The G4TV Come Back

Daygon07 Daygon07
June 30, 2020
The G4TV Come Back

G4TV, a dedicated gaming TV network that premiered way back in 2002 and ended in 2014, made a teaser video pretty much announcing the return of the network coming up in 2021. This is huge news for the gaming industry and the gaming community. We will now have a more mainstream way of getting gaming, streaming, and tech information through television and through their website.

This is exciting for me because one of my favorite shows was “Attack of the Show” where they gave previews of upcoming games, movies, general news. This is how I remember getting all of my gaming news outside of the, once a year, E3 conference. X-Play was another wildly popular gaming show which showcased various games, tournaments, and comedy skits.They also had some other shows that were more “Game Showish” type shows like “Proving Ground” where, our dearly departed, Ryan Dunn and Chobot would test game concepts and see if they could be replicated in real life. Hopefully, they bring back some of those core shows which made the network as popular as it was but only time will tell when it airs. You can kind of get a hint of what’s going to be on the networks based on their teaser trailer, as it’s full of easter eggs that you really have to pay close attention to.

The return of G4TV shows us how mainstream gaming is now, and it’s historical value shows us how mainstream gaming has always been. I firmly believe this is the first step into gaming personalities, top tier YouTubers and Twitch streamers, potentially getting their own shows. I could see Ninja and DrDisrespect going this route.

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