What Gaming Console Should You Buy

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July 31, 2020
What Gaming Console Should You Buy

You have some options, The Nintendo Switch comes ready to go anywhere. You have the option to save a little money and grab yourself A Nintendo Switch Lite for $199, great for solo and on the go Play. Now if you want a multiplayer option you’ll really need to step up to the slightly larger Nintendo Switch, that gives you the option to step all the way up to 8 players on a single console. I’ll argue there isn’t a better way to party game with your friends all in the same room! Now you’re in at around the $300-$350 mark you can choose from A Nintendo Switch, an Xbox One or A Playstation 4. Nintendo has a market for their games, and it’s the only place you can play smash hits like Super Smash Brothers or any Mario or Zelda game, not to mention Animal Crossing, which came out strong with many gamers social distancing. The Nintendo Switch also limits your access to a lot of Big name titles, such as Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, Battlefield 5, Assassin’s Creed, Cyberpunk 2077, Rainbow 6 Siege, Playerunknown’s BattleGrounds and Apex Legends for the time being, (but they did say it’ll be coming to the switch in the Fall of 2020). So if any of those big name hits are on your list, You’re down to choosing between the Xbox One and PS4. 

Both Xbox and Playstation have a less powerful version, that still plays every game currently available, though some of the newest titles like Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Suffer a little on the Original Xbox One and Ps4’s. If you are looking for the best console gaming experience right now, then you want either an Xbox One X or a PS4 Pro. 

The Xbox One X if you can get your hands on one will be the best choice in my opinion right now, Summer 2020, The Xbox One X has the most power and also benefits from being somewhat future proof, due to Microsoft’s pledge to have all games being backwards compatible at least for the next couple years, so fear not, the Xbox One X still packs a potent punch today and will hold its own for years to come. 

Though not nearly as powerful as the Xbox One X, the PS4 Pro is also a great choice for getting the power you need now to run games at their best potential. The option to add Sony’s Playstation VR, might sway some people to go with the Playstation, console wise they are both still great choices. 

What if you’re still not sure which console to pick? Ask your friends what they play on, even today with many games being crossplatform, you’ll probably still be better off to be on the same console as them. It tends to lend to a little friendlier environment when it comes to getting everyone together in the same groups and parties. 

What about waiting until the new console’s launch? In my opinion, why wait, you’ll still get to use the console now, and it will support new games for some time. If you want to jump in and get the newest version when they launch, you could be in for a couple surprises, first off, as of the end of July we still don’t know the prices of the upcoming consoles (I think that’ll change soon), But it could be pretty high, and that might limit you during to holiday season. Also the demand for a console when a new generation has launched, has historically outpaced the availability of the consoles, so the long and short of it is, you may not be able to get one! If you’re going to front the money to preorder one, why not get an Xbox or PS4 now and wait for a good trade offer when the new consoles are available, You’ll not lose much over your initial investment, because Microsoft, Sony and all the stores want to sell more consoles, and your console still has a good value to it. So what do you lose? In my opinion not much, consider it money well spent to game now and not wait for the launch of the new generation.

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