Eklipse.GG Takes a Wrong Turn for Content Creators

Daygon07 Daygon07
November 16, 2023
Eklipse.GG Takes a Wrong Turn for Content Creators

Eklipse.GG recently announced some concerning changes coming to their platform that will negatively impact streamers and content creators. Their most useful feature, AI-powered clipping and editing, will now be locked behind a paywall with their new "Premium" service.

This is a worrying shift for the platform that many creators relied on for easy content generation. Eklipse became popular thanks to the automated clipping and editing tools that saved creators countless hours of work. Removing this as a free feature significantly raises the barrier to entry.

Eklipse revealed that starting September 30, 2023, free users will face harsh limitations:

  • Only 2 saved templates in Eklipse Studio
  • Maximum stream duration dropped from 5 to 3 hours
  • Auto processing ends after just 14 days

Meanwhile, paid Premium subscribers get unlimited templates, 12 hour stream processing, 90 days of storage, and more. This creates a massive disparity between free and paid accounts.

It's disappointing to see Eklipse lock essential creator tools behind a subscription when competitors like Sizzle.GG offer AI editing for free. This takes away the biggest value proposition that attracted creators to the platform.

The company claims this will "enhance the experience" but it's clearly meant to push more creators to expensive Premium plans. For many smaller streamers, these new constraints make Eklipse basically unusable.

This paywalling of core features reframes Eklipse as a paid service rather than a free platform. Creators who can't afford premium plans will look elsewhere. It raises the question - what's the point of Eklipse without its signature AI clipping?

By limiting these once-free tools, Eklipse risks alienating its community. Time will tell if this risky move pays off, but many creators are already searching for alternatives.

A Gaming Moment No Longer Endorses Eklipse.GG

Since Eklipse.GG has made this decision, A Gaming Moment has decided to no longer endorse the platform. The vision of Eklipse no longer aligns with the vision of A Gaming Moment.

A Gaming Moment believes there should be a low barrier of entry into content creation. Eklipse's decision to put essential AI editing features behind a paywall significantly raises that barrier.

We cannot in good faith continue recommending Eklipse.GG to our creator community when the core value proposition has been stripped away. A Gaming Moment will begin searching for alternative platforms that keep creator tools freely available.

This shift away from open access is disappointing. We hope Eklipse reconsiders this strategy in the future. In the meantime, A Gaming Moment will promote platforms that empower all creators regardless of budget.

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