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Meet Daygon07

Daygon07 (pronounced day-gun), during the day, is a talented web developer, dad, husband, and foodie. He’s been gaming since he was about 4 starting out with his first console being the Sega Genesis. He’s played on most consoles since then and more recently became a PC gamer. Daygon started streaming to Twitch back in 2017 on his Xbox One playing Call of Duty. Since then he has also started his own YouTube channel based on helping other gamers, streamers, and content creators. A Gaming Moment allows him to bring all of his passions together and share knowledge and experience with others while also informing and entertaining people.

Common Names Called: Daygon07, Daygon, Day, Daygone

Favorite Food: Chilaquiles or Sushi

Favorite Adult Beverage: Gentleman Jack and Cherry Coke

Favorite Game Ever: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Most disliked thing: Poorly coded and designed websites

Favorite Band: All but currently jamming to Bullet For My Valentine

How much time do you spend gaming? Too much and not enough? Because, I mean what IS too much???

Meet WildTwinsFan

Husband, Father, Gamer and Foodie.

Little about myself, Work full time Rotating shifts as an Operator, and I love it! But it’s also the reason our schedules can get a little wonky from time to time, So we’re always moving things around my schedule and coordinating things! Sounds Crazy, but I mostly love the Rotating shift work, it gives me a lot of flexibly “normal” jobs don’t have, of course there’s trade off’s

I’ve been a gamer like most gamers from the day we discovered a game we loved, for me, I remember pong, I remember chasing around town with my parents as a kid looking for Atari Games, and even the magic of our first Nintendo. Been pretty much hooked since. I was also fortunate enough at a young age to have a home computer, that was also a great learning experience for me. Today is always a struggle strike to balance with everything. Gaming is a outlet for me as is A Gaming Moment, so I Try to keep things fun and not too competitive, but I always strive to win. Also Streaming since 2017 and with additional content coming soon to my YouTube Channel. Not forgetting our family’s Foodie Instagram @hungerinspired

Common Names Called: Wild, Wildie, WildTwinsFan and rarely although it was always myintent with my name WTF! Also Nick!

Favorite Food: Oysters or Sushi

Favorite Adult Beverage: Scotch neat, tequila, Zinfandel (old vine) or a nice sweet Moscato, depending on my mood.

Favorite Game Ever: PC – Pubg although Jetfighter 2 was my JAM as a kid! Xbox – Cod Black Ops 2

Most disliked thing:

Favorite Bands: Led Zeppelin, anything Clapton, and Loving the Black Keys atm.

How much time do you spend gaming? Too much, but I try to limit it to off family time.

A Gaming Moment is a passion project for me, it’s a fine line from wanting perfection (at least constant improvement) and keeping it real, fun and not too much

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