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[00:00:43] Daygon07: I’m Daygon07 and with me is WildTwinsFan and happy 50th episode, wild

[00:00:49] WildTwinsFan: Woo. We made her 50. Let’s do it. Just another

[00:00:52] Daygon07: 500. Yeah. This week we have a special guest Jessica Natapradja from who’s the, your, your creator outreach from [00:01:00] Eklipse.GG. Am I correct?

[00:01:01] Jessica Natapradja: I am, but I’m also doing a little bit of everything, which I’ll, this let’s we’ll talk later after.

[00:01:07] Daygon07: So we’re delighted to have Jessica on with us today because we get to talk about a really cool topic in the gaming and streaming space, and that’s ai clip generation Eclipse. Gigi does this very well, Jessica I’m, I’ve gotta say I’m pretty impressed with this. What do you guys, what do you, what are you guys doing and what are you guys looking to achieve?

[00:01:24] Jessica Natapradja: Right, right. So I’m gonna introduce myself a little bit. So, hi guys. I’m Jessica, and I am, my title here is Eklipse growth, which means I’m focusing on growth for Eclipse, just getting more users to join and sign up to us. And also, I’m also handling the social media. So I’m the. Guy behind all those tweets and Instagram posts, TikTok, shorts, I do all that.

[00:01:50] Jessica Natapradja: And yeah, so your question is so Eklipse it’s a AI tool, like you said, to capture your streams using AI and [00:02:00] they can just get your best gaming moments. Either it’s a kill, it’s a dead gulag, just all the all those good things you would want to get. But then you don’t have the time for it.

[00:02:11] Jessica Natapradja: So that’s where we we come in. Our tagline if you guys are familiar with it, it’s you stream, we clip. So that’s our ultimate goal is to help out every streamers out there cuz most of them are, we see. The way we established ourself is that we see that these streamers need help with just editing their gaming clips and like from their 10 hours, five hours of streams, they don’t have the time to get those good clips.

[00:02:37] Jessica Natapradja: That’s why we wanna help them and that’s where our ai place

[00:02:42] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, we do talk about that a lot. That, that as a streamer, you need to be more than just, you need to be putting out more content than just streaming stuff. And sometimes it’s a, it’s a, a highlight clip or, or whatever, you know, cuz no one wants to watch your VOD of your, of your streams. So they wanna [00:03:00] see the highlights, they wanna see the good stuff. So hundred percent. Hundred percent. So,

[00:03:03] Jessica Natapradja: nice. Nice tool. We wanna help streamers to grow on either TikTok reels Instagram or even YouTube because that’s where the potential of growth in social media. Right. And I see I saw this video the other day.

[00:03:17] Jessica Natapradja: It’s about it’s about the, it’s about the data that shows that actually 80% of short form contents on social medias are that it’s, it’s what works in social media, and that’s what we provide to streamers. We, we, we have the tool for the short form content. So our AI and our editing features are just just exactly what every streamer need.

[00:03:40] Jessica Natapradja: Now I forget to tell you guys a bit about our team, our Eklipse team. So our research and r and d r and d team is based in Vietnam, if you guys didn’t know that before. And our operations team is based in Indonesia, which is me and the other guys in the [00:04:00] office. So I apologize for like for the, like a heavy accent and.

[00:04:05] Jessica Natapradja: Grammar mistakes or something. That’s because I’m not a native .

[00:04:10] WildTwinsFan: You’re doing, you’re doing real well.

[00:04:12] Jessica Natapradja: Yeah. And then our grow team is also in us which you guys know Jason, so Yeah. We’re just all over the world pretty much. But yeah, we make, we try to make this work. So here we are.

[00:04:24] Daygon07: Yeah. You guys are doing a really good job.

[00:04:27] Daygon07: And I, let me, let me just kind of rewind back to like how, how I actually came across Eclipse, cuz I’m the one that actually brought this up to wild. And I, I’ve been bringing this up to a few different people in the, in the communities that we help manage. And it, it started, it started back with Athenascope.

[00:04:45] Daygon07: I, I ran into Athenascope cause I was running into that same problem. Okay, the, you’re not gonna grow on, on Twitch, there’s no way that you’re gonna grow on Twitch. The, the platform’s too big. There’s too many people streaming, especially if you’re, if you’re streaming, if you’re streaming big games. So I, I found Athenascope and [00:05:00] the ability for AI to go and create those clips.

[00:05:03] Daygon07: I was able to then start creating small montages for myself, whether it be for PUBG or whether it be for call of Duty. And then, you know, I ended up making a video on them and, and recommending them to, to other people. And then literally a few weeks, a few weeks after I posted that video on YouTube, They announced that they were going to be shutting down.

[00:05:23] Daygon07: That was, that was devastating to me. And I, I just released a new video talking about Eklipse and, and everything on my YouTube channel. You guys can check it out at youtube.com/daygon07. And I go over some of the goods and the bads with that, and we’ll kind of touch on some of that here in the podcast.

[00:05:37] Daygon07: But when, when I found out Athenascope was shutting down, I went on a search to find a suitable replacement. And, and man, it was really difficult. There’s not a whole lot of players in the, in this atmosphere right now. Like there, there’s a pretty decent size gap. I mean, there’s a handful Eklipse being one.

[00:05:53] Daygon07: I ran across Sizzle.GG as well. That was be, that was one, but I really, I really found that Eklipse was the [00:06:00] best solution out there for me at the time. And that’s when I began. Integrating myself within the Eklipse community you know, pointing out bugs, pointing out areas of the platform that could be improved.

[00:06:11] Daygon07: You know, my, my background as a web developer and, and, you know, software engineer front in engineer, that’s when I was like, okay, here’s some, here’s some UI and UX items that can really improve the usability of the platform. And that’s when I got the opportunity to be in contact with yourself. Jessica, Jason Della the, the, the development team, the engineers, I’ve had the, the privilege of talking with the CEO directly.

[00:06:34] Daygon07: And that’s kind of how this whole relationship here started out was, you know, I found something I really liked, I believe in the platform. Let me, let me give them, from a developer’s standpoint, let me give them some, some suggestions that I think would really take the platform to the next step and, and help them evolve.

[00:06:51] Daygon07: Cuz it, it is, it is a young platform. You guys are what, 18 months, two years old now? A year.

[00:06:57] Jessica Natapradja: Just a year.

[00:06:58] Daygon07: Oh, just to, just to year. [00:07:00]

[00:07:00] WildTwinsFan: So I’m gonna say, even, even when you first brought this to me there’s already been leaps and bounds and changes made tons, tons, you know, tons of changes. It’s really, yeah.

[00:07:10] WildTwinsFan: There, it seems like you guys are working really hard to keep innovating and keep getting more pieces working Oh, yeah. And stuff like that. So

[00:07:19] Jessica Natapradja: we’re out here grinding.

[00:07:20] Daygon07: Yep. Yeah, most definitely. So, Jessica, what, what differentiates you guys from competitors, like sizzle and, and the like?

[00:07:30] Jessica Natapradja: Right. So we’re actually pretty similar with in the AI side.

[00:07:34] Jessica Natapradja: We’re pretty similar with what Sizzle does, but then what differentiates us is that sizzle actually. They capture single kill. So if we’re talking about FPS clips they’ll be giving you guys single kills clips. So with the clips we give, Tons of other gaming moments, not only single clips.

[00:07:50] Jessica Natapradja: We do chain kill, we do kill strike. We do, like I said, ula deaths, victory, we all does all that sort of stuff. But yeah we did like a [00:08:00] benchmark with every of our competitors and we found out that Sizzle only give single clips single kill clips. So that’s a significant difference. Yeah, I miss it a lot.

[00:08:11] Jessica Natapradja: Yeah. And then I’m not, they do, they do, they did just release, like editing features for short form content. But we, I’m pretty confident to say we’re pretty ahead of them cuz we did that first. We, we have all those editing features right before them. Those auto caption feature stickers, insert stickers and just that templates you guys need.

[00:08:34] Jessica Natapradja: Every streamer need. We provide them before sizzle. You’re doing great and.

[00:08:42] Daygon07: Yeah, I, so, like I said, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve tested sizzle right. I didn’t like it. That, that, again, that’s why I believed in Eklipse’s product so much, so much better than, than sizzles. Otherwise, we’d be having a different conversation right now,

[00:08:55] Daygon07: But and, and like wild said, you guys have been you guys have been really trying to innovate and improve the [00:09:00] platform really at a rapid pace. Mm-hmm. , you guys just, you guys just released a paid tier upgrade to the platform?

[00:09:06] Jessica Natapradja: We did.

[00:09:07] Daygon07: Yeah. And, and then some of the things that, you know, I, I’m, I’m entered some of my clips into the the, the, the winter or the ch the, the Christmas the Christmas giveaway that you guys are doing, which Uhhuh, guys, there’s, there’s still an opportunity to get it.

[00:09:22] Daygon07: Y’all just extended it to what, the 26th, right?

[00:09:24] Jessica Natapradja: 26th of December. Yeah.

[00:09:26] Daygon07: 26th of December. So you have an opportunity to win, what was it? A beacon mix, create

[00:09:31] Jessica Natapradja: mix, create el getto face cam and stream deck regional.

[00:09:35] WildTwinsFan: You get to kill Christmas noobs and win a contest, potentially.

[00:09:39] Jessica Natapradja: Mm-hmm. .

[00:09:41] Daygon07: Yeah. No, that sounds, that sounds like fun.

[00:09:43] Daygon07: So what, what are the main benefits? Because you guys have a free, you, you have a free tier and then you have a paid tier.

[00:09:50] Jessica Natapradja: We do.

[00:09:50] Daygon07: So what, what are the main benefits of upgrading to the paid tier versus just staying on the free tier?

[00:09:56] Jessica Natapradja: Awesome. So real quick about our free plan is that we we give [00:10:00] the output settings to seven 20 P.

[00:10:04] Jessica Natapradja: So it’s a, it’s a basic output, but it works for, for us for streamers. But then if they wanna go a bit more professional and more appropriate than, Hundred 80, 0, 10 10 ADP is what I think they, what I think they need for just their short form contents or even long form ones. So like if they want higher quality and if they want faster stream processing, because with the free plan, we process your vos like an hour after we fetch them.

[00:10:37] Jessica Natapradja: But with premium plan, we’ve generate them automatically right after we fetch the vos. So that’s the difference. And the major one is also no watermark free. So with the free plan, you, you’ll still get our watermark, but then with the premium plan you’ll be getting no watermark. So those are the three main upgrades you can get.[00:11:00]

[00:11:00] Jessica Natapradja: And then like some exclusive TikTok templates. But we do make it. Make the templates free for now because we want everyone to try it out before we locked it as the premium exclusive feature. So

[00:11:14] Daygon07: Cool. So with the ever-changing landscape of gaming, is there a core genre that Eklipse.GGfocuses on when determining what to train the AI to look for?

[00:11:24] Daygon07: Like, do you guys mainly focus on first person shooters, like Call of Duty? Or do you try to keep your eyes looking at a more broad set of games? Like, I know you guys support like League of Legends and Rocket League. I, I haven’t actually tested those within the platform to see what kind of what kind of clips you guys generate, but like, like Wild, wild did myself and a lot of our listeners play a lot of Pub G and I’ve noticed that you guys on that collect moments, but you don’t really collect, like kills or, or wins or anything like that.

[00:11:52] Daygon07: Mm-hmm. so. You know, what do you guys look for when you are determining to train the ai? Is it, is it mainly [00:12:00] FPSs genre because the, the signals there are so much stronger or, you know, what is it that you guys really go for?

[00:12:06] Jessica Natapradja: Yeah, so we do both actually. Our, our team, our CEO is actually very data Dr.

[00:12:12] Jessica Natapradja: He’s a very d data driven guy. So what he sees in the data that’s what he leads that’s where he leads us to. So that’s the, that’s also the market that we’re looking. So yeah, our major users are actually playing Call of Duty. That’s why we’re very much tweaking and always focusing on perfecting the AI for our call of Duty.

[00:12:37] Jessica Natapradja: We’re very much. Look at the Call of Duty players as our main market, but then we also look look, another data we got that we’re actually have users playing Apex, playing Fortnite. Those three main games are now the ones we’re focusing on, and we’re very much tweaking the AI constantly.

[00:12:57] Jessica Natapradja: And if we get feedback from another [00:13:00] U users outside of those three big games, then we’ll a hundred percent on tweaking that AI as well. So if you’re saying that your Pub G’s not getting accurate clips or it’s, it’s just giving you a giving us moments but not kills, then we’re totally, we’ll tweak that.

[00:13:19] Jessica Natapradja: So, yeah we’re looking at those both.

[00:13:21] WildTwinsFan: So the best thing we can do is get more PUBG players playing for you guys and using your service. So the kid, a little bit like the squeaky, squeaky wheels gonna get grease. You know, as far as you know, there, you know, the people that need more will you know, ask for it.

[00:13:42] WildTwinsFan: And, and,

[00:13:43] Jessica Natapradja: and, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Like, we need, we need that data to I just identify and like investigate where, where do these users want? Like we even have this tweaking group and it’s it’s, it’s a team of our r and d team and then our users who is willing to help [00:14:00] us and just give feedback. So yeah, we’re very much always tweaking ai.

[00:14:05] Daygon07: Okay. We’ve got a, we’ve got a whole community that we can send your way because our community, we create monthly, we create, we create monthly montages and we rely Right, right, right now we, we rely heavily on a website called PUBG report. Pubg.report is so what that, what that is, is that gives us the if, if.

[00:14:24] Daygon07: Somebody that we that we kill in game. Mm-hmm. , if they’re streaming, if they’re streaming or if they kill us in game and we’re streaming, it gives us both views of of that interaction. So, you know, if they’re both streaming at the same time, you get both views. Otherwise, if we’re, if, if they kill us or we kill them and, and they’re streaming, then we see that we, we get their end.

[00:14:43] Daygon07: So we rely on on that a lot. But we definitely, we definitely have a whole, a whole community of people we can send your way to really help build, build that game, that game system out. You know that Yeah. The, the, the AI tweaks and everything for that game out. Mm-hmm. and you know, and we’ll talk [00:15:00] offline about this cuz you know, I def I know Wild and myself would definitely love to be part of getting, getting Pub G.

[00:15:06] Daygon07: Yeah. Pub G tweaked really well because there, there’s still a pretty big market out there. I mean, we just talked about this in our last episode. As of, as of as of last week PUBG is still the fifth highest played game on Steam. Yep. So so on among active users. So it’s still a top five game on the biggest, on the biggest gaming platform on pc.

[00:15:25] Daygon07: So,

[00:15:25] WildTwinsFan: and that’s not counting Epic users either

[00:15:28] Daygon07: too now. Yeah. Epic or, or, or Xbox or PlayStation or anything like that. So, so there’s still a huge niche for that mm-hmm. Which, which I think I, I think needs to be filled and. Like I said, our, our community creates montages and this would be great for us to use for our mon be able to reference back to for our montages.

[00:15:46] Daygon07: Hundred percent, hundred percent and get the, and get these, get these kills. And then cuz you guys, you guys do a really good job of having enough before and having enough after to create context for the clip. One thing that I noticed about a genoscope was it was like five [00:16:00] seconds before the kill and five seconds after the kill.

[00:16:02] Daygon07: There’s no context like leading up to like, oh, like I, the, the clip that I submitted this last week for the contest was, there’s context with me doing a big flank on the, on the last two people of the game. And I, I get ’em from the side. That’s, that’s really good context going into that saying this was a really good gaming move.

[00:16:19] Daygon07: Versus if you only have the fir first five seconds, if you had that first five seconds, you’re only seeing me, you know, aim, aiming down the site and getting ready to line the guy up. So that’s what I do like and do love about about

[00:16:30] WildTwinsFan: you, you can, yeah, you can see some of the game sense. Of the player and, and a little bit more, is it a real 200 IQ 900 IQ play or is it just, you know, a kill?

[00:16:43] WildTwinsFan: Yep, yep, exactly. I don’t, this might be I don’t know if you would know this, but is there ability for the AI to, to tap into like the APIs in of, of the games? Is there a what, sorry? Is there the ability for like the ai, your AI training [00:17:00] stuff, does that, does that connect to like the APIs for some of the games?

[00:17:04] WildTwinsFan: Like Pub G’s got kind of an open API that, you know, I think that’s what the, the pub G reports uses to, to tell it when there’s kills or when they get information off that,

[00:17:16] Jessica Natapradja: right, right. So, so yeah, with us no, we don’t we don’t have that ability to like get a DPA from the game. Yeah. Oh, we do is we use this technology, it’s called OCR R, which stands for optical, oh damn my memory, sorry.

[00:17:31] Jessica Natapradja: Optical character recognition. Yep, that’s it. Okay. So yeah, the way we capture clips is that we the AI will look into your gameplay and just capture from the objects in game and like just just the words and like the sound, so it’s audio and visual. Okay. Okay. Captured? Yep.

[00:17:54] Daygon07: Yeah, that makes sense.

[00:17:55] Daygon07: Feature request. Feature request. Send that, send that up, send that up to the big man upstairs to, [00:18:00] you know, hey, let’s, let’s marry the let’s marry the, the AI technology for the ones that, that don’t have like an API that we can register to or that we can correlate the, the timestamps to, to be able to pull out those, those different clips.

[00:18:14] Daygon07: Cuz again, that, that’s something, that’s something that’s really cool cause yeah, another, another thing that was really cool that I, that’s

[00:18:20] WildTwinsFan: a lot of data for free and easy.

[00:18:24] Jessica Natapradja: Yep. Right, right. I’m actually surprised, like I didn’t know that. Oh, we can get the API from the game and they can help just capture game moment.

[00:18:34] Jessica Natapradja: Interesting.

[00:18:34] WildTwinsFan: Interesting. It depends on the game. But Pub G’s one of them that actually kind of opens that up for people and Right. I don’t think Call of Duty is. Call Duty’s not, not as friendly that

[00:18:45] Daygon07: way. Activision, you know, Activision active, right? Yeah. They change, they change their backend so much.

[00:18:50] Daygon07: It’s, it’s like the op g the op gig, the stat trackers, they have a hard time keeping up with it as well. But yeah. If, if, if you get a [00:19:00] chance, check it out. PUBG dot pubg.report is the is the website that, that you can check that out. But like we’ve been talking about, I know you guys support games like Rocket League and League Legends, but you guys also, you guys also say you support like just chatting or I r l streams and you guys state that you’re able to capture moments in that class as well.

[00:19:17] Daygon07: But how can you train an AI to pick up on what would, what would be considered a good moment in those type of streams,

[00:19:24] Jessica Natapradja: right? Right. So that’s, so that’s correct. We do support other games and those three big games, we have special customized AI for you, you can, you can check the game list in our website.

[00:19:34] Jessica Natapradja: We support Rocket League, league of Legends. PUBG is one for sure, and then Valant, cs Go. Just all those. F P S N mobile legends, I’m not sure. But yeah. We support, we got UMIs for lots of lots of games. And as for the just chatting and I r l like this podcast even, we do have that AI specialized for audio type of stream.

[00:19:59] Jessica Natapradja: So [00:20:00] the way the AI works is that they will get, they will get your voice spikes in the, in the stream. So that’s where they determine that, okay, this is clip worthy. Okay. Feeling worthy. Yeah. That’s how it works.

[00:20:15] Daygon07: So guys, if you, if you’re enjoying the podcast and wanna go above and beyond just downloading and subscribing to support us, we got a Patreon that you can visit@patreon.gamingmoment.com.

[00:20:24] Daygon07: Check out our Patreon for exclusive Patreon rewards. So Jess, as I stated in my video, I think the weekly showcase video that you guys create is an amazing idea. However, I think it could be executed a a bit better, cuz right now in its current state, it just puts clips together with some music, not really editing it to the music, using transitions, cuts, slow mos and things like that to make the video better.

[00:20:47] Daygon07: Is this something you guys are looking to improve upon?

[00:20:51] Jessica Natapradja: A hundred percent. So we’re actually aware with how our showcase is right now and we’ve been gathering feedback from all our, pretty much all our [00:21:00] users, what they want for the showcase. And it’s the same with what you actually said and suggested to me.

[00:21:05] Jessica Natapradja: So we also came up with like an idea to just make a, it’s a manual montage so you can actually edit your own showcase. You have full control of it. So what we provide would be clips and then just the editing features, the transition effects you need. All those sort of stuff. But then we’ll call it Manu.

[00:21:28] Jessica Natapradja: I’m not sure what we’re gonna call it, but right now it’s the concept is that you’re manually editing your showcase. So, and then we collect another feedback from all our users, and they’re actually like that, that ability to like just edit their own showcase instead of us just generating. So, yeah.

[00:21:47] Jessica Natapradja: That’s interesting. And how about you guys? That’s nice. Yeah. Would you guys want to have like a manual uch where you edit your own gaming clips and just like a mashup, mesh it up together, [00:22:00] or, yeah, for sure. Easy. Yeah.

[00:22:02] WildTwinsFan: You want, yeah. I mean, I, I want the ability, sometimes, you know, some clip is not, you know, it’s thrown in there.

[00:22:08] WildTwinsFan: It’s like, eh, maybe I. I potato a little bit, you know, I shot to the left of them for, you know, four seconds before I, I finally caught, caught ’em. I don’t, I might not, I might not put that clip in there, you know, just cuz it was a, you know, or, or I might save that and put that in a, a, a separate clip of, of, you know, my aim might not be so great every given day.

[00:22:32] WildTwinsFan: You know, it’s like, so it gives you some different avenues to where, you know, when you already have that generated content that you can do a little bit more with it. And, and so sometimes just the context I think of, of, of that depending on what you’re trying to show can be, you know, different.

[00:22:50] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, exactly. So yeah, so I, that I always prefer I mean the automatic option’s. Nice. I might, I might go with, yeah, it’s good enough. I’ll run with it. you know what, I got a little [00:23:00] time this week. And I want to edit something funny this week. So yeah, I’m gonna take these kills that were like, how bad is this guy that he didn’t know I was shooting him for, you know, four seconds before I killed him?

[00:23:13] WildTwinsFan: You know, or, you know, so, yeah. That, that sounds like a good feature to me. Exactly. Works. I

[00:23:18] Daygon07: think we’re glad to hear that. Yeah. I think for me, I’m, I’m a guy that likes his cake and eat it, and likes to eat it too. There, there are times, you know, between full-time job, family podcast streaming, YouTube videos.

[00:23:33] Daygon07: Like, there’s sometimes where I just want, you know what, just, just handle it for me. But then there’s times like, okay, handle it for me, but give me the, give me the ability. Gimme the ability to approve the publishing of it, right? Maybe I want to go through and, and see what the a, what the AI is actually generated, and then, okay, maybe there’s a better clip I can put in this section right here and I can replace a clip, right?

[00:23:53] Daygon07: That, that’s one thing that I, that’s one thing that I would like. But for me, for the most part, I just, I just want it done because [00:24:00] I’ve, I’ve got, I’ve got enough on my plate with, you know, scheduling a podcast, researching for the podcast you know, shooting my YouTube videos, editing my YouTube videos, blogs, social media, you know between Wild and myself, we’re, we’re a two man content creation crew.

[00:24:15] Daygon07: And then on, on my side with my YouTube channel and everything, I’m a one man content creation crew. You know, I’m a, I’m a video editor. I’m the, I’m the producer, I’m the scriptor, you know, podcasting, all that, all that good stuff. So, yeah, so it’s, I, I’ve got a lot on my hands, so where, where I can have things automated to where you know, it’s done.

[00:24:35] Daygon07: And all I gotta do is share it across my socials. That’s, that’s perfectly fine with me. And then give me the option to say, you know, Hey, review it. If it’s good, click click render. It’ll take five minutes to render. Like you guys, you guys already do with the, when you edit the when you edit clips anyway, it takes that little bit of time to to, to render it out, and then you’re able to download it or, or share it directly from the dashboard.

[00:24:59] Daygon07: Mm-hmm. . [00:25:00] Exactly. So that, that’s, that’s one way that I would like to have

[00:25:02] WildTwinsFan: it. Yeah. And I think, and it makes it so easy too, like TikTok, TikTok is a, is a big machine that wants to be fed constantly. And we, we talked I know it’s, I don’t know exactly when it was, but we made a change there where we recognized that TikTok is, is, is huge.

[00:25:22] WildTwinsFan: You know, there’s this huge ball rolling in. And so, you know, a lot of our friends were, oh, I don’t TikTok, that’s for kids. I’m like, no, no. . You need ev, everyone’s on TikTok and, and everyone’s on. If you wanna grow, you know, or get some exposure you gotta, you gotta be there too, you know, and that’s the place

[00:25:43] Daygon07: we, we, we’ve gotten, we’ve gotten into it so much where we’ve, on our website, we’ve created a submit a clip section.

[00:25:49] Daygon07: You don’t even have to edit the clip. Just send, just send us the raw, just send us the, the, either the Twitch clip or the section within the within the Twitch vod or send [00:26:00] us, send us a screen recording or something. We’ll do the editing on our side, and then we share it across our social media channels, both on YouTube, shorts and and TikTok.

[00:26:07] Daygon07: Because we’re looking to get these, these streamers or these content creators, or these gamers, we’re trying to get their name out there just as much as we’re trying to get our name out there. So it’s, it’s a, it’s a mutual relationship. And this gives. Awesome Eklipse.GGgives us the ability to go in, upload the clip to to Eclipse, automatically set it to the, the parameters within the, the templates that you guys provide and then export it out and, and we’re done in five or so minutes.

[00:26:33] Daygon07: Yep. So it, it, it, it makes it, it makes it that, that quick to turn these things around. So if we, if we were, if we started getting 20 submissions in a day, you know, we could, we could knock out, you know, 10 of those in an hour relatively easily, right? Mm-hmm. . So and, and get ’em all scheduled out and ready to go.

[00:26:50] Daygon07: Cuz we’re not just gonna blast them out all at once, cuz that does no good. So it gives, it gives us a, an opportunity to and gives other users an opportunity to have their content discovered. [00:27:00] Hundred percent. So one thing I, I did notice in my dashboard is that there’s a section for, y’all call it premium clips.

[00:27:08] Daygon07: But when you click in the, in there, there’s a, there’s some text, there’s some text there saying professionally edited, let our professional editors create a montage for you. However, I haven’t seen a way to be able to contact you guys about that yet. So I’m assuming this is a service that’s gonna be coming out in the, in the near future.

[00:27:21] Daygon07: When can we expect this service to officially go live and what would the cost be associated with that? And then would there be sp special pricing for premium users, you know, to give them more incentive to go to that premium

[00:27:31] Jessica Natapradja: platform? Yep. You’re right, it’s a new feature we’ll be releasing soon. So if you’re a premium user, you’ll be able to see that button.

[00:27:39] Jessica Natapradja: It’s called premium edit. So that is correct that it’s professionally edited by our video editors. For now, it’s available for premium users only. So if you’re not a premium user, you won’t be able to see that button. But yeah, it allows you to just pick your preferences in, in example, if you want short form content, then you go pick that one.

[00:27:59] Jessica Natapradja: [00:28:00] If you want long form content, then you go pick that one. And then you can select your other preferences, like fast cuts captions, transitions, all those good stuff for your content for sure. And then you, oh, you can also if you want memes or just sound alerts or all those good stuff you can request to us and we’ll do it.

[00:28:21] Jessica Natapradja: We’ll edit that for you. So that’s the thing. And the cost would be, see we did another feedback for this. We we’re always, Asking for

[00:28:31] Daygon07: feedback. You guys are always asking for feedback. I, I get at, I get at least I get at least one or two a month and I’m, and I’m always sending ’em in. I’m always sending ’em in.

[00:28:38] Daygon07: Jess, you know that because you’re, you’re the one usually always sending them to me. So you’re, I, I, I send, I, I send them in. Again, the reason why guys, the reason why, you know, they, they ask for so much feedback. And the reason why I provide so much feedback is because without the feedback, the, the platform can’t grow to be what, what exactly the users want it to be.

[00:28:55] Daygon07: Exactly. So, you know, if you guys, if you guys end up joining the platform and they, they ask you [00:29:00] to provide feedback, provide that feedback, guys, it takes five minutes of your time and it helps the platform and it helps the, the, the, it helps you in the long run because they’re gonna start implementing things that you want or a hundred percent that, that you need.

[00:29:12] Daygon07: So hundred percent it’s, it’s, it’s super, it’s super important for that. And I’m sorry to interrupt you, Jess. Go ahead. As you were, you’re awesome.

[00:29:19] Jessica Natapradja: So we’re very much relying on because. That’s why we’re here. But like, we’re doing this for the community. So whatever they’re asking, suggesting, or whatever they want is what will implement, what will improve.

[00:29:31] Jessica Natapradja: So since I asked for I asked feedback for the pricing and their preferences. So it was which which do they prefer? Like pay per clip or pay per package. So we have this bundle package. It’s it’s $30 per five clips, or $5 per one clip. Sorry, it was $28 per five clips. So we have that kind of pricing and most of the result they, it’s [00:30:00] actually 50 50.

[00:30:01] Jessica Natapradja: So I think we’re doing both from that from that feedback and. But I’m not sure. So we’ll see.

[00:30:08] Daygon07: Yeah, you just test it and figure out sounds. It’s, it’s like, it’s like AB testing, right? Standard marketing stuff. Yeah, AB testing.

[00:30:13] Jessica Natapradja: Exactly. Exactly. That’s what we’ll do for sure. Sounds pretty

[00:30:16] WildTwinsFan: reasonable. I

[00:30:17] Daygon07: mean, yeah, you paid the same amount for somebody, like on fiber or something like that, right.

[00:30:22] Daygon07: To do, to basically accomplish the same thing. Yep. But you’re working with a, a more reputable brand rather than just, you know, some rando on, on fiber not knowing, you know, the quality. So I look forward to actually seeing how, how that’s gonna, how that’s gonna come out. Thank you. Thank you.

[00:30:38] Jessica Natapradja: It’s gonna be out soon, next year,

[00:30:41] Daygon07: So, Jess, with that being said, what is Eklipse.GGlooking to achieve as, as we’re closing out 2022, we’re literally walking into 2023. Mm-hmm. next weekend. What’s what’s Eklipse.GGlooking to achieve in 2023 and how’s Eklipse.GGlooking to continue its growth momentum in 2023 since you guys have been just really [00:31:00] pushing and growing so hard the year 20 this year.

[00:31:03] Jessica Natapradja: Yeah. So a bit about Eclipse. I haven’t told you guys this yet, but I’m telling you. So a little bit of Eklipse.GGis that we’re just a year. We j we’re just a year now, but we’re actually have been here for two years. But then the other, the previous year we, we were focusing on Asia market. So we reach out to Asian streamers and see what they need, but then it didn’t really work out somehow.

[00:31:26] Jessica Natapradja: And then we switched up our focused the US market and that’s where it it’ll, it’ll worked. It’ll work. So right after Athena shutdown, that’s where we found our our spotlight and that’s where we constantly just creating features, improving ourself, and listening to community for sure.

[00:31:44] Jessica Natapradja: So this year we were really We are really focusing on the r and d, like we want the best serv. We want to give you guys the best service from the AI side, from the feature website speed, and just those, all those improvements. So [00:32:00] that’s what we’ve been focusing this year. And that’s also why we wanna focus on getting lots and lots of users next year.

[00:32:07] Jessica Natapradja: And also premium reserves for sure, because we want that revenue and that the retention rate for sure because we, we really believe in retention. That’s that’s the key to good business for, for long term. So, yeah those three main things are what we want for next year. That’s why we’ll be focusing on refer referral programs next year, partnerships, influencers, all those stuff we want.

[00:32:33] Jessica Natapradja: For signups. So we

[00:32:34] WildTwinsFan: get to, we get to be trendsetters. You guys are hearing it kind of, kind of first, so jump on the bandwagon. You can be, you could be a partner now too, you know, for listening to the podcast and you want to get in on the ground floor. I mean, what’s more exciting than to, to build something with somebody that works for everybody.

[00:32:55] WildTwinsFan: Exactly.

[00:32:56] Jessica Natapradja: Yeah. You hear, y’all hear it first from a gaming.

[00:32:59] Daygon07: Yeah, sure. [00:33:00] Get it like, like get in now before the, before the bar is set, where you have like, you know, your shrouds and your Dr. Disrespects and your Timmy Timmy tenders and all those guys getting on the platform, pushing that level of expectation up to where, you know, hey, you’re gonna need 10,000, you know, 10,000 or a hundred thousand YouTube subscribers and, you know, 10,000, 10,000 Twitch followers.

[00:33:21] Daygon07: Get in now on the ground floor while, while, while Get in, while the getting’s. Good. That’s, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m, that’s one of the reasons why I’ve really been trying to focus in on eclipse, is to help build out that, that influencer program or that partner program and you know, hopefully a gaming moment can be help be, be part of that, be, you know, on that ground floor of, of that, you know, and, you know, we’ll there’s, there’s so much benefit to working with Eclipse, being on Eklipse.GGto help grow your content, you know, Streamline your content creation process.

[00:33:53] Daygon07: Get getting those, those Instagram reels or those YouTube shorts or the, the tick, the TikTok videos out there, [00:34:00] because all it takes is one of those to go viral. And then 1199 a month for one video for that sends one video viral. And now you’re, now, you’re now you become a partnered streamer on Twitch or a partner or and monetizing on YouTube because you’ve, you, you’ve created such good content off of that 1199 a month is, is, is a, is a a no-brainer

[00:34:20] WildTwinsFan: in my mind.

[00:34:20] WildTwinsFan: A a viral video on YouTube that gets millions of, of views or, or you never know. I mean, that, that pays, that pays for forever. I mean you know, essentially forever that could pay, keep paying for itself time and time again. So not, not bad. I actually just kind of like Eklipse.GGcuz it’s in the, in the spirit of a gaming moment, you know?

[00:34:40] WildTwinsFan: Mm-hmm. , because that’s, that’s creating gaming moments. Gaming moments. So I just moments Exactly. You know, it’s like that was where. We’re born out of. So

[00:34:48] Daygon07: it’s, yeah. And, and that’s why, you know, we, we started doing the submit eclipse, cuz these are, we wanna see your gaming moments. And guys, if you, if you sign up for Eclipse, there’s gonna be a link in the podcast description.

[00:34:59] Daygon07: There’s gonna be a link [00:35:00] in the, in the, the video description of the, the YouTube episode here. If you guys sign up for Eclipse, send us your first, send us your first gaming moment. Let us know how, let us know how it was. We’ll post it acro we’ll, we’ll amplify your reach for you as well with, with our a across, across ours.

[00:35:17] Daygon07: We’ll, we’ll tag Eclipse, maybe Eklipse.GGwill be sweet enough to help amplify the, their, your reach across theirs. Tweak can, you know, we’re

[00:35:24] WildTwinsFan: talking if we can get in touch with a social media person. I don’t know how we’ll ever do that. Exactly. Obviously that’s Jessica,

[00:35:31] Daygon07: so. Yep. Yeah, so, so I mean the, the, there’s, there’s good potential here, guys.

[00:35:36] Daygon07: It’s the best platform out there in my mind right now. You might have a different opinion, but for me, this has been the best platform. But now I’m gonna ask you the hard question, Jess. Ooh. Okay. Are there any, are there any new features being released soon that haven’t officially been announced yet that you might be able to share with us in our audience?

[00:35:55] Jessica Natapradja: Ooh. New feature that hasn’t been released yet. There [00:36:00] are tons of things we wanna roll out in our pipeline. W I ca I can only tell you guys that we’re coming up with a referral program for sure. And that’s what everyone has been anticipating, interestingly, because I’ve gotten like lots and lots of DM saying, do you guys have any partnership or referral programs?

[00:36:20] Jessica Natapradja: Because they want to just get the words out about Eclipse. Mm-hmm. That they, they also want that incentive. And yeah, that’s what we’ll, what we’ll work on for sure next year.

[00:36:31] Daygon07: Yeah. And just so you guys know, like, and, and Jessica can back us up on this mm-hmm. , this whole, this whole episode, this whole podcast episode is not sponsored by Eclipse.

[00:36:40] Daygon07: This is, this is us believing, believing in the product and, and the platform and just really showing how it can really revolutionize the way your your content creation process goes. You know, rather than spend, you know, you, you, you might stream for three or four hours. You don’t wanna sit there and go through three or four hours of, [00:37:00] of, of your VOD to try to pull out two to three minutes of, of viable content.

[00:37:06] Daygon07: Let let the AI do that. That’s what it’s there for. Utilize it, take it, share it. Amplify, grow. That’s the biggest thing. So, exactly. Stream week clip. That’s exactly, yeah, exactly. Clip. And then Jessica, you did mention that there’s a possibility for our, for listeners of a gaming moment, that they might have some incentive to go sign up for For Eclipse.

[00:37:29] Jessica Natapradja: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. You know what? Yep. So to to the gaming moment audiences, if you guys are listening to this now sign up real quick and let me know. Just tell dig on your email and I’ll you guys up with 14 days of free trial premium.

[00:37:47] Daygon07: Yeah. Nice. So in order, in order to do that, guys, join the Discord, it’s discord dot gaming moment.com.

[00:37:52] Daygon07: D and then you, you I’ll set up a, a specific channel on there called Eclipse, put in your or you can, you can app me and [00:38:00] then I’ll, I’ll DM you and then you can send me your email that you use to sign up for Eclipse. I’ll send that over to Jess and she’ll get you hooked up with a 14 day free trial of the premium membership once that mem the good, the good thing is, guys, is once that membership does expire, if you decide not to renew, which, you know, we really hope you do, we don’t get anything off of it.

[00:38:17] Daygon07: Just put that out there. We don’t, like I said, we’re, there’s no partnership. There’s no referral program set up right now. Not yet yet. It’s yeah, not, not yet, but the, this is it, it is worth it. Especially if you’re, if you’re impatient like me, and once your, your video’s transcoded immediately. Yep. But if you guys decide not to renew, you still have full access to the platform.

[00:38:36] Daygon07: You just, it, it’s just your vds are done in seven 20 p. It doesn’t process till about an hour after you stop or after they actually ingest your vd. And then there’s a few other, there’s a few other minor miscellaneous things. I’ve been using the free tier for quite a while now. It doesn’t it’s I, I’m still able to accomplish the things that I want to accomplish with it.

[00:38:54] Daygon07: But as they start releasing more more stuff, they’re gonna start, you know, putting, putting some of [00:39:00] those really great new things like the professionally edited videos behind the behind the membership paywall. So, oh yeah, if you want ac if you want access to those that, that custom edited those custom edited clips, you gotta be a premium member guys, so be sure you sign up for it.

[00:39:15] Daygon07: And you know, it’s, it’s, it’s really. I can’t say enough about this, this platform, if I’m being honest. So we, we’ve done a blog about it. We just released a blog about it a few days ago called a Clip Gigi’s AI Clip Generation, the Perfect solution for str streamers, short formm content. Really great read, guys.

[00:39:33] Daygon07: I put out, I put out my YouTube video with my review on on Eklipse.GGdot Gigi. Again, you can find that at YouTube dot or not YouTube dot a gaming moment. That’s, that’s, that’s this one. At youtube.com/dagan oh seven. It’s the newest video on the, on the channel. And if you guys haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so you can engage with us as well as find out when we’re streaming the podcast and get a first listen before it goes out across all of your favorite podcasting platforms.

[00:39:58] Daygon07: So there’s all [00:40:00] the social plugs. There you go,

[00:40:05] Daygon07: So I picked up, I, I picked up a a tweet from, from Eclipse, and I just wanna plug this one more time, guys. They, they have a Christmas contest going on again. First place gets a beacon mix, create second place, gets an El Gado face cam, and third place gets the OG Stream deck. And the, the person with the most liked most liked clips win.

[00:40:28] Daygon07: And you gotta participate. You have to create the you have to create your clips on you have to create your clips on Eclipse. And that was almost hard to say, . You have to create your clips on Eklipse.GG using their design, the designated the designated templates, they have it, they have it clearly labeled.

[00:40:44] Daygon07: Which one, which one which ones work for the for the comp, the clip contest. Mm-hmm. And it’s good all the way to, to December 26th. Guys, they, it was originally December 24th. It’s, it, it’s good till dis Yeah. [00:41:00] Yeah, it got extended. Super stoked about that. Cuz I need like seven more clips to even try to have a chance at it.

[00:41:06] Daygon07: If I, if, if I’m being , if I’m being honest. Cuz I would really like that. I, I’d I’d really like the Beacon Mix create, I think that’s the, either that or the stream deck original one or one one first or third. I don’t need El Gado face cam. I can live without that . But the Beacon Mix create the Beacon Mix create, I think Wild Can can attest that, you know, I could use a good audio interface.

[00:41:24] Daygon07: I don’t have one right now. Yeah. So I, I can get rid of the software audio in your face and go with the hardware one .

[00:41:29] WildTwinsFan: So I did I I did retweet that. So you guys are, of course you guys are all following our mm-hmm. Twitter, so you can see that. Go give Eklipse.GGa follow on Twitter. Yeah.

[00:41:39] Daygon07: Give him, give ’em a follow on Twitter.

[00:41:40] Daygon07: Eklipse.GGunderscored Gigi. That’s E k l i p s e underscored Gigi. Follow ’em on Instagram. It’s Eklipse.GGunderscore highlights. On, on, on Instagram. And you guys, and then they have it, they have it on TikTok, they have YouTube. They’re everywhere, man. They’re everywhere. They’re, they’re, they’re, they’re everywhere.

[00:41:58] Jessica Natapradja: , oh, sorry. Another thing about [00:42:00] the clip contest is that we’re doing a lucky draw when lucky draw for the third win. Yeah. So it’s not, it’s, it’s, it’s about likes, but it’s also about luck. So that matters. Luck matters.

[00:42:10] Daygon07: I’m Irish, so that might help. All right. Yeah. See, exactly. That’s it. So, so we, we, we’ll get a little personal here.

[00:42:18] Daygon07: Let’s, let’s, let’s step away from the, the, the professional side here. So reflecting on the year and this, this question goes for everybody here, reflecting on the year, what is one thing you accomplished this year that you’re super proud of?

[00:42:31] WildTwinsFan: All right. I’ll Go ahead. You want you No, you want, you want, go ahead.

[00:42:36] WildTwinsFan: Well,

[00:42:37] Jessica Natapradja: okay. So, one thing I personally accomplished this year and I’m super proud of is that, Okay. I’m actually, I, I’m, I, I just graduated last year’s. Right. And congrats. Thank you. And this is actually my second job, so it, I’ve been working in Eklipse.GGfor eight months. It’s only been eight months for me, [00:43:00] but yeah.

[00:43:00] Jessica Natapradja: Ec Eklipse.GGis growing very much growing very much, but I’m also growing so much because of that. And then I get a raise, how do you say, ? Yeah.

[00:43:11] Daygon07: Raise, yeah.

[00:43:12] Jessica Natapradja: Promotion. Yeah, exactly. And I feel like that’s something I’m really proud of, like an achieve personal achievement to me. Yeah. And that, that’s what keeps me going and what just motivates me.

[00:43:25] Daygon07: It’s a, it’s a testament to show there. It’s, it’s a testament and gratitude to show how hard that you’re working and what you’re putting into the company and the organization as a whole, that they see value in you, in, in that. And that, that’s, that’s something to be super proud of. Like

[00:43:38] WildTwinsFan: super, anyone, like anyone that does social media to any level can understand how much work it is.

[00:43:47] WildTwinsFan: You wouldn’t think it, you on the surface, I, I’m guilty. Like I, I never thought it was, ah, big deal. Send ao, you know, whatever. It’s a ton of work. It’s a ton of work. And then you gotta, and you reply stuff. But it’s [00:44:00] fun. It’s fun. So it’s fun. It’s, I guess it’s more time consuming. It’s, and then it is work.

[00:44:06] WildTwinsFan: It’s, you know, it is, it’s a, it’s a fun challenge, but yeah. Then you stack all your other responsibilities on that. Sounds like you’re doing a, a good job and it’s a well earned you know, permission.

[00:44:17] Jessica Natapradja: Yes. Super grateful. Super grateful.

[00:44:19] Daygon07: Yeah. How

[00:44:20] WildTwinsFan: about you? Wild. You know, my my accomplishments are, are, are measured differently.

[00:44:26] WildTwinsFan: You know, like this year for me my boat’s been sitting in my garage for, for far too long and it’s one of those things that it’s just always taken a back burner and it’s not like any worse saw for wear sitting in my garage. It’s protected. And I just made the goal this year to just get it done and get my boat fixed and it was, it was like, you know, 300 bucks to get the, the water pump fixed.

[00:44:51] WildTwinsFan: I just need a water pump. It’s a big, beautiful boat and definitely gonna be putting out, you know, some content there, just going out fishing and having some [00:45:00] fun. But it was a big undertaking cuz I had to clean my garage and like covid times, like everything got thrown out in the garage and just forgotten about.

[00:45:09] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. You know, and we made an effort to just go through, Everything in the garage. And it was like we, we kind of took it like a little piece each day and I’m, I’m proud that we took, you know, 60 days or 90 days or whatever it was, and just did a little piece each day. And it’s like we created we accomplished this great project and I’m pretty proud of that.

[00:45:33] WildTwinsFan: And I got my nice boat to go back out on the lakes on and, and stuff like that. And it’s just very exciting. It’s, it just shows you that when you get a, you know, a big project like that, you can just break it up in the little pieces and, and get it done. So little clips. Very dope.

[00:45:50] Daygon07: Yeah. All about you. So I guess for me it was actually transitioning to a new part of my career this year.

[00:45:57] Daygon07: Like I’ve spent the last. 10 or [00:46:00] 12 years being just a, a front end web developer working in the cybersecurity industry. And, and this year I took the plunge into a different part of my career, which is now I’m doing AB testing and conversion rate optimization and working more on the marketing side of, of everything than just the development side, the soft, the engineering side.

[00:46:19] Daygon07: So I’m able to take what I’ve learned as a, as a front-end engineer and apply those, apply, apply that to the the conversion rate optimization and AB testing. I’m able to do really extensive, really complicated AB tests because I’m able to write scripts, you know, Java, a bunch of JavaScript for some of these AB tests and, and send data and pull data from different data, data sources and be like, okay, let’s see, what, what would it look like if we put, if, if we pulled data from our, our documentation site or we pulled doc data from our, our support portal site.

[00:46:52] Daygon07: And, and placed it here. How does that, how does that resonate with our, with our guests or, you know, different things like that. [00:47:00] So it, it’s, it’s been really fun trying to figure out like the psychology of the mar on the marketing side of things. And I’ve had a, I’ve had a lot of fun doing that and it was, it was super scary cuz it’s out of my, out of my wheelhouse.

[00:47:12] Daygon07: Wheelhouse kind of, cuz it’s still development work, but I’m not, I’m not judged on functionality. I’m judged on what are the, what are the results of the tests, you know, are we seeing an increase in conversions and stuff like that. Not trying to get too much into the marketing speak, but, you know am I, am I driving more pipeline?

[00:47:31] Daygon07: Am I killing the pipeline with some of these tests? Things, things like that. So that, that’s been my biggest thing is kind of a minor career change this year was, was, was really interesting. Awesome. Yep. Nice. So wild with this, with the new year quickly approaching and this likely being the last episode of 2022, people usually set personal go goals they want to achieve in the new year.

[00:47:58] Daygon07: What are three things that you wanna [00:48:00] achieve personally? Boy, in, in, in, in 2023, throw

[00:48:04] WildTwinsFan: me right in the fire. I wasn’t prepared for this question. I, I, I got a couple, like more so just of when I take projects on, I’m gonna take more projects on this year and I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna whittle away with them like I did with you know, my boat.

[00:48:18] WildTwinsFan: And so that, that I’m gonna keep doing that. Grinding. I grinding and then I have to get I’d like to get out more fish, more fishing this year get the kids out fishing with me some. So that’s, that’s a big goal. And then you know, just, I, I think I do have a content creation goal and I, I, I need to do more short form.

[00:48:39] WildTwinsFan: Content creation and I just, part of that’s just making the time for it. But we’ve, we’ve been really busy and, and but you know, if I don’t prioritize my time for that, then I’ll always put it aside. So part of that is just prioritizing my time better this year to [00:49:00] achieve a select few goals.

[00:49:02] WildTwinsFan: That’s pretty much my, my path for this next year. How about you,

[00:49:06] Jessica Natapradja: Jess? Awesome. Exactly, exactly the same as well. Just so for next year. Just keep, I wanna keep grinding obviously, and then, I don’t know I think. I like, see, I like looking at streamers like they’re on their gears, like headphones and then their gaming shares.

[00:49:23] Jessica Natapradja: I feel like I wanna be one as well. Like do I do I just go stream? Do I just play games now? I’m not sure, but I think that’s something I wanna try out maybe. And then I also just wanna focus more on self-growth. I think that’s very much important. Mm-hmm. . So, yeah, that’s me.

[00:49:41] WildTwinsFan: Nice. Well if you need, you need a streaming help or set up, just let us know.

[00:49:47] WildTwinsFan: We’ll get you, we’ll get you set

[00:49:48] Daygon07: up. Nice. Nice. I, I, I, I think we have a kit a kit coming out, a kit.co coming out that’s gonna have a bunch of streamer gear on there that that’ll, or gaming gear. And then we have one already that’s [00:50:00] that streamer gear that you can take a look at. And then if you have questions about ’em, just reach out to us.

[00:50:04] Daygon07: Yeah. So I think for myself, for myself This, this past year was a year of health and wellness for me. So I had surgery done basically about a year ago, weight loss, weight reduction surgery. So now I’m down about 120 pounds over the last year. So now I’m going into the wealth portion. So there’s health and then there’s wealth portion.

[00:50:24] Daygon07: So this next year is really gonna be about like paying down bills and, and just getting ready cuz we wanna move in. My, my oldest son is gonna be graduating high school next year, so we want to, we wanna move into a, a bigger house cuz the house that we have is pretty small, so we wanna move into a bigger house, but that’s gonna require changing the way we do our finances.

[00:50:43] Daygon07: So it’s gonna be looking at, you know, doing our finances differently charging things a little bit differently, managing our money a little bit differently. So that’s one thing. The second thing is, is just becoming a better content creator. So like, I’m, I’m super guilty of this. I don’t, I don’t have any intentionality when I, when I [00:51:00] go live for a stream like it, I have, I don’t, I don’t post on social media saying, Hey, I’m go, I’m going live.

[00:51:06] Daygon07: I don’t post anything saying, Hey, I’m, I’m gonna be playing this. I don’t, I don’t plan anything when it comes to my live streaming content. So I wanna be more intentional with my live streaming content to really try to grow it. I’ve been streaming for five years and I still don’t have that many view, like concurrent viewers.

[00:51:22] Daygon07: It’s mainly just when I play PUBG and it’s our community that comes in and watches. So I wanna be able to expand past that and really grow. And the, excuse me. And the third thing is, Still along the lines of content creation. I wanna, I wanna be more consistent with my YouTube videos. So I, last year I had this, this same thing, but I was, I was trying to be ambitious and put out like one video a week and I didn’t realize how difficult it is to script, to shoot, to edit and just be a one man production team.

[00:51:53] Daygon07: It’s very difficult. So I’m gonna scale that back to like two videos a month. Cuz we also, you [00:52:00] know, we want to try to do more, more videos for a gaming moment. We have videos that we call just videos, G I s T. And that stands for Gaming Information Streaming and Technology. So and

[00:52:12] WildTwinsFan: there’s just.

[00:52:13] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. Little

[00:52:13] Daygon07: video pieces. Yeah, little video. So, so for instance, for instance, today I went live on the channel talking about chat, G P T and how it can help, yeah. How it can help content creators streamline their content creation with by coming up with different use, using it to come up with different like content creation ideas.

[00:52:32] Daygon07: Yep, yep. Like, like content topics, blogs, things like that. Even, even going so far as to create YouTube scripts based on different things. So I did a whole, whole video on that earlier today. You guys can check that out on the channel here at a gaming moment on the YouTube channel and see it there.

[00:52:50] Daygon07: The, we talked about it last week in our, in our, in our podcast where we said basically, you know, if you’re using it, if you put crap into it, so if you’re not being consi or if you’re not being [00:53:00] specific on what you’re looking for, you’re not gonna get anything great in, in, in return. So there’s a way, there’s a way that you need to be able to use that.

[00:53:08] Daygon07: So now that we ha, now that I have that tool, I’m gonna really try to use that to amplify Yeah. Both a gaming, a gaming moment content, so for the blog and for our just videos. And then for, for my own personal stuff as well. So just, just more growth as a content creator and Exactly. Hopefully be able, hopefully be able to start.

[00:53:27] Daygon07: Making income, like, you know, hopefully get monetized in on YouTube. I, I, I’d really love to get monetized on YouTube this, this next year. Yeah. I’d love get partnerships with for a gaming moment, you know, whether it’s referral partnerships or actual partnerships with, with companies. Uh, You know, that that’s, that’s kind of our next big goal here with the gaming moment as we grow the podcast and really try to find new ways to, to reach audiences and do more collaborations like this, like this episode here.

[00:53:54] Daygon07: We had a couple, we had a couple really good ones this year where we talked about we talked about VR and how vrs changing the [00:54:00] landscape of gaming. And I think this could be an opportunity for for Eklipse.GGto look into supporting different VR games. Cuz there’s a lot of really good VR content with like Beat Saber, mm-hmm.

[00:54:10] Daygon07: Wild just talked about a new horror game that that that came out on on vr. We both own Oculus Quest, so I think I think that that’s something that could really start, start making Eklipse.GGpull away from the rest of the competition with VR support. Oh,

[00:54:25] Jessica Natapradja: okay. Okay. Very interesting. Yeah.

[00:54:27] WildTwinsFan: Small. It’s a small market though.

[00:54:29] WildTwinsFan: That’s, that’s the tough part of it, but mm-hmm. .

[00:54:32] Daygon07: But yeah, in a nutshell, there

[00:54:33] WildTwinsFan: are some games. That are worth it. So and then well one more, one more question. This week, is there a piece of gaming, streaming or content creation equipment you’re hoping to get for Christmas?

[00:54:45] WildTwinsFan: I, I, I hear Jessica wants the full streaming

[00:54:47] Daygon07: kit now. She wants a full streaming kit. She wants, she wants the chair and the fancy headphones.

[00:54:52] Jessica Natapradja: Yep. That’s it. That’s it. I’m gonna start with maybe like a gaming chair. I think they look so comfy and like they look [00:55:00] so cool. I just like the way it looks. Yeah.

[00:55:04] Jessica Natapradja: Yeah.

[00:55:05] Daygon07: That’s it. They can be a bit overrated. You gotta, you gotta, you gotta have you gotta pick the, you gotta pick the right one.

[00:55:10] WildTwinsFan: I, I’d say get a, if you can get a chance to sit in it or, or, or get a re recommendation. Cuz some of ’em are a little bit weird, but I have an actual office chair. But

[00:55:21] Daygon07: he’s gonna tell you get a Herman Miller.

[00:55:23] Daygon07: He’s gonna tell you get a Herman

[00:55:24] WildTwinsFan: Miller. My, I have a, I have an actual office chair and I think they’re like, $1,500 US brand new, and they’re super expensive. That’s so nice. But I bought mine used so you can find ’em used and they’re, they’re much, much cheaper used. So that’s the way I went and, and, and I love it.

[00:55:42] WildTwinsFan: So for me that’s a, that’s a great chair. But dig on. Any, any, any gear you’re looking for for Santa? Have you been a good boy this year? ,

[00:55:51] Daygon07: I’ve been a good boy, but I, I, I, I don’t think I’m gonna get what I want. I would love, I would love to get, like I said, a beacon mix create, or Oh, okay. An, an [00:56:00] audio interface to really boost not just my stream, but it, it for the podcast.

[00:56:04] Daygon07: It’s, it’s a, it’s a multiple use kind of tool for me. Yeah. So you know, a, a beacon mix create, or the I, I’d even go with the new stream deck. The new stream deck plus is, is really, really nice. But either that or like a a go xlr, go XLR mini one of those two. I, I’d really love one of those two things.

[00:56:21] Daygon07: I know I’m not getting it, but I just wanna put that out there. You know, if you guys wanna send it to me I got a PO box. You guys can check it out. .

[00:56:30] WildTwinsFan: And then for me I, I really, there’s only a couple things I want this here. I, I need a camera. I need a good camera. I don’t know if I’m gonna get, I’m go Yeah, I, I’d like a nice camera, I’d like a, a GoPro or, or something that I can use a, a wifi camera for a multiple source.

[00:56:49] WildTwinsFan: So I, I’d like to add two, two cameras to my, my repertoire next year.

[00:56:55] Daygon07: I, my clips is giving, I hear Eklipse.GGis giving away in El Gado face cam. Yeah, we are, [00:57:00] we’re . So gotta submit those clips though. So

[00:57:04] WildTwinsFan: yeah, for me that’s about it. I, other than that, my wife just, she’s been on my case and ask, even asked me again today.

[00:57:12] WildTwinsFan: I’m like, I’m really, I’m really good. I, I’m, I’m really happy with my setup and I don’t think I need much. So there you go.

[00:57:20] Daygon07: Nice. So guys, be sure to follow us as we love to engage with our community. Also, be sure to follow Eklipse.GGdot Gigi across all their social channels. Twitter is Eklipse.GGunderscore Gigi, and on Instagram is Eklipse.GGunderscore highlights.

[00:57:34] Daygon07: And then I believe on TikTok here, it’s, it’s just Eklipse.GGgg, right? That’s it. That’s right. Yeah. So links to all of their good stuff will be in the episode description as well as at the, in the YouTube description down below. And that’s gonna be it for this episode. Guys, we really appreciate Jessica coming on.

[00:57:51] Daygon07: Big shout out. Thank you for making the time to come onto the podcast. Hope you had fun. Hope it wasn’t, thank you for having me. Hope it wasn’t too scary. Really enjoy. We, like I [00:58:00] said, I can’t say it enough. I really enjoy the platform. I know our listeners, I know you guys will too. Happy New Year to you guys.

[00:58:06] Daygon07: This is probably gonna be our last episode. Happy 50th. Aw 50th episode. Wild. It’s been a, yep, it’s been a heck of a ride. We got 500 more episodes coming at least. Yep. Consider our consider our Patreon to support the podcast, and also by going to merch dot a gaming moment.com and picking up some of that timeless classic merch.

[00:58:24] Daygon07: And if you’ve made it this far in the podcast, now is the best time to hit that subscribe button. And we’ll see you guys in the next episode. And until next time, guys, keep.