If, if you saw Credos for God of War TV series, would you like to see Triple H? Would you like to see the voice actor, Christopher Judge, Jason maoa, Tom Hunt, Tom Hardy, or Dave Batista?

[01:20:50] WildTwinsFan: Do you guys have a preference? Why? Let us know. Reach out to us on social medias and we’ll just talk about it. We’ll have to, what’s the question of the week too? So [01:21:00] guys, if you haven’t

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[01:21:48] Daygon07: And we’ll see you guys in the next episode. And until next time, keep grinding.[01:22:00]